The Life of M.K.Ghandi Reenvisioned in Sumptuous New Movie Ra’s Metanoia

MKG in Ra's Metanoia

MKG in Ra’s Metanoia

Ra's Metanoia is a periodic drama film with fictional elements to chronicle the story based on true events of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi's life.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, August 15, 2020 / — In tribute to the father of the nation on the 15th August, India’s independence day, an online trailer for new film Ra’s Metanoia, an imaginative and allusive retelling of M.K.Gandhi's life directed by award winning Indian American filmmaker Ram Alladi, offers a new twist on a well told life, and is already drawing a considerable buzz.

Ram Alladi grew up fascinated by M.K.Ghandhi, and by his hold on the Indian psyche, and, while trying to write a screenplay of M.K.Ghandhi’s memoir ‘Magic Spell of a Book’ he felt he needed a fresh approach to a well told story. Thus Ra’s Metanoia was born, a sumptuous cinematic feast which captures the life of M.K.Ghandhi and his philosophy in a non-linear narrative which explores the father of the Indian nation’s philosophies, from childhood to his untimely death in 1948, through rich imagery, an immersively authentic Indian soundtrack and allusive and cinematographically stunning symbolism.

Alongside the retelling of the well known historical elements of M.K.Ghandhi’s life, Alladi weaves in a meta narrative touching on Quantum physics and the mysterious concept of the Einstein-Rosenberg Bridge, staying true to the philosophies of M.K.Ghandhi but exploring new paths in telling his story that no filmmakers have explored before.

Ra’s Metanoia was entirely shot in New York and New Jersey but recreates an authentic sense of period and place through state of the art computer generated sets and convincingly vintage cinematography. Alongside the sumptuous visuals, celebrated composer Bharadwaj V Komaragiri has composed a soundtrack entirely for acoustic Indian instruments, including a recomposed version of Nobel Prize winner Rabindranath Tagore’s Ekla Chalo, one of M.K.Ghandhi’s favourite songs

The trailer for the film is already available online, and drawing considerable positive attention, while Ra’s Metanoia itself is slated for release on the 2nd October 2020.

For regular updates and more from the director, cast and crew, Ra’s Metanoia please visit at

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Sight, Sound & Story: Live Online with “Behind the Lens with DP John Simmons, ASC” on August 19th

The Second Episode Features Acclaimed Cinematographer John Simmons, ASC and Moderated by Snehal Patel from ZEISS

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 14, 2020 / — Manhattan Edit Workshop’s “Sight, Sound & Story: Live” monthly online event series continues this August with acclaimed Cinematographer John Simmons, ASC.

Inside Episode II: An Emmy-winning cinematographer and celebrated photographer, John Simmons, ASC has had an illustrious career which spans nearly four decades. During this conversation, Johnny will reflect on the opportunities that led him on this upward trajectory in the film industry. Learn how other art mediums, such as painting, informed his lighting techniques on-set as a cinematographer, as we examine some of his earlier television work. We will also discuss the importance of mentorship – Johnny’s guidance has impacted many up-and-coming filmmakers working today – and his role on the ASC Vision Committee, which promotes the advancement of underrepresented cinematographers and film community at large.

Moderated by ZEISS Cine Sales Director Snehal Patel.

All attendees who register for this event will receive a link and password to Vimeo Live an hour prior to the event. This will gain free access for all attendees who register. There’ll be live raffles throughout the event, but attendees must be present.

Our event wouldn’t be possible without our Master Storyteller Sponsors: OWC, ZEISS, American Cinema Editors, & EditFest Global; as well as our Technology Sponsor: Shutterstock. Following the panel there will be a chance to ask questions in a live Q&A networking event. To register, please go to

Our next Sight, Sound & Story: Live event will be on September 16th. Please go to for up to date information.

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101 films from 32 countries to be screened during the 11th annual Chagrin Documentary Film Festival Oct. 6-11

CDFF 2020 program cover.

The 11th annual Chagrin Documentary Film Festival. October 6-11. 101 films from 32 countries.

Chagrin Falls welcomed an audience of more than 13,000 during the 2019 Festival.

We're extremely excited and proud to be bringing these incredible 101 films to our audience via online streaming and limited in-person screenings during this difficult year.”

— Mary Ann Ponce, Festival Director

CHAGRIN FALLS, OHIO, UNITED STATES, August 14, 2020 / — The Chagrin Documentary Film Festival has selected 101 compelling documentaries for the October 6-11, 2020 festival. These include 19 World premieres, 3 United States premieres, 39 Midwest premieres and 21 Ohio premieres. The creatively curated Festival includes full streaming and scaled down in-person options.

