Verasity Partners with Binance Chain, CZ (Changpeng Zhao), CEO & Founder of Binance said: “Video is a powerful tool to educate, engage and entertain. Verasity’s video player solution offers the perfect vehicle for viewers, publishers and content creators

Verasity Partners with Binance Chain

Verasity has announced a partnership with Binance Chain, a blockchain software system, in a move that will bring about a new incentivised video economy.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 24, 2019 / — Verasity, the digital currency for online video players, has announced a strategic partnership with Binance Chain, a blockchain software system developed by Binance and the community, in a move that will bring about a new incentivised video economy. This will pave the way for more global publishers, creators and advertisers to enter the crypto space.

Verasity is a leading company providing rewarded video player technology to major publishers across the globe. The patent-pending video player enables tokenized rewards (VRA) as well as loyalty schemes within a video player wallet. The unique technology is already available to more than 1.6 million video publishers with 550 million users and 110 billion monthly views bringing engagement and revenues back to publishers’ sites. Verasity’s attention-based model creates a thriving VRA token economy between viewers, video publishers and advertisers.

The Verasity product development has been completed and is now used by publishers. The app unites rewards and loyalty programs into one video player wallet that can be utilized by all the users on the chain: viewers, publishers and advertisers can share across all major video platforms including YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, JWPlayer, Brightcove, Kaltura, VideoJS, Flowplayer, and Ooyala which represent over 95% of all the video players utilized. This killer app can be integrated in a few minutes by any publisher within its current workflow and viewers are not required to download anything or change their habits. Verasity will announce more mainstream publishers that will adopt the technology in a bid to win viewers’ attention back to their websites.

Mark Hain, Co-founder of Verasity said: “Building on the Binance Chain protocol enhances o ur platform as its one second block time confirmations make it faster and cheaper to send and receive transactions, pivotal for the success of a microtransaction blockchain platform. The power of the Binance community and liquidity in BNB will also add great power to the Verasity project”

CZ (Changpeng Zhao), CEO & Founder of Binance said: “Video is a powerful tool to educate, engage and entertain. Verasity’s video player solution offers the perfect vehicle for viewers, publishers and content creators to benefit from the utility of blockchain technology. I’m glad that Binance and Verasity are leading that charge globally.” is the wallet for VRA and connects directly into the video player. Verasity’s powerful platform enables publishers to grow their audience by rewarding VRA from anywhere across the web. Users can choose to stake VRA, donate VRA to their favorite creators or spend VRA for goods and services all from within

VRA is currently available to trade on HitBTC and CoinAll. Verasity raised more than $8 million through private placements and an ICO in 2018. Further details regarding the technical integration will be disclosed in the coming weeks, in particular the planned migration of ERC-20 tokens to BEP-2 tokens.

Verasity has proposed listing VRA on Binance DEX. We hope the Binance Chain community will support and vote for the listing to improve user adoption and liquidity of VRA tokens. We believe we will contribute additional value to the Binance Chain ecosystem.

About Binance Chain

Binance Chain, a blockchain software system developed by Binance and the community, is a community-driven project with developers and contributors from all over the world. Binance DEX is the decentralized exchange feature developed on top of the Binance Chain blockchain:

Anne Szustek Talbot
+1 646-853-7435
email us here

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Andre DiMino is host of The ONE VOICE Minute Videos

Andre DiMino, Executive Board Member of IAOVC hosts The ONE VOICE Minute

Join IAOVC at


IAOVC highlights facts about the Italian American experience in America with “bite-sized” video feature on events in US history starting with Memorial Day.

