Vocational horse camp coming to Lakota reservation

The vocational horse camp coming to Lakota reservation

RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA, USA, July 25, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Rapid City, S. D. – The Šúŋkawakȟáŋ Oyáte Horse Camp was created in memory of beloved youth worker Dorothy Čánte Wašté Wiŋ (Good Hearted Woman) Kiyukan, and is very good news for the youth of the Kul Wičáša tribe’s Lower Brule Reservation of South Dakota.

This August’s summer Camp is more than a camp. It is a pilot program specifically designed to provide new career opportunities by introducing professional level feature film and television series stunt horsemanship.

Under the tutelage of professionals, the Šúŋkawakȟáŋ Oyáte Horse Camp will connect film industry job training and jobs to Reservation youth, who can be seen joyfully riding wild horses around Lower Brule. The camp seeks to leverage each rider’s natural strengths with film industry needs, connecting them to culturally relevant employment in the industry.

Campers will gain film industry insights and skills that can lead to job connections, while keeping their connections to their home communities. They will learn film set horse etiquette and participate in drills required to perform basic period horse stunt work from camp contributor, third-generation world champion trick rider, horse trainer, and action stunt director, Tad Griffith (John Wick 3, Miracle Workers, Seabiscuit, 300, Lone Ranger, The Mask of Zorro). A traditional approach toward horsemanship will be led by renowned horse trainer Tom Waŋbli Luža (Swift Eagle) Ziegler (Dances With Wolves)

Griffith trains celebrity riders and horses for movies. During his long career in film and television, Griffith’s tribal riders have long been strong allies. His goal is to enhance that alliance. In his experience, he says, “Horse people from different backgrounds and principles always find common language and purpose in working together” on a film set. Indeed, the long term goal is to bring this innovative program to reservations across America.

In the Lakota language, “Šúŋkawakȟáŋ Oyáte” means “Horse Nation,” referencing the blessings that horses have brought to Native Americans across centuries. The Camp’s title reflects the shared goals of a strong and diverse group of founding educators with one vision: “It’s time to reconnect people to horses’ blessings.”

From Ziegler, campers will learn Lakota-style horse training, ceremonial songs and traditions. Ziegler, of the Kul Wičáša tribe, is a 4th generation member of the horse-whispering Wašú Wasté clan. Starting in the 1990s, he delivered cultural education alongside his wife, Kiyukan, of the Dakota Yankton Thunder Clan. Kiyukan is memorialized by this unique program.

For decades, the Ziegler family has taught riding lessons, cultural training and teacher coaching. As a nationally acclaimed educator, career counselor, and indigenous rights advocate, Kiyukan built advancement opportunities and cultural connections for youth through the paddock and beyond the paddock. This Camp, appropriately, takes Ziegler and Kiyukan’s life’s work to the next level.

Kiyukan passed away from cancer on January 7, 2021. While leading her 14-day memorial ride from Kansas to South Dakota, Ziegler spoke Kiyukan’s words, “Life is but a journey,” to a prayerful circle of riders. In that circle stood bareback rider Geno St. Cloud. Seeking addiction recovery, the Ponca descendant and father of two had spent six weeks as Ziegler’s assistant. Upon St. Cloud’s return from the memorial ride, tribal council members noticed a positive change.

Eastern Nebraska Film Commissioner Stacy Heatherly met the riders on their way through Nebraska and was equally impressed. “I saw in Geno’s turnaround every reason that bringing horses back is a critical piece of the generational trauma healing process.”

Heatherly is founder of a film production camp that links students to film jobs, and she saw potential in Ziegler’s horse camps. By amending her model to include horses, she is formalizing career paths while providing trusted workplace development for Hollywood. Heatherly envisions graduates working on cultural films like I Am A Man – The True Story of Chief Standing Bear, written and produced by camp contributor, film professional, and Chiricahua Apache member Andrew Troy (The Fighter, The Runaways, Salinger, Sopranos, Growing Up Smith, Wild Russia nature series, Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification).

Heatherly is also negotiating to return government-held wild mustangs to reservations, a move to make horses more accessible. That initiative and the Camp will provide better opportunities for America’s First Nations.

But the team still says the best blessings of all will come from personally befriending a horse.

The Šúŋkawakȟáŋ Oyáte Camp will be held on the Lower Brule Reservation rodeo grounds in South Dakota from Tuesday, August 3rd through Saturday, August 7th, from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.


Stacy Heatherly
Camp Coordinator, Equestrian Film Studio
+1 402-968-4280

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Blue-green Algae in Copco and Iron Gate Lakes Behind Klamath River Dams: Nature's Solution for Anthropogenic Nitrates

Nitrogen fixing algae, as seen in Copco and Iron Gate Lakes on the Klamath River, are Nature's solution to remediating anthropogenic nitrates in the water. They take nitrates out of solution and integrate them into their bodies, thereby sequestering nitra

Nitrogen fixing algae, as seen in Copco & Iron Gate Lakes on the Klamath River are Nature’s remediating solution for anthropogenic nitrates in the water. They take nitrates out of solution and integrate them into their bodies, thereby sequestering nitrates

A bright green frog is seen hiding along with fish fry in the aquatic vegetation of Copco Lake on the Klamath River

Copco Lake was created over the existing ‘Clammittee Lake’, that existed for millennia. The myriad of species of flora and fauna in and around the critical habitat provided by the fresh water ecosystem of the lake is amazing. Photo: William E. Simpson II

A pair of threatened Western Pond Turtles at Copco Lake. Just one of many threatened and endangered species of flora and fauna

A pair of threatened Western Pond Turtles at Copco Lake. Just one of many threatened and endangered species of flora and fauna thriving in or around Copco and Iron Gate Lakes. Photo: William E. Simpson II

An eagle's nest on the shore of Copco Lake provides access to open-water hunting and prey on and around the lake

Bald and Golden Eagles, as well as the many other raptors at Copco and Iron Gate Lakes on the Klamath River, prefer nest boxes and trees at the lakeshore, which provides access to fish and other prey on and around the lake.

