John Lewis Tribute Segment Released from Documentary – “Vote HERE: A film for the people by the people”

ShadowWave Media, Inc.

U.S. Rep John Lewis

An independent segment from the “Vote HERE” feature documentary has just been released on Vimeo in a tribute to the late U.S. Rep John Lewis.

UNITED STATES, August 3, 2020 / — An independent segment from the documentary “Vote HERE: A film for the people by the people” has just been released in a tribute to the late U.S. Representative John Lewis. The newly released segment “The Voting Rights Act” features John Lewis, also a life-long voting rights activist, who shares his own personal journey across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma that fateful ‘Bloody Sunday’ in a heartfelt and explosive story that led to the passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

Watch Now on Vimeo:

The full-length “Vote HERE“ documentary (2:04:15 trt) follows the turbulent way our voting rights have wavered from the inception of the U.S. all the way to present day – including the current youth movement. The film pays homage to those who have and continue to forge the way for what lays at the heart of our democracy: Easy and Equal Access to one of our most cherished and hard fought for rights – the right to Vote.

Renowned historians, journalists, scholars & legal experts delve deep into the history of Voting and the Election Process in the United States with intimate details and little known stories that are pivotal to present day voting rights and about those disenfranchised along the way. “Vote HERE” showcases how countless patriots have fought and even died for our right to vote.

Along with the film's historical revelations are profiles of modern day hard-working activists, nonpartisan & non-profit organizations, and spontaneous interviews with the voters themselves. They all play an important role sharing their insight, inspiration and hope!

Highlights of the “Vote HERE” documentary include:
• The stories behind why states control the voting process
• The founding of the notorious Electoral College
• The Origin of the name Gerrymandering and how it affects the electoral process
• African American & Women’s Suffrage
• How the demeaning and volatile legacy of disenfranchisement also led to felons losing their right to vote
• The controversial role the courts have played in shaping modern day voting rights

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“Vote HERE: A film for the people by the people” Trailer

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Musical Performer Launches Podcast from Her Unique Platform – 'The Fabulous Life'

Podcast – The Fabulous Life

Tish Tindall – The Fabulous Life

Tish Tindall AKA The Fabulous TT chats to guests in her new podcast, The Fabulous life!

Every day ordinary people make extraordinary choices as they negotiate unpredictable pathways to the peak of their expectations, without ever taking the time to enjoy the view.”

— Tish Tindall

UNITED KINGDOM, August 3, 2020 / — Musical performer and co-director of Lossie Entertainment Academy Tish Tindall is using her unique platform to launch her own podcast, ‘The Fabulous Life.’ The multi talented star will talk to entertainment industry professionals and entrepreneurs about their life and careers in this heartwarming and upbeat podcast featuring music from The Fabulous TT and special guests.

“Every day ordinary people make extraordinary choices as they negotiate unpredictable pathways to the peak of their expectations, without ever taking the time to enjoy the view. Join me Tish Tindall at this panoramic viewpoint of astonishing personal & professional progress, as we find out why my next guest is living The Fabulous Life.” Says Tish.

The first episode will be available to view at the link HERE where you can pre register to listen live and then available on The Fabulous TT YouTube channel.

For more information Contact Tish Tindall at or

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Benro Introduces Three New Breeds of Tripod Designed to Be at Home in Any Habitat

Benro Animal

Benro Animal

The Bat, Rhino and Tortoise Collections allow creators to explore all sorts of incredible places as their creativity runs wild.

…Based on their early reactions to the flexibility that the multi-angle leg design delivers, we feel the Benro Bat tripod will be accompanying many a photographer on their wildest adventures”

— Brian Hynes, Benro Brand Marketing Manager

WHITE PLAINS, NY, USA, August 3, 2020 / — The Benro Bat Collection
At home in the tightest of spaces but able to fly free at a moment’s notice

The Benro Bat Series has a new tripod design with 5 preset leg angles, allowing you to place these tripods in positions that traditional tripods are incapable of. No matter where you travel to, rest assured you will be able to use your Benro Bat tripod in any location you find yourself in whether it be a canyon, ice cave or the middle of the desert.

