Texas leather company Tandy, sponsors local Indie Film 'Eyes of a Roman'

Tandy Leather donated supplies for Texas made Indie film

Tandy’s Leather Supplies arrives on location for Texas Indie film ‘Eyes of a Roman’ to be filmed in Kerrville Texas

Historical Roman battle filmed in the Texas Hill Country.

Kerrville Texas hosts Indie film, Eyes of a Roman with materials supplied for character uniforms by Tandy Leather!!

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, October 21, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — – Ultra low budget films are the backbone of the film industry, with many well-known auteurs and actors coming up through the ranks of the low budget film.

In the age of COVID, when films are slowly coming back after months of being on hold, and the film industry as a whole took a huge financial hit, from small budget films to blockbusters, it’s nice to see that there are still vendors who will support the dreams and goals of smaller films.

Eyes of a Roman is that such film. The film is about how a Roman soldier’s life changes in an instant as he struggles with an inner conflict of allegiance the day before the final battle between the armies of Spartacus and Marcus Crassus. Tandy Leather, a company out of Texas, graciously donated products to be used in the design and creation process of the wardrobe and costumes for the 70+ characters (including Roman soldiers, Barbarian warriors and slaves).

Susan Bohl shared the story of the film and the financial plight of the film-makers trying to bring such a great story to life, Tandy Leather wanted to help the film-makers bring this vision to fruition. Tandy Leather, a Texas based company since 1919, believes in giving back and helping others and graciously offered a Sponsor Partnership of the leather and leather goods required to costume the film’s cast.

Says Susan Bohl, the production designer for Eyes of a Roman: “With Tandy Leather’s help, the film and the filmmakers are much closer to reaching their goals of bringing a fantastic creative project to life. Tandy stepped up and showed their support and belief in the film, Eyes of a Roman, and in the entire cast and crew. We are incredibly thankful.”

The film, which currently has an IndieGogo campaign running, is now actively seeking professional leatherworker costume designers who are capable of working with Tandy’s products and wish to get involved as leather costume design partner sponsors of the film. The film is also seeking other sponsor partners of all other areas of production including sets/props, camera and electric equipment, catering and craft services, and comfort facilities, etc.

Tandy Leather is a Texas-based company that supplies leather and leather products to industries across the globe. This includes creative industries and businesses that require high-quality leather and leather products. www.tandyleather.com

Eyes of a Roman:
Website: https://trigoodwynproductions.wordpress.com/about/
IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12840630/
Indiegogo https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/eyes-of-a-roman#/

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Just in time for Thanksgiving… How the heck did I get that Turkey Neck?

Hove Center for Facial Plastic Surgery is highly respected for beautiful, natural-looking neck lift results.

Hove Center for Facial Plastic Surgery is highly respected for beautiful, natural-looking neck lift results.

Listening is the first step in understanding your patients needs.

Listening is the first step in understanding your patients’ needs.

How did that gorgeous skin go from firm to flabby? The answer is simple: Time.

At some point, men and women discover that their neck looks older than their face, or perhaps the face and neck stage an all-out mutiny together. So what are you doing about it?”

— Dr. Christopher Hove

PAOLI , PA, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Men and women in Philadelphia are all talking about it: that ‘neck.’
Suddenly it is there. You’ve found yourself replacing tank tops in the summer with collared shirts or zipping your hoodie all the way up. You’re loving fall turtlenecks. Your once defined jawline seems to be sinking into your collar bone. You realize this is beyond jowls and neck bands. It is full-on wattle; saggy and even ‘crumbly’ looking skin. It is time for a lower rhytidectomy, commonly known as a neck lift.
“I spend half my day looking at myself through a video conference lens – that ‘turkey neck’ isn’t pretty,” says Betty G., senior partner at a busy consultancy. “It never really occurred to me that I was a candidate for a neck lift until these past few months – another side effect of the pandemic I guess!”

Betty’s experience isn’t unique.

Maybe you have been thinking about this for a while, but Botox can only smooth wrinkles, not tighten loose skin – and let’s face it, there is only so much fillers can do. At some point, men and women discover that their neck look older than their face, or perhaps the face and neck stage an all-out mutiny together! You are active, vibrant, and looking forward to the next best thing: You want your face and neck to reflect your goals. You want a natural, not ‘done,’ look.

But back to our original question, how the heck did you get that turkey neck? How did that gorgeous skin go from firm to flabby? The answer is simple: Time.