The Festival was founded in memory of local documentarian David Ponce who passed away in 2006 at 20. With this inspiration, the Festival has grown tremendously, welcoming more than 13,000 attendees from 25 states in 2019.

Festival memberships are available now and individual tickets go on sale Sept. 8 at


Emerging Filmmakers:
"Classic" Directed by Tim Kaminski; "Determined: The Story of Holocaust Survivor Avraham Perlmutter" Directed by Keren Perlmutter; "Finding Yingying" Directed by Jiayan Shi; "The Girl Who Wore Freedom" Directed by Christian Taylor; "The Last Ice" Directed by Scott Ressler; "Life After Life" Directed by Christopher Boulton; "Miyamoto and the Machine: The Story of KenKen" Directed by Dan Sullivan; "My Father's Brothers" Directed by Shawn Kelley; "Overland" Directed by Elisabeth Haviland James, Revere La Noue

"Elephant Refugees" Directed by Louise Hogarth; "Overload: America's Toxic Love Story" Directed by Soozie Eastman; "Robin Food" Directed by Pavel Maximov; "Sockeye Salmon. Red Fish" – Directed by Dmitriy Shpilenok, Vladislav Grishin

Human Spirit:
"A Flash of Green" Directed by Edward Nachtrie; "The Hunter Legacy" Directed by Hunter Sykes; "Kusasa" Directed by Shane Vermooten; "Liberation Heroes: The Last Eyewitnesses" Directed by Vanessa Roth; "Making Samantha" Directed by T. Cooper, Allison Glock-Cooper; "Nial Adams" Directed by Tom Marti; "Zaida" Directed by Sophie Parens

"The Arctic Camels" Directed by Karl Emil Rikardsen; "Beethoven in Beijing" Directed by Jennifer Lin, Sharon Mullally; "Different Johns" Directed by Robert Carr; "Eating An Elephant" Directed by Julia Saponova; "The Infinite Race" Directed by Bernardo Ruiz; "Lost in Memories" Directed by Ruud Lenssen

U.S. Documentaries:
"Aggie" Directed by Catherine Gund; "Hand Drawn Life" Directed by Tom Tanquary; "The Hoy Boys" Directed by Dave Simonds; "In Case of Emergency" Directed by Carolyn Jones; "Like A Woman" Directed by Gail Mooney; "Merely Marvelous: The Dancing Genius of Gwen Verdon" Directed by Chris Johnson, Ken Bloom; "Playing With Fire – Jeannette Sorrell and the Mysteries of Conducting" Directed by Allan Miller; "Polka Across America" Directed by Jake Kouwe, Jeff Grau; "The Race to Alaska" Directed by Zach Carver; "TBDBITL 141" Directed by Joe Camoriano

Local Shorts:
"Alive Day" Directed by Lindsay O’Keefe; "The Farroni Brothers" Directed by Bernie Golias, Antonia Harper; "Forest City Blues" Directed by Connor Fairfield, Richard Perrins, Osgar Nugent, James Carney, Matthew Shanahan; "Horsepower in the Valley" Directed by Alexander T. Barratt; "Lou's Secret" Directed by Michael Suglio

Student Shorts:
"20 Over" Directed by Chad Veal; "All on a Mardi Gras Day" Directed by Michal Pietrzyk; "Finding Solitude" Directed by Tristan Hinder-Hohlweg, Jaiden George; "I Can’t Die, Not Yet" Directed by Samantha Shelton; "The Lawnmower Men" Directed by Brendan Cleaves; "Paddling Against the Dark" Directed by Sixuan Ren; "Ramak Niakan Safi: This is Life" Directed by Jack Trent; "Sonnie" Directed by Samuel Mirpoorian; "Your Friend, Ranger Doug" Directed by Claire Jantzen, Sara Nell

