Secure Channels to Unveil New Cybersecurity Deployments at RSA 2020

Booth 2431 to Feature Premium-Grade Encryption and Partner Solutions

IRVINE, CA, UNITED STATES, February 24, 2020 / — Secure Channels Inc. starts its tradeshow season Feb. 24 to 27 at the RSA Conference 2020 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The cybersecurity leader will showcase at Booth 2431 new technological deployments for its upgraded products and outline solutions devised to fill widening cybersecurity gaps.

Visitors to the booth will see how Secure Channels’ premium-grade encryption, XOTIC Core, effectively protects IoT digital transformations. As 5G service fuels the spread of connected devices, those reliant on the technology to safely store and transmit sensitive data are often under-protected by their cybersecurity limitations. IoT devices, components and sensors optimized for peak performance, battery life and cost generally lack the resources to host strong encryption. XOTIC Core is Secure Channels’ lightweight, efficient post-quantum cryptosystem that fits and functions in resource-constrained technologies. XOTIC Core supplies high-performance encryption to several technologies with easily-targeted vulnerabilities as they’re brought online, like OT/critical infrastructure, network cameras and vehicle telemetry systems.

Attendees will also learn about Secure Channels’ Enterprise Key Management solution using Thales/ Gemalto’s SafeNet KeySecure k170v platform. The solution revolutionizes cloud data backup practices by improving the security and utility of backups. Instead of traditional cloud-bound backups that encrypt at the volume level with a single key, the Enterprise Key Management solution leverages XOTIC’s granularity to encrypt every piece of data with its own symmetric key. The stream of keys are distributed to the virtual key management appliance, and can be easily retrieved to access individual data. This surgical granularity improves the utility of cloud data backups, reduces data exposure for reference tasks and gives organizations greater control over their key management practices.

Secure Channels staff will also aid developers and system integrators in testing XOTIC for themselves. An XOTIC SDK is now available as a trial version in our booth at RSA and Oracle Marketplace. The SDK, ideal for enterprise applications and third-party software, allows developers and integrators to test XOTIC’s strong, efficient encryption on their systems. Secure Channels will help visitors to access the XOTIC SDK and many other premium-grade solutions filling a range of cybersecurity gaps.

Secure Channels CEO Richard Blech looks forward to showing the IT and cybersecurity communities the company’s path for the coming year. “The RSA shows are always an exciting time for us as we welcome every opportunity to connect or re-connect with our peers and potential partners. We’re all there fueled by the same drive — data security in our increasingly-connected world — and the people at Secure Channels will be there, eager to show the future-ready solutions we’ve readied to meet that goal.”

About Secure Channels
Secure Channels is a cybersecurity solutions development company based in Irvine, Calif. Our experts engineer and develop high-performance, cost-effective cybersecurity technologies as platform-agnostic software and hardware-ready solutions to protect against present and emerging threats. Our award-winning, cryptanalyst-celebrated solutions include advanced data protection, no-friction encryption, authentication, enterprise confidentiality solutions and proximity-based monitoring and intelligence capabilities. Learn more at

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WD-HAN: Making ‘Bad’ Music For The New Decade

Cal Henry, Spencer Barnes and Lea Campbell of WD-HAN

Cal Henry, Spencer Barnes and Lea Campbell of WD-HAN taken by Forrest Connor

Album Art for Bad WD-HAN

Album Art for Bad

WD-HAN Live Concert Opening for Kaleo


February brings us, Bad, in which WD-HAN uses a solid beat and rich tones to make fun of disappointment instead of letting a setback bring you down.

WD-HAN are an excellent trio of musicians. They know how to write captivating music with a hook that stays with the listener long after the music has ended.”

— FV Music Blog

TAMPA BAY, FL, USA, February 24, 2020 / — Spring of 2020: Four songs from WD-HAN that lay the foundation for a decade – or a life. They give us the model of how to face up to interactions with others, and not become the negative effect of them.

Friday, February 28th will bring us Song One, Bad, in which WD-HAN uses a solid beat and rich tones to make fun of disappointment instead of letting a setback bring you down. Being rejected doesn’t have to be about regret. Play this song, enjoy a moment of amusement, and move on. The solution is in the music, which all by itself opens new doors.

