A World Away by Mark Blanchard

Featured Film of Myrtle Beach International Film Festival April 27th

Grandma from A World Away

Now I think I have the perfect story. Who wants to hear it? (L-R): Julian Grey, Caroline Lagerfelt, Samantha Bowden

Sweltering sun on the ridge after landing in the other world

Resting on the ridge of beneath the sweltering sun. (L-R): Frank Lawrence Catania, Daniel Jenks, Landry Bender, Nathaniel J Potvin, David DeLuise, Carmen Blanchard, and Rowan Blanchard

Selected for MBIFF – April 27 @ 12:00PM – Myrtle Beach

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 19, 2019 / — Three Flames Pictures Presents
A WORLD AWAY a film by Mark Blanchard



Los Angeles, CA (April 19, 2019) Official Winner of Chicago Independent Film Festival 2019 for Best Film Feature, Best Ensemble Cast, Audience Choice For Best Film, A WORLD AWAY a film by Mark Blanchard is a special selection of The Myrtle Beach International Film Festival 2019 and will premiere there on Saturday, April 27, 2019 – 12 Noon.

The lucky winners of a school raffle embark on an overnight field trip to the Grand Canyon but when their plane takes an unexpected detour through a wormhole, six kids and their ex-military pilot find themselves no longer on planet earth but a world away. In order to get back, they’ll need to forge unlikely friendships, face their fears and trust a magic ‘source’ capable of guiding them on an adventurous journey home. But it won't be an easy journey home…

This family-friendly, Dove approved, sci-fi adventure film stars Rowan Blanchard, David DeLuise, Caroline Lagerfelt, Landry Bender, Nathaniel J Potvin, Frank Lawrence Catania, Daniel Jenks, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Nadine Velazquez, Alexa Khan, Julian Grey, Sal Landi, Samantha Bowden, and Carmen Blanchard. Additional cast includes Maximilian Muench, David Steen, Shane Blanchard, Riley Jackson, Chika Nashiki, and Genghis Khan N Enrique.

The cast and creative team attending Myrtle Beach International Film Festival include director Mark Blanchard, Caroline Lagerfelt, Sal Landi and co-producer Alexa Khan.

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Video trailer of A World Away

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Reality TV Star Patti Negri From Travel Channels Hit Show 'Ghost Adventures' Releases First Book

Old World Magick for the Modern World: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to Balance, Empower, and Create a Life You Love

Old World Magick for the Modern World By Patti Negri

Author Patti Negri

Ghost Adventures Star and Author Patti Negri


The book offers easy techniques to shift your energy, your perception and your outcomes to create the life you want.”

— Author Patti Negri

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 18, 2019 / — World renowned psychic medium and “Good Witch,” Patti Negri releases her first book "Old World Magick for the Modern World: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to Balance, Empower, and Create a Life You Love.” A recurring cast member on Travel Channel’s number one Saturday night series Ghost Adventures, the reality star brings her award winning Magickal practice seen on the show into viewers home’s by way of an easy to use modern compendium. Sharing her specialty of adjusting energy and flow, in people, spaces and situations Patti shows you how to work with natures elements and create simple 30 second solutions which can be done anywhere. Using her magical, loving and upbeat working style Patti shares elemental “old world” techniques showing you how to create spells and rituals which arrange natural elements to the rhythms and cycles of the universe to bring about healing, balance and change lives for the better.

Patti has been able to communicate with the spirit world since she was a toddler and consciously since she conducted her first séance at age eight. Since then she has conducted séances, clearings and sessions on radio, film, TV and in living rooms across America. Her new book shares her wisdom, experience, and tips on how to create Magick in your own life. The book provides easy techniques that require no previous experience or changes to your belief system to shift your energy, your perception and your outcomes to create the life you want. "Old World Magick for the Modern World: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to Balance, Empower, and Create a Life You Love.” is available for purchase on Amazon at

Patti Negri was voted number one psychic, medium, trance medium, tarot reader, witch /magical practitioner, crystal & stone energy healer and life coach in the world. She also won number one Intuitive Entertainer Occult Personality of the year and number one influential women in business. She has recently graced 6 magazine covers including American Psychic & Medium, Art, Parapsychology and Mind Power, 4th Dimension and Stars Illustrated and has contributed or been a part of over 20 books, several of which are Amazon Bestsellers.

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Jack and Jill, Why They Kill

Janie Got Her Gun! At 18, She Couldn't Buy a Beer in Denver, But Her Tender Age Was Okay For Buying the Shotgun She Fatally Turned On Herself!

Selling a shotgun to Sol Pais, 18, was that Denver clerk's mortal sin. Sol Pais should have been advised of the FBI's 2-week wait. Why sell her a shotgun at 18, yet she could not buy a beer until 21?”