Aging is not only chronological. Loosening skin is due to a number of factors including your genes, sun damage, and the natural gradual loss of elasticity over time. A combination of all three of these factors to varying degrees, and sometimes only one of them, creates a perfect storm and the skin of your neck begins to break down. There are two main types of neck lifts:

– Traditional Neck Lift
During a traditional neck lift, your surgeon will hide an incision near the hairline, close to the sideburn area, and curve it around to the back of the ear. An important tissue layer called the SMAS is tightened, excess skin is removed and volume is lifted. After the swelling recedes, your neck and jawline will be smooth and defined. This is considered the “gold standard” for neck and jawline rejuvenation, and it provides outstanding results.
– Limited incision
Certain patients have an anatomy that fortunately does not require a traditional approach. The limited incision neck lift is a much less invasive procedure and healing is faster. If you qualify for this procedure, you will enjoy results that may be more limited than with a traditional neck lift, but you will definitely feel free to stop hiding behind high collars and necklaces, instead proudly showing off your new neckline.

Both types of surgery require anesthesia and stitches. You decide which procedure is right for you during your private consultation with your board certified facial plastic surgeon.

What to expect following surgery? Most patients have the following post-surgical experiences:
• There will be soreness, swelling, and bruising; all of which will disappear within a few weeks.
• Your skin may feel tight (initially) due to the lift, but this dissipates after 1-2 weeks.
• Stitches are removed at 7 days.

Thinking about it? Reach out to a reputable board-certified facial plastic surgeon and schedule your consultation today. A turkey neck is fine for a seasonal fall bird but not for you.

Dr. Christopher Hove in Paoli, PA, is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon at Hove Center for Facial Plastic Surgery. He has dedicated his career to performing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face. He focuses his plastic surgery expertise on refining areas such as the eyes, brow, nose, lips, cheeks, ears, neck, and chin. In addition to surgical procedures, he also offers a range of non-surgical treatment option.

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Elza Libhart’s new song, “Welcome to America,” personalizes America’s dilemmas

Singer-Songwriter Elza Libhart wrote and performed “Welcome To America” photo credit: Savannah Libhart

Singer-songwriter Elza Libhart photo credit: Ann Charles Photography

Elza Libhart performs at Disc Makers IWMS sponsored by Billboard photo credit: courtesy Disc Makers IWMS

Singer-songwriter Elza Libhart has licensed more than 40 songs for film and TV photo credit: Annie Wa

Song evokes the challenges many millions of Americans face and aims to bring us all together

NEW YORK, NY, USA, October 20, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Award-winning singer-songwriter Elza Libhart (https://elzamusic.com) knows all too well how divided Americans are right now. Nonetheless her new song, “Welcome to America,” personalizes the challenges that so many millions are facing while encouraging Americans to come together to create a brighter future.

Please share this HyperFollow preview link to allow social media users to follow the song when it becomes available on all major music download and streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music and others.

“I was inspired to write “Welcome to America” at a time in my life when I was a struggling musician married to a carpenter and we were paying down student loans and paying for our own health insurance—it seemed nearly impossible to get ahead. At that time, I was starting to perform in colleges and house concerts and got the opportunity to visit nearly every state in the U.S. I noticed similar things that many Americans struggle with. I felt compelled to write about it.”

Fast forward to this year when the pandemic hit and Elza, now an established indie artist with more than 40 songs licensed to television and film, was helping to mentor and promote a young breakthrough artist, fellow-singer songwriter Devin Marie (who was featured in Doritos’ extraordinary “Amplify Black Voices” commercial which aired during the BET Music Awards).

Elza was contacted by Just One Step For Democracy (https://JustOneStepForDemocracy.com), a get-out-the-vote coalition of Broadway and Hollywood musicians, actors, producers, writers and directors. The group wished to license a song of hers that would inspire folks to get out to vote.

“I remembered Welcome to America, a bonus track that I did not include with my second independently released album Gettin’ Free—the track was just sitting in my computer,” said Elza. “So, I opened it and re-wrote some of the lyrics to fit the present moment. The most important lyric is, ‘Rather than fear let’s be united and make a place where everyone belongs.’”

Next, Elza reached out to Gary Gray, Telly award winning producer for TV and film. “We discussed the song with Arnetia Walker, a veteran Broadway actor and founder of Just One Step. We decided to bring in top-flight singers from around the country including Charise 'the singing flight attendant' Miles (internet sensation), to take the track even higher. The track came out beautifully,” said Elza.

The video of Welcome To America also is available on the Just One Step For Democracy website and on Elza's YouTube page.