With songs coming once a month from this talented trio the tone is set – Bad always comes before Good. This one has to be played loud. It’s a celebration of self.

Pre-save 'Bad' on Spotify or Apple Music here:

"WD-HAN are an excellent trio of musicians. They know how to write captivating music with a hook that stays with the listener long after the music has ended." – FV Music Blog

"Alchemy is bound to spill when a nuanced band set their mind to creating an aural earworm out of Indie, Blues, and Rock." – Amelia Vandergast, A&R Factory Blog

All press inquiries or for Media to preview the release via private link please contact: Marjorye Henry –

TikTok: @wdhanband

Press Release written by Don Dewsnap

Marjorye Henry
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Memphis Black Filmmaker Elmore Celebrates Black History Month Via new Film Pre-production "Rock and Roll A Black Legacy"

Elvis Presley “Re-Recorded” the Black Man Arthur Crudup’s 1946 song “That’s Alright Mama.” Elvis takes credit for this Black Legacy while Arthur Crudup is unknown to the world.

Otis Blackwell wrote many of the Elvis hit records like “Heartbreak Hotel.” Elvis copied this style from Otis Blackwell. Elvis did not create the songs he just copied much of his music from Blacks who were never given credit. There is no Black Inclusion in Memphis.

While Elvis Presley’s own words clearly state that he got his music from Black people., Black music, culture and history is not inclusive of the Memphis Elvis culture. Only Elvis is King and the people where he got the must is not honored.

Memphis Black Filmmaker Anthony "Amp" Elmore Sr. in celebration of Black History Month launch "Pre-production of his new Film "Rock in Roll a Black Legacy"

The colored folks been singing it and playing it just like I'm doin' now, man, for more years than I know. They played it like that in the shanties and juke joints. I got it from them.”

— Elvis Presley Charlotte Observer, June 26, 1956

MEMPHIS, TN, UNITED STATES, February 24, 2020 / — It is Black History month in America. Memphis African/American Filmmaker Anthony "Amp" Elmore Celebrates Black History Month Via a new Film Pre-production "Rock and Roll A Black Legacy." Unknown to the "Outside world" there exists a "Whisper and Culture" among Memphis African/Americans to willingly subordinate to the unwritten rule and remain silent about the "Memphis White Supremacist Elvis Culture." The song in the movie; "Elvis Presley Boulevard" tells the untold story of the deep and most segregated part of Memphis. The lyrics say "If you want to see a part of Memphis where you see White Supremacy, where Blacks and Whites are far apart let me show you Elvis Presley Boulevard."

While the film is not about Elvis Presley the script does present an interesting " African/American Elvis Twist." Alan Freed the White Cleveland Ohio disc jockey who coined the term "Rock and Roll" introduced "Rock and Roll music as a vehicle for social equality, diversity and integration. This story shares the the conflicting African/American prospective regarding the dichotomy of Elvis Presley. The film denotes how racism and White supremacy not only appropriated Rock and 'Roll music the film points out how it was racism and White Supremacy that really killed Elvis.

Memphis African/American Filmmaker Anthony "Amp" Elmore wish he could do the film "The Black Side of Elvis." Elvis childhood Black friend in Tupelo, Mississippi Sam Harris details a Black side of Elvis Presley. Elvis love for banana sandwiches and much of his culture came from his living as a White Child accepted as a Black Child in Tupelo, Mississippi. The film points out; "whereas all of those White people who claim to love Elvis were the people who actually Killed Elvis Presley."

The film explains that the Elvis stories extricate Elvis Presley's "Black Side." The film begins in the Memphis neighborhood "Orange Mound." Orange Mound is the 1st neighborhood in America built for Blacks by Blacks. Untold in most Elvis stories is the fact that Elvis use to hang out in "Orange Mound" with Blacks.

Orange Mound was segregated and had the W.C. Handy Theatre where Blacks would perform. Elvis would watch the performers at the Handy theatre. The first performance of Ike Turner and Jackie Brenston 1951 Song "Rocket 88" was held in "Orange Mound."

