Follow Lori Hamilton’s North Star to England’s Largest Arts Festival, the theSpaceUK and Brighton Fringe

Picture of Lori Hamilton in blue dress sitting on floor with suitcases around her

Lori Hamilton’s North Star Comedy Musical Theater

North Star logo black with outline of woman with suitcase and theSpaceUK and Brighton Fringe logos

Lori Hamilton premiere’s North Star with theSpaceUK and Brighton live stream show

Picture of woman with long hair in black and white with soft smile in t-shirt

Lori Hamilton, writer and actor, North Star

Picture of woman with head looking over suitcases with North Star name and the words comedy, music and theater

Lori Hamilton’s North Star

Laugh your way through Hamilton's rollercoaster past and into her bright future

I'm excited to premiere my show North Star with theSpaceUK and Brighton Fringe.”

— Lori Hamilton

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2021 / — North Star is an autobiographical show written and produced by award-winning New York comedian Lori Hamilton during the 2020 pandemic to chronicle and share her personal story with the world. The making of North Star was a collaborative creation and the show features a rich soundtrack with contributions from many award-winning, renowned musicians. North Star will live stream with theSpaceUK's Season 3 in collaboration with Brighton Fringe between 27 May and 6 June. To purchase tickets, visit Hamilton's listings and ticket information page.

Known by the mum as “the child who ruined my life,” Hamilton has transformed her heartbreak to happiness.

North Star is about charting a way through life’s tragedies, calamities and pitfalls to eventual happiness. A one-woman show full of insight, humour and song features flawed, quirky and often funny characters; even her guardian angel is on probation due to a poker problem. The show follows Lori’s journey from an early life with a father addicted to prescription drugs, followed by a husband who punched holes in walls, through to becoming an award-winning actor, singer and comedian.

Lori Hamilton grew up just outside of Northern California and attended UCLA, where she studied Linguistics and Modern British Drama. Lori has written and produced over 150 short films, created and performed four one-woman shows, including a much-lauded tour with the National New Play Festival in the United States. Her talents have earned her 52 awards for creative and writing excellence, including 5 Best of Shows. To see more of her work visit

Press Reviews

“Hamilton’s performance … is very funny."
– Donna M Day, North End West UK

“Brilliant work … comical … inspirational”
– Atlanta Press

“…one heck of an actress – the girl could dance … this girl could sing too.”
– Go Go Magazine, Denver

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The Corporate Knobs, recent comedic show by Lori Hamilton

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‘Lives and Minds of C.W. Männe BINGE’ Releases Chapter 15 Pilot Episode

I know that you are afraid. Don’t be afraid of me. I am not in pain anymore.”

— Captain JLM

CLEVELAND, OHIO, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2021 / — Brainiac Productions LLC, Christopher William Mahne, and Sir David Michael Robinson today announced the release of Chapter 15 Pilot Episode from ‘Lives and Minds of C.W. Männe BINGE’ on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and audio content on Soundcloud along with SFX video content on YouTube and IGTV.

As the story continues this chapter deals with C.W.’s father who is the DEAD PILOT. The plane crash is evidence of a tragedy long ago. His father suffers, but worries more for C.W.’s ‘LITTLE BROTHER, JACOB’. His father calls C.W. ESAU. Part of C.W. was left behind, in the DIVORCE, unprotected. In this comprehensive journey and development of C.W., we have an overdeveloped SAVAGE and an underdeveloped POET.

Remember, the whole scene is a set piece in C.W.'s psyche, representing his deepest pain. As we read, and he explores, he will begin to unlock the mystery of his own psychic trauma.

Mahne said, "The spirits of our loved ones are forever timeless…"

Book reviewers, bloggers, journalists, and other media contacts who would like to receive a copy and/or schedule an interview with the authors can email inquiries.