Elza hopes that the song will help inspire Americans to come together to solve the issues facing so many of us and create a brighter future. “Americans are resilient, and we are a wonderful melting pot of cultures and I believe we are so much stronger together than divided.”

Becoming a mother to twins and going through a health crisis have clearly strengthened and deepened Elza’s passion for songwriting. “After I made it through a difficult health challenge, I started writing my best material,” she said. Her song, The Other Side came out of that period and it won the international music licensing contest which led to her work with Telly Award Winning TV and Film music producer, Gary Gray. “It’s as if the floodgates, blew open. I enjoy writing songs about real people, real feelings, hope, joy, sadness, faith, strength—songs that help us understand our vulnerability and our strength as we go through life’s ups and downs. She points to her songs including The Other Side, Someone for Everyone, Unraveled, and You Are With Me as good examples (these can be heard exclusively on SoundCloud).

For more information about Elza, please visit her website, https://elzamusic.com. Follow Elza:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elza.music/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4jMt3iRWzGoYGGAz2OuAlT?si=L3LXyCriQOu2tjc0_V280A
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK_Oyn0rCEkzVADkAqP-Erg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elzamusic/

# # #

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Elza Libhart’s song “Welcome to America”

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Reason 2 Rhyme Music Signs Venezuelan Violin Prodigy Luis Montilla

Luis Montilla

Luis Montilla

Reason2Rhyme Music

Reason2Rhyme Music

The White Violin Tracking to Begin Last Week of October in Asheville, NC.

Montilla’s unique style of music is unheard of in the current industry. The opportunity to produce his debut record with world-class players is a dream come true for us.”

— Bryan Wagstaff, Chief Executive Officer at Reason 2 Rhyme Music

BOULDER, COLORADO, US, October 20, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Reason 2 Rhyme Music today announced it has signed Venezuelan violin prodigy Luis MontillaThe White Violin, to a two-year recording and publishing deal. Tracking begins at the end of this month at Echo Mountain Recording in Asheville, NC. Involved in the project is Jeff Sipe (Aquarium Rescue Unit) on drums, Luisito Quintero (Chic Corea) on percussion, Zack Page on bass guitar, Venezuelan piano prodigy Alis Javier Romero Martinez and other world-class musicians. The record will be completed at Violet Recording in Boulder, Colorado with a release date sometime in March, 2021.

“The signing of Luis Montilla is incredibly exciting for everyone involved in the project, as well as for the forward momentum of our company,” says Bryan Wagstaff, Chief Executive Officer at Reason 2 Rhyme Music. “Montilla’s unique style of music is unheard of in the current industry. The opportunity to produce his debut record with world-class players is a dream come true for us.”

“In this moment of my life, I really appreciate the great opportunity that Reason 2 Rhyme Music has given me to share my music and love to others,” says Luis Montilla. “I’m really looking forward to this new relationship.”

Reason 2 Rhyme Music envisions producing and releasing at least two records during the initial two years of the contract, with a global release of Montilla’s debut record late Spring 2021.

Reason 2 Rhyme Music is a full-service, boutique music production company headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. Reason 2 Rhyme Music is a music publishing company, record label, A&R firm, national talent agency and personal management company advocating for artists.

Luis Montilla – The White Violin is a classically trained violinist, fluent in jazz and Latin music with a unique ability to improvise. Montilla was born in San Felipe, Venezuela and shortly thereafter moved to Maracaibo, Venezuela where he was raised. He graduated from Cecilio Acosta Catholic University in Venezuela with a bachelor’s degree in music and a master’s degree in education, then trained at the Jose Luis Paz Conservatory.

Bryan Wagstaff
Reason To Rhyme Music
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Maysalward officially announces the relaunch of the new and improved mobile game War: Wild West Bounty Hunter Card Game.

Maysalward- a leading developer and publisher of mobile games, officially announces the relaunch of War: Wild West Bounty Hunter Card Mobile Game.

AMMAN, JORDAN, October 20, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Maysalward- a leading developer and publisher of mobile games, officially announces the relaunch of the new and improved mobile game War: Wild West Bounty Hunter Card Game.

The game is now available worldwide on both iPhone and Android, with new and exciting features enhancing the classical family card game of WAR with a twist. The game is now accessible anytime and anywhere through your phone with just a simple tap!

War: Wild West Bounty Hunter Card Game features unique and endless levels set in the Wild West for players to play in a land full of deadly gun shooter cowboys, bandits, and unnatural enemies.

