"The Simeon Synderella" Hip Hop Mixtape By La'Vega Is Pure Dope

The Simeon Synderella

The Simeon Synderella

Hip Hop Artist La'Vega

Hip Hop Artist La’Vega

La'Vega has released her latest mixtape via her longtime record label MVB RECORDS, and it is something special.

She always Raps from the heart, but this mixtape puts the MCs feelings and current state of mind on full display. She has definitely blossomed into a real musician; not just a Rapper.”

— David Kessler

BRONX, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The name alone, "The Simeon Synderella", lets her longtime fans; and new listeners as well, know that this mixtape is something different. "The Simeon Synderella" is the 9th mixtape by this independent Hip Hop artist since she signed her first record deal in 2013, with MVBEMG. If you do not count the mixtapes prior to her hiatus from the Rap game, then this is her 3rd mixtape. What makes this mixtape special is that it is 5 tracks of pure music. Yes, it's a Hip Hop mixtape, and yes, it's a La'Vega mixtape, but, she sounds more relaxed and confident on the tracks, than on any of her previous projects.

On the 1st track "Ain't Got Time For That", La'Vega sounds like she is having an open conversation with her listeners, letting them know that she's come a long way since her music journey started. She does not sound like she's rapping on this track, her flow is very laid back. I can honestly imagine La'Vega smoking a joint while she spits bars over this bouncy track, reflecting on her life-now that she is back in the Rap game making new music. On the 2nd track, "I Don't Owe You", the title and lyrical content both fall in line with La'Vega's message, telling (warning) anyone who feels entitled to her current status, money, or time, that they should expect exactly what they gave her when she was experienceing her darkest days.

"Living Life" is the 3rd track on "The Simeon Synderella" mixtape, and this track has La'Vega daydreaming about the special moments in life where stress and the daily demands of life cannot be found. The most creative; and best track of the mixtape has to be track number 4, "Up In My Mind". La'Vega exposes her thoughts, and her vulnerability on this track as she sings melodic lines about how she is constantly lost in her thoughts.

Track number 5, "You F*cked Up", is the most curious track of the mixtape; who is La'Vega Rapping and singing about? Is this song about a past lover or current? Whoever it is, La'Vega deals with their infidelities with serious bars and a reality check. She let's the person know that she will not be a part of their "3 way" transaction. "The Simeon Synderella" is by far La'Vega's most honest mixtape. She always Raps from the heart, but this mixtape puts the MCs feelings and current state of mind on full display. She has definitely blossomed into a real musician; not just a Rapper.

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La’Vega – 1st Photo Shoot of 2019

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Sensum launches empathic tech toolkit for in-cabin safety, services and personalisation at IAA Frankfurt

SynsisTM Empathic Technology Developer Kit being displayed inside a vehicle

SynsisTM Empathic Technology Developer Kit

SynsisTM Empathic Technology Developer Kit - Product Shot

SynsisTM Empathic Technology Developer Kit – Product Shot

A decade of empathic technology knowledge deployed in a box to accelerate automotive innovation

Human data will become the most important asset in the next generation of in-cabin products & services. Companies need a solution like ours to put in the data miles for custom human-reactive models.”

— Gawain Morrison, CEO & co-founder, Sensum

BELFAST, IRELAND, September 13, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Sensum, the empathic technology company, today launches the SynsisTM Empathic Technology Developer Kit, the world’s first sensor-fusion kit for measuring real-time human states from body, face and voice data combined. Synsis equips automotive OEMs, tier one suppliers and simulator companies with a single solution to research and rapidly prototype a new generation of personalised in-cabin solutions. After several years of engineering custom solutions for the automotive industry Sensum is now packaging its technology and algorithms for customers to purchase and operate. Synsis is designed to speed up research and development for products that can measure and respond to human feelings. This new wave of empathic technology promises enhancements in safety, comfort and services.

For digital technology to interact with humans in smarter and more personal ways it needs to understand how they are feeling. Human data measurement from in-cabin sensors can result in greater road safety by identifying driver distraction or the onset of fatigue. Distracted driving accounts for at least one in ten fatal accidents[1], while fatigue may contribute to one in five road accidents[2]. As well as safety benefits, empathic vehicle technology will also provide personalised entertainment, comfort and digital services.