Christopher William Mahne
Brainiac Productions LLC
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‘Lives and Minds of C.W. Männe BINGE’ Releases Chapter 15: Pilot Episode

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Critics are Raving About "The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater"

Ava Moriarty (Lorrisa Julianus) discovers a lost masterpiece in "The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater"

Ava Moriarty (Lorrisa Julianus) discovers a lost masterpiece in “The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater”

Ava Moriarty (Lorrisa Julianus) discovers latex isn't comfortable in "The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater"

Ava Moriarty (Lorrisa Julianus) discovers latex isn’t comfortable in “The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater”

Radovan (Mickey O'Sullivan) gets a make-up tutorial from Ava (Lorrisa Julianus) in "The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater"

Radovan (Mickey O’Sullivan) gets a make-up tutorial from Ava (Lorrisa Julianus) in “The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater”

Four out of Five Stars from Marie Asner, of Kansas City Film Critics Circle for "The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater"!

…Just when you think you know the plot, it goes in a different direction.”

— Marie Asner, The Phantom Tollbooth

CROWN POINT, IN, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2021 / — The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater

Stars: Lorissa Julianus, Mickey O’Sullivan, Shannon Brown, Cynda Williams, Molly and Bonnie Morgan, Adam Christopher, and Dave Lichty
Director: C.J. Julianus
Produced by C.J. Julianus, Lorrisa Julianus, and Laura Jaugilas
Screenplay: Lorrisa Julianus
Composer: Lisa Liu
Cinematography: John Wesley Norton
Binary Star Pictures
Rating: not rated but could be a strong PG-13 for themed material.
Running Length: 105 Minutes

“The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater” – now there is a film title for you. A first reaction would be jungle fever and ancient relics, but no, this “Mistress Maneater” is actually a gal named Ava, who is an art historian, but currently makes her living carrying a suitcase and wearing black leather. The first half of the film is like a vaudeville act and just when you think you know the plot, it goes in a different direction.

Actress/Scriptwriter Lorrisa Julianus makes this film her own with body language, facial expressions, quips (there are also whips in the film), and brings to life a character who has a high IQ, but can’t live down a bad incident in her past. So, there are two things working here, definition of character, which Ava would like to achieve, and defamation of character, what she has now. Mixed into Ava’s dilemma is stolen art work, a Serbian priest in an Episcopal church, shady business deals and this town really needs help.

Director C. J. Julianus gives the actors free rein. Ava (Lorrisa Julianus) wears black leather like it was sprayed on, carries a suitcase containing whips and other items, has a client list and is trying to earn enough money to pay back her ex-boyfriend, a Russian mobster named Boris (Adam Christopher and he should be in a James Bond movie). The money was loaned to Ava and is now missing. In the meantime, on the other side of town, is a small Episcopal church that has a new priest, Father Radovan (Mickey O’Sullivan and he, also, should be in a James Bond film) The priest is from Serbia. This church is barely making it financially, but low and behold, what does Ava find when she eventually enters the church? Valuable art work. What to do, Ava, help the priest find what the art is worth to help the church, or help yourself and pay off Boris. An interesting situation that involves Gabe (Shannon Brown who steals his scenes), and other friends. Then, there is that situation about martial arts, hmm.

This movie actually has two parts. The first is whip-cracking humor, while the last half is somewhat serious and the stories behind the first half come to light, Who, what, when, where and why. In “Mistress Maneater,” body language does the acting. Whether it be face or biceps, it tells a story. Ava can do a page of dialogue with just her face, and this is matched with Shannon Brown and Mickey O’Sullivan. One is tempted to see the film twice to catch everything. David Lichty, as the town’s Mayor, tells what he is all about in the first 30 seconds of his appearance, and Boris? Well, he is a villain. As for a love story, somewhere within the lives of the characters, there is a spark. This cast is on their toes, and not only that, but composer Lisa Liu has a compelling music score interwoven with classical music and I detected Bedrich Smetana’s “The Moldau.”

What caught my eye in the trailer was the stained-glass window of Christ, which I had seen years ago in another location. Turns out, the film was done using part of the campus of Valparaiso University, Indiana and a chapel in town also has the stained-glass window design. Director C.J. Julianus and scriptwriter/actor Lorrisa Julianus are well known in the theatrical community. This film is a showcase for them and so, we can ask—will there be an “Ava” sequel? “The Mistress of St. Michaels,” perhaps?