Italian Americans have contributed so much to this country throughout history, it is great to be able to celebrate these facts with these videos”

— Andre DiMino

BLOOMFIELD, NEW JERSEY, USA, May 23, 2019 / — The Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition (“ONE VOICE”), America’s largest independent Italian American anti-bias organization, has launched a new initiative to bring interesting facts about the Italian American experience in America with a concise, interesting and fact-filled video. Dubbed “The ONE VOICE Minute” the debut edition released today concerns Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is a day when we pause and remember all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom in the USA. Many may not realize that the history of Italian Americans giving their all for this country goes all the way back to the Revolutionary War, where Italians, soon to become Italian Americans, fought side-by-side with our nation’s first heroes. This and other facts about the Italian American connection to Memorial Day are featured in this first edition of The ONE VOICE Minute.

“This is a great way for us to feature important facts and information about Italian Americans that may not be widely known,” stated Dr. Manny Alfano, Founder and President of IAOVC. “I am very pleased that we are launching The ONE VOICE Minute series and I hope many people will watch and learn something from these videos, starting with Memorial Day.”

The videos, written and produced by Frank Cipolla, are hosted by Andre’ DiMino, Executive Board Member of IAOVC, who has regularly appeared on TV and radio interviews representing ONE VOICE in its efforts at fighting stereotyping and denigration of Italian Americans, most recently in opposing the elimination of Columbus Day.

“Italian Americans have contributed so much to this country throughout history, it is great to be able to celebrate these facts with these videos,” stated DiMino.

The ONE VOICE Minute is at YouTube at

ONE VOICE is different from all other Italian American groups in that its sole focus and objective is to educate and fight bias, stereotyping and discrimination against Italian Americans.

ONE VOICE issues a regular email newsletter, “The Alfano Digest,” to more than 5,000 individuals and Italian American organizations nationwide. Written and compiled by Dr. Manny Alfano, Founder and President of ONE VOICE, the Digest issues alerts on instances of bias, stereotyping, discrimination and defamation and activates the ONE VOICE nationwide network of “Defenders” who respond through calls, emails, faxes, letters and demonstrations where necessary. The Digest also contains informative Italian American cultural and heritage information. To receive the Digest, email Dr. Alfano –

To join or obtain more information on ONE VOICE visit

ADM Tronics
+1 844-862-8623
email us here
Visit us on social media:

The ONE VOICE Minute for Memorial Day

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Victoria Alonso, Executive Vice President of Production for Marvel Studios, with student leadership for 8th annual Archer Film Festival

Alonso Opened The Archer School for Girls’ Annual Event with Keynote Address

I'm proud to support Archer's Film Festival and their vision to build the next generation of diverse leadership in the industry.”

— Victoria Alonso, Marvel Studio Executive

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2019 / — The Archer School for Girls hosted its 8th annual Archer Film Festival, empowering female filmmakers and featuring Executive Vice President of Production for Marvel Studios Victoria Alonso as the keynote speaker. Festival organizers received over 700 student-produced film submissions from 57 countries. Celebrities, media, and the public viewed screenings of finalist films at The Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills after a pink carpet reception. Event sponsors included The Kennedy/Marshall Company, Mark Gordon & Sally Whitehill, CBS Entertainment Diversity & Inclusion, Atlas Entertainment, Pearl Street Films, Everywhere Studios, Ptarmigan Films, and Dinky Pictures.

As a Latina and a female senior executive, Victoria Alonso has become a strong voice in Hollywood and a tireless advocate for progress. She was the Executive Producer of "The Avengers" in 2011 and has since served in that role for many major Marvel movies, including "Captain America," "Black Panther," and the recently released "Avengers: Endgame." Alonso opened the event with a keynote and interview led by students from Archer’s Institute for Film and Video Literacy program.

“Art strives to inspire, educate, and influence its audiences, and filmmaking might be the most powerful medium within that landscape,” Alonso said. “Watching a film can give you an opportunity to walk in someone else's shoes and learn about someone else's story, even if it's only for a little while. Because of this, it is imperative that all voices are heard, all people are represented, and all stories are told – both in front of and behind the camera. I'm proud to support Archer's Film Festival and their vision to build the next generation of diverse leadership in the industry.”

The Archer Film Festival is a student-run and student-led event.