Over the last decade the automotive industry has been transformed by huge leaps in technology such as electrification of vehicles, and assisted driving technologies. New connected car platforms and advances in telecommunications infrastructure such as 5G offer opportunities for safety and personalisation in fleet, commercial and personal vehicles, as the automotive industry searches for new business models.

With Synsis, customers will be able to start analysing human states immediately, and build empathic features within the vehicle that respond to these states. This new kind of interaction can be operated through any programmable component of the vehicle, such as the infotainment system, environment controls, or advanced driver assistance systems. These in-cabin solutions could be differentiators for automotive brands searching for new ways to attract customers, as noisy engines, manual driving and vehicle ownership are replaced with electrification, automation and ride sharing.

Gawain Morrison, CEO & Co-Founder, Sensum comments: “Human data will become the most important asset in the next generation of in-cabin products and services. Companies need to put in the data miles now to build customised models, and a solution like ours is the only way to get true data in the real places where people live their lives.”

The challenges of data synchronisation, human state labelling, ground truth data collection, and simultaneous processing of multiple human data streams have been problems that Sensum has solved over a decade of operations. This in-the-wild knowledge of research and product development is now being deployed in the Synsis Developer Kit, helping to speed up the research and prototyping of human-reactive products, whether that’s in VR, the simulator, on the road or the racetrack.

User experience designers and researchers can now collect human data in the wild, to gather data from a wide range of sensors for body, face & voice data, and context data can be integrated from almost any source. Sensum’s patent-pending sensor-fusion solution brings all human data streams into one place synchronised, tagged for events, and ready for analysis.

Engineers can build human-reactive prototypes using Sensum’s scientifically validated human state models, which provide a comprehensive model of the human user across a wide range of emotions and other cognitive & physiological states. They can then trigger product features based on the user's current state, to test and build products that respond empathically, for richer, more personalised human-machine interaction.

As a European company operating under GDPR, Sensum has always taken a strong stance on data privacy and human rights across all of its processes, from data collection, to the design of human state models, addressing issues such as potential algorithmic bias in consultation with its customers. This ethos brought Sensum and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) together to initiate a working group to develop a new global ethics standard for empathic technology. The P7014 Standard for Ethical considerations in Emulated Empathy in Autonomous and Intelligent Systems is the latest addition to the IEEE’s P7000 series of standards in development, all focused on different aspects of the ethics of autonomous and intelligent systems. The group is open to anyone and Sensum encourages interested parties to join, to help shape the future of this new field of technology.

For more information on SynsisTM the Empathic Technology Developer Kit please visit https://sensum.co/product and sign up to get early access.


World Health Organization report on distracted driving (2011): http://bit.ly/WHO_Distract
RoSPA report on drowsy driving: http://bit.ly/RoSPA_Fatigue

About Sensum – Empathic Technology for the Connected World
Sensum builds empathic technology solutions that turn human data into emotion, physiology & behaviour insights. With real-time, unified modelling of human states, our customers are building products & experiences that are more personal, responsive, engaging… more human.

Since 2011, in a string of world-firsts with global brands, we have deployed empathic technology solutions into some of the most extreme environments on the planet, making us world leaders at measuring human data 'in the wild', where people live their lives.
Our patent-pending empathic AI engine Synsis™ automatically appraises user data to derive human emotions & states from any situation. We combine this with our patent-pending tools for automatically syncing data & media from the widest range of sensors on the market. Our customers embed Synsis in their technology to create new kinds of empathic human-machine interaction, and develop a deeper understanding of the digital self.

Our tools have measured human data across 20 countries, online, in shops, in homes, in the wild; from 1 person to 15,000 people simultaneously, at 4,000 m, at 300 km/h; from the Arctic Circle to the Pacific Rim; in cars, planes, trains, boats, bicycles, motorbikes, parachutes, zip-lines… even a jetpack.