Flexibility, with a quick multi-angle adjustment, is the key feature of the Bat Series tripod. In addition to the five adjustable preset leg angles, the central column can be quickly inverted without the need to remove it from the tripod, for low-level photography.

The range consists of 4 tripod kits, aluminum and carbon fiber options are available, offering weight capacities up to 16kg and weighing in from just 2.1lb (0.99kg). These fall into one of 3 series – 0, 1, 2, each number denoting the top tube diameter. The Bat series tripods also inherit the key signature features of all Benro travel tripods: reverse folding leg functionality and portability. With an extended central column locking knob, it is also possible to achieve better stability.

No matter where they travel to, be it a canyon, ice cave or the middle of the desert, the Benro Bat will be there to support them in the most challenging locations with remarkable flexibility.

Bat Key Features
– Five individual leg angle adjustments
– Quick reverse center column position
– Extended locking knob enhances the locking strength for the 2-part center column
– New design casting reduces weight
– Three accessory attachment threads are designed into the casting
– Braided carbon fiber composite tubing improves weight capacity
– New leg lock grip design improves handling
– Three-step self-adaptive feet provides improved stability
– Converts to a monopod

The Benro Tortoise Collection
For those who appreciate the firmest of footing and a rock-solid platform

The small yet mighty Tortoise Series Tripod has been developed for those looking for a compact, lightweight travel tripod, that punches above its weight class when it comes to weight capacity and stability. Without the addition of a center column, the diameter of a folded Tortoise is just 3.1in (8cm) making it extremely portable and easy to stow in a backpack.

There are two types of Tortoise Series tripods available, one for photo that features a flat platform to mount the head and another for video that features a ball leveling device to mount the head on.

There are five models for photo, all in carbon fiber with weight capacities up to 44lb (20kg) and weighing from just 1.27lb (0.58kg), meaning there is sure to be a model to suit most photographer's requirements. There are two video models available, both made from lightweight carbon fiber and able to support up to 44lb (20kg).

Tortoise Key Features
– Compact, lightweight design that is effortlessly portable.
– Spring-loaded 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 attachment threads provide compatibility with most cameras/devices
– 3 x ¼" threads to attach accessories into the main casting
– Carbon fiber braided composite tubing, improving weight capacity by 13%
– Includes high quality padded carrying case
– Three-step, self-adaptive feet for improved stability

The Benro Rhino Collection
Stand strong and imagine all the possibilities

The Rhino Series of photographic tripods offers the best combination of strength and weight without compromising stability. With the reverse folding design, it is extremely portable and is equally suited for the studio as well as outdoors.

The automatic leg angle adjustment allows you to change leg angles with the push of a button. Each Rhino tripod also converts to a full-size monopod when the designated leg and center column are combined.

Rhino Key Features
– Auto-hold trigger
Makes it easier to adjust the tripod leg angles – there is no need to hold the release button down, you can now adjust the angle effortlessly.
Step 1: When adjusting the leg angle upward, press the release lock and it will stay open for adjustment.
Step 2: When you have selected the angle you require, just press the pre-locking button.
Step 3: The leg is locked.
Step 4: When finished you can fold the legs closed.
– Extended locking knob enhances the locking strength for the center column
– Weight of main tripod casting reduced with new design
– Accessory mounting threads allow mounting of arms to the main casting
– Braided carbon fiber tube allows for improved weight capacity
– Ergonomic grips for twist leg locks improve the operation
– Three-step rubber feet improves the stability
– Convertible to monopod

More more information about the Benro Bat, Rhino and Tortoise Collection, please contact Brian Hynes at

About Benro
Originally founded in 1996 as a cooperative tripod manufacturer, Benro developed and began marketing its own brand name – Benro Professional Tripods and Heads in 2002. Since that time Benro Precision Photography Industry Co. Ltd. has received numerous accolades and awards for product and design features. Benro continuously strives to develop lighter, stronger and more versatile products to meet the needs of the most demanding professional photographers and filmmakers. The Benro mission is simple: to design and build products that exceed the needs of demanding photographers and filmmakers worldwide. Benro products are exclusively distributed by MAC Group in the USA.