Taking you back to the original classical game through the fantastic graphics and effects, WAR: Wild West allows players to sit and relax while enjoying a simple, fun, and engaging game that is easy to play but hard to master… Just like the old days!

We all know; no WAR experience would be complete without the classical throw down cards of the same rank! The game will not fail to impress what it includes!

"War was probably the first card game we learned to play growing up!" said Nour KHRAIS, Founder and CEO at Maysalward. "We're excited to build a game that combines a touch of traditional CCG gameplay with innovative, simplified mechanics inspired by a classic popular card game".

Check out the launch trailer: https://youtu.be/bWFWoYR5xiQ

War: Wild West Bounty Hunter Card Game is now released worldwide! Maysalward prepares for an action-packed update for December this year. The update will bring a unique Christmas theme with exciting new prizes, new gameplay rules, and more!

Howdy partner! Down for some bounty hunting? Well, saddle up because you're in for a great ride!

Download the game: https://jo.my/war

Nour Khrais
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War: Wild West Bounty Hunter Card Game Trailer

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4th Annual Taiwanese American Film Festival (TAFF) Returns ONLINE October 24th, 2020

Taiwanese American Film Festival

TAFF Opening Panelists

The 4th Annual Taiwanese American Film Festival will take place on October 24th, 2020 on the Bingewave Digital Festival platform. 

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 20, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Featuring exclusive North American premiere of feature film SYNAPSES, opening panel with Joan Huang (PUNCTURE, AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY), Jay Chern (OMOTENASHI, DAWN/SPRING), Christopher Au (BULGE BRACKET, Amazon), short film competition with 13 films, keynote speaker Lynn Chen (I WILL MAKE YOU MINE, GO BACK TO CHINA, SHAMELESS)

With support from the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan and Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles, Taiwanese American Professionals – Los Angeles (TAP-LA) presents the 4th annual Taiwanese American Film Festival (TAFF) taking place on October 24th, 2020 on the Bingewave Digital Festival platform. TAFF is a community of filmmakers highlighting unique stories in Taiwanese cinema and equipping emerging filmmakers. The festival will serve its fourth year as the nation's premiere showcase for film and media by Taiwanese American and Taiwanese filmmakers.

The 2020 Taiwanese American Film Festival features:

– 13 short films selected for this year's short film competition
– Selected shorts have screened at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, Taiwan International Queer Film Festival, CAAMFest, and Asian American Film Festival among other awards, featuring international talents such as Janet Hsieh and Brian Yang.

– Opening industry panel includes guests Joan Huang (PUNCTURE, AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY), Jay Chern (OMOTENASHI, DAWN/SPRING) and Christopher Au (BULGE BRACKET, Amazon)

– Keynote Speaker – Lynn Chen (I WILL MAKE YOU MINE, GO BACK TO CHINA, SHAMELESS) is best-known for playing "Vivian Shen" in Saving Face, a role for which she won the "Outstanding Newcomer Award" at the 2006 Asian Excellence Awards.

– Closing feature – SYNAPSES North America Premiere – Directed by Chang Tso-Chi, best known 2010 WHEN LOVE COMES, breaking records with 14 nominations, winning 4 awards including Best Picture at Golden Horse Film Festival. In 2011, Chang Tso Chi was awarded the 15th National Award for Arts.

– Synapses is his latest film and was the opening film at 2019 Golden Horse Film Festival with 4 Golden Horse Award nominations

– Exclusive SYNAPSES Q&A Interview to follow with Lu Hsueh Feng (Lead Actress, nominated for Best Leading Actress by the 56th Golden Horse Awards) and Kao Wen Hung (Producer).

Festival Jurors will decide one winner of the Grand Jury prize of $2,000. Jurors include Alan Pao (TUNNEL POST), Jason Lin (STORYARCH PICTURES, previously ALIBABA), and Anthony Ma (Previous TAFF Executive Director). A Cultural Spotlight Award of $1,000 and Audience Award (tallied on the festival site) of $1,000 will also be announced the night of the festival. Awards will be presented live.

TAFF is the only showcase in the US of film and media by Taiwanese American and Taiwanese filmmakers. The festival organizing team is composed of filmmakers and entertainment industry professionals, all of Taiwanese descent. The Taiwanese American community has offered enthusiasm and generous support for the festival. TAFF wishes to thank our top sponsors: Taiwan Academy, Royal Business Bank, J Yang Foundation, TaiwaneseAmerican.org, Ling Group UBS, Taiwan United Fund (TUF), Mitchell Tsai Law, Taiwan Center, Chen & Fan, Green Maple LA, Best Western Thousand Oaks, DSG Business, Tax, & Wealth, NATMA, Wendy Yang Law and Sean Yu.