Ben Bland
+44 28 9066 0629
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Synsis TM Empathic Tech Developer Kit for Measuring Real-Time Human States from Body, Face & Voice Data

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Morgan Spurlock blasts off as this years special guest at Rocket Boys Festival in Beckley WV

Rocket Boys Festival

L-R- Homer, Quentin Wilson, Roy Lee Cooke, O’Dell Carroll with Auk Rocket Mockup

Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me 2 – Holy Chicken

20th Annual Festival Sept 26-28 last to feature appearances by Rocket Boys. Festival opens Sept 26 with Beckley native Morgan Spurlock screening his new movie

I will always be grateful to the people of Beckley for their willingness to do the hard work necessary to keep alive the Rocket Boys' story of inspiration and hope”

— Homer Hickam, author of NY Times #1 bestseller Rocket Boys

BECKLEY, WEST VIRGINIA, USA, September 13, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — All good things must come to an end, and much like the farewell tours currently underway by music superstars Elton John, Lynryd Skynryd, and KISS, this year's Rocket Boys/October Sky Festival September 26th- 28th in Beckley West Virginia is expected to be the last to feature in-person appearances by Homer Hickam and his childhood friends the Rocket Boys.

That’s according to festival director Scott Hill, who noted that a confluence of anniversaries and events make this the right time for the Rocket Boys themselves to bow out. 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Homer Hickam’s classic “Rocket Boys” becoming a New York Times #1 bestseller. 2019 is also the 20th anniversary of the release of the movie “October Sky” based on Hickam’s celebrated coming of age memoir and the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 astronauts moon landing.

2019 also marks the passing of a key member of the Rocket Boys legacy. This year's festival is dedicated to the memory of Quentin Wilson, the "prodigious scientific brain" of the Rocket Boys, who died August 30th at his home in Texas.

Quentin was featured prominently in Hickam's bestselling books "Rocket Boys" and "The Coalwood Way" and portrayed by actor Chris Owen in the film "October Sky". Homer said of his Big Creek High School friend "I was devastated to learn Quentin Wilson, the brains behind our success during high school and one of my best friends ever, has passed on to that great launchpad in the sky. He taught me the word "Prodigious" and indeed lived a prodigious life. My condolences to his wife Janice and his family. My only consolation is that Mom up in heaven will be happy to see him. She loved Quentin so much and now he's with her. "

Added Hill, “Homer and many of the other Rocket Boys have been traveling back every year to support the festival and meet fans of their story, and that travel is getting tougher each year. People come to West Virginia literally from all over the world to meet and spend time with the Rocket Boys. If you’ve been touched by their story, this will be your final opportunity to meet the Rocket Boys here in person”

Festival Special Features:

The Rocket Boys Festival kicks off Thursday evening September 26th with an appearance by filmmaker and Beckley WV native Morgan Spurlock, perhaps best known for his Academy Award-nominated documentary “Super Size Me.” He will host a screening of the long-awaited sequel "Super Size Me 2-Holy Chicken!" at the H.C. Smith Theatre at Tamarack in Beckley at 7 pm on Thursday the 26th followed by a Q&A session.

Friday, September 27th, Hickam will spend the morning speaking to hundreds of students who will come to the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine Amphitheater from all over the region. Those talks are free and open to students and schools and can be scheduled by contacting festival director Scott Hill at www.rocketboysfestival.com. Friday afternoon, Homer will host a “Storyteller’s Workshop” at Tamarack. Along with Homer, theatrical storyteller Rhayne Thomas, musical storyteller Jon Wikstrom and broadcaster, public speaker and Rocket Boys Festival director Scott Hill and others will add their thoughts on the art of telling a great story.

On Friday evening, Rocket Boys fans can experience the one-time-only event “Homer Hickam-Stories and Songs” at Historic Black Knight Municipal Park. Hickam will share behind the scenes stories and readings from “Rocket Boys”, interwoven with key songs from “Rocket Boys the Musical”, performed by Las Vegas entertainer and show cast member Rhayne Thomas (Elsie) alongside Broadway veteran and "Rocket Boys The Musical" co-creator Carl Anthony Tramon (Sonny). As a bonus, singer/songwriter Jon Wikstrom will debut a new musical tribute to Homer’s latest international bestseller "Carrying Alebert Home", which has been translated into over two dozen languages.