Short Documentaries:
"100 Years of Music: Trudy and the LA Phil" Directed by Jamie Thalman, Julien Lasseur; "Abigail Yvonne: The Face Before You" Directed by Josh Heese; "Activized" Directed by Eric Stange; "Adventure Dads in Training" Directed by Dusty Hulet; "Alpharaoh" Directed by Lidieth Arevalo; "Anatomy of Hate" Directed by Emily Kassie; "At Present" Directed by Deirdre O’Toole; "Baba's Next Chapter" Directed by Jamie C.X. Wang; "Border Nation" Directed by Jason Jaacks; "Burnt Toast" Directed by Timothy Racca Morrish; "A Cut Above" Directed by Kate Houle; "A Day In September" Directed by Pete O'Hare, Phil Kibbe; "Forever Voters" Directed by Sky Bergman; "Girl in the Hallway" Directed by Valerie Barnhart; "Grab My Hand: A Letter to My Dad" Directed by Camrus Johnson, Pedro Piccinini; "The Gray Area" Directed by Kelsie Moore; "The Great Toilet Paper Scare" Directed by Brian Gersten; "A Head Shorter" Directed by Sasha Sivan Bortnik; "In the Same Direction: Jeff Pifher & Socrates' Trial" Directed by Alexander Craven; "It's Making Me Feel Like I Don't Deserve Good Things" Directed by Doug Swift; "Keep Saray Home" Directed by Brian Redondo; "The Lawnmower Men" Directed by Brendan Cleaves; "Lost" Directed by Brody Leven, Trent Meisenheimer; "Mochitsuki" Directed by Sky Bergman; "One Heck of a Game" Directed by Karen DeLuca Stephens; "Pretty Vacant" Directed by Cigdem Slankard; "Remains" Directed by Joe Day, Jose H. Rodriguez; "Ribbon & Crossfire: The Lost Art of Neon" Directed by Alex Oliver; "Rivense" Directed by Amelia Spilger; "Run For His Life" Directed by Sebastian Sdaigui; "Stranger/Sister" Directed by Evy Constantine; "A Syrian Woman" Directed by Khawla Al Hammouri, Louis Karim Sayad DeCaprio; "Tears Teacher" Directed by Noemie Nakai; "This Land" Directed by Chelsea Jolly, Whit Hassett; "Veterans Journey Home: Kalani's Story" Directed by Frederick Marx; "Viewfinder" Directed by Melody GIlbert; "When the Snow Melts" Directed by James Stevens; "With Dad" Directed by Soren Sorensen; "Young Voices for the Planet" Directed by Lynn Cherry

"Assholes: A Theory" Directed by John Walker; "Black Boys" Directed by Sonia Lowman; "Golda" Directed by Udi Nir, Sagi Bornstein, Shani Rozanes; "Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Ren and Stimpy Story" Directed by Ron Cicero, Kimo Easterwood; "The House in Between" Directed by Steve Gonsalves, Kendall Whelpton; Juice: "How Electricity Explains the World" Directed by Tyson Culver; "My Darling Vivian" Directed by Matt Riddlehoover; "Once Upon a Boy" Directed by Uri; "Rescuing Rex" Directed by Leora Eisen; "Unapologetic" Directed by Ashley O’Shay; "Women in Blue" Directed by Deirdre Fishel

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CDFF 2020 trailer

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Love is All Around for Herbie J Pilato's Biography of Mary Tyler Moore

Biography of famed actress Mary Tyler Moore

The cover of Mary: The Mary Tyler Moore Story by Herbie J Pilato

Love is all around for Mary: The Mary Tyler Moore Story

The reviews are glowing for Mary: The Mary Tyler Moore Story

Mary Tyler Moore biography hits all the right chords with critics

Mary: The Mary Tyler Moore Story makes a good reading companion

Mary: The Mary Tyler Moore Story by Herbie J Pilato, a biography of the beloved actress, is praised by critics.

…an extensive, humanizing look at one of the medium’s biggest icons; the good, the bad and sometimes, ugly. But it’s real…there’s a lot here that will surprise even the most devoted fans.”

— Peter King, CBS News Radio

LOS ANGELES , CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 14, 2020 / — The reviews are in:

Mary: The Mary Tyler Moore Story by Herbie J Pilato (Jacobs Brown Press) is a hit.

The in-depth biography of the beloved actress is being praised by critics, just in time for the 50th Anniversary of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," which debuted on CBS September 19th, 1970.

Pilato's terrific tome chronicles Moore's life before, during and after her iconic sitcom, and the buzz is about the book is nothing but stellar.

Take a listen:

"Mary: The Mary Tyler Moore Story…explores both her triumphs and struggles on the screen and behind closed doors." – Stephanie Nolasco, Fox News

"Herbie J Pilato is a true 'keeper of the flame' for classic TV. In Mary, he’s given us an extensive, humanizing look at one of the medium’s biggest icons; the good, the bad and sometimes, ugly. But it’s real. He’s spoken to all the right people…and I’m betting there’s a lot here that will surprise even the most devoted fans." – Peter King, CBS News Radio

“An absolutely riveting and brilliant biography of an American icon. An instant classic! Only a skilled writer like Herbie J Pilato could bring us this comprehensive look at one of America's greatest television icons. Pilato wonderfully navigates the reader through her ups and downs…her amazing success and failures along the road. Pilato does not pull any punches. He is truthful, candid and frank- yet respectful of Ms. Moore. An amazing biography…Pilato hits a home-run with this great book!" – Rick Lertzman, The Life and Times of Hollywood Blog