Tickets and film festival events can be found at the festival's online platform:


Press/Film reviewers: For advance screening, please contact tafilmfestival@tap-la.org for secure links.

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Award-winning Film Composer and Cinematographer Team Up with Orchestra for New Film

Orchestral conductor hands child his baton

Orchestral conductor from Imagine Symphony Live hands child his baton

A child imagines the natural world filled with orchestral music

A child imagines the natural world filled with orchestral music

A child discovers the world around him full of orchestral music

A child discovers the world around him full of orchestral music

Virtual world-premiere of Imagine Symphony Live to be held on October 21 through YouTube Live

This collaboration is a perfect way to engage younger audiences through the use of a visual medium coupled with live symphony musicians.”

— Chris Thomas, TV and Film Composer

BEND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Film and TV composer Chris Thomas has joined musicians from Central Oregon Symphony, cinematographer Bradley Lanphear, and producer/director Evan Sigvaldsen to feature majestic Oregon landscapes in a new film debut. Aimed to inspire the next generation of orchestra lovers, the virtual world-premiere of Imagine Symphony Live will be held Wednesday, October 21, on YouTube Live.

Imagine Symphony Live follows a young child as he discovers the visual beauty of orchestral music. As the film progresses, the child magically transitions from an audience spectator in a theater to an immersive journey throughout Oregon. Each musical motif is paired with a different scene in Oregon. Audiences explore the forest, desert, mountains, lake, and city center as the music and orchestra musicians guide the main character’s magical adventure. The film’s production was funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $20,000 and earned a distinguished Project We Love badge from the crowdfunding platform.

This project is a collaboration between musicians from Central Oregon Symphony, composer Chris Thomas, cinematographer Bradley Lanphear, and producer/director Evan Sigvaldsen. With winning compositions at the Park City Film Music Festival, SXSW Film Festival, and eWorld Music Awards, Thomas is excited to collaborate on a project that brings him back to his musical roots in the Pacific Northwest.

“Orchestral music opened my eyes to a larger world of creativity,” said Thomas. “This collaboration is a perfect way to engage younger audiences through the use of a visual medium coupled with live symphony musicians.”

The virtual premiere of Imagine Symphony Live is Wednesday, October 21, at 5:45 p.m. on YouTube Live. Following the premiere, Evan Sigvaldsen will host a live online question and answer with the creators. For more information, visit https://imaginesymphony.live.

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axle ai exhibits at first-ever online Adobe MAX conference, starting today

axle ai panels for Adobe Creative Cloud applications at Adobe MAX 2020

axle ai panels for Adobe Creative Cloud applications at Adobe MAX 2020

axle ai Logo

axle ai Logo

ai Promo Video - radically simple video search with remote browser access

axle ai Promo Video – radically simple video search with remote browser access

Company’s new AI-driven media search software is unveiled featuring expanded Adobe Creative Cloud integrations at virtual conference with 500,000+ attendees

Our new AI-powered search panels for Adobe apps let media creators collaborate on projects while working from home; we're thrilled to be an Emerging Tech sponsor at Adobe MAX 2020, which starts today.”

— Sam Bogoch, axle ai CEO

BOSTON, MA, USA, October 20, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Adobe’s annual MAX conference, which had been growing in recent years as an in-person conference, has experienced a huge growth in turnout in its first year online – registrations for the show now exceed 500,000. At the show, axle ai, the leader in AI-driven search for creative applications, is excited to be launching a major expansion to its lineup of integrated panels for a range of Adobe® Creative Cloud® applications. The company’s sponsor page can be reached at the following link: https://tinyurl.com/axlemax

The axle ai panels being launched at the show let users remotely access and search their media catalog and import files to projects created in Adobe applications – all within their familiar Adobe app interfaces. The panel set comes standard with axle ai 2020.2, the newest version of axle ai’s flagship software; in addition, a free downloadable panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, ascribe.ai, provides access to axle ai’s Speech transcription tools without requiring a purchase or subscription to the wider toolset.