Advance tickets for the "Super Size Me 2-Holy Chicken!" screening, the "Storytellers Workshop" and "Homer Hickam-Songs and Stories" are limited and can be purchased in advance at www.rocketboysfestival.com.

September 28th's Rocket Boys/October Sky Festival central location is Beckley’s New River Park, which boasts an authentic exhibition working coal mine that will be open for discounted tours. A “Rocket Run” 5K and 10K race, “Aim High” essay contest, food vendors and more will also be a part of this year’s festival. Opening ceremonies begin at 9 am and the festival will run till 5pm Saturday.

One of the Rocket Boys/October Sky Festival highlights is the dozens of students from schools all over America who join Hickam to launch rockets at New River Park’s hilltop “Cape Coalwood” launchpad. Rocket kits and launch supplies will be available at the festival.

About Homer Hickam:

Homer Hickam has authored 19 best-selling books including Rocket Boys, several set in his native West Virginia. After graduating from Big Creek High School, Homer served his country in the Vietnam War and eventually achieved his dream of working for NASA as an engineer and astronaut trainer both in the U.S. and abroad. This year, Hickam served as the board chairman at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville Alabama for the 50th-anniversary festivities of the Apollo 11 moon landing. He also is a member of the United States Space Council and testified before Congress advocating for a return to the moon.

“It has been my honor to attend and support the Rocket Boys Festival for over twenty years, first in Coalwood and now Beckley. I will always be grateful to the people of Beckley for their willingness to do the hard work necessary to keep alive the Rocket Boys' story of inspiration and hope."

For interviews with Morgan Spurlock or Homer Hickam, contact
Allen Media Strategies
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Amazon's Jeff Bezos is Asked to Start "Jeff's Larks" to Give $1 Million Each to 100 People For Helping Mankind



Being the RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD isn't easy with a target on your back, but Amazon's Jeff Bezos meets it head on. I'm here to help him! John Griswald.

"Jeff's Lark" promises to be the next "big thing" in philanthropic happenings and endeavors and INSPIRATION from Amazon's Jeff Bezos. Plain and simple. And good for helping all mankind!”

— Stan Zipperman

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 13, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Being the richest man in the whole world today isn't easy — at all. The title spells "stress!" But when you're Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame and fortune, you expect it because you been through it before many times. As a matter of fact — all the time. You have a target on your back all the time.

I'm here to help — really. Nothing should surprise Jeff Bezos. I'm here because I'm the novelist John Griswald that wrote the romantic thriller "Girl From Rue Serpente" that I'm trying to have become a best seller and a major movie. The book can be bought at www.amazon.com as it turns out. I'm also here because a few months ago I awarded Jeff Bezos my book's "Goodwill Citizen Award For Girl From Rue Serpente" to Mr. Bezos for his "spiritual" contribution to mankind and for being the second highest employer in the United States.If you are reading this press release and work at Amazon, please help get this news release in Jeff Bezos' hands.

Here's my request: that Mr. Bezos set aside $100 million dollars to fund "Jeff's Larks," a brand new philanthropic endeavor that donates $1,000,000 dollars each to 100 recipients that has caught his attention in his search for people's good deeds in helping mankind.

"Larksmanship" may become a term linked to Jeff Bezos for coining because it is meaningful but also has a touch of fun added to it how the term has evolved over the years. Other top 10 billionaires can follow suit
and start their own versions of "Jeff's Larks."

How about it Bernard Armault? How about it Bill Gates? How about it Warren Buffett? How about it Carlos Slim
Helu? How about it Amancio Ortega? How about it Larry Ellison? How about it Mark Zuckerberg? How about it Michael Bloomberg? How about it Larry Page? Each one of the above represents roughly 1 billion people. It's a figure almost impossible to process meaningfully.