“…several hundred pages that slowly peel back the iconic [actress] to introduce the reader to the real woman…the author has done such an excellent job in revealing her to be human, with all the foibles and fears and doubts and issues that brings along with it.” – Steve Thompson, Forces of Geek

"For anyone who's been waiting for a definitive look at the life and career of Mary Tyler Moore, the wait is over. Mary: The Mary Tyler Moore Story is filled with revelations and delivers the goods." – Ed Gross,

“Mary: The Mary Tyler Moore Story – an epic opus about the beloved MTM." – Greg Hernandez, Greg in Hollywood

“A one-stop tome that covers everything one could ask for about Moore herself, her colleagues, her relationships, her misfires and triumphs, her self-consciousness and lack of self-esteem in terms of her looks, not to mention her causes like diabetes research and animal rights…[a] very detailed and balanced tribute. Someone needed to write this book and who better than Herbie J Pilato. He knows how to do it.” – Dr. Wesley Britton,

To schedule an interview with Herbie J Pilato, visit or email

To order your copy of Mary: The Mary Tyler Moore Story click on the following link:

Herbie J Pilato
Jacobs Brown Media Group
+1 310-480-0067
email us here
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Author Erica Roberts

NEW ORLEANS, LA, USA, August 14, 2020 / — Erica "Ms. E" Roberts created 2 Da Max Records, LLC in 2015. The record label located is New Orleans, Louisiana. 2 Da Max Records was named after Erica's Father in remembrance of service in the Army. In December 2015, the vision for 2 Da Max Records was to become a successful record label and a household name in the music industry. The mission for the record label is to make good music for the world and music industry to appreciate. Erica Roberts wants to sell music that people will enjoy and to make history in the music industry.

In October of 2018, Erica made the move to the radio industry. Erica partnered with Yvonne Wilcox to create a radio station called 2 Da Max Records Radio Station. 2 Da Max Records Radio Station provided a place where Independent Artists could showcase their talent. The type of music the radio station will played in 2019 was music like R&B, Zydeco, World Music and Music with Afro Beats Artists. Erica's goals for the radio station was to create and share a great playlist, build a loyal audience, positive radio, and quality sound
At the beginning of 2019, CEO of 2 Da Max Records LLC, Erica Roberts realized that people need more than just to hear music, Women in Business needed an avenue to be heard. Erica spoke with Yvonne Wilcox about a Podcast Show so that Women could talk about being a Manager, CEO or Owner of a DBA. 2 Da Max Girl Talk is designed to be a platform for all Women in Upper Management or C-Level positions to talk about the struggles and the rewards of the Profession.

In November of 2019 CEO of 2 Da Max Records, LLC, Erica Roberts released her first book called “The Journey” The Journey is about a woman who grew up as a young girl in the project, both parents, and suffer with Asthma all her life. She experiences a lot of short coming in her life but one thing you will hear in the audio book is she never gave up on herself. She experiences things like a man walking out her life, domestic violence, etc. but she always found a way to pick herself up and keep moving. She became this lady that know what she wants out of life and she go for it.

In February of 2020 Author Erica Roberts host her own podcast show called The Journey of Relationship and Love. The shows are about Relationships why they work and why they do not based on people who have tried and won also those who have tried and lost.

In March of 2020 Author Erica Roberts host her own podcast show called "The Journey Back From Domestic Violence". Give Female and Male victims a chance to voice their thoughts, opinions and maybe provide a way to help others escape their current situation.

Author Erica Roberts working on new book called Sister I Got Your Back coming out soon.

Purchase Book at Amazon website:

Audiobook Spreaker:

Erica Roberts
2 Da Max Records, LLC
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The Award-Winning Screenplay “The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico” will be published as a Book in the Fall 2020

Poster for the Screenplay "The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico"

Poster for the Screenplay “The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico”

Logo of the screenplay "The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico"

Logo of the screenplay “The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico”

Storyboard image from The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico, meeting Agustin Lara

Storyboard image from The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico, meeting Agustin Lara

Storyboard image from The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico, Tehuacan Street

Storyboard image from The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico, Tehuacan Street

Storyboard image from The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico, the Town Witch, Curandera

Storyboard image from The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico, the Town Witch, Curandera

The Rom-Com screenplay won Gold at the Summer 2020 Depth of Field International Film Festival (DOFIFF) as well as other distinctions.

… [in] the early 1990s when I was a student…I once listened to a program on National Public Radio (NPR) where a young lady discussed some of her Social Studies research for her Ph.D. thesis…”

— Mike Meier, author of "The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico"

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, August 14, 2020 / — The Comedy “The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico” by Mike Meier takes place in 1929, shortly before the Great Depression. Two American ladies seek healing in the hot springs of Mexico and find love with Mexican gigolos. The story explores the many things in life we don’t quite understand, such as love, enchantment, and magic spells.