Elvis Presley true History as a child in Tupelo and as a teenager in Memphis, Elvis hung around Black people so much that Blacks once called Elvis; "One of us." Elvis Aaron Presley whose untold story is in reality should have been America's greatest example for integration in America. White racism and White Supremacy would later turn Elvis Presley into the greatest tool in the 20th Century of racism and "White Supremacy.

This film in a natural way tells the story of "Stax Records" that would later become a Black owned company was destroyed by racism and White Supremacy. One of the songs in the movie is "Stax was too Black."

The film notes that Black music was the life of Elvis Presley. Elvis had to segregate away from the resource of African/Americans that kelp his spirit moving. Soul singer James Brown was a dear friend of Elvis whereas James Brown would spend nights at Graceland and they would sing Gospel music. Elvis could not take a picture with James Brown or let White America know that he was friends with the "Soul Brother Number One" James Brown.

In 1956 at height of racial segregation in America Elvis went to the Mid-south fair on "Colored Night" in Memphis. Many of the African/American singers were heroes to Elvis. Elvis childhood friend Sam Harris explained in a 2016 interview that he feared that people would not understand his friend Elvis Presley.

Unknown to America that while White Memphis prides itself on Graceland and Elvis Presley Tourism, African/Americans have an underlying dislike for the Elvis Presley culture and find the Memphis Elvis White Supremacy culture despicable.

African/Americans in Memphis understand that anyone who questions the "Authenticity of Elvis Presley" could lead to loss of job or income, intimidation, possible imprisonment or loss of life. This film shows the untold story of "White Supremacy and how it affects the African/American Community. Elmore explains it is like laughing when a subject is not funny.

Graceland the home where Elvis Presley for African/Americans is tantamount to the 1939 movie "The Wizard Oz." The Wizard of Oz premiered on television in 1956. Just as there were no Black people in Oz Graceland in regards to Black people is a "White Folks Fantasy." One of the protest songs in the movie is titled "Ain't no Niggers in Oz." The song is a parody denoting how White Graceland is. The lyrics say; "White Folks spend millions to see Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee Niggers wouldn't go if the tickets were free."

The film explains Graceland for Blacks as America's 2020 "Apartheid in Memphis." The word among African/Americans in Memphis is to remain silent about "Graceland and the Elvis White Supremacist Culture." President Donald J. Trump in November 2018 awarded Elvis Presley the"Presidential Medal of Freedom." President Trump sent out a message to those who questions the authenticity of Elvis when he repeated Elvis Presley is the "True King" of Rock and Roll."

Anthony "Amp" Elmore is Memphis, Tennessee's 1st Independent Theatrical Filmmaker. Elmore explains that it is "White supremacy & Racism" that he is not known and respected in his home town of Memphis, Tennessee as the 1st Independent Theatrical Filmmaker. In over 33 years of producing our movie "The Contemporary Gladiator" in 1989 Elmore has never been invited to anything "Film Related." They have this "White Boys Club" whereas they marginalize you because you are "Black."

Michael Jackson notes that Black stories are never told. This film proudly shares a Black Story. In 2020 Black Filmmaker Spike Lee Heads "Cannes Film Festival." In 2019 Black Filmmaker Tyler Perry opened a Film Studio in Atlanta. Elmore notes our film brings Memphis Music back to the World stage to build a better America.

Anthony Elmore
Safari Initiative Foundation
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Elvis Got His Music From Copying Blacks

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Curvy Model and Actress Saje Nicole Lands New Home with Natural Models LA

saje nicole, black model headshot, natural models LA, adutakech, sage nicole, beautiful black women, beautiful black models

Saje Nicole Headshot

saje nicole, black model headshot, natural models LA, adutakech, sage nicole, beautiful black women, beautiful black models

Saje Nicole New York

saje nicole, black model headshot, natural models LA, adutakech, sage nicole, beautiful black women, beautiful black models

Saje Nicole Natural Models LA

With Saje signing up with Natural Models LA, the times look brighter for more
exclusivity and diversity in campaigns.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, February 24, 2020 / — A big breakthrough has just occurred for Saje Nicole. The Curvaceous black beauty is a model, actress, and podcaster, all rolled into one. Saje is excited to announce that she has been signed by LA’s top agency for curvy women, Natural Models LA.