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The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater – Boris Threatens Ava

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Reinventing Hip Hop and R&B Music: Rising Artist Blakk-Da-Profit Releases New Single



With his captivating music that melds and mixes stunning R&B beats with soulful and immersive lyricism, budding artist Blakk-Da-Profit is all set to break

CEDAR HILL, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2021 / — An up-and-coming singer and songwriter Blakk-Da-Profit is sending waves across the Rap and R&B scene with unique musical compositions that inspire and enthrall. Hopeful that he will be able to reinvent and rejuvenate R&B and Rap music with a much-needed sense of soul, the rising new artist is all set to soar.

With the release of his fresh new single aptly titled “If all else fails”, the budding singer delivers a complete package perfectly condensing the spirt of contemporary R&B music: addictive and memorable instrumentalism blended seamlessly with expressive songwriting.

Having released on 9th April 2021, “If all else fails” is the first of a planned collection of singles and tracks that Blakk-Da-Profit wishes will culminate into a refreshing and persuasive album. The new single is accentuated by Blakk-Da-Profit’s strong vocals set against powerful and engaging songwriting that is bound to inspire and captivate R&B fans.

Available on the artist’s official streaming platforms, “If all else fails” was produced by platinum-certified producer TNxtd and has been a work that has been released independently.

An exciting and an enriching experience, “If all else fails” is the first of several singles that Blakk-Da-Profit intends to release as part of his upcoming new album titled ‘360°’ which will be released in Mid-2021. The single highlighting life struggles also forms a precursor to Blakk-Da-Profit’s second track “FR33” which is also available on his channels.

“Maintaining authenticity while [highlighting] struggle via music that anyone can relate to”, says Blakk-Da-Profit regarding his new music.

Check out his new single and discover more about Blakk-Da-Profit on the links below and/or reach out via the contact information for interviews, collaborations, and promotional access.


Blakk-Da-Profit is an up-and-coming singer, songwriter and producer who hails from Cedar Hill, Texas. Driven to revolutionize the genres of Hip Hop and R&B, the budding artist wishes to use his talents to establish himself as a talented powerhouse in the music industry.

Having recently released his new single titled “If all else fails”, Blakk-Da-Profit is now planning to showcase his brilliance on a solo upcoming album, which continues the story he began through his single. Apart from offering his moving vocals and songwriting to the new single and planned album, Blakk-Da-Profit also heads Blakk Sheep Entertainment LLC, through which he has released the new single.

Growing up, the rising artist continued to evolve and grow his musical talents and abilities, internalizing lessons from life and from his inspirations, which he now imbues into his music with ease. Blakk-Da-Profit hopes to connect with fans of his music and expand his footprint in the musical scene as a growing sensation.



+1 800-983-1362

If All Else Fails

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Creating High Tides in The World of Hip-Hop and Rap: LJGOLD Releases New Single



Taking the audience on a journey where they sway to your lyrics and beats but also understand your life story through your music is no easy feat

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2021 / — A rising new sensation has burst to the scene of hip hop and Rap in commendable fashion, and he is ready to soar and advance to new heights.

LJGOLD’s stunning new single, “Motel 6”, has been turning heads everywhere and it is being deemed as one of the freshest and most profound releases in Hip Hop and Rap in recent times. The music video, complementing the moving single is at the core of this release because it complements the themes highlighted by the song itself and takes the overall message to a newer and higher level.

“I was inspired to create this song from an understanding that there’s people out there who could relate to my story and I wanted to share it with those who are in need of authentic music”, says LJGOLD on the release of his soul-stirring new single.