The screenplay won Gold at the Summer 2020 Depth of Field International Film Festival (DOFIFF), as well as other accolades. The author Mike Meier is currently working on turning the screenplay into a book. It will be published in the Fall.

Mike Meier explains where the idea for the story came from: “In this case, it goes back to the early 1990s when I was a student. I once listened to a program on National Public Radio (NPR) where a young lady discussed some of her Social Studies research for her Ph.D. thesis. She mentioned that in the earlier part of the century, American women traveled to the Mexico hot springs for health treatments. Sometimes illicit relationships with young Mexican gigolos ensued. I was immediately intrigued.”

However, years later when he began writing on the story in earnest, he could not find that Ph.D. student who originally inspired the story. Explains Meier, “I tried to find that young lady and her research thesis. NPR does not archive programs for that long. So I contacted libraries, went through listings of Ph.D. theses, contacted professors, but could not locate anything. If I had, I would have saved myself many, many hours of research. So I just had to do it myself.”

It took COVID19 to give him a break from his usual job to finish the screenplay. “I had the draft in my drawer for almost 30 years. With little else to do during the shutdown, I finished the screenplay in June.”

So far, the screenplay has received the following distinctions:

• "The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico" won GOLD at the Summer 2020 Depth of Field International Film Festival (DOFIFF).

• "The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico" is a Finalist for the Hollywood Gold Awards.

• "The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico" is a Finalist for New York Movie Awards.

In brief, the storyline is: In Long Island, 1929, Rose Hayes lives unhappily married to a cheating older man, Spencer, who works as a lawyer. Rose suffers from arthritis and is advised by her doctor to travel to Tehuacán, a city in Mexico known for its miraculous hot springs. After convincing Spencer of the trip’s benefits, she invites her best friend, Alice, whose husband passed away and is struggling to recover from her grief. The women arrive, and immediately meet Miguel and Ramiro. Miguel takes it upon himself to show the ladies the beauty of Tehuacán, and street artist and gigolo Ramiro joins in, since he’s used to starting affairs with American tourists. Miguel falls in love with Rose, and a spell performed by a curandera (the town’s witch) causes Ramiro to fall for Alice. The two couples’ love needs to overcome the challenges that come with dating in the roaring 20s, when a controlling husband and a pinch of magic is involved.

About the Author

Mike Meier grew up in Germany. He holds a master’s degree in political science as well as a J.D. and LL.M. When not writing books and screenplays, he enjoys playing Latin and Flamenco guitar. He currently resides in the greater Washington, D.C area.

Mike Meier
The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico
+1 202-662-1002
email us here

Video trailer for “The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico”

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Jocko Sims, Lauren Ash, Nicholas Gonzalez, Jillian Mercado, CJ Jones, Danny Gomez, Alie B. Gorrie, Cassidy Huff, Jim LeBrecht, Nic Novicki, David Renaud, Nicole Evans

Winner & Finalist Films are Now Featured on the Site and APP Homepages of IMDb

This is a record-setting year for entries, with steep competition. Each film is poignant and personal … and so well told, it was difficult for judges to determine our winners.”

— Nic Novicki, Founder of the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge


Media Contact:
Tiernan Bertrand-Essington for Easterseals, P: 815.341.8044 |


Winner & Finalist Films are Now Featured on the Site and APP Homepages of IMDb

Last evening, a virtual “orange” carpet was rolled out by Sony Pictures for the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge: Home Edition Awards Ceremony.

The annual Film Challenge empowers filmmakers, with or without disabilities, to tell unique a stories, providing opportunities for inclusion and representation for the world’s largest minority group.

In response to the pandemic, filmmakers were challenged to make a documentary short, all from the safety of their homes. Challenge participants had five days to craft their film, with the flexibility to incorporate previously shot footage in order to tell the story of what disability means to them.

“This is a record-setting year for entries, with steep competition. Each film is poignant and personal … and so well told, it was difficult for judges to determine our winners,” said Nic Novicki, Actor and Founder of the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge & Easterseals Southern California board member.

“The timing to tell these diverse stories of disability is perfect — especially where we are, during a global pandemic, with an overwhelming number of people taking to our streets demanding justice, equality, inclusion and an end to systemic racism. And, as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act this year,” Novicki added. “The result: these authentic documentary shorts showcase outstanding creativity in storytelling and introduce us to important, new voices and talent.”

The evening opened with Jocko Sims and Danny J. Gomez (New Amsterdam, NBCUniversal) welcoming guests. Novicki served as master of ceremonies, entertaining the virtual audience with his stand-up comedy routine.