A Golden Eagle is seen fishing on Copco Lake. Both Bald and Golden Eagles, being large raptors require areas of open-water to catch the fish they eat. Photo: M. Gough

A Golden Eagle is seen fishing on Copco Lake. There 19-species of raptors, many of which consume fish all summer long. There are no documented cases of algae toxicity illness or deaths in raptor populations at Iron Gate or Copco Lakes.

The Klamath River dams that created Copco and Iron Gate Lakes provide habitat required by nitrogen-fixing algae that reduce nitrate pollution in Klamath River

In the history of Copco and Iron Gate Lakes, empirical evidence proves no widespread fish or wildlife kill-off related to the blue-green algae. In fact, some animals eat the dried algae (See Video)”

— William E. Simpson II – Naturalist

YREKA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 24, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Klamath River dam removal activists, who are merely minority-consensus fishing-zealots, fail in their understanding of the value proposition of the naturally-occurring blue-green algae (Microcystis aeruginosa).

In an effort to pitch any plausible reason for removing the Klamath River dams, dam-removal activists condemn the blue-green algae in an attempt to support a flawed argument for the removal of the dams on the Klamath River below the Klamath basin.

One of the fishing-zealot mantras has been that the dams are a problem because they create 'toxic' algae blooms that are seen in late summer on the lakes, specifically, Iron Gate and Copco lakes.

This hypothesis is contrary to empirical evidence, as well as published peer-reviewed science.

The impact of the toxicity of the blue-green algae on the fish and wildlife is greatly exaggerated by the dam-removal zealots.

If the algae had the toxic impact, that is seriously overstated by dam-removal, there would be obvious fish and wildlife kill-offs!

Such kill-offs have never been documented, and you can bet, these zealots would have paraded any genuine evidence of any such events if they had occurred at Copco or Iron Gate Lakes.


People from Siskiyou County California, Jackson County California and elsewhere have been catching the fish in Copco and Iron Gate Lakes virtually year-round and consuming them for decades. There are no documented cases of algae-related illness or deaths in humans associated to the algae in these Copco or Iron Gate Lakes on the Klamath River.

No widespread fish or wildlife kill-off has ever been documented at Copco or Iron Gate Lakes.

There are 19-species of raptors that have habitat in the immediate vicinity of Iron Gate and Copco Lakes, many of which consume the fish from these lakes in the summer (height of algae bloom) on a daily basis, over the past 6-decades.

No raptors (Bald and Golden Eagles, Ospreys, etc.) have been found dead or dying from algae toxicity.

Wild horses that have lived in the area for millennia (there are horse fossils in the area) and which have been consuming the dried algae from the lakes over many decades have never suffered any ill-effects.

(THIS VIDEO, taken by naturalist and wild horse expert, William E. Simpson II shows a band of wild horses grazing dried strands of algae on the shore of Iron Gate Lake on July 22, 2021: https://youtu.be/dhhJv8tP0qQ )


The specific algae that is observed throughout history on the Klamath River lakes is a blue-green algae called ‘Microcystis aeruginosa’.

This blue-green algae, is naturally-occurring in many places around the world and is endemic in the Klamath Basin and in Copco and Iron Gate Lakes on the Klamath River in Siskiyou County California.

Most of the year, these naturally-occurring algae are unseen because when they are in-balance within a natural system of available nutrients their growth is limited due to limitations in nutrients (and sunlight), which must be shared by many other aquatic plants and organisms that utilize some of the same nutrients.

Additionally, because these are 'benthic' algae have the ability to migrate vertically within a column of still water (they require still-water habitats, such as lakes). Nevertheless, they spend much of their time below the surface of the water and out of sight.

These unique algae control their buoyancy using a microscopic gas-filled vesicle. The amount of gas (volume) in this tiny vesicle is what controls the amount of buoyancy and controls where the algae is located within the water column.

According to the studies; when there is more dissolved nitrogen and sunlight available, these blue-green algae produce more nitrogen gas, increasing the volume of their gas-vesicle (the float), and therefore more buoyancy is generated.

Therefore, the algae can suspend themselves and range in depth from the bottom of the lake to the surface depending on the amount of sunlight available combined with the amount of nutrients present (nitrogen and phosphorus), where available nitrogen has the greatest effect on producing gas for positive buoyancy.

Basically, all things being equal, when there is a lot of sunlight and nitrogen available, the algae will be floated to the surface of the water column in a lake. And when the biological tempo of the algae slows due to reduced sunlight and or nutrients, they sink to the bottom of the lakes, out-of-sight and out-of-mind. But importantly, when they sink, many become part of the sediments and in that process, remove and sequester anthropogenic nitrates from the water. This results in water that has less dissolved nitrates, a benefit to the aquatic life in the Klamath River downstream.