In its truest essence, “Motel 6” stands put as being a vivid experience for the listener with poetic lyricism and poignant undertones to stir even the most stubborn of hearts. The track itself is a biographical account of LJGOLD’s personal upbringing and the harsh realities he had to face while being homeless with his family. Overcoming the struggles that came with being homeless, LJGOLD’s ambition is to inspire struggle in his young audience by emphasizing on the value of hard work and determination. Released on March 12th, 2021, the song continues to inspire and be talked about by fans of Hip Hop and Rap music everywhere.

Check out his new single and learn more about LJGOLD on the links below and/or reach out via the contact information for interviews, collaborations, and promotional access.



Up-and-coming singer, songwriter LJGOLD is an inspirational speaker born in Oakland, California. Growing up, LJGOLD’s passion was basketball and football, which brought him closer to the raw realities of life.

Life was a struggle for LJGOLD but he still managed to outwork the struggles that come with being homeless and was making his own music by the age of 12 at the Sepia Sound Productions studio. When LJGOLD began working on his first CD, his father established Genesis Sound Productions, a disk making company, to help with the production of the CD. Later on, rather than signing with a major record company, LJGOLD became the CEO of a record company he himself established – Music Forever Entertainment, which also recorded other artists. So far, LJGOLD has released 4 albums: ‘Hood Bizz’, ‘From the Hood to Hollywood’, ‘A.W.N.P’ and ‘Pull Up’.



Anthony Grant
Anthony Grant
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One Year After Announcing the Expansion of GMUSIC+ Services Guion Partners Is Thriving

GMUSIC+ Artist Management

Lindsay Guion, Award-winning Filmmaker & Executive Producer

Lindsay Guion, Founder & CEO of Guion Partners/GMUSIC+

Founder of Guion Partners, Lindsay Guion, announces increased services. The firm has experienced an influx of new clientele and outstanding positive reviews.

At GMUSIC+, our artists are at the center of everything we do…”

— Lindsay Guion, Founder & CEO of Guion Partners

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, April 15, 2021 / — In 2005, Lindsay Guion founded Guion Partners, a leading management consultancy firm, on the premise that there wasn’t enough well-rounded talent representation available to emerging artists. Over the years, Guion has worked alongside big-name industry professionals and developed a skilled team of experts highly qualified in talent representation, entertainment marketing, and sports management. GMUSIC+ helps talented artists make it in the music industry by providing top management and securing sponsorships, brand endorsements, touring, merchandising, VIP ticketing, and more. The goal of GMUSIC+ is to help artists find success by leveraging multiple revenue streams and managing all aspects of an artist’s exposure.

"At GMUSIC+, our artists are at the center of everything we do. Our 360 strategy is based on a desire to be more fully aligned with our artists in every facet of their careers,” said Guion during the rollout of new GMUSIC+ services. Clients seem to be satisfied with their representation as Guion Partners continues to grow thanks to glowing reviews and an unrivaled number of artist services. “At the moment, the majority of artists are undiscovered. With the music industry being so difficult to break into, individuals need the right representation and contacts to build their brand and achieve their short and long-term goals,” explains Guion.

Lindsay Guion has worked with several high-profile clients, including Grammy award-winning artists, songwriters and producers, and prominent names in the technology and media sectors. In the past twelve months, GMUSIC+ has had countless inquiries regarding its services and signed many new clients because of its improved 360-degree talent representation strategy. “We are overwhelmed by the great response we are getting from artists in the music industry. We are fortunate that they trust us to look after their best interest, and we look forward to working with new and exciting vocalists and musicians in various musical genres,” says Guion.

To learn more about Lindsay Guion, GMUSIC+, or talent representation, please visit the Guion Partners website here.

About Lindsay Guion
Lindsay Guion has been at the forefront of the music industry for more than twenty years. Having studied at two of the most reputable universities, Georgetown, and Harvard, Guion was well-prepared for a career in entrepreneurship. Having identified numerous problems with existing talent representation, Guion decided to launch a consultancy firm to help artists in the sports and music industries develop their careers. In 2005, he launched Guion Partners, which has grown to become a leading multi-tiered media consultancy company. Through his firm, he has worked with several admired artists and producers, including Rich Harrison, the producer for Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child, and artists like D’Angelo, Ginuwine, and Mya. He has also helped create several notable movies and soundtracks, including ‘Posse,’ the HBO movie Bessie featuring Queen Latifah, and ‘Therapy’ starring Barachi.