About MAC Group
32 years ago, MAC Group started as a boutique marketing, sales and distribution group focusing on professional photographers. As the industry has evolved, so has MAC Group with their expansion into filmmaking, video, mobile, content creation and audio. Today, MAC Group is one of the leading companies of their kind with world-renowned brands offering products and education that enhances the lives of passionate content creators at every experience level.

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The new Kronos Rising Novel has Been Unleashed, and it’s Everything Dinosaur Fiction Could (and should) be

Kronos Rising: Kraken (vol. 3) cover art, by Max Hawthorne

Cover art for Kronos Rising: Kraken (vol. 3), by Max Hawthorne

The Velociraptors (raptors) from Max Hawthorne's Kronos Rising: Kraken series, running on water.

Artist’s interpretation of Max Hawthorne’s Diablo Caldera Velociraptors (raptors) running on water, from the Kronos Rising series. Copyright 2019 FFTTP, all rights reserved.

Author Max Hawthorne at the American Museum of Natural History, in NYC

Max Hawthorne’s latest novel has it all, from water-walking raptors to acid-oozing octopuses. No wonder his readers are in a tizzy!

Hone your writing skills as if they were your finest weapons of war. For in the literary arena, your pen will truly be your sword.”

— Max Hawthorne

NEW HOPE, PA, US, August 3, 2020 / — Max Hawthorne’s latest novel has it all, from water-walking raptors to acid-oozing octopuses. No wonder his readers are in a tizzy!

Two-time Book of the Year and People’s Choice award-winner, Max Hawthorne, continues to crank out what are arguably the tastiest dinosaur fiction novels since Michael Crichton. His new novel, Kronos Rising: Kraken (vol. 3) hit the shelves this past Independence Day, and hungry readers have devoured the 500+ page tome with great gusto.

“As an author, such passion from one's readers is incredibly flattering,” Hawthorne said during a recent interview. “When you see comments from followers on social media, sternly warning others to not give out spoilers, you know they’re really into the series. I even saw one reader post that he stayed up all night reading Kraken 3 and missed the 4th of July fireworks because he was so engrossed. At that point, I knew I’d done my job.”

When asked about comparisons to the late Michael Crichton and his Jurassic Park novels, Hawthorne was surprisingly humble. “I’ve had readers compare me to both Peter Benchley and Crichton. It’s a huge honor, but I don’t know that it's deserved. Those guys are legends and always will be. I’m just an indie author with a flair for writing action thrillers. I consider myself lucky to have a fan base that puts up with me and my monsters.”

Although he never got to communicate with the aforementioned greats before their passing, Hawthorne did receive an endorsement for his current book from bestselling British author Peter Tonkin. Tonkin is the author of 45 novels including Killer, a 1978 hit that had a profound impact on an adolescent Max Hawthorne. “Peter’s timeless classic about a militarized Orca going on a rampage against humanity had an undeniable influence on me and my writing. He and I have spoken on social media, and I felt privileged to get a cover blurb from him for Kraken 3. Honestly, I was thrilled.”

To keep his stories fresh and to stir his readers’ imaginations, Hawthorne states that he likes to add unique aspects to his stories, from exotic backdrops to the prehistoric terrors that roam the pages of his novels. He has monster octopuses that ooze acid and Velociraptors that can literally run on water! “You always want to be innovative when it comes to your set pieces, characters, and, of course, creatures,” Hawthorne explained. “My series started with the notion of a caldera off the coast of Cuba that is swamped by a mega-tsunami, caused by the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. When that wave turned Diablo Caldera into a giant fish bowl, teeming with prehistoric nasties, it opened up a whole new realm of possibilities, both in terms of what’s in there and what may have escaped.”