Alie B. Gorrie (Able: a Series, Amazon) and Cassidy Huff (DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free, Netflix) introduced a new video showcasing how Easterseals Disability Film Challenge partners across entertainment are portraying disability in storylines, and authentically casting for it, while at the same time, opening doors to meaningful careers in entertainment and media.

Presenters and winners included:

• Lauren Ash and Nicole Lynn Evans (Superstore, NBCUniversal) presented the WarnerMedia Best Awareness Campaign Award to Rachel Handler for “How Much Am I Worth?”

• Nicholas Gonzales and David Renaud (The Good Doctor, ABC/Sony Pictures Television) presented the WarnerMedia Best Editor Award to Scott Klumb for “Autism Ability

• CJ Jones (Baby Driver, and upcoming Avatar 2, VIACOMCBS) and Jillian Mercado (The L Word Generation Q, Showtime Original Series/VIACOMCBS) presented the Adobe Best Film Award to Jennifer Msumba for “The Fish Don’t Care When It Rains

Additional finalists featured during the virtual awards include:

Best Awareness Campaign presented by WarnerMedia
• Regina Saldivar (Natalie’s Point of View)
• Patrick Ivison (In Dependence)
• Miriam Revesz (Voices from the Invisible)

Best Editor presented by WarnerMedia
• Nathan Cox (Hyper Active)
• Matthew Placencia (2nd Act: Danny J.Gomez)
• Shawn Lovering (Expectations)

Best Film presented by creativity partner Adobe
• Alexandria Cree (Aine)
• Rachel Handler (How Much Am I Worth?)
• Santa Muha (Full Picture)

Novicki created the Film Challenge in response to under-representation of talent with disabilities in the entertainment industry, giving filmmakers the opportunity to highlight their work and provide them with meaningful exposure. The disability community makes up nearly 25 percent of the U.S. population, but is only seen in less than 3 percent of on-screen roles.

Judges for this year’s Film Challenge were: Col Needham, IMDb Founder and CEO; Sheri Linden, film critic for The Hollywood Reporter; filmmakers Jim Lebrecht (Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution), Alice Austen (Give Me Liberty), Kat Coiro (Marry Me) and Jenni Gold (Cinemability) and Steve Martini; actors Danny Woodburn, R.J. Mitte, and Mark Povinelli; comedian Kevin Jordan; disability activists Lawrence Carter-Long and Richard Propes; Nicole Castro, HollyShorts Film Festival Managing Director, and Jenn Wilson, Film Independent Nominations Manager.

Winners of the Film Challenge will receive a one-hour consulting opportunity with Gena Desclos, SVP Post Production HBO, Tiffany Smith-Anoa’i, EVP Entertainment Diversity & Inclusion West Coast ViacomCBS, and a diverse team of executives at NBCUniversal. Directors of the 11 winner and finalist films will receive a one-year membership to IMDbPro, the essential resource for entertainment industry professionals, to help them continue achieving success in their careers. Today, a video playlist of the 11 winner and finalist films is featured on the site and app homepages of IMDb, the world's most popular and authoritative source for information on movies, TV shows and celebrities, and on After today, each film will continue to be available on its IMDb title page.

Other prizes include the latest in computer technology from Dell Technologies; a $2,500 production grant provided by NBCUniversal; a Sony Alpha a6000 camera; a full-year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud; as well as invaluable industry networking and exclusive professional development opportunities.

Sponsors and partners for the 2020 Challenge include: Adobe, Bentonville Film Festival, ViacomCBS Global Inclusion, Deadline, Dell Technologies, Dow Jones, Film Independent, HBO, Heartland Film Festival, HollyShorts Film Festival, IMDbPro, Molly & David Pyott Foundation, New Filmmakers LA, SAG-AFTRA, Sony Electronics, Sony Pictures, Sundance Institute, The Hollywood Reporter, NBCUniversal, WarnerMedia, and WeScreenplay. Additionally, Dell Technologies and StagEdge Productions provided technical and production support for the virtual event.

As someone with a disability, actor, comedian and producer Nic Novicki launched the Disability Film Challenge in 2013 in response to the under-representation of talent with disabilities both in front of and behind the camera. Novicki created the challenge to give aspiring filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their work and provide them with meaningful exposure. In 2017, Novicki joined forces with Easterseals Southern California – the nation’s leading nonprofit supporting people and families with disabilities – to expand the event, now known as the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge. Learn more at and join the conversation at

Tiernan Bertrand-Essington
Easterseals Southern California / CK&D
+1 815-341-8044
email us here
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AGELESS is a film project based on TG Gore's steep age-gap erotic romance novel, Ageless Lust An Improbable Love Affair

Amor Omnia Vincit”

— Virgil, Roman poet

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 13, 2020 / — Logline:
After losing his wife, the grief-stricken 72-year-old surgeon decides to retire and return to his homeland. Serendipitously, a 31-year younger woman bring to him an ageless passionate love lasting over a decade when, unexpectedly, tragedy is about to strike again.