That's why we need to get some good old competition going on here right now. When you guys step out into your billionaire world you see us in our world. Our world these days expects you to part with some of that vast wealth you mastered to acquire. Open that bottle of champagne and celebrate your own competition and have as much fun in donating to others far less worthy as celebrating your own creation of wealth.

But listen now. A whole lot of good can come out of this act of sharing. After all, it is a form of inspiration itself.

"Inspiration. Yes! "INSPIRATION" is the word of the FUTURE!

As for Jeff Bezos, he has his Amazon Studios outside Hollywood, California that can produce a 2 hour TV Special of his "Jeff's Larks" for the whole world to view. Now I ask, who wouldn't want to see the choices Jeff Bezos made in picking his personal selections? Right now, all he really needs to do is snap his fingers and thousands of employees are right there at his beck and call to start working on "Jeff's Lark."

Remember — every recipient will be an inspiration multi-fold over the years. If we can get this happening
with other billionaires and even millionaires around the world — this would be a great, GREAT change for the world to witness and embrace.

Let's look at some possibilities: senior citizens with ideas, babies with birth defects, volunteers with projects, activists with activities, religious leaders concerns, entertainers trying for attention, non-profit people, blind seers, inventors, unusual artists, unique politicos, military people, seekers, computer geeks, bitcoin dreamers, block chain believers, people into artificial intelligence, internet of things followers, internet enthusiasts. That's just off the top of my head.

For more information on "Girl From Rue Serpente," please contact:
stanzipperman@gmail.com or go to:

Stan Zipperman

email us here

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Touchstream’s StreamE2E bundle – the most economic live stream monitoring solution.

If you can extract the data, you can put it into Touchstream”

— Brenton Ough – CEO Touchstream

BARCELONA, SPAIN, September 13, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ —
Touchstream arrives ready for IBC 2019 with a solidified product that combines all of their technologies packaged under one flag, Stream End to End (StreamE2E).

StreamE2E is now a standalone product aiming to become the only tool, online video operations specialists will use to access all of their monitoring technologies. Since day one compatibility is the core of StreamE2E. It draws a map of the online video delivery chain, from encoding all the way to the player, ingesting data from all specialised softwares and generating video information along the way.

StreamE2E includes “StreamCAM” Touchstream's own technology focused on content availability monitoring, and “Incident Playback”, a feature that allows video operations teams to look back into their systems and relive the moment of infrastructure failure to learn from their mistakes and prevent future ones. Through this open technology, video operations will become more efficient at identifying root cause problems alongside the cloud based video delivery chain regardless of their technology providers. And ultimately they will offer more stable live streams and a higher Quality of Service (QoS). Higher QoS implies a happier customer base and a reduced risk of user churn. By offering all these technologies as a unique bundle, Touchstream has made it more affordable and compatible than ever to hop on the monitoring train.

About Touchstream
Founded in Melbourne in 2013, Touchstream, has gathered its impressive roster of international clients by offering competitive advantage-based solutions. That is why leading providers of live video and Video-on-Demand including CBS Interactive, Comcast Technology Services, Sky, Sweden’s Viaplay and Australia’s Telstra have turned to Touchstream for a scalable solution for real time, end-to-end monitoring.

+34 673 59 15 48
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Cinespace Chicago Film Studios To Be Honored At Chicago 48 Hour Film Project Best Of Chicago Awards

Cinespace Chicago Film Studios to Be Honored at 2019 Chicago 48 Hour Film Project Awards on September 25th

Cinespace Chicago Film Studios to Be Honored at 2019 Chicago 48 Hour Film Project Awards on September 25th

Manager of Operations Dino Mirkopolous to Attend as 2019 Award Winners Screen at the Music Box Theatre September 25th

CHICAGO, IL, USA, September 12, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Chicago 48 Hour Film Project Premiere Screenings return to the Music Box Theatre (www.musicboxtheatre.com) September 22nd through the 23rd with the Red Carpet "Best of Chicago" Awards taking place on September 25th. The screenings spotlight 45 short films completed in a wild and sleepless weekend where teams wrote, shot, and edited a short film in just 48 hours.