— James E. Shaw, Ph.D.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 18, 2019 / — Janie Got Her Gun! Florida Teen Flies To Colorado, Infatuated by the Columbine High School Shootings of 1999, Buys a Shotgun and Fatally Shoots Herself

Dr.James E. Shaw, author of the landmark, media-heralded book, Jack and Jill, Why They Kill: Saving Our Children, Saving Ourselves, says he was stunned to hear of the tragic death of 18-year old Sol Pais, "Who wasn't even born when the unspeakably horrid Columbine shootings occurred in 1999." Shaw was one of the invited keynote speakers at the first Columbine High School commemorative ceremony, in 2000. He says, "School leaders and the communities they serve have, with the nonstop support of law enforcement, made tremendous school safety advances all across the country…and all the time." Shaw shakes his head, frowns and asks, "How is it that enlightenment about selling guns to children has not fully occurred? The Florida teenager, Sol Pais, wasn't even the legal age of 21 for buying beer in Colorado, yet she was able to easily buy a shotgun and ammunition within minutes of her plane's landing in Denver."

"Jack and Jill, Why They Kill," Shaw's book, has been hailed, on CNN, as the "smart answer for today's troubled times." Shaw spent four years inside state youth prisons, interviewing girls and boys incarcerated for having committed murder and homicide. His pioneering in-person research broke ground in an area that school leaders were only then beginning to understand. "Going to school can be hazardous to children's health," Shaw says. He praises the Jefferson County school superintendent for "his sharp instincts that drove the closing of every school in the district and locking out potential student threatners." Shaw adds: "Dr. Jason Glass stopped Jeffco's school yards from being turned–by a gun-wielding, depressed, disoriented, and disillusioned child–into grave yards."

"Jack and Jill, Why They Kill" is the outgrowth of Shaw's research inside state youth prisons that earned him a Ph.D. degree from the Claremont Graduate University, as well as Phi Delta Kappa's "Best Dissertation of the Year" award. Shaw says he is grateful to media organizations for "their constant invitations to me to be a guest expert in TV and radio on-air discussions about school safety, campus threatners, bullying, and the constant need to work cooperatively and collaboratively with local law enforcement to ensure maximum safety for everyone in the school community." Shaw says that Sol Pais "utter failure in the execution" of her purported plans to arrive at Columbine High School with her newly-purchased and loaded shotgun, "Spared the lives of others she might have encountered."

In addition to being on the Panel of Experts of the Los Angeles Superior Court, since 2003, Shaw continues to research and write, and occasionally teaches in the doctoral programs of professional schools of Psychology, such as the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and the California Southern University School of Behavioral Sciences. He is also a public speaker represented by the Jodi Solomon Speakers Bureau, Boston, MA. "Jack and Jill, Why They Kill" is available at, and is used in colleges and universities and police academies nationwide.

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JC Matthew NZ Ltd brings Tony Stark to New Zealand Introducing the Iron Man MK50 Robot from Marvel and UBTech

The Iron Man MK50 Robot promises to "bring Tony Stark to life"

The Iron Man MK50 is the first humanoid robot inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and JC Matthew NZ Ltd is the exclusive distributor for New Zealand.

AUCKLAND, ROSEDALE, NEW ZEALAND, April 18, 2019 / — Avengers: Endgame is arguably the most anticipated movie of the 21st century. To tie in with its release on 24 April, the Iron Man MK50 Robot is landing – and JC Matthew NZ Ltd is the exclusive distributor for New Zealand.

Created by Marvel and UBTech, this walking, talking robot promises to "bring Tony Stark to life" and allows the user to create, control, code, and battle in Iron Man's world. Standing at just over 32cm high, it is the first humanoid robot inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

JC Matthew NZ's director, Milton Frear, says, "We are so excited about this product! It's been described as a Marvel fan's 'ultimate dream', and it's easy to understand why. You can upload your own photo and audio to the robot's face display so, when the faceplate opens, you are Iron Man!" he laughs, "and that's just one highlight."

Other features include:

– A dynamic augmented reality (AR) experience through a free app for iOS and Android that lets the user play as Tony Stark and suit up in the iconic MK50 armour to practise their battle skills. Build the arsenal of nanotech weaponry, then battle against enemy drones inspired by Iron Man’s iconic villains, like the Chitauri and Ebony Maw.
– Mobile Command protocol puts the user in control of the robot's motors, lights and sound, with the ability to select specific phrases from a recognisable Tony Stark voice.
– Iron Guard protocol offers custom patrol capabilities, utilising cutting edge light sensor technology to detect enemy invaders and respond with audio and light reactions.
– Custom protocol lets the user build one-of-a-kind moves for the robot using block-based programming. The visual drag-and-drop programming editor allows the creation of simple, custom Iron Man scripts without any prior programming knowledge, and gives the user the full Super Hero power of Iron Man’s MK50 technology.