Contact Information

Lynn Jeter
Lynn Allen Jeter and Associates
+1 323-933-8007

Therapy Motion Picture Visual Album

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StorageBlue Founder Alan Mruvka Disrupts Advertising With “Too Much Junk”

"Too Much Junk" (feat. Betty Idol) by StorageBlue Music Single Cover

“Too Much Junk” (feat. Betty Idol) by StorageBlue Music Single Cover

StorageBlue Music Logo

StorageBlue Music Logo



First-Ever Original Song and Music Video Designed To Promote Self-Storage Brand StorageBlue Brings An Innovative and Groundbreaking Concept to Advertising

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ, USA, April 15, 2021 / — E! Entertainment Television Founder Alan Mruvka announced the release of “Too Much Junk” a full-length original song and music video now available on all streaming platforms. Produced by Entertainment Division, StorageBlue Music, it features recording artist and reality star Betty Idol. The video not only marks the first foray into a disruptive and exciting new way of marketing and advertising for the $40 billion dollar a year self-storage industry and is StorageBlue’s first production since launching its Entertainment Division, StorageBlue Entertainment, earlier this year.

Produced by Mruvka and music industry veteran Debra Baum, the video was directed and choreographed by Miami native Cultura, who is known for her work with the multi-platinum three-time GRAMMY Award winner, recording artist Maluma. The music video, alongside its namesake track, focuses on merging lifestyle and pop culture with the self-storage brand, StorageBlue, and introduces a new and innovative way of promoting the self-storage industry in an excitable way through original music and content. The project assembled a 40+ team / crew to successfully execute Mruvka’s vision.

Alan Mruvka, most famous for founding E! Entertainment Television along with producing numerous feature films and hit television series, and currently operates StorageBlue the award-winning self-storage and lifestyle brand, said, “This campaign is the launch of my vision in merging lifestyle and pop culture into the lifeblood of everyday brands we know and love like StorageBlue. Shot on location in Miami, the city exceeds that of other areas of entertainment powerhouses such as New York and Los Angeles. With the creation of ‘Too Much Junk’ for StorageBlue, we are taking the first step in disrupting advertising as we know it, simultaneously executing all these missions in a unique and excitable way. This campaign is just the beginning of what’s to come under StorageBlue’s Entertainment Division.”

With decades of experience as an entrepreneur, entertainment executive and real estate developer, Mruvka was inspired to combine two booming industries, resulting in the StorageBlue TV Entertainment Division. Specifically, this project is of note, as it marks the launching point for Mruvka in building an entertainment powerhouse in Miami, Florida, where he holds residence. Mruvka’s StorageBlue is the first brand to create a music video specifically engineered to promote a brand, in this case, a self-storage brand.

The track is available on streaming networks worldwide, and the music video can be found on StorageBlue TV’s YouTube.

About StorageBlue (
StorageBlue is disrupting the forty billion dollar per year stagnant self-storage industry, with its five self-storage facilities serving the New Jersey/New York Metropolitan area with locations in Jersey City, Hoboken, Union City, Newark, and Garfield. StorageBlue is open 365 days a year with convenient office hours. StorageBlue is the first self-storage company to offer free on-demand pickup through its mobile and digital platforms, and continues to reinvent and disrupt the customer experience.

For More Information:
TAG Collective
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Cari Nogas | | 860.965.8189


Daniel Chartock
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“Too Much Junk” (feat. Betty Idol) by StorageBlue Music on YouTube

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IRMIX Radio Top 20 Indie Countdown Weekending April 17, 2021

Cin Diego This weeks #1 Single She Ain’t

Friendzone loses one spot to She Ain't

Jyrice Friendzone # 2 on IRMIX Radio’s Top 20 Indie Countdown

DC PBX Featuring Reba McEntire – Song # 3 with Survivor

IRMIX Radio, A Station that Supports Indie Artists

Thank you so much, IRMIX Radio. You give indie artists hope to keep trying!”