The company is demonstrating these solutions at Adobe MAX today through Thursday (free signup at https://max.adobe.com), and also at axle ai’s Webinar Wednesday events over the next two weeks (free signups at https://tinyurl.com/webwed00 and https://tinyurl.com/webwed02)
axle ai 2020.2 includes:

• Integrated remote access tools including browser-based search, upload and download
• Support for a wide range of Adobe Creative Cloud applications and workflows, including Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator and InDesign
• Integrated speech transcription for video and audio assets, and OCR for photo and document assets, massively improving searchability without labor-intensive tagging
• Modules supporting multiple professional camera formats and image sequence workflows, increasing axle ai's appeal in the high end of the post production market

Scott Salik, VP of Global Content at marketing company Youngevity, said “axle’s new Premiere panel has really useful new capabilities like integrated transcripts on the timeline and the ability to download high-res and proxy media straight into Premiere. We’re excited to be able to integrate this into our remote editorial workflows – it will be an incredible time saver.”

axle ai’s recently-announced Remote Leap solution, which includes all software, hardware and services required to set up a full remote workflow for a team of 5 creatives, is priced at $295 per month on a four-year lease with a $1 buyout. The Remote Leap Bundle includes the entire Adobe Creative Cloud integration panel set, four years of remote access support, and 2,000 hours of transcription. Any Mac, Windows or Linux system with 6 or more CPU cores can be used to host the axle server software, which can also be deployed in the cloud for all-remote applications.

“Our new AI-powered search panels for Adobe apps let media creators collaborate on projects while working from home" said Sam Bogoch, axle ai CEO. "We're thrilled to be an Emerging Tech sponsor at Adobe MAX 2020, which starts today..”


About axle ai

axle ai, Inc. is the recognized leader in developing radically simple software for remote media access and search. Its solutions have helped over 600 media organizations improve the way they create, share and store digital video content with media management solutions that are easy to install, use and afford. axle ai’s radically simple remote access, media management and transcription uniquely addresses a burgeoning need and has caught on rapidly among video professionals in post-production, education, broadcast, corporate, sports, house of worship, non-profit, advertising-marketing, and government organizations worldwide. The company’s investors include Jason Calacanis and Quake Ventures. More at https://axle.ai.


Katy Scott
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Katy Scott
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+1 617-262-9222
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axle ai promo video

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Why Movie Fans Are Falling in Love With Will McNally

Sell Me This Pen

Will McNally has reimagined iconic scenes from gangster epics, comic book classics and Oscar winning favourites – and captured the attention of Hollywood.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 20, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Will McNally has reimagined iconic scenes from gangster epics, comic book classics and Oscar winning favourites – and captured the attention of Hollywood along the way.

His unique takes on scenes from The Dark Knight, The Wolf of Wall Street and more have made the self confessed movie buff a favourite among cinephiles, and interest is only continuing to grow.

In the past six months, his artwork has increased in value by just over 58 per cent, and film studios are taking notice, hiring Will for several private commissions.

Will has said that he’s motivated by the challenge of putting a unique twist on famous movie scenes, creating something that can be enjoyed by film fans and art collectors alike.

He said: “For me, the challenge is creating an epic piece people will remember, that uses famous scenes to make them instantly memorable – while bringing something unique to each piece that takes it to a new level. I’m a huge movie buff, and I just love creating pieces that you can cherish and put on your wall, that will stand out and make people go “wow” when they come to your house.

“Films are my comfort zone, and I love sitting down and capturing what I get from them on the canvas.”

A recent Wolf of Wall Street inspired piece, in which quotes from the film appear on Leo DiCaprio’s pin striped suit, has racked up likes on Instagram. He’s now in the early stage of a new series looking back through famous gangster movies, and creating challenging new ideas that will breathe new life into famous scenes from films such as Pulp Fiction.

His work has put him in high demand in Hollywood, with commissions from both Universal and Warner Bros. For the latter studio, it was one of his most extravagant pieces to date.

“I’ve been commissioned by Warner Bros to do special edition, customised busts of Mortal Kombat characters for their clients. I did one of the character Scorpion, where if you turned off the lights it’d glow in the dark and look like the skull was on fire.”

In 2021, it seems likely that he will be entering the art world A-list. To find out more about why Will McNally is fast becoming Hollywood’s favourite artist, and to arrange to view his collection, visit https://www.einpresswire.com/contact_author/528736575.