"There are many reasons why we are incredibly excited to include Victoria Alonso in this year’s festival, but what stands out to me most is her fearless commitment to inclusivity on both sides of the camera,” Film Festival Leadership Board member and Archer senior Zoë Appelbaum-Schwartz said. “In shaping the Marvel cinematic universe, Ms. Alonso has become a ‘superhero’ in her own right, tirelessly advocating for progress while demonstrating an exceptional commitment to her art. As a remarkably well-respected and influential Hollywood producer, Ms. Alonso is a fantastic role model for any aspiring female filmmaker.”

Learn more about the event at View photos and updates at @archerfilmfest on Twitter or Instagram.

Nearly 20 years later, the gender gap remains unchanged. According to a 2018 report from the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film, women comprised 20% of all directors, writers, producers, executive producers, editors, and cinematographers working on the top 250 domestic grossing films. This represents an increase of 2 percentage points from 18% in 2018 and is virtually unchanged from the percentage achieved in 1998. Only 8% of last year’s top-grossing movies had a female director, down 3 percentage points from 11% in 2017.

The Archer Institute for Film & Video Literacy program strives to overcome these gaps by encouraging the new generation of female filmmakers through its film classes and the Archer Film Festival. Each year, participants get the rare opportunity to screen their films at the festival and learn from high-level industry professionals. Throughout the development of the Festival, student filmmakers are given access to insider industry knowledge, further strengthening their foundation to effectively pursue careers in the field.

"The Archer Film Festival was created to encourage our student filmmakers, give them hands-on experience in the industry, and to help achieve gender parity in front of and behind the camera,” Head of School Elizabeth English said. “Archer students have run with this idea, making the Festival their own and bringing exposure and attention to a problem that affects the way young girls see themselves and their place in the world."

# # #

About The Archer School for Girls
Founded in 1995, The Archer School for Girls is a contemporary girls’ school, grades 6 through 12, devoted to educating and empowering girls for leadership in the 21st century. We take a research-based approach to teaching and learning in an environment that explores and refines the ways girls learn best. Archer has always been committed to reflecting the face of Greater Los Angeles. Forty-two percent of the student body are students of color and come from 73 different zip codes and 141 different feeder schools. We award nearly $4 million in financial aid annually. Above all, Archer is known for its highly innovative programs and joyful culture. For more information, follow us on Facebook and Twitter @ArcherSchool, Instagram @ArcherSchoolforGirls, or visit our website

Quyen Ngo
The Archer School for Girls
+1 310-873-7000
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Seattle Film Institute to offer 3-year Accelerated BA in Film degree

Seattle Film Institute Logo

Hands-on production skills combined with film-related general education classes provides a fully integrated education.

this is an opportunity to take the strengths of SFI to a new level and to provide an educational structure that puts SFI at the cutting-edge of developments in higher education”

— David Shulman; President, Seattle Film Institute

SEATTLE, WA, US, May 22, 2019 / — Seattle Film Institute (SFI) announced that it will offer an accelerated BA in Film degree beginning September 16, 2019. The new program provides 180 quarter-credits required for a BA degree and students may finish in three years start-to-finish (with traditional timetables available as well). The accelerated degree incorporates a focused general education curriculum providing an engaging, field-specific and fully integrated educational experience for beginning filmmakers and digital artists. Students choose concentrations in one of the following areas—Filmmaking; Media Arts, Animation, & Game Design; Acting for Film; or Audio Production & Sound Design.

SFI is known for its exceptionally high institutional graduation rate of more than 90% which is the highest of any school in Washington based on Department of Education data for institutions with comparable programs. David Shulman, president of Seattle Film Institute, sees the accelerated BA degree “as an opportunity to take the strengths of SFI to a new level and to provide an educational structure that puts SFI at the cutting-edge of developments in higher education.” The Washington State Council of Presidents final work group report on accelerated degree programs noted that “accelerated degree pathways have captured the attention of policymakers in recent years as an innovative approach to improve college affordability, address workforce needs and increase degree completion” which are core areas of Seattle Film Institute’s mission.