Strictly limited numbers of the Iron Man MK50 Robot are available for online purchase. Pre-orders are being taken now via (where detailed product information can also be found.)

– press information ends –

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The Iron Man MK50 Robot from Marvel and UBTech, distributed exclusively in New Zealand by JC Matthew NZ Ltd

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What's Your Story? An Insight into Selling In the Luxury Residential Market

Story About Your Home

Family In Front Of New Home

The “art of the sale” is in making the property easy to buy! It's the art of capturing the home's story and putting it in to words and imagery.

Each property has its own story waiting to be revealed. We aim to unveil this story in a beautiful, compelling way.”

— Roxanne Henderson

STRATFORD, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 17, 2019 / — Selling your luxury real estate home involves care and personalization to properly present the property well to potential qualified, interested buyers. The best thing you can do as a seller is to see your property in the eyes of a buyer. How does the property speak to you? Do you feel a connection and kinship to the building, interior design, and grounds? Whether you are selling a country home, serene ocean getaway, or a penthouse, your property has its own special story. The discovery of a new property can be intoxicating for a new buyer when the property has an emotional resonance and offers a connection that the buyer can relate to.

Some homes have special features that are compelling that convince you to keep touring the property and exploring both the interior and exterior. Others have luxury modern amenities that offer convenience and comfort. The proximity of your residence to lifestyle pursuits such as lakes, parks, golf courses, ski resorts, and equestrian properties, to name a few, can also be very attractive to buyers.

Each property has its own story waiting to be revealed. We aim to unveil this story in a beautiful, compelling way.

Your buyer’s experience of your home is very important. This begins long before the prospective buyer has set foot on the property. It starts with your presentation online and via the marketing methods you choose. We aim to create a special, memorable experience for your potential buyers by carefully creating a story about your home that speaks to them.

This storyline is important in how a buyer chooses a property. When you think about how you purchased your home initially, you will remember the storyline in your own mind that helped you decide to purchase the home. Your home has its own personal story that can only be told through your eyes. Understanding this is key to making the sale. This “art of the sale” is in making the property easy to buy!

Marketing your home successfully requires a compelling story that speaks to your perfect audience who will love experiencing your home. It’s the art of capturing the home’s story and putting it in to words.

Stories have the ability to engage, uplift and inspire with emotional impact and connecting the audience directly so that readers feel that they are living the story themselves.

Creating a narrative to support your home’s story includes marketing tools such as photography and film. Images without a story lack cohesion and can also be confusing or disjointed. They essentially lack meaning or “soul.” However, when you craft a meaningful story that is tied to the property’s unique and special characteristics, you create a winning narrative that inspire high quality, connected imagery.

This methodology is quintessential in the arts and entertainment industry. It’s the underpinning of all great works. Since your home is the underpinning of your great story, we want to capture it both in words and visually in order to attract the perfect buyer.

We have professional writers, photographers and videographers that work with us tell your story. It’s our formula for success…your success.

When Others See A Home, We See A Work Of Art.

Roxanne Henderson
Chestnut Park Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage
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Find Realtor Rockwall Texas Won Best Real Estate Agent Near Me Rockwall TX – Odom Rockwall TX Real Estate Agents Near Me

Chad Odom Certificate of Excellence Rockwall TX

Chad Odom Certificate of Excellence Rockwall TX

Chad Odom Local Real Estate Agent Rockwall TX

Chad Odom Local Real Estate Agent Rockwall TX

Rockwall Texas Local Real Estate Agent

Rockwall Texas Local Real Estate Agent

Best Real Estate Agents Rockwall Texas

Best Real Estate Agents Rockwall Texas

Top Local Real Estate Agent Rockwall TX

Top Local Real Estate Agent Rockwall TX

Top Rockwall TX Real Estate Agent Selected Best Real Estate Agents in Rockwall Texas – Odom Rockwall Texas Real Estate Agents Help Rockwall TX Sell My Home Now.

As a Rockwall Texas top local realtor, I specialize in helping homeowners curious about how to find a local realtor near me in Rockwall TX to efficiently offer their Rockwall TX properties. ”

— Real Estate Agents Rockwall TX – Chad Odom Real Estate Agency

ROCKWALL, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2019 / — Best 5-Star Real Estate Agents in America has bestowed upon Chad Odom, an established real estate agent in Rockwall Texas, its phenomenal Certificate of Excellence for highest performance in the real estate homeowner service field in America.