When asked about his titular Kraken, Hawthorne summed it up succinctly. “The whole ‘monster octopus’ thing is based on real sightings and, of course, they've been featured in many books and films. Heck, there was one on ‘Kong: Skull Island’ recently. I wanted to give my octopuses a new spin. I made them deep-water predators that feed on hunting sperm whales, and I gave them a molecular acid that oozes from their suckers to help them grip slippery prey. It made them ten times more lethal.”

His water-walking raptors, however, were addressed in far more detail. “Again, we’ve seen the ‘raptor’ thing done quite a bit – mainly from such mega-hits as the ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Jurassic World’ franchises. My raptors are imprisoned within Diablo Caldera, an 8-mile-wide saltwater lake with a crescent-shaped rain forest on one end. It’s a relatively small landmass, so big dinosaurs like T-rex were automatically out. I needed something small but lethal and terrifying. Especially since my protagonist, Natalya Dragunova, the Russian-American captain of a US anti-biologic submarine, has an encounter with them. She calls them Messiya yashcheritsa, which means “Messiah lizard”.”

The development of Hawthorne’s water-walking raptors was a long and laborious process. “I put them on the drawing board back in 2005, when I’d just finished the manuscript for my first novel and was mapping out book two. For the sequel, I wanted people to explore Diablo Caldera. It’s where my pliosaurs originated, but I wanted them to discover that the forest there was just as dangerous as the water.”

Hawthorne’s explanation for how his dinosaurs could walk on water was well researched. “I based my design on the basilisk lizard, which can run on water over short distances. With my ‘raptors’ having only limited terrain on which to hunt, it made sense that they would also prowl the shoreline, and that those that were able to venture further out (without being eaten by a pliosaur or X-fish) would pass on the ability to move faster across the shallows to their descendants. Fast forward 65 million years and . . . presto!”

The actual mechanics was a bit more in-depth. “Dromaeosaurs like Deinonychus had three main toes. They ran on two and kept the inner one, with its curved “killing claw”, retracted. I needed mine to run on three toes. They needed the water version of snowshoes to keep from sinking. So, I made the killing claw their dewclaw. Webbed feet would’ve been silly and fragile. Instead I gave them long, specialized scales on their toes that, when they’re on land, are kept retracted, like a tent over each toe. But when they hit the water those scales all push down, giving them plenty of surface area. That way they can run across the surface of their lake like cheetahs, snatching fish as they go. It gives them the entire length and breadth of the caldera to hunt, instead of just a small rain forest.”

Hawthorne’s impressive imagination seems to have no bounds, and his readers obviously love that. Fan approval is at an all-time high, and his presence on social media – like the monsters he writes about – continues to grow.

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Max Hawthorne’s KRONOS RISING: KRAKEN (volume 3) official book video trailer.

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Comedian Truck Hudson releases animated sketch comedy Special

The Truck Hudson Show, An Animated Sketch Comedy Special

Comedian Truck Hudson releases animated sketch comedy Special

Funniest Animated Sketch Speciali ever seen!”

— Comedy Central Insider

PORT JEFF STA., NY, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2020 / — Truck Hudson has a new sketch comedy special streaming.

It's a much watch.

An animated sketch comedy special performed by actor and comedian Truck Hudson. Truck does celebrity impressions and creates characters. Standup, sketch comedy, & music. Featuring: Ian Edwards, Jordan Rock, Jim Norton, Ted Alexandro, Armageddon (of Terror Squad) Keith Nut (of Terror Squad). This animated sketch comedy film has been adapted from Truck Hudson's 2017 Sketch Comedy Album "The Truck Hudson Show". The sketch comedy album has millions of streams on Spotify, Tidal, and many other streaming platforms.
It can be seen on Amazon Prime.