This scientific study on the blue-green algae, titled; ‘Variations in the buoyancy response of Microcystis aeruginosa to nitrogen, phosphorus and light’ supports the foregoing observation: http://plankt.oxfordjournals.org/content/23/12/1399.full

The level of nitrogen-based compounds dissolved in the waters of the Klamath River going into Copco and Iron Gare Lakes is what scientific study shows, stimulates large blooms of algae floating on the surfaces of the lakes during summer. The levels of dissolved nitrogen in the Klamath River above Copco and Iron Gate lakes is not naturally occurring.

Based upon study conducted in 2005 by OSU scientist Damion C. Ciotti, titled; ‘Water Quality of Runoff from Flood Irrigated Pasture in the Klamath Basin, Oregon’, it seems that the excess nitrogen is a function of intensified agricultural operations in this geographical region (Klamath Basin) over the past 30-40 years.

Here is that study:


Nature’s response to man’s activities (agriculture on steroids) is certainly a ‘natural’ one.

And that response by Nature is the intensification of the blue-green algae (Microcystis aeruginosa) that normally exists in the lakes and is selectively able to capitalize-upon, and remediate the abundant nitrogen-rich nutrient levels that are resulting from the anthropogenic nitrates stemming from the intensive agricultural operations.

The question is; are the dams the cause of these large algae blooms?

Based upon the unbiased studies that are cited, the answer is clearly ‘no’.

In the course of prudent due diligence, going outside and beyond the scope-of-influence of biased parties, such as fishing-zealots and incentivized dam-removal proponents to the greatest extent possible is required.

The results of agnostic due-diligence are studies that are truly independent, since they were not conducted at the behest of any of the parties (stakeholders, etc.) around the Klamath River dam controversy.

Siskiyou County (the Klamath River dams are within their jurisdiction) voted on whether it was in the best interests of the entire county (about 40,000 taxpayers) to remove the dams. A vast majority (78%) voted to keep the dams. Nonetheless, even in light of what a vast majority of people want in a democracy, there are a tiny fraction of people who still want to undermine the will of American voters, and through the utilization of almost any means, including the use of questionable studies and assertions, have the dams removed anyway.

Klamath Basin Animal Production and Feces:

The total nitrogen that is contained in the feces from animal production is not insignificant (http://www.ecochem.com/t_manure_fert.html). Feces is deposited on the Klamath basin grazing lands through high animal density per acre (cattle, sheep, etc.), where feces is highly concentrated on irrigated pasture lands that are already in many cases enhanced with nitrogen-rich fertilizers. And along with the soil additives, the tons of animal feces is an important source of excessive nitrogen runoff into the tributaries of the upper lakes and the Klamath River feeding into the Copco and Iron Gate reservoirs.

When the density of domestic livestock grazing gets to the levels we now observe in and around the upper lakes (we are even seeing animals being trucked into the area to graze from well outside the local region), the amount of available nitrogen rich organic compounds (feces) exceeds the fixation capacity of the plants and organisms (related to bio-stoichiometry), and a very significant amount of nitrogen-rich compounds are washed-off the land and into the Klamath basin drainage during irrigation, storms and the heavy spring runoff.

1. Industrial Agriculture:

Crop farmers are continually enhancing their lands through the extensive use of fertilizers and soil conditioners. A significant amount of these plant supporting (algae too!) nutrients are transported into the upper lakes and into the upper Klamath River via irrigation run-off, storm water run-off and spring run-off, thereby supporting the uncontrolled growth of algae, resulting in the blooms that are observed in the late summer.

This statement is supported by the Oregon State University (OSU) study titled:

‘Water Quality of Runoff from Flood Irrigated Pasture in the Klamath Basin, Oregon’: https://ir.library.oregonstate.edu/xmlui/bitstream/handle/1957/20575/CiottiDamionC2005.pdf?sequence=1

Historically, if you go back about 30-40 years and beyond, there were no algae blooms of the size and scope we are now seeing floating in the Copco and Iron Gate lakes. The algae was present in the past, but the conditions (nutrients) to support incredible growth (and buoyancy) were not present.

As we begin to understand, there algae do very well when there is an abundance of nitrogen and phosphorus (‘fertilizer’) and sunlight; they need both to grow at accelerated rates that results in a visible ‘bloom’ floating on the surface of the lakes.

However, in the absence of added nitrogen to the lakes, even with the naturally occurring phosphorus, it’s doubtful that we would be seeing the expansive algae blooms that have been occurring in recent history. And the notion that high levels of naturally occurring phosphorus are instrumental in these blooms is inconsistent with the observations of the cited scientific study in the Oxford Journals (The Journal of Plankton Research): http://plankt.oxfordjournals.org/content/23/12/1399.full

That study (above) makes it clear that between the nutrients used by the blue-green algae, nitrogen and phosphorus, nitrogen is the agent that has the greatest overall impact on the positive buoyancy of the algae, which makes them visible.

Through this mechanism, the algae have the ability to control their vertical positioning in a column of water via a buoyancy system related to nitrogen (nutrient) uptake, where all other things being equal, the more available nitrogen, the more buoyancy is attained. And when the algae is floating at or near the surface of the water, the bloom is most dramatic and visible.