At the undergraduate level, student engagement and program completion are dramatically increased when field-specific focused general education is added to the curriculum. According to the Association of American Colleges and Universities, “this new approach to general education can empower all students to develop their capacities through meaningful problem-based work as part of an intentional, coherent, engaging, and integrated educational experience.” SFI highlights the future of higher education as it provides one of the few BA film degrees in the country that blends an accelerated degree with a field-related general education curriculum within the same program.

The SFI BA in Film degree provides accessible and affordable education, career-driven hands-on learning, transfer-friendly degree requirements, and flexible schedules with on-ground, online, low residency and blended options. SFI's programs are guided by a mentor-based faculty who are working film professionals providing the conceptual, technical, and creative foundation necessary to launch careers in today’s fast-paced film environment.

For more information or to apply, contact Chris Blanchett, Communications Director at (206) 568-4387 or email The next program start date is September 16, 2019.

Chris Blanchett
Seattle Film Institute
email us here
+1 206-568-4387
Visit us on social media:

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Findit 10 Post Challenge Get Indexed in Google

Findit 10 Post Challenge Get Indexed in Google

Findit Social Networking Content Management Platform

Findit Calvin Corzine Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador Calvin Corzine on Findit

Ryan Cassata Songwriter Featured on Findit

Ryan Cassata Singer Songwriter Featured on Findit

Read the latest on how to get more indexing and sharing for you and or your business with the Findit App now available in IOS and Android.

Findit, Inc. (OTCMKTS:FDIT)

Our objective is to have businesses download the app and start posting content right away. This can help anyone instantaneously get more sharing to social and better indexing in search results.”

— Peter Tosto

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, May 22, 2019 / — Findit,Inc. a Nevada Corporation trading under the stock symbol FDIT, serves up the 10 Post Challenge on the newly launched Findit App available in Google (GOOG) and Apple (APPL).

Download the Findit App and do 10 posts from the App. Include search phrases you want to get indexed for in Google Search. Include at least one picture in each of the 10 posts. Under each picture you include in each post write a title. The title needs to be a phrase you want to index for in Google either for the picture or the post.

By doing 10 posts which all can have a similar objective of wanting to index under a phrase in Google you more than likely will see the posts show up or the pictures from the posts in search results.

Some Useful Tips:

If you are a business and you want to index for the services or products that you offer locally, include the name of the town/city you provide that service in and the name of the service or product. Be as specific as possible. By including more relevant information, Google can index you under more search variations.

Include a back link in each post to a page you want to drive traffic to. Often what happens when a member includes a page to link to in Findit posts done on the app, those pages start to index higher and under more search phrases in search results.

Anyone who does the 10 Post Challenge will receive a free Findit Vanity URL.

If you want the URL first, send us your username and the URL you would like and we will add it to your account. You have 10 days to complete the 10 Post Challenge. Anyone who does will be able to keep the Findit Vanity URL free for one year.

Have fun and get indexed for what you want to index for.


Peter Tosto
Findit, Inc.
+1 404 443 3224
email us here
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Social Networking App Share Your Posts to Facebook Instagram and Twitter Download The Findit App

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Life of A Ghetto Youth Chapter 2 ft. Reggae Superstars Dropped on May 17 to Help Those Affected by Violence in Trinidad

Rastafarian Superstars Collaborate on “Life of A Ghetto Youth – Chapter 2” Executive Produced by Ricardo “Rico” Vasconcellos and Vychalle “Kid” Singh. From Left, Anthony B, Pressure Busspipe, Marlon Asher and Orlando Octave.

Grammy-nominated Sizzla Kalonji has released more than 75 solo albums and more than 15 compilation albums, crossing different genres of reggae. His album, “The Messiah,” was nominated for a Grammy Award.

Shaquille Selkridge aka Izac King made his freshman debut on “Life of A Ghetto Youth,” the first compilation album featuring Sizzla Kalonji, Jah Cure, Marlon Asher, Ras Shiloh and Pressure Busspipe.