A local realtor can either be a buyer representative or a seller representative or listing agent, depending upon the customer need. Although a single representative might list a home available and also collaborate with purchasers, each duty will certainly be a little varied. To understand why you need a local real estate agent and just what your agent should do for you, let us take a look at each agent kind.

Do not blindly visit or request a neighborhood firm or contact a real estate agent at random. Check out evaluations online after looking for realtors in your local area.

Your local real estate agent is an outright requirement when it involves researching available residences up for sale. Your realtor must have geographic understanding and neighborhood familiarity, in addition to school details and other insider information. Your real estate agent will certainly also have a network of associated professionals to assist you in completing your realty transaction, including home mortgage lending institutions, title companies and assessors. When you are ready to complete a deal on a residence, your local real estate agent will certainly generate the documentation to present to the homeowner and also will certainly bargain on your behalf until you are either pleased with the conditions of the purchase or are ready to proceed in another direction.

As soon as your offer is accepted, your local real estate agent will assist you in the review of each action in the closing procedure. If you just were not pre-qualified for a home mortgage, your realtor will certainly additionally work with you to collect the essential components to obtain a home loan. In short, your purchaser representative will certainly lead you through each step of the buying procedure while taking care of even more details that you could never imagine.

Just how does a realtor come to a market price on a home? A real estate agent will certainly price your house similar to an evaluator would. A realtor compares your home to just what has actually sold in the area in the previous few months. They recognize the rising cost of living in your area. A realtor’s research likewise consists of inspecting court documents to see what has sold in this area. This covers home sales not detailed on MLS, yet by legislation have been documented at the court for a particular location.

Chad Odom has long been recognized as a seller agent in a profession among top local real estate agents in Rockwall TX and would be capable of contributing worthwhile knowledge and tips on this topic.

Your top local realtor will certainly list your property to buy on the multiple listing service as well as spread the information about your home to various other realtors. Your real estate agent may hold an open house for other local realtors and also host events to attract prospective buyers. Like a buyer representative, your seller agent ought to have community experience, university information as well as other expert information to share with leads.

When a legit deal is presented on your property, a top real estate agent will reveal real value by arguing every item to your benefit. At this point, you ought to have enough faith in your representative to trust the suggestions pertaining to the close of your sale. Then, put the documentation in the hands of your real estate professional.

Just how typically do you wish to speak with your realtor? Do you desire to convene at your home as opposed to the office of the real estate agent? Evaluate the advantages of collaborating with a knowledgeable realtor versus a newbie.

As you can see, the function of a buyer agent as well as a homeowner representative are distinctly varied, yet their paths intersect with each realty purchase. Whether you are buying or selling, a top realtor will certainly be your helper from beginning to end.

As a top listing agent in the profession of the best Rockwall TX real estate agents, Chad Odom is actively involved in the city too and keeps aware about provincial developments which are invaluable in figuring out the real estate market.

A seasoned real estate agent could have much more insight, but a newer realtor might have cutting-edge state-of-the-art advertising concepts, as well as much more energy and also time which can result in getting your house marketed much more promptly.

As you start the procedure of offering your residence, you are confronted with the following questions. Exactly what is the right price? What should be done about advertising and marketing of my residence? Just how do I make certain I'm dealing with certified purchasers? Exactly what should I do regarding the closing? The solutions of a certified real estate agent professional are of the greatest value in answering these questions.

What info is most essential when marketing a residence? A homeowner should find out what the state calls for as well as just what the loan provider needs when it involves home sales transactions. A seller additionally needs to know the duration for all transactions. If the schedule is not followed, the contract can end up being null.

Advertising and marketing your residence is more than placing a sign in the backyard as well as an advertisement in the classifieds. A local real estate agent ought to offer a range of marketing devices including a backyard sign, advertisement in local real estate publications, incorporation in the neighborhood multiple listing service, addition on their internet site and also printed flyers or sales brochures. This multifaceted advertising plan ensures that your residential property is seen by scores of potential buyers.

Getting exclusive real estate leads are a new convenience because exclusive online leads can help top real estate agents list new homeowners, both luxury sellers and luxury home buyers. The referral fee can be “pay at closing,” thereby requiring little or no up-front cost for the agent. This exclusive method is now determined as the most highly preferred way to secure the best real estate leads so long as the (1) referral fee is “pay at closing,” also called “paid at closing” or “paid after closing,” such as is the case with, and, the real estate leads are (2) exclusive, not sent to multiple agents, (3) centered on listing referral leads primarily, or (4) dedicated to seller listing referrals, but not centered on buyer leads, and (5) highlights the real estate agent business rather than the referring service name to (6) build the brand name of the real estate agent which (7) provides long term value and notoriety for the agent. The “real estate agent” then becomes the household name rather than the “referring service” becoming the household brand. These exclusive real estate agent leads are considered to be the best exclusive real estate leads “pay at closing” by leading real estate agents.

