Waxx Waster Explodes all Over Indiegogo with 16 Bits

What happens when a street fighting video game character comes to life and tries to apply game logic to the real world?

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — 16 Bits is an action comedy directed by Aaron Mento, starring Kevin Caliber and produced by J. Horton

Aaron Mento is an independent filmmaker with
a penchant for twisted and dark material. His previous feature film, UGLY
SWEATER PARTY, is a horror/comedy about a possessed Christmas sweater
that won “Best Comedy Horror Feature” from Indie Horror Online. While
this may sound silly (and it is) the movie also goes to some very dark
places and examines the traumas that occur when we are not true to

His newest feature is called 16 BITS, and it’s more outrageous,
fearless, and unpredictable than anything he's ever made. It’s a
smorgasbord of pitch black comedy fused with brutal and exciting action
sequences, but the (graphic) violence has very severe consequences.
It’s the kind of unfiltered and uncompromising entertainment that
Hollywood rarely makes anymore, and that’s why this campaign is so
important to making 16 BITS a reality!

Jason Horton
+1 424-603-9364
16 Bit Studios
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Gamer Snack Cookbook by Sci-Fi Star Claudia Christian

cookbook, science fiction, Disney, recipes, snack hacks, Claudia christian,

Claudia Christian’s Snack Hacks Cookbook Press Release

cookbook, science fiction, Disney, recipes, snack hacks, Claudia christian, geeks, pop culture

Claudia Christian Snack Hacks Cookbook Cover

cookbook, science fiction, Disney, recipes, snack hacks, Claudia christian, geeks, pop culture

Claudia Christian Snack Hacks Cookbook Fast And Delicious Recipes For Gamers Coders Freaks And Geeks


I've created fast, simple and delicious recipes and cooking hacks designed to satisfy your taste buds and silence your raging appetite so you can focus on what's really important — gaming!”

— Claudia Christian

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 20, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Claudia Christian, star of the hit series "Babylon 5", "Freaks And Geeks", voice star of Disney's "Atlantis" and popular video games such as "World of Warcraft," "Fallout," "Skyrim," "Halo" and "Call of Duty," has teamed up with gamer Mark Michel to produce "Snack Hacks" (Floating World Press), a fully-loaded cookbook of recipes and food hacks for computer gamers, screen dwellers and anyone who needs a fast and delicious snack.

"Snack Hacks" includes more than 100 recipes and food hacks, plus bonus interviews with pro gamer Westballz and computer game voice stars Cas Anvar, Robin Atkin Downes, and Gary Hudson. Claudia Christian reveals her long-time passion for cooking and shares behind-the-scenes stories from her acting and voice acting career.

To Eat or Play? Video Game Voice Star has the food hacks!

Co-author Mark Michel details how his gaming experience, cooking ability, and ingenious life hacks help him deal with the limitations of his cerebral palsy.

Recipes include meals for one, to keep sole gamers fueled-up and ready for action; snacks and appetizers for your weekend gaming session with friends; and entrées and desserts to take your parties to the next level. Threaded throughout are Hack Attacks — tricks to make your time in the kitchen quicker and easier — and In Game Downloads — tips to make the recipes your own.

"I've created fast, simple and delicious recipes and cooking hacks designed to satisfy your taste buds and silence your raging appetite so you can focus on what's really important — gaming!" said Claudia Christian.


"Snack Hacks," by Claudia Christian and Mark Michel, will be released on June 12 and is now available for pre-order ($29.99 hardcover) via all book vendors and on Amazon


"The easiest and most delicious fast food book for gamers ever written."
— Westballz (Weston Dennis), pro gamer with G2 Esports

"Delicious and hilarious. I'm writing this with a mouthful of Turner and Landau caramel!"
— Elias Toufexis, voice actor on "Fortnite," "Fallout 4," "Far Cry"

“Claudia’s book is going to turn me into a well fed gamer!” Not only are the stories great but after a hard game that she voices, I can’t think of anything better than a Christian hack snack!!!” – Joanna Cassidy actress (Blade Runner)


Available on request: PDF press release, an image of the front and back covers of "Snack Hacks," a video flip-through of the book, and a headshot of Claudia Christian, sample pages and images from book.

For media only: contact Catherine at contact@floatingworldpress.com for a comprehensive media pack.