A Los Angeles surgeon, GABRIEL (aged 72), tragically loses his devoted wife of 24 years, BRENDA (aged 66), in a horrific car accident. Stricken with unthinkable grief, it immerses him in complete hopelessness.

Everything reminds him of her — their empty home and office, which she used to manage, and his empty existence. Desponded, he decides to retire and return to his terra firma.

Months later, to set things in motion, he pays a brief visit to the Promised Land. He chooses a posh neighborhood in Tel Aviv, opens a bank account, contacts a realtor, and gives his cousin power of attorney.

Gabriel returns to the US and drastically scales down his practice. Ad interim, looking for some fun, he enlists the services of a sexplicite website. In two weeks, he intersects with a gorgeous single mother of two kindergarten-aged children, VERONICA (aged 42).

They meet one December afternoon. Gabriel is taken aback by her beauty and overt sensuality. Pleasantly surprised, he discovers that the attraction is mutual, and to her, the inglorious age difference is irrelevant, and they begin an intense physical relationship.

A few weeks following their first date, the realtor from overseas has a piece of good news for him, and Gabriel must start paying rent. With the office closed and home sold, their sexcapades relocate to a nearby hotel where unpredictably, their friends-with-benefits relationship morphs into a genuine love affair.

Since his retirement plan has scorched Gabriel’s American livelihood, it compels him to leave her against his heart’s desire. After months of passionate togetherness, the time arrives to say the last goodbye. On that fateful day, Veronica hands him a sendoff card, expressing the hope that one day he would return, and they would be an item again.

Fourteen hours later, he was standing on the sacred grounds of the Holy Land — a 7500-mile seemingly unbridgeable separation. Nevertheless, they remain in touch with every electronic means possible, Skype-sex included.

Six weeks following their farewell, he hears a knock on his door. With two suitcases by her side, an unexpected Veronica has arrived to spend with Gabriel his 74th birthday. They crisscross the country, and for 12 days they have an intoxicating time that ended with her returning to her motherly duties.

Unable to live without each other, at summer’s end, Gabriel leaves everything behind again, and they reunite in the City of Angels. For well over a decade, their implausible love affair will defy all sensible rationale.

On a starry night, just days after their ten-year Anniversary, the hand of fate reaches down on them. During a casual dinner outing, Gabriel collapses in a restaurant. The emergency room MRI discloses a massive brain hemorrhage, and he crosses the frontiers of eternity in Veronica’s loving arms. Fate thus awards him the “kiss of death” he wished for himself all his life.

The storyline is an adaptation from TG Gore's book, Ageless Lust and Improbable Love Affair

Gabriel Goren
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AGELESS LUST, An Improbable Love Afair is a true steep age-gap erotic romance novel that should never happen, but did

"Amor Vincit Omnia" -”

— Virgil, the Roman poet

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, US, August 13, 2020 / — Ageless Lust; An Improbable Love Affair is a lust-morphed-love romance novel between a couple with a steep, even inglorious age difference that is going on for over a decade by now.

Gabriel, a widower, and a ‘young’ septuagenarian surgeon had plans etched in stone to take down the shingles, retire, and also depart the US as well. Ad interim, enlisting the services of a sexplicit website for some skin-to-skin fun, he meets a God sent sexuality oozing lass. She is the gorgeous Vronica (an ‘e’- less Veronica), a 31-springs younger, single mother of two kindergarten-age children. Their blind date, – to be a life-changing event for both of them – took place on the 20th of December 2009, well over a decade ago!

Here, it will be disclosed that the lucky surgeon is I and the sexual attraction between us was meteoric. The revolting age difference of three decades was not noticed nor discussed.

Just five months later, swiftly approaching the unavoidable last goodbye, we both realized that our hearts got involved in what was supposed to be only a no strings attached (NSA) physical relationship. Since my rigid retirement plan scorched my American livelihood, it compelled me to leave against my desire and return to the Promised Land I left 30 years beforehand, and where I intended to live out the rest of my life.

Just before heading for the airport, Vronica handed me a send-off card dated May 23rd, 2010. The card ended with a few words of enchantress wisdom. “Darling, we both know that this will not be the last goodbye! I am leaving it open-ended and breathlessly wait for your return!”

Fourteen hours later, I was standing on the grounds of the Holy Land, 7500 miles away from my heart I left behind in Los Angeles. Our sexual bonanza morphed into feelings of deep love, doomed, so it seemed, by a seemingly unbridgeable separation.