As the OSU study infers, agricultural activities are culpable when it comes to excess nitrogen in the Klamath River basin. The nitrogen-rich runoff from agricultural lands (compounds in solution as well as insoluble particulate matter suspended due to turbidity) is combined with other organic and inorganic matter in the turbid runoff waters that flow into the Klamath basin watershed.

As these turbid run-off waters reach the calmer less agitated waters of the Klamath River lakes (primarily Copco and Iron Gate lakes) that are formed behind the dams, much of the suspended matter, including some of the nitrogen compounds (from a super-saturated solution), have settled-out into the sediment layers of the lakes, creating about 20-million yards of anthropogenically polluted clay sediments, which keep the nitrates and phosphates sequestered between layers of clay.

In the cited OSU study, the ‘conclusion’ that is found on page 115 of the document and contents within the study, supports the postulations herein regarding nitrogen transport into the watershed:


That OSU study also confirms the presence of an abundance of phosphorus, which is another important element (in the right ratio) for the growth of plants as well as the algae in question.

When summer begins there are many changes, starting with increased solar energy and increased water temperature, which changes the rate of solution, as well as the biological tempo related to photosynthesis.

Even with the increased photosynthesis of the blue-green algae, oxygen uptake by the water can be inhibited by the totality of compounds that are already in solution in combination with the temp of the water. An example of this is evidenced when we have a super-saturated solution that is cooling (day-night cycle in a large body of water), in which case, the solubility rate for any additional compounds is inhibited.

Furthermore, in Copco and Iron Gate lakes where we have a thermocline to consider.

The surface water temperature above this relatively shallow thermocline boundary-layer is warmer than the colder water underneath. Therefore, the total load of dissolved solids and gasses is significantly different above the thermocline as compared to below the thermocline.

By looking at history (before there was a problem) and then asking a simple question; what ‘has changed since the 1960’s; it is crystal clear what has happened. Over time, farmers began increasing the amounts of fertilizers being used over larger areas of land. While concurrently cattlemen are grazing more animals per acre than at any time in the past, as a result of enriched (fertilized) pastures.

An example of the same basic phenomenon (nitrates from feces and commercial fertilizer stimulating an algae bloom) was studied by the University of Hawaii (http://www.hawaii.edu/kahekili/algalworkshop.html).

In summary, the message is simple. If anyone wants to reduce the algae in the Klamath River basin and in the lakes, then we need the Klamath basin agricultural industry to reduce the nutrients (agricultural runoff) that support the algae.

Of course the penalty for a reduction in the tempo of agri-production, would be resulting higher consumer costs for food.

One could make the argument that the proponents of dam-removal just want to have all the agricultural runoff and repercussions of that runoff (the algae bloom itself) disappear down the river into the sea, out of sight, and out of mind. But that merely defers dealing with the same problem, only then the anthropogenic pollution will affect the entirety of the Klamath River and the Pacific coast, creating a far more serious situation.

The blue-green algae are a huge blessing in disguise:

Since blue-green algae are uniquely able to ‘fix’ tremendous quantities of nitrogen and phosphorus through their robust nitrogen-cycle during photosynthesis, they are remediating this pollution in the lakes before the Klamath River water heads down below Iron Gate Lake and into the virtual entirety of the Klamath River fishery and spawning areas.

If not for this natural response to the anthropogenic nitrates and other soil amendments, who knows what effects the nitrogen and phosphorus levels would have on other plants and animals further down the Klamath River. One thing for certain, without the remediation of this Agri-pollution by the blue-green algae in the lakes, the health of the entirety of the Klamath River ecosystem would suffer greatly.

It makes no logical sense, that the dams are suddenly a problem because the algae bloom on the lakes becomes visible to the public. It is merely a tell-tale sign of the pollution problems up river, and nature’s remediation solution in the lake.

William E Simpson
Wild Horse Ranch Productions
+1 858-212-5762
email us here

Video taken by naturalist, wild horse expert, William E. Simpson II shows band of wild horses grazing dried strands of algae at Iron Gate Lake on July 22, 2021

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Proposed Klamath River Dams Removal – Public and Legislators Have Been Misinformed – Critical Information Sequestered

Copco (seen in photo) and Iron Gate Lakes hold 45-billion gallons of fresh water that is desperately needed for domestic, agricultural and wildfire suppression uses under the Klamath River Basin Compact Act

Copco Lake (seen in photo) and Iron Gate Lakes hold 45-billion gallons of fresh water that is desperately needed for domestic, agricultural and wildfire suppression uses under the Klamath River Basin Compact Act. Photo: William E. Simpson II

1913 drawing by famous engineer/dam builder J.C. Boyle that shows naturally-formed 31-foot-tall lava dam holding back the Klamath River creating 'Clammittee Lake', which was present when construction on Copco 1 dam began. Migratory fish didn't this dam.