In addition to her career in film and television Claudia Christian is an accomplished author and has previously published her addiction memoir "Babylon Confidential" with BenBella Books and the science fiction novel "Wolf's Empire" through Macmillan's Tor Books imprint. She has over a 250,000+ followers on social media.

Facebook: The video flip-through of the "Snack Hacks" book can also be found and shared via the Claudia Christian facebook fan page

Email: contact@floatingworldpress.com

Catherine Buchanan
Floating World Press
+33 7 52 76 63 27
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Claudia Christian’s 1 Minute Snack Hack Preview

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Mother's Child – The Nightmare Discovery of Mitochondrial Disease

A fictional retelling, of the factual events, of what it means for a family accused of child abuse.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED_STATES, June 19, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mother’s Child, by author and publisher Michael Conant, explores the challenges of a family with a child with an undiagnosed disease.

After serving as the president of CureMito, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting research and awareness of mitochondrial disease, Mr. Conant planned to write a scene for one of the board member’s daughters who attended an arts high school in Pomona, CA. Further discussion turned that project idea into a one-act play. After life got in the way, and the daughter graduated from high school, the project morphed into a book. Flash forward to after four years of procrastination, a year of thinking about it, and 18 months of writing, editing, and re-writing, and Mother’s Child finally came to fruition, launching in March of this year.

“I had the book in my head for four years. It bothered me that this promise had gone unfulfilled for so long and, after launching my publishing company and working with many talented editors and authors, I found I had run out of excuses for putting it off. Finally, I found the discipline to make it happen.” Said Mr. Conant.

The novel evolves around the fictional Gallagher family and is told through the voice of June Gallagher, the mother of Ernie, a child sick with many unidentified ailments. The story opens as June becomes a reluctant hero, saving a child from a burning car that is involved in a horrific accident. That opening scene proves poignant as much of the remainder of the book focuses on June, along with the rest of her family, husband Tim and daughter Elsie, as she tries desperately to save her son Ernie from an unknown disease.

As the novel continues, we share the family’s struggles with the disease, as well as with overly ambitious family services, interfering hospital staff, and a doctor who’s ignorance of mitochondrial disease leads to unfounded accusations of child abuse. As Mr. Conant notes, “The characters may be fictional, but the story accurately represents what too many families go through when their child is diagnosed with mitochondrial disease.”
Mr. Conant adds, “I wanted the novel to be a story about a family; about a woman finding her inner strength and voice, about developing friendship from unexpected places, and about the humor of life that goes on within the struggles of having a sick child. I wanted to write a story that anyone could identify with and that would stick to their hearts – not just a book about mitochondrial disease, but about life.”

Mother’s Child is available on Amazon, B&N, Indie Bound, and most book retailers.

About the Author

Michael Conant is the publisher and founder of Incorgnito Publishing Press. Before entering the world of book publishing, Michael spent over twenty years in b2b publishing. He served as a circulation, sales, and marketing executive, managing products across several industries, with a concentration in financial publications.

Prior to his foray into publishing, Michael pursued his love of theater as an actor, singer, director, and producer at regional theaters, dinner theaters, and at several Off-Off Broadway theaters. Michael introduced New York audiences to the American premier of Hal Shaper’s musical adaptation of Jane Eyre, which featured Michael as Rochester along with a very young Alyssa Milano as his ward, Adelle.

Shortly after moving to Pasadena, CA, Mr. Conant was introduced to Cure Mito, an organization of “Mito Moms” dedicated to funding Mitochondrial Disease research in support of Dr. Richard Boles at Los Angeles Children's Hospital. Michael helped the group secure non-profit status and was elected as the organization’s first president.
Mr. Conant is also the co-author of David Margrave: The plumber who outwitted the IRS.

Michael Conant
Incorgnito Publishing Press
+1 888-859-0792
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Virtual Rooms From ReelTime VR may Transform Hotel Rooms Into International Destinations in ReelTime

ReelTime VR Red

ReelTime VR Red

ReelTime Patent  Periramascope

ReelTime Patent Periramascope

ReelTime VR

The revolutionary rooms utilize 4K video walls, floor, and ceiling fueled with ReelTimes’ patent pending technology that can create any environment desired.