Stacio Mendez
Comedy Beast Radio
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ZeptaGram awarded Best Music Rights Trading Platform 2020

Christina Löwenström, Johan Forsman Löwenström

Zeptagram Founders

In this digital age, taking control and ownership over something you have created is more important than ever before.

For creators, it’s an exceptional way to ensure that they are duly recognized for their hard work and creativity. Zeptagram is a decentralized platform where ip-rights can be tokenized in an easy way.”

— Technology Innovator Awards Jury

GOTHENBURG, VG, SWEDEN, August 2, 2020 / — Tokenizing assets is a great way to ensure that you earn money from the successful use of music. For creators, it’s an exceptional way to ensure that they are duly recognized for their hard work and brilliant creativity. Zeptagram offers that, pitching itself as a blockchain-based trading platform that was built by creators, for creators to tokenize their assets. The owner of a token earns the proportional part of all the income that a song generates when it is used in various formats, such as livestreams, films, or other such media. The distribution of that income is initiated smart contracts, but it all happens on the blockchain where data around who owns tokens is stored. Anytime a piece of music creates value, the funds it generates are shared amongst token holders.

Proper distribution of royalties is important in the music industry, ensuring that each and every creator responsible for some of the most famous songs in history get their fair share of the earnings. Zeptagram’s mission is to become the Nasdaq for music rights, offering composers and IP-owners a fair and transparent platform where they can easily and quickly monetize new or existing songs. Zeptagram is a new marketplace, where fans, rights-buyers, and brands can partner with artists on a song-by-song basis, making it possible for IP-rights holders to easily track and collect royalties through the blockchain. Never has been so easy for composers and artists to have the opportunity to make a living from the fruits of their labour, without unnecessary impediments that keep them from focusing on what truly matters: their music.

Strengthening the relationship between artists and those that appreciate their music is key, and must be done in a meaningful way where mutual benefits are derived. Zeptagram allows the artists to feel appreciated, and those who want to use the music are able to do so in a way that properly appreciates the artist behind it.

Zeptagram functions as a decentralized platform where music rights can be uploaded in an easy way. There is an e-wallet to manage royalties and artists can benefit from a publisher free of charge. As the world is becoming increasingly digital, the age of the creator is now and the need to protect those creators and see that they are properly appreciated is more apparent than ever.

Zeptagram is a firm believer in fairness and creativity, sharing and caring, and innovation and technology. Marrying all six together, the blockchain-based platform perfectly encapsulates what it means to be creative, fair, innovative, and appreciative when it comes to sharing the fruits of labour with the world. At a time where the trademark of Coca Cola is more valuable than the factories, intellectual property will undoubtedly become one of the most valuable commodities in the world. In the era of streaming services also, there is a gap between the music industry revenue and artist revenue due to a lack of an industry- wide system to track copyright owners and provide correct payments.

Zeptagram seeks to fix this with honesty and transparency, ensuring artists can be funded directly by their fans through a well-documented environment that allows payments to better reach artists for marketing, recording, and touring purposes. As intellectual property becomes even more valuable, the firm has its sights set on targeting gaming, trademarks, and manuscripts amongst others. Being a creator is a joy, and Zeptagram is putting the joy back into creating and being appropriately appreciated for it.

Christina Löwenström
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"For Life" actor Truck Hudson is campaigning on instagram to become a cast member on SNL

Truck Hudson

Actor Comedian Truck Hudson

Actor/comedian Truck Hudson is campaigning on instagram to become a cast member on SNL

Hey! These Impressions are great!!! Wow.”

— Fred Armisen

PORT JEFF STA., NY, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2020 / — Actor and comedian Truck Hudson is campaigning on instagram to become a cast member on SNL.

Recently Truck Hudson's Impressions have been going viral on instagram. Millions of people have been viewing the hilarious videos on instagram. He's done Dave Chappelle, Charles Barkley, Will Smith, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Barry White, Donald Trump, and many more. Turns out Truck Hudson's childhood dream has been to be a cast member on SNL. His fans really believe in him and have been showing a lot of support. Hopefully Truck's dream can come to fruition really soon, that is if NBC and Lorne Michaels take notice of the budding star.