With Saje signing up with Natural Models LA, the times look brighter for more exclusivity and diversity in campaigns. It’s important to show what the real world looks like a range of all body types and all types of beauty. The agency celebrates curves and enthusiasm, and this means their models don’t go through appetite depriving diets or uncomfortable routines to lose and maintain weight. Self-love shines supreme here, and Saje is thrilled to be a part of it.

“I am so excited to be one of the Natural Models. We all live different lives, but ultimately have the same goals: to be the best version of ourselves. At Natural, self-love and appreciating the human body comes first, and I am proud of it,” says Saje. Check out Saje Nicole on the Natural Models LA Website. According to Natural Models, whose main models include Tabria Majors, Leslie Sidora, and Anna Krylova, their mission is to “let models be healthy and happy while providing them with an opportunity to work as a model at their natural body shape and size.”

Miami based Saje Nicole wants everyone to go unapologetically after their dreams. She herself is an actor, and entrepreneur (Embrace is her skincare line). Saje blogs regularly about fashion, beauty, success and her life. Her notable appearance will be in Snoop Dog’s Wives in the movie, ‘Beach Bum’. Also, in the latest Bad Boys III movie. Her podcast ‘Saje with Me’ is popular with a young audience and focuses on personal development, self-love and action steps to create the life of one’s dreams.

Check out Saje Nicole's Instagram Here—->>

Monica Monroe
Saje Nicole Inc
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Now a fighter pilot with the Escadrille Spa 93, Eugene had a heart with a dagger stabbing through it and the words, “All Blood Runs Red,” painted on the side of his airplane, a Spad 7C.

Eugene Bullard in his French uniform, 1917

Eugene Bullard places flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

In the Shadow of War: Spies, Love and the Lusitania by Colleen Adair Fliedner

EUGENE JACQUES BULLARD was the only African-American pilot to fly in combat during World War I, as well as the first African-American fighter pilot in history.

This brave man who had to leave his own country to find a place where he would be accepted as an equal.”

— Colleen Adair Fliedner

SAN MATEO, CA, US, February 23, 2020 / — Not only was EUGENE JACQUES BULLARD the only African-American pilot to fly in combat during World War 1, he was the first African-American fighter pilot in history. Completing at least 20 brutal combat missions, including what were termed “dog fights in the sky,” Eugene was proud to be called the dreaded “Black Swallow of Death” by German fighter pilots.

So, how did the son of a slave, a man who was born in Georgia in 1895 during the time of the notorious Jim Crow laws, become the world’s first African-American fighter pilot?
Living in the South, Eugene James Bullard grew up constantly facing racial violence. His own father, William, was nearly lynched. Even worse, the incident was witnessed by young Eugene. His mother, a full-blooded Creek Indian, died when he only 6, leaving her 10 children to be raised by their father. It was all too much for the boy to take. Unable to cope, he ran away from home in 1906 when he was only 11 years old, wandering through the South simply trying to survive.

Alone in the world, the first known work that the youngster found was tending to the horses of a group of traveling “Gypsies” (now known as Roma people). He must have done well, for he learned to ride and later raced their horses to earn money for his employers, who had become his friends.

Still, the seventeen-year-old longed for more. Traveling around America, he had heard stories about how life was better for people of color in Europe. Eugene said goodbye to America and stowed away on a German merchant ship. The vessel made a stop in Aberdeen, Scotland, where Eugene disembarked. He made his way to London, finding work as a slapstick performer with an entertainment troupe made up of men and women of African descent. It was during this time that Eugene discovered his skills as a boxer. In fact, he was so good, he traveled to various destinations in the U.K., Germany and other countries, including Egypt. Audiences everywhere applauded the unusual man who had become something of a sensation. His fame and his fortune began to grow.

When he traveled to France for a boxing match, Eugene found the peace he had sought his entire life. African-Americans were accepted as human beings and treated fairly. France was a place where he was treated like a man, where he could have dignity and respect. Paris became his permanent home. It was a place, he wrote where, “…French democracy influenced the minds of both black and white Americans there and helped us all act like brothers.”