ReelTime Media (OTCMKTS:RLTR)

The convergence of technologies in the AR/VR space is emerging in ways that are creating realities that could only be conceived in science fiction just a short time ago.”

— Barry Henthorn

SEATTLE, WA, USA, June 19, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — ReelTime VR (OTCPK:RLTR) a pioneer in the development of Virtual Reality programming and technologies is developing a Virtual Room for consumer and commercial use. The revolutionary rooms utilize 4K video walls, floor, and ceiling fueled with ReelTimes’ patent-pending technology that can create any environment desired.

The Virtual Rooms can have the consumer sitting on a couch in a traditional living room with the desired décor one second, and then transport them instantly to a white sandy beach, high rise penthouse, or even orbiting the earth from a space station. Furthermore, the ReelTime Virtual Rooms (RVR) can be combined with other rooms to provide inhabitants of both rooms to perceive that they are in the same environment as if they were there together.

ReelTime is currently in talks with a major state of the art hotel and condominium project to incorporate virtual rooms as a major attraction for the development. Guest will be able to change their views and decorum to their taste and owners of the condominiums will be able to enhance their units with any combination of virtual windows, walls, or complete rooms. Imagine being in a normal sized room that all of a sudden appears to be massive, or even completely outdoors, and having the ability to change that as if you were changing channels. Of course, you could be watching TV on whatever size TV you chose or even enjoying one of ReelTime VRs award winning VR shows such as ReelTime VRs No. 1 award-winning Virtual Reality travel series “In Front of View” starring international superstar Front Montgomery and her daughter Leonie Montgomery, or the top tween VR series “Really Twins” which is currently viewed in 49 countries.

Barry Henthorn ReelTime VRs CEO stated: “The convergence of technologies in the AR/VR space is emerging in ways that are creating realities that could only be conceived in science fiction just a short time ago. Hopefully the new era in communications will bring people closer by providing them with the ability to connect, reversing the trend so many have embraced of retreating into solidarity. We are very much looking forward to sharing this new innovation based on our technologies and experience in the VR and communications industries.”

ReelTime VR is a pioneer in Virtual Reality technologies and has received patent-pending status from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for their non-provisional patent application covering apparatus and method claims for technology involving simultaneous capturing and display of 360 X 360 degree Spherical Panorama Images and Video.
In a recent article published by Virtual Reality Insider www.virtualrealityinsider.com it stated: “Companies such as Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), Samsung (OTCMKTS:SSNLF), Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL), and Sony (NYSE:SNE) are investing heavily in the infrastructure and technologies fueling AR/VR and are allocating significant R&D budgets towards their development. Microsoft alone reportedly has over ten thousand AR/VR patents filed across thousands of patent families. ReelTime VR however, may have the most significant of all AR/VR patents currently being processed in the industry having filed a very broad patent.”

The patent for the technology was also featured during a Bold Patents spot on CNBC during Shark Tank and was referred to as having the “power to shift entire industries” by J.D. Houvener, author of “Bold Ideas”.

About ReelTime Media: ReelTime Rentals, Inc. DBA ReelTime VR www.reeltime.com is a publicly traded company based in Seattle, WA (OTCPK:RLTR). ReelTime is in the business of developing, producing, and distributing Virtual Reality Content and technologies. We have end to end production, editing, and distribution capabilities for internal and external projects. ReelTime Currently produces three ongoing series for the Samsung Gear VR platform and distributes them over numerous VR delivery portals including Gear VR, Oculus, Veer VR, HTC Vive, YouTube 360, Littlestar, Facebook, and others. ReelTime Media also publishes the book “It Was Always Me – Edwards Edwards the most Prolific Serial Killer of all time Which has been the subject of a cover story on People Magazine, Rolling Stone, In Touch, and a six part series on Paramount network, www.itwasalwaysme.com . ReelTime recently purchased Doyen Communications, a full-service advertising placement agency and premium content creator of publishing industry and audience specific news journals and web portals that develops, publishes and distributes industry, company, and consumer-based information and awareness. Over 30 individual publications serving a variety of industry sectors that made up the Doyen Communications portfolio.

ReelTime Media
Barry Henthorn

Barry Henthorn
ReelTime VR
email us here

Really Twins ReelTime VR

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Matt Movin' creates an independent buzz like no other

Matt Movin' a Chattanooga, Tennessee artist poses in front of a painted wall

Matt Movin’ Chattanooga, Tennessee

Matt Movin' a Chattanooga artist is making waves in headline news!