Melech Miguel-Kayodeye Collins also known as Melekú is a young and upcoming reggae artist. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica and grew up in the areas of August Town, Liguanea and Barbican. Melekú is the son of Sizzla.

“Life of A Ghetto Youth – Chapter 2” Album Cover Concept by Art Director Qadir “Q Lion” Maharaj.

The Compilation Album, Based on the Dangerous Life in Trinidad, features Anthony B, Sizzla, Marlon Asher, Pressure Busspipe, Izac King, Meleku’ & Orlando Octave

Life of A Ghetto Youth is the story of my life in Trinidad. Portions of the proceeds from the sale of the Chapter 2 album will be donated to families who are affected by the violence in Trinidad.”

— Ricardo "Rico" Vasconcellos, founder of VAS Productions LLC

HOLLYWOOD, CA, USA, May 22, 2019 / — "Life of A Ghetto Youth – Chapter 2" compilation album, based on true events about the dangerous life in Trinidad,dropped on Friday, May 17 to rave reviews. "The project is our labor of love and features songs by top reggae artists: Sizzla Kalonji, Anthony B, Pressure Busspipe, Marlon Asher, Izac King, Meleku’, and Orlando Octave," said Ricardo "Rico" Vasconcellos, the founder of VAS Productions LLC and the brainchild behind the "Life of A Ghetto Youth" movement. The project follows the 2017 critically acclaimed compilation album and sold-out tour dates.

The second compilation album, a fusion of quality Caribbean entertainment, is available on all digital platforms. It was executive produced by Vasconcellos and Vychalle "Kid" Singh. "We all share a common thread of our backgrounds, religious beliefs and experiences, so it is no surprise that we all agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Chapter 2 album to families who are affected by the violence in Trinidad," said Vasconcellos.

The first compilation project yielded $30,000 in donations for the victims and survivors in Trinidad and Jamaica. "We expect our second project to triple in the amount of donations to help our friends and families."

Vasconcellos grew up in an extremely dangerous area of Trinidad. According to the Inter-American Development Bank, Trinidad and Tobago is currently on track to have its highest homicide rate ever in history. "During my formative years, there was so much youth on youth murders. I made a promise to my mother that this would not happen to me," said Vasconcellos. "I left the gang life and focused on the music and entertainment industry."

Vasconcellos' mother told him, "If you can start a gang, you can start a business."

Music has been in his blood since the age of 10. "I grew up in a loving, single parent household," he said. "To help out my mom financially, I burned CDs and sold them on the streets of Trinidad." Vasconcellos left Trinidad in 2012. In a few short months after arriving in the United States, he arranged for his long-time friend, Marlon Asher, to meet him in the US and signed him to his record label. "Music was my way out, it saved my life," said Vasconcellos.

"Life of A Ghetto Youth musically tells the story of Vasconcellos' life in Trinidad. "One tragic night, Marlon's family was the victim of a home invasion and robbery. Unknown assailants murdered Marlon's brother and sister and wounded other family members," he said. "Out of that unspeakable tragedy, Marlon and I decided to make a difference. The project took on a spiritual force of its own and is very close to my heart."

"This album truly encompasses the definition of Caribbean peace, love, and unity," said Singh, a man of many talents as an audio engineer, producer, writer, musician, record executive and concert promoter. "My goal was to incorporate the producers, musicians and artists who took the "rootical" vibe of reggae to a new place sonically." Singh is a Grammy-Nominated Producer and Engineer for “Sizzla Kalonji” and the Engineer on DJ Khaled's album, “Father of Asahd” on the song, “Holy Mountain."

Singh was born in New York City but raised in Trinidad. He left New York with his family when he was ten. His father was a DJ.

"When I turned 16, I followed in my dad's footsteps and became the No. 1 DJ in Trinidad. I did that for one year while going to school," he said. "I would DJ from midnight to 5 a.m., go to school from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m., perform household chores, sleep for about 3 hours then head back to the nightclub."