Along with awards to be presented to this year's winning films, Cinespace Chicago Film Studios (www.chicagofilmstudios.com) will also be honored for their continued support of Chicago's indie film community, as well as their role in helping revitalize the local film industry economy,

Konstantinos (Dino) Mirkopoulos, Manager of Operations and CIO of Cinespace Chicago Film Studios will represent the Pissios and Mirkopoulous family at the September 25th "Best of Chicago" Awards screening. Joining Dino is his new bride Cara Mirkopoulos. Cara works as a Project Manager at Morning Star Inc., a Financial Services Firm.

"The Mirkopoulos Family and Studio President Alex Pissios have been so instrumental in helping support our film festival, and we want to extend our gratitude to them for the countless jobs they have also helped create here while attracting projects to Chicago" said Jerry Vasilatos, City Producer of the Chicago 48 Hour Film Project. "As they've given the same level of attention in helping us promote our emerging indie filmmakers, we felt it was fitting to showcase them along with the films selected by our judges to also be honored as the Best of Chicago".

The 48 Hour Film Project screenings premiere the work of 49 local Chicago filmmaking teams that drew a genre from a hat on Friday, August 23rd. They were then given a character, prop and line dialogue to include in their films. On Sunday August 25th, the filmmakers raced in a wild dash to the drop off event at Magnanimous Media (www.magnanimousrentals.com), where they turned in their films by the 48 hour deadline.

All films are eligible for audience awards, and the 45 that met the 48 hour deadline are judged for various awards by local filmmaking professionals. The entry declared to be the overall "Best Film" of Chicago will win a $1,000 Cash Prize courtesy of sponsors Cinespace Chicago Film Studios and the Ziliak Law Group (www.ziliak.com). Chicago's winner will then be sent to the international 48HFP competition, Filmapalooza, to be screened and judged with over 100 city winners from around the globe. From there, 12 films will be chosen to screen in the Short Film Corner at the Cannes International Film Festival like Chicago 2018 best film winner "Knockout” by Alley Cake Films and director Erik Scanlon. This marked the SECOND TIME IN A ROW a Chicago Team was selected to screen at the world-renowned film festival, showing that with determination and talent, teams can truly go the distance.

All premiere screenings, as well as the "Best of Chicago" Awards will be preceded by red carpet step up photo opps, where attendees can get pictures with their favorite filmmakers.

For 2019 Chicago 48 Hour Film Project Premiere Screening Tickets as well as the "Best of Chicago" Awards, please visit: https://musicboxtheatre.com/events/the-48-hour-film-project-2019

Jerry Vasilatos
Chicago 49 Hour Film Project
+1 323-309-7691
email us here
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Film Selection Announced for September 28th’s Second Annual Tampa Bay Humanitarian Film Festival

The Tampa Bay Humanitarian Film Festival will screen screen 41 films in downtown Clearwater on September 28th. Above is a still from the Florida-made film “Home of the Brave” by Deon Gibson.

The films we are screening this year come from around the world and each film uniquely presents a different viewpoint on humanity.”

— Lisa Mansell, Church of Scientology FSO spokesperson

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA, September 12, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — In preparation for the 2nd Annual Tampa Bay Humanitarian Film Festival in Downtown Clearwater, films have been selected.

The selected films include six films made in Florida as well as student film projects. A complete list of films can be found on the festival’s facebook site at https://www.facebook.com/TBHumanFF.

The selected Florida Films are:

· Trafficked in Paradise by Olivia Wilson

· A Friend Called Spiderman by Nicholas Canning

· The Flip Side by William Stead

· More to Life by Joshua Bowen

· Epiphany by Koula Sossiadis Kazista and Katina Sossiadis

· Home of the Brave by Deon Gibson

“The films we are screening this year come from around the world and each film uniquely presents a different viewpoint on humanity,” said event organizer Lisa Mansell. “For example, in the Foundation for a Drug Free World, we are screening films that show the viewpoint of an addict, the child of an addict, law enforcement and people who have specifically decided to live a drug free life while making their living as musicians in the Punk music scene.”