Those of you that are considering marketing your home might be thinking about the opportunity of doing it on your own without the assistance of a top local real estate agent. You may be believing you could conserve some cash by doing it by this means. You might save some cash, however is it actually worth the risk? Your residential property will not get the needed visibility to the wide range of prospective customers that are around, locally and nationally, to obtain the best price. You are only marketing mainly to those that drive by your street or by word of mouth.

A local realtor will make sure that the potential buyers consist of quality customers coming through your home. As a professional in the home selling procedure, a top realtor will advise you of your rights, choices as well as commitments. Their negotiating abilities help in figuring out ideal deals, offering counter-offers and obtaining for you the highest sales price. They could help break down the legalese of the contract as well as improve the process of closing the sale.

Review the real estate agent’s workplace. Search for a broker firm whose brokers may empower you with property proficiency and resources and offer premium client support.

Does not working with a lawyer deal with contracts? If you think an attorney writing up a contract is totally free as well as without concerns and also duties, you're wrong. The lawyer does not have the time to remain on top of this to make sure everything needed is done on the house prior to closing. If you do desire the attorney to deal with the details, you'll pay a legal representative’s cost, which is typically expensive.

The best real estate agents in Rockwall Texas are blessed to have a top local real estate agent like Chad Odom in their community who unquestionably brings a lofty grade of expertise to the real estate trade in Rockwall TX.

Just assume you determined to offer your residence on your own and you did discover a person that is interested and is currently prepared to get your property. You are possibly not conscious of all your rights when it pertains to discussing as well as finalizing the deal. A local realtor recognizes all the required papers that you will need to ensure your sale goes efficiently. For example, do not forget all the disclosures that are required to be signed and all the lawfully binding agreements that the parties must complete for an agreement.

Considering offering your house by yourself, without the assistance and specialist advice of a qualified real estate broker? You might wish to re-examine your thought to do so, because chances are great that you will certainly not boost your profit by selling your house. Do you possibly think your savings on fees will be your incentive after you attend a seminar on marketing your own home?

A home sale is a complicated series of deals with numerous parties. Not just is it time-consuming, assessment and synchronization with experts at every step is necessary. Participation at a workshop does not make you an expert on residence marketing. Average people will certainly buy only a couple of residences in a lifetime, unless they are property capitalists. A top successful real estate broker will average 5-10 deals per month. A real estate broker with understanding and experience in the career will certainly have the ability to improve your bottom line on a house sale.

Aim to get your mortgage pre-approved by the bank before you begin trying to find a residence. There are a lot of homeowners that will just enable those with pre-approval letters to take a look at their building since it is a sign that you are serious about purchasing a residential or commercial property.

During times when a property owner in Rockwall Texas is thinking of the idea of “sell my house quickly,” one should contact a top local local real estate agent professional such as Chad Odom Real Estate Agent Rockwall TX, (469) 434-3626. Why should you take chances when attempting to get the highest profit for a house in Rockwall Texas in the shortest time period?

Real Estate Agents Rockwall TX – Chad Odom
Chad Odom Real Estate Agency Rockwall TX
+1 (469) 434-3626
email us here

Best Real Estate Agent in Rockwall TX

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从事人工智能开发的alt与研发高速数据传输技术“RaySync”的云语携手合作,启动关于使用计算机运算分布式处理服务“alt emeth”进行高速数据传输的共同研究



alt Inc.

alt Inc. (alt)携手深圳市云语科技有限公司(云语)展开研究,此项研究针对在 alt即将推出的计算机运算分布式处理服务“alt emeth”上广泛散布的计算机资源,以将其间进行的数据传输高速化为目的。

CHIYODA-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN, April 17, 2019 / — alt Inc. (公司本部:东京都千代田区,董事长:米仓千贵。后文略称我司或alt)携手深圳市云语科技有限公司(公司本部:中国深圳市,董事长:Walken。后文略称云语)展开研究,此项研究针对在 alt即将推出的计算机运算分布式处理服务“alt emeth”上广泛散布的计算机资源,以将其间进行的数据传输高速化为目的。