1913 drawing by famous engineer/dam builder J.C. Boyle that shows the naturally-formed 31-foot-tall lava dam holding back the Klamath River creating ‘Clammittee Lake’, which was present when construction on Copco 1 dam began. This dam blocked fish migration

Animal tracks in the Ward Canyon ecosystem, a small example of biodiversity created by large bodies of fresh water at Copco and Iron Gate Lakes

Animal tracks in an ecosystem where native species wild horses are the keystone herbivores, demonstrates biodiversity. Photo: William E. Simpson II

Firefighting helicopter draws water from Iron Gate Lake on the Klamath River to fight the Klamathon Wildfire

Firefighters drew over 1-million gallons of water from Iron Gate Lake (one of the lakes behind the Klamath River dams) to fight the 38,000-acre Klamathon Fire threatening Ashland Oregon and Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument. Photo: William E. Simpson II

A pair of threatened Western Pond Turtles at Copco Lake. Just one of many threatened and endangered species of flora and fauna

A pair of threatened Western Pond Turtles at Copco Lake. Just one of many threatened and endangered species of flora and fauna with habitat in and around the shoreline ecosystems of these large fresh water lakes

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's license transfer to KRRC conflicts with its own precedent case ruling requiring full NEPA compliance before transfer

Economics Not Salmon Is the Reason PacifiCorp is Removing the Dams”

— Glen Spain – Klamath River Renewal Corporation board member

YREKA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 24, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Modern-day Copco Lake (SEE IMAGE) was called 'Clammittee Lake' in the early 1900's when the Klamath River was held back in a lake by a natural 31-foot-tall lava dam that blocked any up-river fish migration. This 31-foot-tall natural dam was the smallest of several such naturally-formed volcanic dams that blocked salmon migration for millennia, and right up until the time that Copco 1 dam was built.

It's interesting that the Klamath River Renewal Corporation (KRRC) had from the start, avoided any discussions about the natural high-dams blocking fish migration, and failed to disclose to the public and FERC, J.C. Boyle's drawings of this natural 31-foot tall dam that clearly blocked fish migration.

That was until July 13th 2021 when KRRC started feebly trying to respond to being outed, by posting more twisted Logic on its Facebook page, seemingly beginning to cover for not making a full disclosure of this (one of many) important and hard to explain-away facts. And even in their Facebook post of July 13th, they continue to hide J.C. Boyle's drawing and narrative of the 31-foot-tall natural dam!

Lets face facts here: When KRRC and it's band of surrogate fishing-zealots came out with their propaganda campaign, they proclaimed it was all about restoring a fish migration, which we now know from hard indisputable facts, wasn't happening.

And now, in a July 8th email to naturalist Mr. William E. Simpson II, Mr. Glen Spain, who wears two-faces; one as a member of Klamath River Renewal Corporation's board of director, and also as the NW Regional Director at Institute for Fisheries Resources, made this shocking statement:

“Ultimately however whether Salmon did or did not exist above the dams is irrelevant to PacifiCorp’s decision to remove the dams today.” And near the end of the same email, Mr. Spain reiterates that; “Economics Not Salmon Is the Reason PacifiCorp is Removing the Dams”.


One of several other natural lava dams that stood in the area of Wards Canyon for tens of thousands of years was a dam that was 130-feet tall (separate from the 31-foot-tall natural dam), and the remnants of that natural 130-foot-tall volcanic dam can still be seen today extending from the mountainsides in Ward Canyon at the location of the modern Copco 1 dam.

The 31-foot-tall natural lava dam and lake (Clammittee Lake) as seen in the drawing by famous engineer and dam builder J.C. Boyle, was provided with a narrative and published in 1913. (SEE IMAGE).

That drawing and narrative by J.C. Boyle represents the end of the migratory fish tales by fishing zealots and KRRC.

Salmon don't fly, and salmon can't jump more than about 12-feet, under ideal conditions.

The science: https://www.snopud.com/Site/Content/Documents/relicensing/Fish/EvalMigration_070106.PDF

The modern-day Copco and Iron Gate Lakes created by the dams built by J.C. Boyle, together hold 45-billion gallons of fresh water, and provide habitat for hundreds of species of flora and fauna, some of which are endangered and threatened species.

If the Klamath River dams are allowed to come out at a time when more fresh water storage is required during an unprecedented drought and wildfire, and the massive disaster predicted by dissenting noted scientists, who have been censored, comes to pass, wildlife supporters, environmentalists, taxpayers / voters will be looking for who to blame…

Notably, a series of press releases is now available containing previously sequestered information that is critical for a proper evaluation of Klamath River Renewal Corporation’s dam removal project.

In the light of honesty, the compelling evidence presented in the series condemns KRRC’s plan to remove the Klamath River dams.

The series of press releases also provides a ‘public record’ of facts that conflict with the propaganda campaign by KRRC and a minority consensus of fishing-zealots who are surrogates for KRRC's plan, and arguably could care less about the health, safety and welfare of tens of thousands of Americans who will be directly and indirectly adversely impacted by dam removal.

Nor do these cavalier minority consensus groups seem to care about the sustainability of the hundreds of species of flora and fauna in the eleven-mile corridor surrounding Ward Canyon and the Klamath River dams.

Many of the resident and migratory species that live in and around Copco and Iron Gate lakes are rare, threatened or endangered species that will be wiped-out via the destruction of their lake and shoreline ecosystems, should the dams be removed.

The Press Release titled 'Klamath River Dams: KRRC's Proposed Dam Removal Project – Minority Consensus for Environmental and Ecological Disaster’ outlines some of the serious flaws and misinformation that has been used to promote this reckless project to its present precarious status.