Singh was seriously devoted to his music; however, he graduated at the top of his class for Civil Engineering. "Unfortunately, my passion was not in civil engineering," said Singh. "It broke my parents' heart but I had to follow my heart and pursue music."

At 17, Singh moved back to New York and was on his own. "I studied at the Institute of Audio Research for three years and graduated at the top of my class," said Singh. "I returned to Trinidad and opened a recording studio which led me to meet Sizzla."

Sizzla told Singh, "I will take you out of here and make something of you." Three months later, Sizzla and Singh recorded an album. Sizzle flew Singh to his native Jamaica to mix the album. Singh considers that experience his first big break. The album was released as a mixed tape, which made a lot of noise in the music industry.

At the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, Singh and Sizzla were nominated for a Grammy for "The Messiah," in the Best Reggae Album category. In 2016, their mutual friend Marlon Asher introduced Vasconcellos to them and brought them on the Life of A Ghetto Youth Chapter 1. "It didn't take much to convince Sizzla and Anthony B to sign onto the project," said Singh. "Rico's vision was so powerful, we immediately clicked and began to make music magic."

The Life of A Ghetto Youth – Chapter 2 takes the listener through a musical journey featuring some of the Caribbean’s most prolific artists.

"This project shines the light on the struggle and our message is heard in our music," said Singh. "I want the youth to take their minds away from material things that have no meaning and show them love and the importance of living a positive life."

The Life of A Ghetto Youth – Chapter 2 cover art concept was designed by Art Director Qadir “Q Lion” Maharaj.

For interviews, contact Raffles Entertainment at or Platinum Star Public Relations at

Follow the artists:


Marie Lemelle
Platinum Star PR
+1 213-276-7827
email us here

Bonus Track from Life of A Ghetto Youth – Chapter 2, “How Great is This Moment” featuring Meleku’, the son of Sizzla

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The Beaufort Picture Show Presents … the Coolest Movies in the Coolest Small Town


Beaufort Picture Show logo


Beaufort Picture Show

BeauShow logo

The Beaufort Picture Show celebrates its inaugural season in the newly retro-fitted Mill Space (right next door to Mill Whistle Brewery)!

There's a lot to like about Beaufort already–the beaches, the boats, the beers–but still, it's going to be *so much better* when you can catch a decent movie without leaving town. Thanks, BeauShow!”

— The Citizens of Beaufort, North Carolina

BEAUFORT, NC, USA, May 21, 2019 / — The Beaufort Picture Show, a brand new non-profit neighborhood collective organization, will begin its inaugural season of sharing and showcasing movies in beautiful Beaufort, North Carolina, at the newly retro-fitted Mill Space (adjacent to Mill Whistle Brewery), starting this summer, June through August 2019.

Keeping with its stated mission to showcase a broad range of notable films that enrich lives, engage minds, and build community, the Beaufort Picture Show's kickoff summer season will present a slate of films featuring strong women characters and roles and voices — from Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Aretha Franklin. Nice, huh?

The carefully curated collection of movies and showtimes is hereby announced:

June 28: ON THE BASIS OF SEX, showings at 3:30pm and 6:30pm
July 12: LADY BIRD, showings at 3:30pm and 6:30pm
July 26: ATONEMENT, showtimes TBA
August 9: WOODSTOCK, showtimes TBA
August 23: AMAZING GRACE, showtimes TBA

These particular movies were specifically selected to highlight our ability to deliver high quality digital images and sound in our "new" theater, complete with comfortable seating and proper projection facilities, at Mill Space, 1354 Lennoxville Road, Beaufort, NC. Our movies, it should be noted, will be screened directly adjacent to Mill Whistle Brewery (, where movie-goers will be able to gather both before and after the movie for discussion and/or libation. It's going to be so fun. Indeed, the goal of the Beaufort Picture Show is to become the premier destination for cinema and cultural events on the Crystal Coast. Memberships and Sponsorships are available now. All are welcome.