The festival will begin at noon on the 28th with a reception and VIP badge pick up at the Scientology Information Center (500 Cleveland Street). Films will begin screening at 1pm.

Sponsored by the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization, United for Human Rights Florida Chapter, the Way to Happiness Association of Tampa Bay, the Florida Chapter of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World and others, the festival will screen 41 films in the different humanitarian program centers along North Fort Harrison Avenue between Cleveland and Drew Streets.

About the Church of Scientology

The Scientology religion was founded by American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. The first Church of Scientology was formed by Scientologists in Los Angeles in 1954 and is now an international organization of more than 11,000 Churches, missions and groups. Scientologists work with people of all faiths to educate and resolve issues that are held in common by all. Humanitarian programs supported by the Church and its parishioners are implemented globally by governments, police departments, social service organizations and scores of non-profits who share the goal of a literate, crime free, drug free and ethical world.

Lisa Mansell
Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization
+1 727-467-6860
email us here

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ACC GLOBAL MEDIA features Sammie Tzambazis & Radiating Wellness

SAMMIE TZAMBAZIS Holistic Nutritionist

Sammie Tzambazis Founder of Radiating Wellness

SAMMIE TZAMBAZIS Holistic Nutritionist

Sammie Tzambazis Founder of Radiating Wellness

ACC Global News features Holistic Nutritionist Sammie Tzambazis of Radiating Wellness on Health, Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness

Sammie Tzambazis helps people of any age or gender transform their body, mind and physical wellness by utilizing the power and knowledge of Nutrition & Fitness”


TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 11, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — ACC GLOBAL MEDIA
Sammie Tzambazis & Radiating Wellness Toronto, Canada
ACC NEWS Interview with Sammie Tzambazis, Founder of Radiating on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12TH, 2019 at 12NOON (12:00 p.m. EST., Toronto, Canada
Contact: Sammie Tzambazis
Phone: 1 (905)-243-0188

Contact: ACC Global Media, 1-888-725-0554 www.Accglobalmedia.com(Talk Radio)

ACC News Talk Radio Features Holistic Nutritionist Sammie Tzambazis of Radiating Wellness

Toronto, Canada – Wellness is defined as the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as an actively sought goal. It’s utilized by many healthcare professionals as a means in prolonging life and preventing/treating illness. While many were skeptical of the incorporation of wellness practices into modern healthcare, the proof is difficult to ignore. Nutritionist and Fitness/Life Coach Sammie Tzambazis of Radiating Wellness provides undeniable proof that the integration of wellness can bring magnificent benefits to one’s mind and body.

Sammie’s personal journey and exploration into the world of wellness began at the age of 16 when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The symptoms of this condition are chronic pain throughout the body. For Sammie, the battle with chronic migraines, headaches and excruciating pain led to anxiety and severe bouts of depression. Countless doctors, medications and treatments did very little to subdue her agonizing symptoms. Desperate for answers, Sammie decided to take a different approach and focused her efforts on nutrition and exercise. She found the results to be incredible.

With a rejuvenated spirit and zest for life, Sammie spent six years studying the most effective plans of nutrition and fitness. Additionally, Sammie went on to become a certified Professional Life Coach. With the foundation of Radiating Wellness, Sammie is ready to help people from all backgrounds looking to enhance their lives.

At www.radiatingwellness.ca, you can view the wonderful programs that Sammie has developed to bring positive results to people’s lives. From custom meal plans to fitness plans, coaching sessions to custom package options that encompass meal, fitness and coaching sessions; Sammie has the knowledge, enthusiasm and drive that every client can embrace. Accessible by phone, email, Skype and online, Sammie has a global reach to meet her client’s needs.

“I strive to help people through their situations to let them know that no matter what you’re up against, things can get better. I’ve lived it. I understand the struggles. I help people with their goals through living healthy using wholesome ingredients and wholesome plans that lead to healthier and long lasting results,” exclaims Tzambazis.

Sammie Tzambazis will be featured on ACC News Talk Radio www.blogtalkradio.com/accglobalmedia on Thursday, September 12th at 12pm EST. For more information about Sammie Tzambazis visit www.radiatingwellness.ca, email radiatingwellness@outlook.com or call 905-243-0188.