Jack Curtis
Cappella Marketing LTD

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Travis Edward Pike's Changeling's Return, a novel approach to the music, wins an E2 Media 2020 Award of Excellence

Otherworld Cottage Industries Owl Logo

Otherworld Cottage Industries Logo

Photo of Changeling's Return Cover with eLit Award

Changeling’s Return Cover with eLit Award

Photo of Changeling's Return CD Album Cover

Changeling’s Return CD Album Cover

Image of 2020 Otherworld Cottage Catalog

2020 Otherworld Cottage Catalog

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Over the last couple of years E2 has worked extensively with Travis Pike. For regular readers of South East Star, Travis Pike’s work will need no introduction. For those who have never come across Travis, he has enjoyed a long and distinguished career that has spanned more than 50 years. Travis is an internationally acclaimed scholar, writer, storyteller, singer, songwriter and filmmaker. He has a well-deserved reputation for the quality of his work and over the years has won many admirers from across the world.

Early US reviews include the January, 2020, Midwest Book Review / Small Press Bookwatch, Fantasy/Sci-Fi Shelf’s report “A unique literary and musical experience, the paperback edition of Changeling’s Return can be significantly augmented by an accompanying CD of the same title that is comprised of eighteen original and thematically relevant musical numbers with a total running time of approximately 53 minutes. Adapted from Morningstone, a screenplay by Travis Edward Pike, Changeling’s Return is unreservedly recommended for community and academic library collections. It should be noted for personal reading lists that Changeling’s Return is also available in a digital book format.”

Author, actor and playwright Terry Hagerty’s Five Star review of Changeling’s Return states “Magic, mysticism, and mythology are not the stuff for the meek. Mankind has pondered these three intertwined subjects since he rose up on two legs and contemplated where one ends and the other two begin. But Travis Edward Pike has combined magic, mysticism, and mythology in his entertaining new novel, Changeling’s Return: a novel approach to the music to tell the story of Morgen, an American rock & roll singer, who, right before the start of a sold-out European concert tour with his band, Beantown Home Cookin’, unexpectedly finds himself in an otherworldly village on a journey of personal discovery.

“As the subtitle of the novel implies, music makes up the fourth element of the story, with a CD filled with songs that compliments and enhances the story perfectly. A rock star in the 1960s, Travis is well acquainted with the perilous ups and downs of the music industry and that experience shows itself throughout the book. He is also a lifelong student of mythology, and that knowledge is also put to good use.

“A real page turner, with terrific characters and unexpected plot twists, Changeling’s Return is a must read for fans of music and mysticism. And play the CD (bought separately), while you are reading the book, as I did, to amplify the experience.”

Andy Pearson’s UK review in fearandloathingfanzine.com in its Books, Fanzines and Other Good Reads section relates “Travis has been making music since the early Sixties and interest has been recently revised by the release of ‘Watch Out Woman’ / ‘The Way That I Need You’ (from the soundtrack of the movie, Feelin’ Good) on State Records, plus a reissue of ‘If I Didn’t Love You Girl’ on a Mousetrap Music 45. Later in his career, he became more involved in the film industry and began working on Changeling, initially as a rock opera but eventually evolving into a screenplay Travis has now adapted into a novel, which elaborates many of the themes and ideas from the screenplay and gives much more depth to the different characters.

“The novel tells the story of Morgen, a talented young rock singer whose career is on the verge of international success. However, a car accident leads to a mystical experience and he finds himself in the village of ‘Morningstone’ where he becomes acquainted with esoteric folklore and symbolism before returning to the ‘real’ world, where he is inspired to create a new album reflecting the awakening that he experienced. The novel goes on to tell how he perseveres to fulfill his destiny, despite objections from his record company bosses and those who are unwilling to accept his vision. It’s a great story and it includes a lot of almost-paganistic values relating to man’s relationship with nature and the need for a balance to be reached before mankind’s greed and supposed ‘progress’ damages the world beyond repair. In so many ways, it’s a message that is even more important now than when Travis initially began work on this project. Morgen is an intriguing character, not without his flaws but strong enough to be more than believable. I’m sure that if this story ever makes it to film, Morgen could inspire a great performance!

“Travis has also released a new CD of updated songs from his original Morningstone project, including several new tracks, a good indication of the musical ideas that are an integral part of the novel. If you can hear the album in conjunction with reading the novel, it certainly adds further depth. I’m more than happy to recommend this book, both for the fact that it’s a great read that delivers plenty to think about, but also for Travis’ exuberant enthusiasm which, if you follow his work, is nothing less than infectious. I’m so glad that this guy is still out there and sharing his creative energy!”

In February, 2020, the UK’s Shindig! magazine posted a Four Star review in its landmark issue #100, in which it disclosed “Son of independent film-maker James A.Pike and unanticipated star of his father’s feature Feelin’ Good, which spawned the monster fuzz Shindig! top-tenner “Watch Out Woman”, Pike is an unmatched decade-spanning creator, storyteller, writer, filmmaker and musician.