For tickets, schedules, showtimes, and more:


Beaufort Picture Show @ Mill Space
1354 Lennoxville Road
Beaufort, NC 28516

Beaufort Picture Show
Beaufort Picture Show, Inc.
+1 252-528-7395
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Once Bullied in School, Aneesha Madhok is now Cast as Main Lead in Hollywood Film Bully High

Aneesha Madhok, known for the play "Aliza-Free", will be making her Hollywood debut in the coming of age feature film Bully High directed by Bill McAdams, jr.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES , May 21, 2019 / — Actress and comedian Aneesha Madhok, known for the play Aliza-Free, will soon be making her Hollywood debut in the coming-of-age feature film Bully High directed by Bill McAdams, Jr. The story revolves around a girl who gets bullied in an American high school due to racism, but learns to stand up for herself and defeat violence with love.

Born in Kenya, Aneesha has lived in New Delhi and then moved to Los Angeles to pursue her education in theatre and screenwriting at University of Southern California (USC). The path from New Delhi to Los Angeles was not easy for the spunky girl. In elementary school, Aneesha was bullied. "I was teased about my beauty spot above my lip as kids used to say there is an ant stuck in there." says Aneesha. In high school too, she was bullied indirectly through rumors, which led her to go into isolation. "I didn't do anything to stop the rumors. I wish I had stood up for myself and confronted my bullies" says Aneesha.

At age seventeen, Aneesha’s grittiness compelled her to secretly write her play Aliza-Free, while her parents thought she was doing her summer holiday homework. She managed to stage the play in Delhi with a cast of 16 actors. The play aimed to create awareness about the lives of visually impaired people for which Aliza-Free received critical acclaim. This made Aneesha and her parents more determined about her career path.

At USC, Aneesha became the president of the USC stand-up comedy club. She began doing stand-up comedy shows all around LA. On her summer vacation to India, shel became a finalist on Queens of Comedy 2017. While studying at USC, Aneesha wrote and starred in the short film "The Dancer Girl", which was inspired by her life. It won best drama short at Calcutta International Film Festival, Universe Multicultural Film Festival, best student short at Los Angeles Independent Filmmakers Showcase, and was the official selection at Feminist Media Film Festival.

Right after graduating from USC, she played the lead in Christopher Vened’s play Infidel, where was spotted by director Bill McAdams, Jr. (of Gallows Road fame) and cast as the main lead in Bully High. “Aneesha dives into her role with crafty finesse, falling deep into the heart and soul of her character, Maryam. She makes me laugh and she makes me cry… her passion for acting truly shines. I can’t wait to release her to the world,” notes McAdams, Jr. "I'm so glad I can stand up for myself through my character and inspire others to stand up for themselves and not be victims." says Aneesha. That makes it even more interesting to wait and watch if Aneesha can hit a high note with Bully High.

Allison Hugh
El Tamim Productions
+1 2138206129
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Steph Carse Wins Best Music Video at International Christian Film Festival for Amazing Grace

Steph Carse: My Shining Hour

JUNO Nominated Vocalist Wins Yet Again for His Powerful Visual & Vocal Rendition of “AMAZING GRACE”

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, May 21, 2019 / — JUNO Nominated Male Vocalist Steph Carse was recently awarded Best Music Video at the International Christian Film Festival (ICFF) for his rendition of Amazing Grace. This is his third win with the recording, having won the same honor at the Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival (CIFF) awards in September, and the Gold Remi award in April at the 52nd WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival. Carse’s music video, Hallelujah, also garnered a Silver Remi award at WorldFest.

For the award-winning Amazing Grace video, viewable at, Carse not only co-arranged and performed the song but also directed and produced the video. Crossing musical styles including Pop, Gaelic, African, and Native American, Carse’s rendition of the beloved hymn is a multi-cultural experience, merging voices, scenes, and landscapes from North Africa, Madagascar and the U.S.