Alt正在进行开发的“alt emeth”,其宗旨是将分散在全世界的计算机与服务器的剩余能力网络化,以此实现全球前列的运算能力。
但是,由于各国家与地区的通信环境各不相同,即使能够一瞬间完成大量的运算处理,在传输运算结果时仍然会因通信环境而受到速度上的限制,可以预见,这将会成为影响“alt emeth”发挥出最大性能的问题。
在此,我们开展了各种研究,意图能够活用云语的高速数据传输技术“RaySync”,保障最大最适用的通信环境,将“alt emeth”的运算结果进行高速传输。
另一方面,通过活用alt的“alt emeth”,云语也能在传输全种类大规模数据方面进一步提升技术,开发拓展应用多样化的服务。

【“alt emeth”的相关信息】
“alt emeth”作为平台,主要基于分布式计算技术与神经网络技术组合而成的非集中式新型架构,通过因特网,将分散在全世界的计算器与服务器的剩余能力网络化,从而能够获得人工智能学习所需的大规模运算能力。

为计算机运算分布式处理服务“alt emeth”提供资源的“参加者”,能够完成需要使用大规模运算的“使用者”的工作,并能得到报酬分配。我们的目标,是通过这一应用区块链的运算处理的共享模型,使得“使用者”能够不必进行大量的计算投资,以更为低廉的价格使用大规模运算处理服务。


● 来自深圳市云语科技有限公司CEO Walken先生的评论

这次能与alt携手,进行在我们的服务基础上构筑而成的设想数据传输解决方案“RaySync”的销售、以及能够共同开展进行在“alt emeth”上运用“RaySync”的一系列研发工作,真是莫大的荣幸。我们希望,能够通过在AI相关以及量子运算等方面应用我们的技术许可与服务,为社会作出更大的贡献。为此,我们两家公司会通力合作,进行共同服务相关的研究。今后也请对我们两家公司的发展拭目以待。

■alt Inc.的相关信息
alt是进行“P.A.I.(personal A.I.:个人人工智能)※”研发的AI创业公司。
为了实现这一愿景,必须要有能实现庞大运算能力的手段。为此,我们开发了分布式神经网络基盘“alt emeth”。

※“P.A.I.(personal A.I.:个人人工智能)”与“alt”作为A.I.的研发目的,是将我们个人自身的想法与思考数码化之后配置到云端,让这个“克隆体”完成所有数码作业。
“P.A.I.”是alt Inc.的注册商标。


alt Inc. 宣传部门

Minori Maeda
alt Inc.
+81 3-63807076
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Max Hawthorne’s KRONOS RISING: KRAKEN 2 Makes for One Terrifying Beach Read

Amazon Bestselling Author Plans on Keeping Readers Out of the Water This Summer

BUCKINGHAM, PA, US, April 16, 2019 / — Two-time Book of the Year/People’s Choice Award winner Max Hawthorne, author of the popular KRONOS RISING series of action-adventure/thrillers, says his latest novel, KRONOS RISING: KRAKEN vol. 2 (Far From The Tree Press, LLC) is set to make waves – the kind with a little pee in them. “The appeal of a good beach read,” Hawthorne confided during a recent interview, “Is that it makes you wonder what might be out there, hidden beneath the surface and lurking just beyond the breakers . . . or maybe even closer. It’s what makes the sub-genre of horror known as ‘marine terror’ so thrilling, and helped make Peter Benchley’s immortal classic ‘JAWS’, and the record-breaking Spielberg film that followed, the stuff of legend.”

When asked what makes so many people inherently afraid of the sea (a phenomena known as Thalassophobia), Hawthorne replied, “We humans are terrestrial creatures. Out in the water and bereft of technology, we’re clumsy and almost defenseless. Speed-wise, we’re veritable snails. Even the fastest Olympic swimmers are slower than a sting ray or sea turtle. And, let’s face facts, legends of man-eating monsters exist for a reason. Whether we’re talking sharks, giant squid, or something not yet seen, most legends have a basis in reality.”

Asked for a synopsis of his book, Hawthorne said, “I don’t like to do spoilers. This is the fifth book in the series. In book one (KRONOS RISING), readers were introduced to a gigantic marine reptile known as a pliosaur, arguably, the biggest and deadliest predator of all time. It battled sperm whales, Orcas, submersibles, and even a small ship of mercenaries, and left a swathe of destruction in its wake. The book was a huge hit – so much so that Amazon added it to their Prime Reading List. From there, the challenge was to not just keep the series alive, but to keep it interesting. With the KR: Kraken books, I’m proud to say I’ve managed to do that. There are new and relatable characters, improvements in technology (Kronos Rising: Kraken 1 & 2 take place 30 years in the future), action scenes that will make your head spin, and, of course, even more terrifying beasts. The readers eat them up; or is it vice versa?”