Matt Movin’ presented by RTA

Matt Movin'Matt Movin' rapper from Chattanooga, TN

Matt Movin’ presented by RTA in the studio

Matthew Long also known as Matt Movin' is a local artist from Chattanooga, Tennessee currently making major waves in the rap game.

Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

— Sun Tzu

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Round Table Affiliation would like to introduce Matt Movin'

Chattanooga, TN – Round Table Affiliation is very proud to announce their new artist. Matthew Long, known by many as Matt Movin' who is an undoubted veteran in the music industry currently on track to become the next major influence.

His upcoming project will target the music industry in an effort to increase relatability, creativity, and originality. There are many heavy hitters in the game right now, so they would like to assure everyone that their artist doesn't show up with anything less than an entirely calculated game plan. Even at this early stage in this chapter of his career, Matt Movin' has amassed more than 80,000 streams on Spotify and over 100,000 followers on Instagram. Currently, people all over the world have streamed his previous mixtape "Basic Instincts," as well as his new hit single "TWO." Multiple major influences both foreign and domestic have also pledged support to his upcoming projects. These projects, are rumored to have some major co-signs and a ton surprises for the fans, so stay tuned.

Previous and upcoming projects can be found on all major platforms as well as over 150 minor ones located around the globe.

Anyone that is interested in learning more about Matt Movin' can do so by visiting his personal website at this link. There, you will find all music links, his EPK, and many more interesting details about him as a person and artist alike.

Matt Movin' has been performing on and off for over ten years, As some of you may know, life consistently runs its' course in the streets. This extensively rugged and insanely diverse path led to many legal and career halting issues. When asked how he would explain the time and sacrifices he had put into his longstanding career choice he had this to say "I look at most things in my life as lessons to be honest with y'all, but when you come up in certain situations, you learn to be a hustler and you learn how to stay down for the ones that kept it real with you. All I ever did was play the hand I was dealt, music was always just that major card I had tucked away, that one card I had always knew when I played right, would make everyone proud." If you have the time, visit the website at the link for all information on this artist. We would like to thank you for your time and interest. You can find Matt on all social media outlets here (@iammattmovin)or make contact through the site.

Matt Movin'
Round Table Affiliation
+1 423-451-6477
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Matt Movin’ – Up and Away

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Formerly Homeless Software Engineer Proves Talent on 'Whiteboard Challenge' Show

Whiteboard Challenge - Formerly Homeless Software Engineer

With more than 25 million software engineers worldwide, how will you distinguish yourself from the crowd?

The Tech Event Advocates Overlooked Engineering Talent Among Los Angeles's Crisis of 60,000 Homeless

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Cinedapt, Inc. announced today the first contestant for its "Whiteboard Challenge" show, Pedro Munoz, a formerly homeless software engineer living in Los Angeles.

The pilot episode for the “Whiteboard Challenge” will premiere on September 21, 2019 in Los Angeles at the Cinemark threatre beginning at 1pm followed by the tech event after party across the street at Industrious beginning at 2:30pm.

At the “Whiteboard Challenge” tech event, attendees are encouraged to volunteer and become involved with the homeless benefit groups present to support the rising Los Angeles homelessness crisis.

The Los Angeles homelessness crisis is very important to the show’s creator, Michael Kureth, since he too was seeking assistance in 2018 after being unemployed for 6 months due to company downsizing in the tech industry.

When casting for the show, he wanted to showcase the ostracized talent of the homeless community. This motivation was inspired by many of his own experiences. During a final round of interviews, a candidate who was most qualified for the role he was hiring was rejected by human resources solely due to appearing homeless.

He met with more than twenty currently and formerly homeless developers whom have decades of experience and even graduate degrees. In meeting with them, the reoccurring pattern he identified was that all were declined employment as a result of looking homeless, not having a physical address, or admitting to being homeless. Having the ability to perform the role and being the strongest candidate for the position was not a factor in the hiring decision.

The goal in featuring someone formerly homeless on the show is to bring awareness and empathy to the issue that once homeless, it is extremely difficult to overcome and attain employment based on the perception of human resources at companies.