He was so happy in France that when World War I broke out in 1914, Eugene enlisted in the French military. He served in the 170th Infantry Regiment but was severely wounded at the bloody Battle of Verdun. He received two metals for his bravery: the Croix de Guerre and the Medaille Militaire. Recuperating at a hospital in Lyon, he decided to give himself a new challenge – to fly one of the French fighter planes. He entered the Aeronautique Miltaire in 1916 and received training at a French base in Tours earning his wings a year later.

Now a fighter pilot with the Escadrille Spa 93, Eugene had a heart with a dagger stabbing through it and the words, “All Blood Runs Red,” painted on the side of his airplane, a Spad 7C. As if he wasn’t already the most unique pilot flying for France, he had a pet monkey named Jimmy as his “copilot.” Eugene was brave and determined to prove himself. And when America finally joined the Allied forces in 1917, Eugene, who still considered himself to be an American despite his bad memories of home, attempted to sign up as a pilot for the U.S. Air Service. Sadly, he was turned down. The American military didn’t allow African-Americans to serve as fighter pilots. Discouraged, he returned to flying for France. Some sources say he had a confrontation with a French officer, while others say the U.S. military instructed the French government to remove Eugene as a pilot. What we do know is that despite his success as a pilot and the awards of honor he had received, Eugene was fired as a pilot and was sent back into the infantry for the rest of the war.

When things began to settle down in Paris, the ambitious man used his savings to open a nightclub, Le Grand Duc, an American bar he called L’Escadrille, and an athletic club. Now a successful businessman, he married a French woman, Marcelle de Straumann, who gave birth to his two daughters. For the first time, Eugene settled into a stable, yet exciting life that included meeting many rich and famous people, including F. Scott Fitzgerald and Josephine Baker.

Things changed around 1940 when the Nazis occupied Paris. German soldiers and turn-coat Frenchmen, known as the Fifth Columnists, frequented Eugene’s nightclub and bar. Because he spoke fluent French and German, he could eavesdrop on the frequently drunken discussions, sharing the information with the French counterintelligence network.

Now in his mid-40s, he enlisted as a machine gunner to fight again for France. And once again, Eugene was severely injured. His recuperation was long and difficult, and Paris was still an occupied city when he learned that the Nazis were rounding up Blacks and shipping them to concentration camps. It was time for Eugene Bullard, a national hero in France, to finally return to the United States. He had divorced his wife, but brought his daughters with him to New York, settling in Harlem. After a life of adventure, turmoil, and heroism, this amazing man disappeared from history.

That is, until Eugene had taken a job as an elevator operator at the RCA building in New York City. When his identify was finally discovered, he was interviewed on The Today Show in 1954. As a result, he was invited to France as one of three honored men to relight the flame of the Unknown Soldier in Paris. He was presented with France’s highest honor, a national Chevalier (knighthood), his fifteenth award bestowed by the French government. He returned to Harlem, where the honors continued when French President Charles De Gaulle traveled to New York City to personally meet with the hero who had done so much for France during both world wars. Eugene Bullard died in Harlem in 1961. Three decades later, the American military posthumously commissioned him into the U.S. Air Force as a second lieutenant. The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force in Dayton, Ohio, has a display to honor his memory. And the McDonald-Douglas Corp. donated a bronze bust of Eugene Bullard to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum.

This brave man who had to leave his own country to find a place where he would be accepted as an equal. This special man who had been turned down because of his race when he applied to join the U.S. forces after America declared war on Germany in 1917. This man, Eugene J. Bullard, certainly deserves to be remembered for his many accomplishments, particularly during Black History Month. We can only hope that Eugene Bullard’s amazing story will be made into a movie. Tyler Perry? Beyoncé? Anyone?

Colleen Adair Fliedner is the author of a World War I story entitled In the Shadow of War: Spies, Love and the Lusitania, published by Sand Hill Review Press.