Hawthorne’s legions of fans (they literally call themselves “The Legions of Kronos”) have praised his books for not only providing ultra-realism, but nail-biting suspense that keeps them turning the pages and asking for more. “I had one reader write in her Amazon review that my book was the scariest thing she’s ever read. She said she cleaned her whole house in two days because she would start reading and, when it got too much for her, she’d put the book down and clean something to take her mind off it. Then, after she’d calmed down, she’d go back. It was very flattering,” Hawthorne said. “I don’t set out to scare people, however. I try to tell a gripping story and I guess, based on the subject matter, the fear factor tends to be inherent.”

When the question arose as to just how frightening the new book is, Hawthorne grinned and said, “Well, I did email the manufacturer of a certain brand of adult diapers, asking if they would provide coupons for a free pair to put inside each book. I got the distinct impression they thought I was out of my mind.” He chuckled and added, “Honestly, I don’t think my novels are any scarier than, say, popular movies in my genre. But I have upped the ante in this last book. Besides the Kraken, which is horrifying in its own right, Captain Natalya Dragunova, one of my protagonists, leads an armed landing party onto the shores of Diablo Caldera, the Cretaceous-era island where the series’ pliosaurs originated. No spoilers, but let’s just say that Natalya and her team soon discover that, on Diablo, even dry land isn’t safe.”

Note: Max’s publishers are giving away FREE excerpts from KRONOS RISING: KRAKEN (vol. 2).

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CCHR Documentary Exposes Psychiatric Profit Driven Mental Illness Strategy

Marketing of Madness Label

The headquarters for CCHR Florida are located in downtown Clearwater.

The headquarters for CCHR Florida are located in downtown Clearwater.

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights is a non-profit mental health watchdog dedicated to the eradication of abuses committed under the guise of mental health.

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights is a non-profit mental health watchdog dedicated to the eradication of abuses committed under the guise of mental health.

The documentary reveals the true insanity in our psychiatric health care system – profit-drive marketing at the expense of patients, families and communities.

This documentary is detailing how the psychiatric industry is attempting to penetrate into nearly every aspect of American life.”

— Citizens Commission on Human Rights

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2019 / — The Marketing of Madness is a closely researched film that documents a growing psychiatric strategy to label children and adults with mental disorders, which lack any medical basis of diagnosis, and to place them on powerful psychiatric drugs that are often addictive and have dangerous side effects.

Exposing the questionable ethics of the psychiatric profession's close marketing ties with pharmaceutical corporations, the documentary reveals the true insanity in our psychiatric health care system – profit-drive marketing at the expense of patients, families and communities.

The National Institute of Mental Health asserts that tens of millions of people in the USA alone have mental illnesses and that the number has been constantly growing for decades. This mysterious modern-day plague is explained by the profits generated by a “diagnosis” of mental illness lacking any physical test. The more that are diagnosed, the more profit for pharmaceutical supply chains and for psychiatrists who promote and prescribe these habit-forming drugs.

Additionally, the rationale that “he shot those school children because he had a mental illness” is exposed by this documentary as a red herring designed to focus attention away from the real cause of sudden and unexplained violence – psychiatric drugs with homicidal and suicidal side effects.

There is growing evidence of the link between psychotropic drugs prescribed to children, and epidemics of school violence. Seven out of the ten drugs linked to violence are either anti-depressants or ADHD drugs. Prescribing those labeled as mentally ill with hazardous drugs sends the disturbing message that commercial profits are more important than the safety of children and families. [1]

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Florida (CCHR), announced recently that they will be hosting a showing of the psychiatric documentary, The Marketing of Madness, in their downtown facility. The full-screen showing will be presented to visitors at no charge. To find out when the next screening of The Marketing of Madness will be held, please call CCHR at (727) 442-8820.

About CCHR: Initially established by the Church of Scientology and renowned psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Szasz in 1969, CCHR’s mission is to eradicate abuses committed under the guise of mental health and enact patient and consumer protections. L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, first brought psychiatric imprisonment to wide public notice: “Thousands and thousands are seized without process of law, every week, over the ‘free world’ tortured, castrated, killed. All in the name of ‘mental health,’” he wrote in March 1969.


[1] Psychiatric Drugs: Create Violence & Suicide

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The Marketing of Madness CCHR Drug Documentary – Are We All Insane? (Trailer)

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Odyssey Impact

She Spoke Up

NEW YORK, NY, USA, April 15, 2019 / — THE RAPE OF RECY TAYLOR has been nominated for a 2019 Peabody Award in the category of “Documentary” by the award’s board of jurors.

THE RAPE OF RECY TAYLOR was produced by Augusta Films, in association with Transform Films, and is the subject of a powerful social impact campaign through Odyssey Impact.