Although he only lived in his car for a few months, Pedro is an example of how easy it is to become homeless in Los Angeles after being laid off from a software engineer's six-figure salary. Of those interviewed for consideration as a contestant, Pedro was the only one brave enough to appear on the show. Whereas, others were too embarrassed of their current and previous situations to be involved.

In following the tradition of all interviews, personal preference will influence the outcome of the show. Therefore, if you would like to see him win at the premiere, you can Vote for Pedro beginning July 9.

Michael Kureth
+1 323-364-9174
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Rob Fletcher, author of America's Next Great Trainer. Say NO to the Dad Bod. Take the 60 Day Dad Bod Challenge

Rob Fletcher and Danielle Pashko lead the team to awesome results

Particpants from the NY Post Dad Bod CHALLENGE

Live "positive, healthy, fit, confident and strong"

Small gradual changes to daily habits and behaviors for long term success.

America's Next Great Trainer

“Read the book. Change your mind. Change your body. Change your life”…Dr. Nicholas DiNubile ACE American Council on Exercise Chief Medical Officer

The Dad Bod is back in the news. You know that area of the stomach once called beer belly, is now tagged the Dad Bod. Fact, its unhealthy, visceral fat.

The Dad Bod! The fact is its unhealthy, visceral fat. Which studies show, visceral fat can lead to all sorts of health problems including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.”

— Rob Fletcher Author of America's Next Great Trainer Transforma Your LIfe

COLUMBUS, OHIO, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The infamous Dad Bod, many media sources are saying more women are finding the Dad bod more appealing than ever before. Studies show visceral fat can lead to all sorts of health problems including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. That should be enough information to say no to the Dad Bod. Try the 60 Day Bod Challenge.

Nutritionist Danielle Pashko and I were enlisted by the NY Post to do a Dad Bod Challenge to accepting volunteers. In only a few weeks time we had awesome results – blood pressure improved, inches off the waistline, increase in lean muscle mass, body fat loss. In addition, more energy, less stress, more productive. happier, and healthier.

Take your own 60 Day Bod Challenge with benefits you will see and feel; lose body fat, inches off your waistline, gain lean muscle, increase strength and conditioning. Sculpt, tone, and define your body. Best of all, transform yourself. Feel Great! Look Great! Take control, be accountable. Slow, gradual, positive changes in daily habits and behaviors will set you up for long term success.

General advice and tips to get you started.

1. Consume high-quality proteins – beef, fish, chicken, eggs.

2. Avoid processed foods. Reduce, or cut out whites: pasta, bread, potatoes, rice, cheese, bread, dairy,

3. Avoid candy, soda and fruit juices.

4. Get in the habit of reading labels “nutritional facts” and “ingredients”

5. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Throw in a lemon or lime. Lemon assists in the process of digestion and elimination. The popular formula is 8 glasses of water a day.

6. Consume your meals according to your post-meal activities. Also known as, nutrient timing.

7. Smaller more frequent meals through the course of the day. Keeps the appetite satisfied.

8. Healthy Snacks: natural foods, fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

9 Choose cardio or short interval workout first thing in the morning. Your body will use stored fat for fuel, as there is no muscle glycogen to use.

10. Hit the Gym. Get that workout in.

In regard to exercise, strength, and conditioning always check with your doctor prior to starting any exercise program. Nutrition, exercise and strength building work together for optimal results. Start a daily workout program. If you cannot do it alone, make an investment in yourself. Seek advice and guidance from a professional credible trainer and/or nutritionist to get you started. They will do a true evaluation and assessment. Together you set goals, make a plan and make it happen.

Very valuable things for you to know: Your RHR(Resting Heart Rate), MHR(Maximum Heart Rate) – 220 – your age = MHR. Your THR (Target Heart Rate)
In order to get your THR take your MHR x 0.75 = THR, MHR x 0.85 = THR. An excellent resource http://www.heart.org

Do your own personal assessment for before and after comparison. On day one and your final day 60 record the following: weight, bodyfat, waist, chest, biceps, quads (mid-thigh):

1. Find your RHR =

2. Step Test: step on and off a box for 1 minute as fast as you can (box approximately 12 inches high) – Heart Rate =

3. Squats: as many as you can in 1 minute – Total Repetitions =

4. Push Ups: as many as you can in 1 minute – Total Repetitions =

5. Burpees: as many as you can in 1 minute =

6. Plank: hold as long as you can. Time =

Take the Dad Bod Challenge. The journey to a healthier, happier you. If you have any questions I am always available by email robfletcher@angt.tv I will try my best to answer any in a timely manner.