Tory Hartmann, Publisher
Sand Hill Review Press
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在提高全球销量和保护资产基础的推动下,客户对基于 AI 的 Guildhawk Aided (艾德)的需求飙升至最高纪录水平

Flags of the USA Canada China United Kingdom and EU with Guildhawk Aided Translation Technology text in simplified chinese

在提高全球销量和保护资产基础的推动下,客户对基于 AI 的 Guildhawk Aided (艾德)的需求飙升至最高纪录水平

Guildhawk Aided Translation Technology Released. 任何地点,任何语言,让业务更从容

Guildhawk : 任何地点,任何语言,让业务更从容”

— David M Clarke, Director, Guildhawk

CITY OF LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 22, 2020 / — 从事国际贸易的企业都在寻求人工智能工具,让翻译在保留人情味的同时变得又快又省,这可谓是个小小的奇迹。长久以来,语言科技就像是金融科技和监管科技一个不尽如人意的大哥,承诺做大事,却从来无行动。终于,这个始于20世纪50年代,让人期待已久的转变到来了。这就是 Guildhawk Aided,基于微软数十亿美元产品组合的全新创新。

得益于微软对AI的大额投资,机器学习的战略转移已经撼动了整个市场——语言科技终于可以出山了。在多语种内容中采用 Guildhawk Aided 有六大主要益处:

灵活:AI 可以替换或补充传统翻译软件 。


For more information about Guildhawk language services and translation technology visit

Guildhawk is a Queens' Award winning privately held company established in 2001 by CEO Jurga Zilinkiene MBE

Adam Bradshaw
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One of DC’s finest trades in his badge to chase his dream.

Undercover cop takes acting skills to the stage

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 22, 2020 / — It has just been announced that Singer-songwriter and actor Rodney Fitts will take over the coveted role of 'Gregory' in Timothy Allen Smith’s new stage drama, “Choice.” Fitts will star opposite LA Theatre divas Libby Letlow and Loren Kinsella, in the play that is being hailed as Smith’s best work to-date.

Fitts first burst onto the National stage as a contestant on "X-Factor" and is making his second appearance with Timothy Allen Smith after debuting in the musical, Strength of This Nation in 2018. “Tim’s brilliant, he really is, but working with him can be interesting,” laughs Fitts. “He definitely has his own way of doing things though you can’t argue with the results.”

Smith has been on an incredible roll following the record-breaking success of 2016’s “Love Jones the Musical”. With follow-up hits like “Thugs and The Women Who Love Em” and “Neighborhood Barbershop” he has certainly made his mark in the Urban theatre world but, with “Choice,” he says he’s looking to branch out. “Honestly, I never intended to only tell those kinds of stories. Urban theatre is great but there is so much more in my catalog. I’m really thankful that the commercial success I’ve found is affording me the opportunity to spread my wings a little bit.”

To do that, Smith knows it is critically important to find the right talent. Which is exactly what he feels he’s done casting the former undercover policeman. “Rodney’s unique in that he’s so versatile. When he initially came to audition, I had no idea he could sing. He impressed our team so much with his acting that we were sold on him purely as an actor and it wasn’t until weeks later, during a casual conversation over a break in rehearsal, that he mentioned he sang as well.” Once Smith and team heard him sing, they knew they had found a special talent and knew they wanted to put it to good use. “He has such an interesting background,” says Smith. “The man spent almost a decade as an undercover officer in a major city. I can only imagine the things he’s seen and done.”

Fitts, a third-generation legacy officer, joined the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department in 2007, where he was recruited to work with an elite undercover task force specializing in Human Trafficking and Prostitution. Oddly enough, it was with the Human Trafficking Unit that Rodney fine-tuned his acting skills and developed the itch to perform. After serving honorably for nine years, Rodney made the difficult decision to walk away from the family business and begin to chart his own path. He left Law Enforcement and moved to Los Angeles full time to pursue acting.

Loren Kinsella and Rodney Fitts will begin performances of Choice on Thursday, March 12, 2020, at 8pm, joining Caroline Macou as 'Kim', Cameron Kauffman as 'Michelle,' Angel Davis as "Heather,' Ben Collotta as ‘Brian,’ and Libby Letlow as 'Julie Watson,' in the highly anticipated production at The Matrix Theatre (7657 Melrose Avenue).