There is no doubt that this proposed dam removal project will seriously jeopardize the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Southern Oregon and Northern California!

Legislators must immediately (during FERC's current scoping period) be calling-for a complete top-to-bottom review of KRRC's reckless plan.

This is especially true as of late, since the proposed dam removal project has morphed into a 'public project' given the proposed use of tax-dollars instead of only private money from PacificCorp.

And, after said top-to-bottom scrutiny of the plan, full compliance with NEPA must be undertaken.

This is the world's largest and most risk-laden dam removal in history!

Any repercussions from even the slightest misstep will end in the most severe ecological and environmental disaster ever seen on the west coast.

This is no time for anyone, especially the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), to be taking any short-cuts!

Allowing any license transfer to the Klamath River Renewal Corporation (KRRC), even with California and Oregon taxpayers on the financial hook, conflicts with FERC’s own past precedent case ruling about the absolute requirement of full NEPA compliance 'before' any license transfer when there’s any potential for adverse environmental impact. The Klamath River dams removal proposal by KRRC is as risky as they come, with potential for numerous disastrous environmental outcomes.

Siskiyou County California, through its law firm Nossaman, LLP, has filed a REQUEST FOR REHEARING on July 16, 2021. The filing can be read here: www.klamathbasincrisis.org/ferc/2021/SiskiyouRequestForRehearingFERCJune17DamLicenseTransfer071621.htm

Making matters around this dam removal proposal even more insane is that, the project budget is based-on calculations done half a decade ago, with no adjustments for inflation, or for the recently published massive cost increases due to COVID Economics that have just been seen over the past year.

Impact of COVID Economics on the construction industry: https://www.agc.org/sites/default/files/AGC%202021%20Inflation%20Alert%20-%20Ver1.1.pdf

KRRC's current obsolete budget is provably about one-half of what would arguably be needed ($900-million is needed).

'Engaging in 'discount-dam-removal' is begging for disaster.

More important info at EIN News article: 'Klamath River Dams: KRRC's Proposed Dam Removal Project – Minority Consensus for Environmental and Ecological Disaster"


Richard Marshall
Siskiyou County Water Users Association
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CAL-FIRE Fresno Battalion Chief Mike Alforque discusses the critical importance that water from Iron Gate Lake played in stopping the deadly Klamathon Fire

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Alternative Rock Artist Brainsqueezed Explores A.I. Themes in Music Video for Powerful New Song “My Fears in The Night”

Brainsqueezed – I Am Not A Robot cover artwork by Blue Cafe Music

Brainsqueezed Official Logo

Brainsqueezed will be releasing a cinematic, multi-layered new album entitled "I Am Not a Robot" on August 27. The video for "My Fears in The Night" is out now.

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, July 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Brainsqueezed is a solo alternative rock/progressive rock project helmed by French musician Sébastien Laloue, whose relocation to Sydney, Australia in 2020 helped provide the inspiration for cinematic, multi-layered new album “I Am Not a Robot”, due for release August 27, 2021.

About the Album:
“I Am Not a Robot” is Brainsqueezed‘s second full-length album. Sébastien, who wrote and produced all the songs, focused on a more alternative rock production, including more loops and electronic sounds. This new album also gives more space to female vocals and instrumentals. “I Am Not a Robot” includes a diverse set of electric soundscapes influenced by the alternative rock of the ’90s, trip-hop, post-rock and classic rock. The graphic universe is about a robot’s quest that believes it has a soul beyond its artificial intelligence. “I Am Not a Robot” includes 11 songs. It contains the elements representing the universe of Brainsqueezed, which continues to offer a dark alternative rock, including cinematic and electronic ambiences.

Leading the album rollout on July 23, 2021 is melodic, soulful single “My Fears in the Night”, a song about the way fear is a constant companion from childhood onward to adulthood, when it becomes an inner voice. “My Fears in the Night” is accompanied by an official music video courtesy of Blue Cafe Music. The music video delves into the albums A.I. themes, resulting in an exciting visual that expresses the equal parts hope and darkness of the song.

Watch the official “My Fears in the Night” music video on Youtube.

James Moore
Independent Music Promotions
+1 5874359102
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Brooklyn Electropop artist Paul Feder signs with Aion Records, teams up with Permian Strata for "Lose My Mind" video

Paul Feder “Lose My Mind” single cover art

Paul Feder promotional photo

Paul Feder promotional photo

"Lose My Mind" is the first single to be released from Paul Feder's debut solo EP "Nightwalk", out via Aion Records on August 20, 2021.

The music video for “Lose My Mind” was created shortly before the pandemic in the streets of Gowanus, Brooklyn.”

— Paul Feder

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Brooklyn-based Electropop artist Paul Feder has announced the release of new single and music video "Lose My Mind", out July 23, 2021 on digital platforms. "Lose My Mind" is the first single to be released from Feder's debut solo EP "Nightwalk", out via Aion Records on August 20, 2021.

Paul Feder’s debut solo EP Nightwalk distills his years of experience making music with sitar-infused electronic band Charcole Federation and vocoder synthpop project Pico Fermi. The songs on Nightwalk were developed and refined over the course of a year at Battalion Studios in Gowanus, Brooklyn, starting as solo vocal harmonizer experiments, developing into full-on jam sessions with Jane In Space band members Jesse Jensen, Tom Vickers, Andrew Tell and Brian Korpalski. Nightwalk combines sparse, open-ended lyrics with dense, visually evocative synths.