Live positive, healthy, fit, confident and strong.

Robert Fletcher
+1 845-406-5069
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The Dad Bod Challenge featured in the NY Post and on Good Morning America

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Megan Nager’s Short Series, Verified, Sweeps Film Awards Circuit

Photo of Megan Nager overlayed with the word Verified and a blue check mark

Megan Nager – Verified

Verified - Winner of Best Romantic Comedy at Los Angeles Film Awards

Verified – Winner of Best Romantic Comedy at Los Angeles Film Awards

VERIFIED, named Best Romantic Comedy at Los Angeles Film Awards; Official Selection at Atlanta Comedy Film Festival

Comedy is tragedy mixed with surprise and MEGAN NAGER knows how to simultaneously love and mock the world she lives in and the LA life that many dream-seekers lead.”

— Jean Barker, award-winning film director, and director of Verified.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Verified, an original short series created by Megan Nager and produced by The Following Productions and Wake and Make Media, has won Best Romantic Comedy at the Los Angeles Film Awards and just been chosen as Official Selection at the Atlanta Comedy Film Awards.

Verified tells the story of a millennial woman dumped by her long-time boyfriend for an Instagram model. In order to win him back, she makes the dramatic decision to change herself to fit the type of girl he dumped her for – an Instagram model. The series offers real life commentary on the dangerous effects of social media on self-confidence and beauty standards. The series was directed by award-winning director, Jean Barker, Todd Goble and Tatiana Paris. It stars actors Megan Nager, Nikki Howard, Eric Larsen, Amanda McCants, Sydney Maler and Jordana Lily.

The series not only stars actor Megan Nager, but was also written by the SAG actor and professional writer as well. Megan’s work has been featured on thousands of online publications such as 9gag as well as Tru TV and Amazon. When she’s not auditioning, Megan performs stand-up at world-famous comedy venues such as The Comedy Store and The Hollywood Improv. Megan is known for her viral comedic sketches and mini series that offers commentary on the unrealistic standards of beauty that millennials are forced to combat on a daily basis.

“Comedy is tragedy mixed with surprise and MEGAN NAGER knows how to simultaneously love and mock the world she lives in and the LA life that many dream-seekers lead. She’s brave and collaborative.” – Jean Barker, award-winning film director, and director of Verified.

Beating out hundreds of other films throughout the world, Verified was just awarded Best Romantic Comedy at the Los Angeles Film Awards and chosen as Official Selection at the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival.

The Los Angeles Film Awards is a monthly film and screenplay competition for filmmakers worldwide. LAFA is the first festival to receive 300+ five-star reviews out of over 7,000 film festivals, on the award winning site, FilmFreeway.

The Atlanta Comedy Film Festival receives submissions from filmmakers throughout the world and hand picks only a handful of films to be screened at their festival. After beating 70% of submitted films, Verified was awarded a finalist position and then received an award for an Official Selection to be screened at the world-famous festival that takes place at their Summer 2019 program in July of this year.

In addition to these two festivals, Verified is a competitor at several other festivals throughout the country, including Hollyshorts Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival. Winning at these festivals can make Verified eligible to win an Oscar, BAFTA or European Film Award.

Verified was produced by two independent production companies, The Following Productions and Wake and Make Media, whose films have been featured online as well as on television. Their productions star celebrities such as The Meg’s Page Kennedy, Alexanne Wagner from Netflix’s The Dirt, and dozens of SAG actors who have starred in several award-winning television shows and movies. Both companies specialize in creating relatable content with an incredibly high production value. The companies are run by their cinematographer and editor, Corey Turner, whose lensed hundreds of projects for independent artists, national commercials, Capital Records and Amazon.

Vito Glazers
One World Publishing LLC
+1 3233979200
email us here

Verified – Episode 1 – Starring Megan Nager

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Live Boldly

The Good Life

Beau Monde Traveler Luxury Magazine and Website launched at the Cannes Film Festival.