As a songwriter, performer and recording artist, Carse has sold over 500,000 albums worldwide and received a 5-star review for his 36-show run in Las Vegas from Jerry Fink of The Las Vegas Sun. In 1998, Carse achieved another career milestone when he performed at the ribbon cutting for Portofino Universal Studios Florida, backed by a 25-piece orchestra and choir.

Dedicated to championing worthy causes, Carse co-wrote and performed the anthem Reach Out, the official song for The American Red Cross, and wrote and performed the title track for the album "Holiday Heroes" for The Special Olympics in Canada. The “Holiday Heroes” album generated over $2 million in net profit for The Special Olympics. Carse has now launched his non-profit Y i Count to provide a platform for this generation, helping them to understand their true value and potential, the power of words, and to counteract the aftermath of bullying.

As a television producer, Carse won 5 awards from The Florida Motion Picture and Television Association, including Best Feature Film and Best Male Vocalist, for the one-hour TV special “Reach Out” that he produced for PBS.

He continues, “I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to tell stories and perform. Being surrounded by the talent at these events was incredibly inspiring. There is some incredible new talent in our market – I’m honored to share hope and faith through the powerful mediums of music and film.”

Carse is currently working on a new album, to release in late 2019 as well as promoting his anti-bullying campaign “Y iCount”. To experience more of his story, Steph’s “My Shining Hour” TV special is currently available to stream through and

For additional information, visit and

Lori Heiselman
FrontGate PR
email us here

Multi-Award Winning Amazing Grace by Steph Carse

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Gary DeWaard Explains How His Passion for the Entertainment Industry Influenced His Career

Gary DeWaard

FOREST CITY, IOWA, USA, May 20, 2019 / — Before becoming a manager at Swanson Productions, Gary Dewaard exercised his creativity and passion for the entertainment industry through solo projects and investments. Below, he shares his influential upbringing and the various outlets in entertainment that eventually led to his current role.

Gary DeWaard has over a decade of experience in sales and marketing for early and late stage companies as well as many years of entrepreneurial experience. While working in sales, he always sought after new means of flexing his creativity, including lending his marketing talent to a handful of entertainment providers.

He began his professional career in sales with the entertainment company International Learning Group, an NGO international institution founded and run by parents and teachers dedicated to improving education environments. He worked in sales on the educational entertainment product branded Video Buddy and was also head of sales for Monroe Table Company-West Division, which serviced the trade show and education sectors.

Gary DeWaard has been a fan of the entertainment industry for as long as he can remember, and his father’s career amplified his interests. His father began a satellite communications company in the ‘80s that was frequently used by big names in the film and television industries. He traveled alongside his father from their home in Iowa to LA throughout his youth, giving him real-world exposure to one of the world’s entertainment capitals.

After graduating and attending a junior college, he accepted a position in Orange County and began working on his personal projects shortly after. Along the way, he’s produced a short film, produced many songs, promoted many concerts, and continues working passionately on a handful of creative projects.

Gary DeWaard was an associate producer of the film entitled “Honey Pie”. The film was written and directed by Brandon A. Willer. The film follows a volatile drifter as they join a collective of lost addicts and together use homemade drugs to experiment with death. The short film is available today in its entirety on the Vimeo video streaming service. He has also produced a music video for country music artist Jason Brown entitled “We're All in the Same Boat.”

In his professional career, he’s launched music-streaming services and produced a large-scale stadium concert, sticking to his entertainment roots. He’s been described by other professionals as a creative innovator who represents a forward-thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, and someone who is filled with terrific passion, drive, and determination for success. His rich history in various entertainment outlets has equipped him with a dynamic skill set that allows him to excel as a manager with Swanson Productions.

“Since childhood, I knew I had to be a part of some facet of the entertainment industry,” says Gary DeWaard. “I’m lucky to have had the early exposure I did, and I’m grateful to be in a position where I can excel professionally and flex my creative skills at the same time.”

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