"Lose My Mind" is upbeat, melodic and synth-driven. Its release is accompanied by a surreal, dream-like walk through the city in the official music video.

More about the Music Video
The music video for “Lose My Mind” was created shortly before the pandemic in the streets of Gowanus, Brooklyn. During filming, Paul Feder and Eric Martich (aka Permian Strata) employed a generous dose of half-speed videography – Paul would sing the song at double speed while Eric shot the video at 60fps, and in post production, the speed of the footage was halved. As a final step, the Permian Strata’s wild visual effects were added. The effects themselves were created very manually, layer by layer, shot by shot. Eric Martich describes his process here:

The first step was generating abstract patterns, using the audio as an input. With the LZX Industries Sensory Translator module, I converted the audio to control voltage, and fed that into the LZX Industries Fortress, which generates graphics in the style of an 8-bit computer. I used its shift register mode to create shapes that mirror the architecture of the city, paired with its "neon" color palette, which matched the bright colors of the street art featured in the live footage. Those shapes were then patched to the LZX Industries Memory Palace, which generated an internal feedback loop, creating the illusion that the shapes were receding into the distance.

The next step was manipulating the live footage in Adobe Premiere to make part of each shot transparent. In most cases, I did this by applying a chroma key effect tuned to the blue of the sky. In other shots, I keyed out any parts of the surrounding landscape that were a solid color. Then, I composited the abstract patterns behind the live footage, making them visible in the transparent areas.

Once the digital effects were nearly finalized, I added analog effects to a few of the shots. This involved burning those shots to DVD, and plugging my DVD player into the BPMC Fluxus and plugging the Fluxus into the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle capture device. With some exploratory knob turning, I distorted the analog video signal until it bloomed into unexpected colors. I captured multiple takes of these analog effects, and then inserted the best takes into the final edit.

James Moore
Independent Music Promotions
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WWR Logo

MDP Logo

11 Eleven Networks = Culture Manifested

Real 92.3 and Home Grown Radio’s DJ Hed along with StoneyThaDealer, Forever A1 Young, Solo and other independent artists perform live to represent West-Coast

We believe in being at the forefront of elevating our current and future generation of underground artists through hybrid streaming entertainment.”

— Kevin Ray – Founder of 11 Eleven Network

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — 11 Eleven Network along with Global Hustle Entertainment (GHE) announces their latest endeavor with Why Wish Records, The Rendezvous Concert, bringing together west-coast underground artists and comedians 9 p.m.- 2 a.m. at ClubEldra, 7525 Coldwater Canyon Avenue, on July 24.

The concert and red-carpet event is set to be an entertaining night that will open with a comedy line up featuring comedians Kil Theodric, Leaza Da Leo, Seymore Greene and Ms. Red. The night will continue with live musical performances from Forever A1 Young, Solo, Wakeemupnish and StoneyThaDealer all hosted by Rap Commentator Gina Views. The Rendezvous Concert aims to bring a positive experience to the city while also bringing awareness and recognition to independent creatives.

“Real West-Coast underground artists and creatives are not being heard, but are the true voice of the city,” says Why Wish Records Owner Solo. “They deserve to be heard with mainstream exposure. I’m humbled that 11 Eleven Network has taken notice of this gap in entertainment and with their participation, these independent artists have a chance to elevate their artistry with quality technology.”

Highlighting the gamut of West-Coast entertainment, the concert will also feature red-carpet interviews, electronic gaming, mechanical bull rides as well as bids for exclusive items. The Rendezvous Concert has collaborated with other brands who share in the vision of independent artist empowerment including Million Dollar Princess, Yummi Yoni, HM Flowers and Goverde.

“We’ve always had a dedication to independent artists and content creators,” says Founder of 11 Eleven Network Kevin Ray. “We believe in being at the forefront of elevating our current and future generation of underground artists through hybrid streaming entertainment.”

Tickets for The Rendezvous Concert can be purchased at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-rendezvous-tickets-164360870789. VIP sections are available and food vendors will be on site.

To find out more about Why Wish Records, visit https://whywishrecords.com/.

For more information about 11 Eleven Network, visit https://11eleven.tv/.

Leslie Gay
11 Eleven Network
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The African Diaspora International Film Festival is back!

Some of the titles selected come from prestigious festivals including The Venice Film Festival, Slamdance, TIFF, FESPACO, Berlinale and The PanAfrican Film Festival, just to name a few.”


NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The DC African Diaspora International Film Festival is back!

From August 13-19 the 14th African Diaspora International Film Festival D.C. – in collaboration with its longtime partner in Washington DC the Africa World Now Project – will showcase a lineup of 23 titles coming from 18 different countries. The names of Rolf de Heer, Menelik Shabazz, Raja Amari, Rubaiyat Hossein, Skinner Myers and Allen Reisner represent a rich variety of talented filmmakers featured in ADIFF DC 2021!

Some of the titles selected come from prestigious festivals including The Venice Film Festival, Slamdance, TIFF, FESPACO, Berlinale and The PanAfrican Film Festival, just to name a few.