CANNES, FRANCE , June 16, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Beau Monde Traveler, a ground-breaking bi-monthly print, digital magazine and media rich website which highlights the finest luxury travel experiences, launched at the Cannes Film Festival. Featuring exceptional editorial as well as compelling video content covering luxury travel, the new media platform includes recommendations on opulent hotels and resorts around the world, as well as unforgettable dining, exclusive events and more.

Beau Monde Traveler shares insights, reviews and recommendations on luxury travel experiences for the affluent traveler. BeauMondeTraveler.com launched at events that took place during the 72nd Cannes Film Festival with the first digital and print magazine set to publish in July. The magazine is oversized in format and will be distributed internationally at retailers as well as in airline lounges, exclusive member clubs, at special events as well as by subscription.

“The bi-monthly print and digital magazine as well as web publication seeks to become the penultimate destination where today’s affluent traveler goes to learn, explore and plan their next lavish vacation experience,” said Hailey Cromwell, Global Editor for the publication. “It was only appropriate to launch Beau Monde Traveler at the most glamorous event in the world, The Cannes Film Festival. We are providing a new resource with engaging editorial and video content to inspire the jet-setting crowd where to go next.”

Launching BeauMondeTraveler.com at Cannes Film Festival allowed the new media platform to partner with celebrities and offering bespoke four-day vacations so they can experience the types of holidays showcased in the publication. It was also one of the featured brands in the exclusive celebrity gifting lounge hosted by Nathalie Dubois of DPA Events that took place in the InterContinental Carlton Cannes.

Famed comedic actor Bill Murray was provided a trip to one of Tuscany’s finest resorts, Castello Banfi Ill Borgo while director Jim Jarmusch, who directed The Dead Don’t Die which stars Bill Murray and opened the film festival, was provided a luxury stay to the Mount Lofty House and their newly opened Sequoia Villas located in Adelaide Hills Australia. Actress Nadine Labaki, enjoyed a four-day tropical island getaway in an uber exclusive villa at Montigo Resort Nongsa in Batam Indonesia. French actor, Franck Dubosc will take his holiday in Spain along the azure waters of the Mediterranean and the costa brava at the five-star grand dame beach resort, La Gavina.

“Beau Monde Traveler reimagined how we learn about travel and where to go next. Yesteryear’s stagnant websites and magazines are not enough. Today’s travelers yearn for more” shared Cromwell. “We integrate compelling editorial, images, as well as engaging video. Beyond the website, the digital magazine will have a state-of-the-art viewing platform with animated and interactive content.”

Each of the bi-monthly issues of the publication will include a special feature such as wine-centric travel, spa travel, cruise travel along with two featured destination such as the first issue which highlights travel to South Africa and Crete. The magazine as well as the website has additional areas of focus such as volunteer and eco travel as well as culinary experiences, exclusive events and culture. Luxury hotels and destinations wishing to be featured in Beau Monde Traveler should contact the company to request coverage.

Beau Monde Traveler is the Vanguard of Luxury Travel. Luxury travel experiences are featured through editorial and video on the BeauMondeTraveler.com website which includes compelling features on where to go next, recommended hotels, restaurants and unforgettable experiences. Beau Monde Traveler recommends travel experiences through a bimonthly print magazine which includes features such as wine tourism, spa travel, and luxury cruises as well as destinations and hotel features. Beau Monde Traveler is distributed in exclusive membership clubs as well as in airport lounges, retailers, high profile events and via subscription. Beau Monde Traveler magazine is also distributed through an interactive digital format and app which include video and animation covering luxury travel experiences. Beau Monde Traveler is dedicated to giving discriminating travelers access to a distinctive array of travel experiences. Www.BeauMondeTraveler.com
Follow Beau Monde Traveler – Insta: BeauMondeTraveler |FB: BeauMondeLuxuryTravelMagazine | Twitter : BeauMondeMag

Hailey Cromwell
Beau Monde Traveler
+44 7417 431768
email us here
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Verdi Productions Announces its 2019-2020 Slate – Vault hits theaters on Friday June 14, 2019

Vault hits theaters on Friday June 14, 2019

Verdi Productions is pleased to announce the Company is producing or executive-producing 6 films over the next 16 months-begins with VAULT release on June 14

EAST GREENWICH, RHODE ISLAND, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — East Greenwich, RI – June 14, 2019 – (Investorideas.com Newswire) Verdi Productions is pleased to announce the Company is producing or executive-producing six films over the next sixteen months starting with the release of VAULT on June 14, 2019, followed by The Irishman with Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci.