Fitts is clearly excited to be working with Smith again. “As an actor, you don’t see material like this all that often,” he says excitedly. “Tim is a great writer and he really outdid himself with this one and I can’t wait for audiences to see it.”

Gary Curtis
Twenty/20 Productions
+1 213-465-5770
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Spencer Shaver Denver’s New Documentary Spotlights Temple Mount Sifting Project

Spencer Shaver Denver

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, February 21, 2020 / — The Middle East is steeped in ancient history and religious significance for Muslim, Jewish, and Christian peoples. While these religious groups have their differences, they also share many elements in common, including the reverence of certain holy sites like Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Composer and documentary filmmaker Spencer Shaver Denver says Temple Mount is one of the most hotly contested religious sites in the world. Spencer Shaver of Denver’s film, Lost Temple, explores the history and significance of this 3,000-year-old religious structure and present-day efforts to uncover the truth about the temple. The documentary features artifacts recovered in the ongoing Temple Mount Sifting Project as well as interviews with its director.

Temple Mount is the elevated plaza in Jerusalem above the Western Wall. It is the site of Judaism’s two ancient temples of King Solomon and King Herod, both of which were destroyed. It is prophesied to become the site of the Third Temple. It is also the third-most holy site in Islam after Mecca and Medina, the site of Muhammad’s ascent to heaven, explains Spencer Shaver Denver.

While archaeological digs are said to be a national pass time in Israel, the Temple Mount Sifting Project is unique in part because Temple Mount has not been investigated by archaeologists until recently, says Spencer Shaver Denver. The sifting, per the project website, took place under the auspice of Bar-Ilan University funded by private donors through the Israel Archaeology Foundation. Archaeologists sifted from 2005 to 2017 at the Emek Tzurim National Park and, as of 2019, moved to the Masu’ot Lookout.

Many significant artifacts have been uncovered in the sifting project, which, like Lost Temple, aims to verify the site as the location of Judaism’s two ancient temples and validate the scripture.

Spencer Shaver Denver, executive producer, and composer of Lost Temple is an avid supporter of the Temple Mount Sifting Project. As a documentary filmmaker and founder and executive producer at Skyward Artists Group, Spencer Shaver Denver promotes Christian education and engagement through research and artistry. As is evidenced in Lost Temple, he is apt at presenting educational materials in an entertaining and accessible way.

“We all have the power to make a positive impact on our environment,” Spencer Shaver Denver said. “And we all have an obligation to make a powerful difference.”

To learn more about Spencer Shaver Denver and his work visit his website: Or, learn more about Skyward Artists Group via the Facebook page:

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
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Canvs AI Passes the Turing-Style test on Emotional Classification

Canvs AI displays equivalent human-like processing level in emotion measurement

Canvs is proven to be as good as human judgement for identifying and classifying emotions expressed in open-ended survey response in the media industry.”

— Sam Hui, Chief Data Scientist of Canvs AI

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 21, 2020 / — Canvs AI, the leading emotion measurement technology company, is excited to announce its milestone achievement of passing a Turing-style test for the tash of emotional classification in a specific domain. This test establishes that Canvs AI is as good as a human in recognizing and categorizing emotions in short text form for those in the media and entertainment industry.

The test was conducted by Dr. Sam Hui, the prominent Chief Data Scientist at Canvs AI and winner of numerous awards naming him a “potential leader” of the next generation of marketing academics. Hui explains that Canvs AI’s patented technology can exhibit the equivalent amount of empathy regarding a consumers’ motivation for behavioral consumption as human marketing analysts and researchers can. The biggest difference between Canvs AI and human raters is time. Canvs AI can tabulate the data in a fraction of the time it takes its human counterparts. This time-saving ability allows clients to use more in-depth open-ended surveys leading to a more thorough assessment of their consumers’ behavioral data.

Dr. Hui’s test indicates that an individual demonstrates the same degree of agreement with the categorization done by the Canvs AI platform as that completed by a human rater. As Dr. Hui stated, “Canvs is proven to be as good as human judgement for identifying and classifying emotions expressed in open-ended survey responses in the media industry. In terms of emotional tagging, Canvs displays the same level of inter-rater agreement as that between two independent human raters.” Additionally, Canvs touts a database system of human curation over the past 3 years. The system refinement process over years has only finessed Canvs AI’s ability to provide seamless results to its human counterparts. These findings demonstrate the high accuracy rate of Canvs AI’s patented semantic technology for market researchers, further cementing it as the industry standard in measuring emotion.