— Intelligent Diva – Independent Artist

DETROIT, MI, UNITED STATES, April 15, 2021 / — IRMIX Radio is a digital radio station based out of Metro-Detroit, Michigan. The station is a supporter of Indie Artists with its primary genres are RnB, Hip-Hop, Dance, and Gospel. Also, the station has talk radio shows that feature artist interviews such as Industry Revue, and Tea Time Tuesdays with Tee. Other shows, such as Common Sense Required with Stacey and Wanda, and Stuck on the Name with Donia and Arricca show are centered around pop culture. The Bridge with Cory George is a program that delves into all areas of mental health from sexual abuse to healing traumatic experiences.

IRMIX Radio Offers comprehensive packages for large to small record labels, and independent artist promotions view our brochure here.

IRMIX Radio Top 20 Indie Countdown Weekending April 17, 2021

20. Catie Waters Crazy Cut More Ent

19. Chris Milo Poisoned Love Milo Music

18. Megan Thee Stallion Body 1501 Certified Ent.

17.Erica Bank Buss It 1501 Certified Ent.

16. Don King Jr. Booty Pop Don King Jr. Music

15. Gordon City & Drama You’ve Done Enough Positiva

14. Cin Diego She Workin’ StepIn2theGlow Pub

13. Lee Alston Jr. 1970s Theme Musik Lee Alston Musik

12. DJ Jon New York, Feat. Taffy WhiteLab Records

11. Rawallty Big Talk Raw Melody

10. Martone All Through the Night EEMG LLC

9. Intelligent Diva No Justice Intelligent Diva Music

8. Playboii Red Pose PbR Entertainment

7. Damon Hustle with a Purpose DQF Productions

6. Shadey Feed Upon My Broken Heart Gun Records

5. Ann Patrice Leave You For My Husband (Remix) StepIn2theglow Pub

4.Tebe Zalango Yea Yea Yea (to be continued) Flow of the Nile

3. D.C. & PBX Survivor Feat. Reba McEntire Platinum Level Production

2. Jyrice Friendzone Blue Records LLC

1. Cin Diego She Ain’t StepIn2TheGlow Pub.

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# 1 Single

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New Praise & Worship Song “Lamb On The Cross” and Music Video by The FaithfuLights

The FaithfuLights, Lamb On The Cross, Till I Met You CD Cover

The FaithfuLights, Till I Met You CD Cover

CEOCFO Magazine speaks with Gary Simonelli, Co-Songwriter, Co-Producer and Recording Engineer for The FaithfuLights

Lamb On The Cross is a song destined to become not just a praise and worship favorite, but also a part of every churches’ playlist at Easter time.”

— Gary Simonelli

WASHINGTON D.C., US, April 15, 2021 / — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business and investor publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announces the launch of contemporary Christian music group, The FaithfuLights and their music video for their first single “Lamb On The Cross” off of their debut album “Till I Met You”.

(Lamb On The Cross lyrics video: )

“Lamb On The Cross is a song destined to become not just a praise and worship favorite, but also a part of every churches’ playlist at Easter time,” says Co-Songwriter, Co-Producer and Engineer Gary Simonelli. Continuing Gary tells CEOCFO, “Lamb is the type of song that makes you realize that Jesus death on the cross was personal and for you.” Lyrics like, “It should have been me not Him hanging on the tree,” tells the story of a savior who paid the price for the things you have done wrong and the mistakes you personally have made.

Lamb On The Cross uniquely brings together classical music orchestration and the Soca rhythms of the Caribbean, with the soulful voice of Jaye Martinez; all in a very contemporary Christian Music setting. You will certainly want to add this to your playlists, use it at Worship Services, use it as background for your own videos and share the good news with all of your friends and family on social media. And don’t forget to request your favorite local Christian music radio stations play Lamb On The Cross and music by The FaithfuLights.