Truck Hudson’s acting Credits:

For Life (ABC)
Luke Cage (Netflix)
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)
The Following (Fox)
The Skeleton Twins (HULU)
Board Walk Empire (HBO)
Are We There Yet ? (TBS)
Law And Order (NBC)
Flight Of the Conchords (HBO)

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Truck Hudson Hilarious Celebrity Impressions

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Award-Winning Writer, Producer, Eric Ayala Launches ELA Productions

Eric Ayala,  Award-Winning Writer, Producer

Eric Ayala, Award-Winning Writer, Producer

by Fran Briggs

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 1, 2020 / — Eric L. Ayala is expanding his entertainment platform, his publicist announced today. The multi-award winning screenwriter, director, and author is credited with three new TV pilots, and 12 best-selling books.

With the launching of ELA Productions, Ayala plans to enter more diverse markets and expand globally.

“Eric is a writer for all reasons,” stated an enthusiastic, Cynthia Stillwell of ELA Productions.

To that point, Ayala, who is also an actor, singer, and producer, is widely known for his original screenplays, novels, Netflix contributions and movie productions. At the time of this writing he has received 31 awards for his independent films and screenplays, and is a contender for at least one other.

Ayala is the screenwriter for End Touch Movie's, "Sunday Morning Rapture." The movie is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. End Touch later approached Eric and offered him the screenwriter contract for “Cancer.” The movie is scheduled to be released in 2020, and production of the sequel is underway.

As part of his ELA Production launch, the Atlanta, GA resident has hired a management team for his business, talent, and general operations. That group includes Cynthia Stillwell, Winston G. Williams, and Philip Spartis, respectively.

“Eric is especially gifted. He has assembled an incredibly talented and ambitious team to help meet his objectives,” stated Fran Briggs, Publicist to Eric Ayala. “He is also broadening his marketing and public relation efforts. His aim is to attract the best talent, partnerships, and opportunities.”

For additional information including how you or your group might work with ELA Productions, visit Alternatively, you may call Business Manager, Philip Spartis, 347-279-5139; or Talent Manager, Cynthia Stillwell, (323) 972-7975.


Eric Ayala was Born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised and educated in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is an award-winning writer; director; author; actor; singer; producer, and CEO of ELA Productions. Eric has been published in three genres. Within each genre, he uses a pseudonym which is a variation of his full name. His first book, “Restoration, (1997)” is categorized as inspirational fiction. In 1998, he wrote, directed and produced the stage play, “Will You Be Made Whole.” This production debuted on stage of the 14th Street Playhouse. The play was followed later that year with what was to become the first in the writer’s Wholeness Series. The book, “Will You Be Made Whole” was followed by the sequel to “Alabaster Box…Two Women One Struggle,” and “If I Should Die Before I Wake.” Under the author's pseudonyms, Erica Lewis and Lewis Ericson, he penned "Arlington Heights" and Darkness in the Mirror" (Erica Lewis); and "Outcast," "Avenging Alex" and "Retribution" (Lewis Ericson).

Forward Looking Statements
A select number of statements in this release are considered “forward-looking statements” as it pertains to the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements reflect the current views of Netflix (the “company”), End Touch Movies (the “company), ELA Productions (the “company), and Eric L. Ayala (the person) with respect to, among other things, the impact of COVID-19.

Fran Briggs
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Cutty TV Launches The First Indie Countdown To Be Done In New Jersey

Cutty TV LLC Picture

Cutty TV LLC picture

Cutty TV Top 10 Indie Music Video Countdown 2

Cutty TV Top 10 Indie Music Video Countdown 2

Cutty TV LLC Logo

Cutty TV LLC Logo

Innovative Artist Development Company, Cutty TV, announces the launch of their Top 10 indie music video countdown first ever in New Jersey

EDGEWATER PARK, NJ, UNITED STATES, August 1, 2020 / — Cutty TV has stayed true to the goal of giving real opportunities to talented acts while bringing them closer to their dreams as the company launches their Top 10 indie music video countdown. The new initiative by the NJ artist development company is the first-ever indie countdown to be done in New Jersey, helping to give independent artists a platform to reach millions of people in the region and nationwide.