'VAULT' will hit select theaters on Friday, June 14, 2019, as part of a multi-platform release. The film was acquired by GRINDSTONE ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, A LIONSGATE COMPANY in January 2019.

VAULT is inspired by true events and tells the story of a group of small-time criminals, who in 1975, attempt to pull off one of the biggest heists in American history; stealing more than $34 million from the mafia in the smallest state in the union, Rhode Island. The film was directed by Tom DeNucci, co-written with B. Dolan. The cast includes Theo Rossi (Marvel's Luke Cage, Sons of Anarchy) as Duece; Clive Standen (Taken, Vikings, Everest) as Chucky; Emmy-winner Samira Wiley (Handmaid's Tale, Orange Is the New Black) as Karen, and Academy-Award nominee Chazz Palminteri (Bullets Over Broadway, A Bronx Tale, The Usual Suspects) as Mafia boss Raymond Patriarca, along with Golden Globe-winner Don Johnson (Django Unchained, Miami Vice) as Gerry. The producers are Chad A. Verdi, Nick Koskoff, Michelle Verdi, Matthew J. Weiss and Ryan Murphy, with Emma Tillinger Koskoff serving as Executive-Producer.

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Upcoming Projects:
• Heading towards a late 2019 release, tells the story of a mob hitman who recalls his possible involvement with the slaying of Jimmy Hoffa.
• Written by Oscar-winner Steve Zaillian (“Schindler’s List”)
• From Charles Brandt’s gangster saga “I Heard You Paint Houses.”
• Stars Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Al Pacino, Bobby Cannavale, Harvey Keitel, Anna Paquin, Jesse Plemons, and Ray Romano.
• Directed by Martin Scorsese

• Shooting will take place in New Mexico, with principle photography starting in early July 2019.
• April Mullen directing from a screenplay penned by Tim Doiron.

Arthur Bretnik played by Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight, Sully, Bleed For This) is a mentally unstable conspiracy theorist and private eye with a traumatic past. After
being hired to investigate a possible murder cover-up in the small town of Wander, Arthur is plunged into a world of lies and deceit, as he quickly suspects the murder may be part of the same 'conspiracy cover-up' that caused the death of his daughter. Increasingly paranoid, Arthur's sanity is tested as he attempts to filter fact from fiction and solve the case, all the while questioning if he is a pawn in a much bigger game.

• Currently in pre-production in Rome, Italy
• Written by Chee Keong Cheung and Oliver Morran with Dolph Lundgren directing
Brandon Jones (Dolph Lundgren) is an undefeated underground fighter of exceptional talent who doesn't know how to lose – but he is ordered to do just that for a crucial high stakes fight. Failing to follow through on this command, a merciless punishment is exacted, resulting in the brutal murder of his wife and daughter and Brandon himself is left brain damaged, a shadow of the man he once was. With the help of his best friend and trainer, Dutch, Brandon must rebuild himself mentally and physically to take revenge on those that tore his family apart and left him for dead. In his way stand a cartel of cold-blooded fighters, a corrupt police force headed by Detective Cain (Scott Adkins), and the limitless resources of mob boss Vincent, a ruthless and twisted individual, who holds sway over the city. As Brandon exacts his revenge, leaving a trail of devastation and destruction in his wake, he comes to realize that all is not what it seems, and what he once feared lost may prove to be his salvation.

• Currently in post production and scheduled for release in 2020
• Documentary about former undisputed heavyweight champion, Lennox Lewis

Undisputed gives us a ringside seat inside the mind of a legendary fighter.

• Jungle Room will start pre-production in early 2020 and be filmed in Rhode Island and Boston, Massachusetts
• Tom DeNucci will direct from a script he penned with B. Dolan and Matt Weiss
• Chad and Michelle Verdi will produce alongside Nick Koskoff, with Chad Verdi Jr. serving as executive producer

In a near-future where negative impulses are monitored and brain chemistry is under
constant surveillance, a down on his luck "Reality Writer" becomes fascinated with a
violent new game.

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The Irishman
Bleed For This

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