The FaithfuLights debut album brings you seven other songs by the songwriting and production team of Rivers, Van Pelt, Simonelli and Mohammed. They are uplifting songs of faith that will bring hope and sunshine to those dark moments of life. The FaithfuLights also feature lead singers Shanel Horton and Kay Riggle, who are also members of the Clearwater Seventh-day Adventist church praise and worship team. The band features one of central Florida’s best fiddlers, Neal Richard Phillips and Jim Terry on pedal steel guitar, with Donny Colbeth on drums and percussion, Gary Simonelli on bass, acoustic rhythm and electric lead guitar, John Peters on acoustic rhythm guitar, Bud Rivers on picking guitar and George Mohammed on piano.

The FaithfuLights debut album Till I Met You is available on all platforms!

Access The FaithfuLights debut album now:

The FaithfuLights are currently accepting invitations to gospel music concerts, praise and worship events, week of prayer, camp meeting, radio and television apparencies and print media interviews. Performance tracks and sheet music are also available for other performing artists. For recording rights or use in movies, advertising, or by radio, television, Church Copy Right License organizations, and In-Store Music organizations, Sync licensing see CD Baby, See P.R.O. ASCAP songwriter Walter Wayne Rivers and Harry Fox Agency.

For more information:
Music Desk
CEOCFO Magazine

Bud Wayne
CEOCFO Magazine
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David Kovats Gallery presents its second solo exhibition dedicated to prolific Hungarian Hyperrealist, István Nyári

Dog of a Dead Deer Stalker, 2015, 140×190 cm, Acrylic on Canvas

I like to work with imaginary situations, objects and scenarios, inspired or intrigued by current affairs, pop culture and life, while giving them a cinematic twist.”

— István Nyári

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 15, 2021 / — David Kovats Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of its second solo exhibition dedicated to the Hungarian artist István Nyári, as part of the gallery’s summer exhibition programme. The exhibition will open to the public on May 5th at the gallery’s main location, 80 Long Acre in Covent Garden.

István Nyári is one of the most prolific figures of Hungarian hyperrealism who has developed an international career and he is based between Budapest and Amsterdam. Always approaching painting with the attitude of a film director, István seeks to place realistic characters into fictitious scenarios in his art that could happen in real life but due to their grotesque, surreal nature, never do. Frequently employing a vivid colour palette, István’s hyperrealist artworks, predominantly acrylic on canvas, account for exceptional technical mastery about which he is questioned often, though he much prefers to discuss the concept behind them, believing that valuable art is beyond technical aspects.

The show brings together 7 large scale works, vividly coloured paintings, confronted by carefully staged, hyperrealist compositions crowded with kaleidoscopic detail. In his works, István sometimes addresses weighty questions with satirical wit and humour, while more often he draws on familiar characters of popular culture, reimagining them in playful, daring and outright shocking ways. István follows contemporary politics and culture while he prefers to cover universally translatable matters of popular culture that people from all walks of life can relate to. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition in the UK.

Among István’s favoured and exercised art forms is portraiture — of close friends, family and himself. In contrast to his treatment of other themes, these offer a gentler, more affectionate and intimate atmosphere, demonstrated by the 2010 painting, My Son Benjamin — The Lord of the Rings, which was exhibited at London’s National Portrait Gallery. Still, many of his portraits feature unexpected or grotesque twists — a sly balancing act between meticulously-crafted reality and fantasy.

According to the artist “truly valuable art is distinguished by its ability to bring imaginary subjects to life that can only exist because of the painter’s creativity and mastery. “I like to work with imaginary situations, objects and scenarios, inspired or intrigued by current affairs, pop culture and life, while giving them a cinematic twist”, he adds.

This exhibition is the first out of the three summer solo exhibitions presented at the gallery space, highlighting the work of emerging and established Hungarian artists such as Gábor Király and Bazil Duliskovich, introducing their work to London’s arts scene for the first time.

For more information:

David Kovats Gallery
80 Long Acre, Covent Garden
London, WC2E 9NG

Christina Chara Ioannou
email us here

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