Longing for each other, missing and desiring each other, we refused to give up hope and stayed in touch with everything electronically possible, Skype-sex included. Several weeks later, Vronica visits me to celebrate together my 74th birthday. After crisscrossing the country what seemed like a honeymoon of unprecedented carnal apogees, she returns to the US to fulfill her motherly duties.

In a deep slump, I concluded that I can’t and do not want to live without her. After lengthy deliberations, Vronica agrees with my plan to rejoin her for a short trial time. Later that summer, I left my newly created life behind, re-crossed a blue sea, an ocean, and two continents to reunite with her in the City of Angels. My brief visit became permanent, and the rest is a timeless history.

On December 20th, 2019, we celebrated a decennium of love, lust, and togetherness. Neither time, nor space, nor 31-years of age-difference succeeded to separate us. Vronica's prophetic premonition, expressed in her farewell card, proved her right.

Epilog. To scribble sentences on paper or a computer screen was never my cup of tea, in none of the six languages I speak and on top, English is not my mother tongue. I believe Vronica and I have a unique story of love, devotion, and lust that attest to the fact that genuine love has no age limit. “Amor Vincit Omnia” said Virgil, the Roman poet. Therefore, it should not be surprising that I could not resist sharing this genuine romantic and unbelievable tale of lust with the world. Hence, the concept of this book was born.

P.S. By the time this press release is written the hardcover book became available directly print-on-demand (POD) from the Publisher: Book Baby’s Book Store. The eBook versions are everywhere eBooks are available such as Amazon Kindle, Kobo (Barnes and Noble), Nook, Apple Books, Baker Taylor, Gardners, Scribd, Goodreads, etc. etc. The book's website has all the links for the interested.

P.P.S. Writing in the last moment a forward for the book (after already professionally was fully edited), I enlisted the services of an English Professor. To my surprise, he was a screenwriter as well, and it was he who suggested that our improbable love story depicted in my narrative could be adapted to the big screen. Thus a film proposal was born too, with two modifications to please a visual audience.

Gabriel Goren
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Theme Park Reviewer Jessica Brambilla Explains Why Busch Gardens Is One Florida's Top Parks

Jessica Brambilla Sarasota

SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES, August 12, 2020 / — Theme park reviewer Jessica Brambilla recently explained why Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is one of Florida's top theme parks.

Orlando has frequently been named the theme park capital of the world. However, those who are in the know about Florida theme parks know that Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is near the top of the list. Other popular Florida parks, like world-famous Disney World and Universal Orland Resort, often enjoy the spotlight when it comes to must-visit theme parks in the state. Although, theme park reviewer Jessica Brambilla recently stated that Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is not one that should be overlooked.

"This is a bucket-list-worthy park in an area of the state that can easily create an unforgettable vacation," Jessica Brambilla said. "Anyone who has already tackled Disney and Universal or is just looking for a different and more laid-back experience should head straight to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

Jessica Brambilla explained that Busch Gardens is arguably her favorite park in Florida for roller coasters. As a professional roller coaster reviewer, Jessica Brambilla offers a viewpoint thrill-seekers should trust. She explained that it's easy to spend an entire day riding coasters and other hair-raising rides, which is something many assume is reserved for Universal Orlando and other more recognized parks.

"The Iron Gwazi is the fastest, steepest, and tallest hybrid coaster in North America, and it's not located at Disney or Universal. It's located at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, and it's a reason to visit alone," Jessica Brambilla said.

Jessica Brambilla added that the coaster reaches a 206-foot-tall apex, and reaches up to 76 miles per hour on the 91-foot-tall drop. She explained that the park is also home to the country's first dual tailspin waterslide, the Solar Vortex. The Solar Vortex takes water sliding to new heights, with huge banks, hair-raising descents, swirls and more.

Jessica Brambilla added that Busch Gardens certainly is not just a park for thrill-seekers, as half of the park is dedicated to animals. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is home to one of the country's most highly-accredited zoos, featuring more than 200 species of animals. The park is known for providing world-class care for the animals on site and nursing those in danger back to health. Jessica Brambilla explained that Busch Gardens animal experiences are Humane Certified, so this a zoo atmosphere families can feel good about visiting.

"The Serengeti Safari takes visitors on an exciting safari ride, where they can admire real African wildlife up-close," Jessica Brambilla said. "Giraffes, zebras, rhinos, and antelope are just some of the many animals you can see and snap photos of on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure."

Jessica Brambilla concluded that Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is a park for those who are looking for a less-crowded, more affordable alternative to the ever-popular Disney and Universal parks across the state. She emphasized that the wide-open, less-touristy feel is especially advantageous during these times when theme park goers need to practice more caution due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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