Thank you for sharing this vital information with your clients, network of colleagues and co-workers! Please tune in at show tab below.


+1 888-725-0554
email us here

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Indian American Actor Director Divyansh Sharma Eyes Netflix after Successful Festival Run

Divyansh Sharma as Elvis Presley in Apple's Facetime Commercial

Divyansh Sharma as Elvis in Apple’s Facetime Commercial

Divyansh Sharma at the premiere of "Graffiti" at Chinese Theatre

Divyansh Sharma at the premiere of “Graffiti” at Chinese Theatre

Sharma on the set of Cigarettes in December

Sharma on the set of Cigarettes in December

Indian born Actor Director Divyansh Sharma says " Representing a country of billions is a blessing. Would love to do projects with Netflix to reach audiences.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 11, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Indian born Sharma who resides in California has been the talk of multiple film festivals across the globe. Sharma came to the states on a scholarship in pursuit of a B.F.A in Acting at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. He has ”taken to writing, directing and acting in films in order to rebrand Indians in Hollywood and break the status quo.” And so far he has not disappointed.

At the age of 22 , Sharma has garnered over 30 awards for his debut film Graffiti which premiered at the Chinese theatre and launched on to the global scene portraying king of rock and roll Elvis Presley in Apple’s Facetime commercial. His current award winning film Cigarettes in December has started a successful festival run with Sharma winning Best Drama and Best Actor at the Los Angeles Film Awards along with another Best Drama award at the prestigious Italian film festival Oniros Film awards." Here is the link to the trailer of the film

Sharma who has been cast in Origins Productions first Feature film “A Dream in Frames” will portray a struggling Indian-American Actor who has to jump through the hoops of Hollywood to land his first role. Sharma says “It is an exciting time and to be able to represent a country of billions is nothing short of a blessing. Netflix is making media so approachable to global audiences. And India is a country where cinema has always been ingrained in our lives and the audiences have become smarter and aware. They demand quality content. I believe a film like A Dream in Frames is a perfect fit for such an audience and steaming services. I would love to work with Netflix both in India and the states to make that happen."

A swiftly rising actor director in the International entertainment industry. Sharma has worked with some of the most talented and recognizable industry professionals. Among them Academy Award Winning Swedish cinematographer Linus Sandgren known for “La La Land”, “American Hustle” and “First Man”. Widely published American Celebrity photographer Tony Duran, who has been known to express “unrivaled artistic vision” and Cannes Lion Award-Winning director Dougal Wilson whose work includes music videos “Life in Technicolor II” for Coldplay, “Tribulations” for LCD Soundsystem and “Who am I” for will Young.

"As a storyteller I believe steaming services have made it possible to tell important and necessary stories. Stories that don't need a massive budget but just a platform. And if films are a conveyor of important ideas disguised as entertainment. Then streaming services are the modern day Gutenberg printing press. It's no short of a miracle that so much of quality entertaining content is just a click away."

Sharma has been brought on by Origins Productions as an actor for a couple of short films and two other feature films. But for the time being Origins Productions is happy to be in the public sphere with Cigarettes in December and A Dream in Frames.

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Cigarettes in December (2019) – Trailer

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FRIDAY the 13th – Celebrity Horror Icon Autograph Event

Friday the 13th

"First Jason To KILL!"

ELLICOTT CITY, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, September 11, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Come out to the Unusual Company at 8137 Main Street, Ellicott City, Maryland, 21043 this Friday to meet & greet with Warrington Gillette, who played Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part 2 "First Jason to KILL" movie.

Tour the three levels of retail, bookstore, events space, and an Authentic Italian Gelato shop all housed in a circa 1900 bank building.

Bring your own item to get signed, or we will have several unique items to purchase. Items range from all levels: from movie stills to high-end movie props. There will even be a raffle for a custom Friday the 13th chair designed and crafted by Vintage Chic!

So come out for good tunes, good times, meet a horror icon, and top it off with a gelato in a very unusual place!

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