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About Canvs
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Global VFX Market Is Anticipated To Reach USD 23,854 Million By 2025 – Zion Market Research

VFX Market

VFX Market

Global VFX market expected to reach USD 23,854 million by 2025, at a CAGR of around 11.4% between 2019 and 2025

Global VFX Market expected to reach USD 23,854 million by 2025, at a CAGR of around 11.4% between 2019 and 2025”

— Zion Market Research

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 21, 2020 / — Zion Market Research has published a new report titled “VFX Market by Type (Matte Painting, Simulation FX, Compositing, Motion Capture, 3D Scanning, Character & Creature Animation, Concept Art, Previs/Pre-Visualization, and Others), by Component (Software, Hardware, and Services), and by Application (Movies, Advertisements, TV Show, and Gaming): Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, and Forecast, 2018–2025”. According to the report, the global VFX market accounted for USD 11,333 million in 2018 and is expected to reach USD 23,854 million by 2025, at a CAGR of around 11.4% between 2019 and 2025.

The visual effect is a process that integrates live-action footage and generates imagery that produces and/or maneuvers images externally to a live action shot. VFX currently holds huge importance in the media and entertainment industry, as it is utilized for numerous applications, especially in the film industry for augmented reality forming virtual reality, crowd simulation for creating a large set of crowds, motion pictures, etc. Over the last several years, visual effects (VFX) have become a significant necessity of the film making industry. VFX application in the media and entertainment industry majorly includes movies, television, and commercials. In 2013, the average Oscar nominee for visual effects generated USD 763 million in revenue as compared to USD 662 million in 2012.

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Moreover, film making industries majorly contribute to the global VFX market. These revenue benefits majorly through U.S. based Hollywood film making industry and India-based Bollywood. Another major application of VFX is the creation of augmented reality, which is also driving the global VFX market. The rising VFX demand is also fuelled by the need to create crowd simulation, which involves creating a large set of the crowd in an animated world, particularly for scenes including war, parties, crowded beaches, etc

Based on type, the global VFX market includes simulation FX, matte painting, compositing, motion capture, 3D scanning, character and creature animation, concept art, previs/pre-visualization, and others. The simulation FX segment is expected to hold the largest market share in the years ahead, owing to its increasing demand in testing, training, safety engineering, video games, and education. By component, the global VFX market includes software, hardware, and services. The services segment is projected to hold the largest share of the market in the future. The application segment of the global VFX market is divided into movies, advertisements, TV show, and gaming. The movies segment is anticipated to hold the largest market share over the forecast time period. VFX effects in films involve some extraordinary character design and certain invisible VFX. Movies like Avatar, Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, Judgment Day, Inception, Interstellar, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and others have taken the standard of VFX to another next level.

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North America is anticipated to hold the largest share of the global VFX market during the estimated timeline, owing to the increasing use of visual effects in Hollywood movies. VFX is the most advanced technology used in movies to make the scenes more realistic. The rising demand for visual effects involves the integration of live-action footage in Hollywood is further anticipated to drive the North American VFX market. The Asia Pacific VFX market is expected to grow rapidly in the future, owing to the rising demand for VFX features, such as modification and augmentation of live action, and the increasing partnership of Chinese companies with international VFX companies.

Some major players operating in the global VFX market are Red Giant Software, Vision Effects, 3DAR LTDA, Frischluft, Video Copilot, The Foundry Visionmongers, Blackmagic Design, Boris FX, Autodesk, Optitrack, Adobe Systems, and NVIDIA Corporation.

This report segments the global VFX market into:

Global VFX Market: Type Analysis

Matte Painting
Simulation FX
Motion Capture
3D Scanning
Character and Creature Animation
Concept Art

Global VFX Market: Component Analysis


Global VFX Market: Application Analysis

TV Show

Global VFX Market: Regional Analysis

North America
The U.S.
Asia Pacific
Latin America
The Middle East and Africa

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