“Our main goal over at Cutty TV is to help the small people grow! We know how it is to not have help so we want to be the help! Jersey We On!” – Cutty (Chief executive officer)”

The music industry has continued to grow over the years. Aaccording to a recent report published by IFPI, the global recording industry is currently valued at over $19 billion. One part of the business that has seemingly been neglected despite their immense contributions to the industry is indie artists. According to a report released by MIDiA and music label/distributor Amuse, the indie sector generated $643.1 million in 2018, representing a whopping 35% increase from 2017. However, a company, Cutty TV, looks set to give indie artists across the US the recognition and respect they deserve by giving them the platform to express themselves and get rewarded deservedly.

The company’s recent launch of Top 10 indie music video countdown further reiterates this goal. Cutty TV has also launched several promotion campaigns since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and has brought in almost over 4 million impressions to indie artists working with the company. In recent times, Cutty TV has helped one artist to get his first 10K streams on his song, with two others improving their visibility on Instagram with more than 100k views.

Cutty TV also covers captivating and powerful indie stories on the blog – Jersey Watch, a blog created for indie artists to use for press and exposure, regardless of their location nationwide. The blog has become increasingly popular in recent times, getting more than 10k views in its first month.

For more information about Cutty TV and the company’s projects, please visit – Cutty TV can also be found across several social media platforms, including YouTube and Instagram.

About Cutty TV LLC
Cutty TV LLC was founded by an entertainment mogul, Cutty, to help independent artists build a successful music career. Cutty decided to start the artist development company to give the younger generation a different direction after his little brother (Jevon Robinson) went to jail at the age of 16.

Media Contact
Cutty Entertainment Mogul 
Cutty TV LLC 

Cutty TV
Cutty TV LLC
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Cutty TV Top 10 Indie Music Video Countdown

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Ciro Dipagio brings back "Mike White" he is Picking Up Where He Left Off Before Prison in "The MobKing"

The Mobking

Ciro Dapagio

The MobKing

Talented content creator, Executive Producer, leading man, and streaming star Ciro Dapagio is set to star in the film The MobKing as Mike White.

You are either on my side , by my side or in mhy way.”

— Ciro Dapagio

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2020 / — Talented content creator, Executive Producer, leading man, and streaming star Ciro Dapagio is set to star in the film The MobKing as Mike White. Dapagio, who is a rare combination of artistic talent mixed with ferocious street credibility, is scheduled to start filming The MobKing in 2020. “The MobKing,” is based on the life experiences of Dapagio and has been picked up by Wanda Halcyon Television, New Street Pictures to be filmed at Pinewood Studios.

Dapagio is also the Executive Producer and lead actor in films such as Silent Partners, Brass Knuckles, Suitcasing and Bound. Beginning his acting career in early 2018, Dapagio is already known as a leading man on TV and in movies as a tough guy who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.
Dapagio works diligently with his production team to create entertaining content. His persistence has generated millions of social media followers who have contributed to the success of each project that he has released.

Furthermore, Dapagio launched the The MobKing attire and gear for the lover of the series. This MobKing apparel features elegant cuts and chic, durable designs with excellent fashion taste for prospective buyers. The Mob King Apparel is a reliable and leading online store that separates itself from others with its high-quality clothing that meets the criteria of its sensitive customers offering high-quality clothing that is functional, comfortable, and trendy. First and foremost, it is of high quality and elegant design, and then customers will get a sense of fashion inspired by an award-winning series. To get The MobKing Signature Attire and gear at the best prices available, please visit

Diana R Carter
Arykas and Ybots PR
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The Mobking

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