This announcement comes at the beginning of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April), which is of profound significance to the topic of the film. THE RAPE OF RECY TAYLOR shines a spotlight on the culture of physical abuse that was a common reality to women in 1944 Alabama. When Recy Taylor was just 24 years old, she was gang-raped by six teenage white boys as she was walking home from church.

THE RAPE OF RECY TAYLOR has already received critical acclaim during a run at film festivals around the world, including a nomination for Best Documentary at the 2018 NAACP Image Awards and the Special Prize for Human Rights at the 2017 Venice Film Festival. The story of Recy Taylor also earned unexpected media interest after being included in Oprah Winfrey’s historic speech at the 2018 Golden Globes Awards.

Nominees for a Peabody Award are selected by unanimous vote of 19 jurors from more than 1,200 entries. The winner in the documentary category will be announced April 16, with the awards given at the 78th Annual Peabody Awards. The Peabody Awards ceremony will be hosted by Ronan Farrow at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City on May 18.

THE RAPE OF RECY TAYLOR shines a spotlight on the culture of physical abuse that was a common reality to women in 1944 Alabama. When Recy Taylor was just 24 years old, she was gang-raped by six teenage white boys as she was walking home from church. While the vast majority of women stayed silent after their attacks, fearing for both their lives and the lives of their families, Recy, a black wife, mother, and sharecropper chose to not stay silent. She bravely stood up for her rights, reported the crime, and publically identified her rapists. The NAACP sent their chief rape investigator, Rosa Parks, to investigate. Parks had also been the victim of an attempted rape, and she fought tirelessly to rally support, raise awareness, and establish a nationwide community that demanded justice.

Stuart continues, “At Odyssey Impact, we are passionate about sharing powerful stories of social justice through compelling documentaries. We know that social change is possible when we can raise awareness, change attitudes, and begin meaningful conversations. The faith community is uniquely poised to use these stories to bring a spirit of healing, support, understanding, and lasting change in their individual communities.”

The national social impact initiative around THE RAPE OF RECY TAYLOR is designed to engage and inform the public about sexual violence against women, underscore the historical trauma faced by Black women during the Jim Crow South era, and examine the structural racism still affecting women today. Focused on encouraging a new dialogue and sparking positive change, Odyssey Impact has developed numerous resources and discussion guides to accompany the film, which will be available for download to help facilitate events by local grassroots organizations. A community toolkit, surveys, and local organizing tools are additional components provided to assist with educational and community outreach. For information, go to

THE RAPE OF RECY TAYLOR (USA, 91 minutes) is directed and written by Nancy Buirski and produced by Buirski, Claire L. Chandler, Beth Hubbard, and Susan Margolin. Executive producer is Regina K. Scully. Executive producers are Geralyn White Dreyfous, Amy Tiermann, Mark Trustin, CarolAnne Dolan, Derrick Harkins, Nick Stuart, Barbara Dobkin, Bobby Kondrat, and Jack Turner. Editor is Anthony Ripoli. Director of photography is Rex Miller. THE RAPE OF RECY TAYLOR was produced by AUGUSTA FILMS and TRANSFORM FILMS, an affiliated production company of Odyssey Networks. For more information about the film and to view a trailer, visit

ODYSSEY IMPACT™, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, believes that powerful documentaries with messages of social justice can motivate meaningful social change by raising awareness, changing attitudes and inspiring people of all faiths and good will to engage their communities on issues important in their lives and in society as a whole. The organization is dedicated to strategically building and executing social impact campaigns around documentaries, including those created by its affiliated production company TRANSFORM FILMS INC., via mobilizing faith leaders, individuals, and communities around issues such as poverty, mass incarceration, gun violence, intolerance, racial justice, hate crimes, and gender violence. More info at

TRANSFORM FILMS INC. is a wholly-owned subsidiary and affiliated production company of Odyssey Networks, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that believes powerful documentaries with messages of social justice can motivate meaningful social change by raising awareness, changing attitudes and inspiring people of all faiths and good will to engage their communities on issues important in their lives and in society as a whole. Transform Films, Inc. have produced films such as NEWTOWN; MILWAUKEE 53206; THE RAPE OF RECY TAYLOR, and LESSONS FROM A SCHOOL SHOOTING: NOTES FROM DUNBLANE that have garnered critical acclaim at film festivals and have aired on broadcast outlets such as PBS’ Independent Lens, America Reframed, STARZ Channel and Netflix. Recent accolades include the 2018 Peabody Award, the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival’s Best Documentary Short, the 2018 UNAFF Grand Jury Award for Best Short Documentary, and the 2017 Venice International Film Festival Human Rights Award. More info at

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