“In his latest book, a novel adaptation of his mid-70s screenplay Morningstone, Pike’s observant eye narrative transforms the original story into a hotbed of 21st century action, sitting somewhere between David Essex’s ‘spoils of rock ‘n’ roll’ par excellence Stardust and the rites, intrigue and horror of The Wicker Man.

Changeling’s Return tells the tale of protagonist Morgen, a fledgling kitchen porter turned rock ‘n’ roll singer, turned seismic household name, on the eve of an adventurous European concert tour, but instead of kicking back at a prearranged press party with the rest of his band (Beantown Home Cookin’), Morgen takes a hired sporty two-seater for a spin with catastrophic consequences. Leaving the wreck in a ditch, Morgen makes his weary way to the nearby hamlet of ‘Morningstone’ where he encounters villagers lost in an insular world with no phone signal, an overworked auto mechanic, an ‘obligatory’ schoolmaster, a stone circle, and a host of witchy supporting characters seemingly drawn from a Shakespearean fantasy. First things get a bit trippy, and then there’s this whopping epiphany, resulting in a Brian Wilson-tinged re-awakening, dividing band mates and managers with Morgen’s music and lyrics taking an overtly environmental direction.

“Featuring a handy accompanying soundtrack CD of Pike’s music, re-imagined to compliment the updated story, this is a joyful little pairing.” — Louis Wiggett.

US publisher Mike Stax’s Ugly Things magazine review of Changeling’s Return appeared in his Spring 2020 issue #53, in which he wrote “Travis Pike should be a familiar name to UT readers by now, having been the subject of several interviews and reviews in these pages covering his sixties garage adventures in Boston with Travis Pike & the Brattle Street East (featured in the teen movie Feelin’ Good), Travis Pike’s Tea Party (whose ’68 single “If I Didn’t Love You Girl” packs dance floors to this day), as well as his work as an author and publisher. Changeling’s Return is his newest gift to the world, a novel that draws on his experiences as a musician and also stirs in elements of fantasy and the supernatural. Sub-titled ‘a novel approach to the music,’ Changeling’s Return started out in 1975 as a theatrical concept album, was revived in 1987 as Morningstone, before being turned into a screenplay, and finally this novel. Like Pike, the book’s protagonist, Morgen, was raised in Boston and is the lead singer and songwriter of a band— not Travis Pike’s Tea Party, but Beantown Home Cookin’—and the setting is not the Sixties, but the present day.

“While on tour in England, the story takes a strange turn after Morgen finds himself marooned in a remote hamlet called Morningstone steeped in ancient occult practices—shades of The Wicker Man or HP Lovecraft. There he experiences a dramatic mystical epiphany that changes his life’s purpose, his songwriting and the band’s music completely, resulting in all kinds of fallout and friction with those around him. It’s a compelling story with many surprising turns, and a powerful message about mankind’s impact on the environment and the urgency of changing course.”

E2 Media (UK), first recognised Travis in 2019 with our Lifetime Achievement Award, which is one of a number of awards Travis has picked up over the years. Now, we are delighted to announce that Travis Pike’s acclaimed book, Changeling’s Return has won our 2020 Award of Excellence. The book is a fascinating story about singer Morgen and his adventure following an accident that leaves him stranded in the isolated village of Morningstone where he has no contact with the outside world. A good novel is one that you don’t want to put down and Changeling’s Return certainly ticks the box in that respect. Travis is a wonderful storyteller and the imagination and creativity of his writing takes the reader on a supernatural musical journey. The criteria for our awards are far-reaching and there are many aspects we take into account that influence our decisions. We have recognised Changeling’s Return for several reasons but primarily because the book is a thoroughly entertaining read and a great story. Travis Pike’s background and long career have certainly played their part in the decision, as have some of Travis’ previous works. We cannot recommend the book more emphatically and if music or reading is your thing then Changeling’s Return is a book you simply must read.

As Dick Clarke, E2 Media Managing Editor, put it in his Five Star review, “Wow! This novel had me gripped from start to finish. Changeling’s Return is a masterpiece of character driven fantasy. It is an exploration of music, mythology, magic and mysticism all rock and rolled into one. There is witty dialog. There’s magic! And, of course, twists and turns along the way. Couple all of this with a diverse cast of characters and you have a recipe for a magnificent fantasy novel. A truly a first-rate reading experience coupled with an outstanding music album. Will we see Changeling’s Return on the big screen?”

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