ADIFF-DC 2021 opens with "The Sleeping Negro" directed by Skinner Myers, a strong, thought-provoking drama that tells us the story of an African American man struggling with racism in America. Ulkar Alakbarova (moviemovesme.com) calls it “a superb character study of a black man […] surreal yet real and terrifying.” The Sleeping Negro had its world premiere at Slamdance 2021.

Fresh from the Encounters film festival in Cape Town, South Africa, "Murder in Paris" by Enver Samuel is a political crime thriller that traces the motives for the assassination of anti-Apartheid activist, Dulcie September in Paris in 1988.

It is not extremely popular to talk about Critical Race Theory in certain quarters of the United States. "Betrayal of a Nation" by Brandi Webb presents a serious historical analysis of the Black Experience in the United States. The country is on trial, and the charges are multiple.

The Afro-Latino Experience is explored in fictions and documentaries with films set in Ecuador, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Haiti and Panama. The highlight of the selection is "Angelica" by Marisol Gómez-Mouakad, a film about colorism presented through the eyes of a young woman from Puerto Rico who is Latina and Black.

It is also through the lens of colorism and sexism that the revealing documentary "She Had a Dream" by Raja Amari portrays the story of Ghofrane Binous, a young black Tunisian woman. A rare courageous film on a taboo topic.

North African films have a high degree of visibility in international festivals. Three films in the selection are originally from that part of Africa: "She had A Dream", "A Son" and "Myopia".

"A Son" by Mehdi Barsaoui (Tunisia) is an intense family drama starring French-Tunisian actor Sami Bouajila, winner of the Orizzonti Award for Best Actor, Venice Film Festival 2019 and the Cesar for Best Actor in France 2021.

"She Had a Dream" by Raja Amari follows Ghofrane, 25, is a young Black Tunisian woman. A committed activist who speaks her mind, she embodies Tunisia's current political upheaval. As a victim of racial discrimination, Ghofrane decides to go into politics.

In the drama "Myopia" by Sanaa Akroud (Morocco), a woman in search for a new pair of glasses finds herself in the turbulence of a culture and a city she does not understand.

In the category of Film Classics, "The Tracker" by Rolf de Heer (Australia), The Story of Lovers Rock by Menelik Shabazz (UK) and St. Louis Blues by Allen Reisner (USA) stand out as films that are always a pleasure to watch.

"St. Louis Blues" (1958) is one of the films that features Juano Hernadez, the first Afro-Latino actor in Hollywood. The Tracker (2002) displays one of the outstanding performances of David Gullilil, the most important Australian Aboriginal actor. "The Story of Lovers Rock" (2011) is a musical monument celebrating the contribution of people of African descent to the British culture, directed by the recently deceased Menelik Shabazz.

Festivals have become the neighborhood theater that screens those rare films that enhance the cultural life in a city. ADIFF DC enjoys having played this role in Washington D.C. and its surrounding areas for the last 14 years. This year, the festival is longer, with a richer editorial line and available online in Washington DC, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Tennessee, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia.
Enjoy it!

The African Diaspora International Film Festival is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.
The 14th Annual DC African Diaspora Film Festival is made possible thanks to the generous support of the following institutions: ArtMattan Productions, Africa World Now Project and WPFW.
For screeners, to set up interviews with filmmakers and/or receive high resolution images, please call 212‐864‐1760 or e-mail Diarah N’Daw-Spech at pr@nyadiff.org.

August 13‐19, 2021

Screenings followed by Zoom discussions
OPENING NIGHT – The Sleeping Negro by Skinner Myers (USA)
Screening starts on 8/13 @ 7PM EST – Zoom with director at 8:30PM EST
GALA – Betrayal Of A Nation by Brandi Webb (USA)
Screening starts on 8/14 @ 6PM EST – Zoom with director at 8PM EST
CENTERPIECE – Murder in Paris by Enver Samuel (SOUTH AFRICA)
Screening starts on 8/15 @ 1PM EST – Zoom with director at 3PM EST
CLOSING NIGHT – Angelica by Marisol Gómez-Mouakad (PUERTO RICO)
Screening starts on 8/19 @ 7PM EST – Zoom with director at 9PM EST

TRIBUTE TO MENELIK SHABAZZ (30 May 1954 – 28 June 2021) with Time and Judgment & The Story of Lovers Rock (UK)
CARIBBEAN LEADERS PROGRAM: Barrow: Freedom Fighter by Marcia Weeks (BARBADOS) & Catch a Fire by Menelik Shabbaz (JAMAICA)

The Tracker by Rolf de Heer (AUSTRALIA)
Maya and her Lover by Nicole Sylvester (USA)
Kafe Negro by Mario Delatour (HAITI / CUBA)
Panama Al Brown by Carlos Aguilar Navarro (PANAMA)
Duga, The Scavengers by Abdoulaye Dao & Hervé Eric Lengani (BURKINA FASO)
Negra by Medhin Tewolde Serrano (MEXICO)
Myopia by Sanaa Akroud (MOROCCO)
St Louis Blues by Allen Resiner (USA)
Made in Bangladesh by Rubaiyat Hossain (BANGLADESH)
She Had a Dream by Raja Amari (TUNISIA)
Memoirs of a Black Girl by Thato Mwosa (USA)
Stand Down Soldier by Jeryl Prescott Sales (USA)
The Mali Cuba Connection by

Diarah N'Daw-Spech
ArtMattan Films
+1 212-864-1760
email us here

Opening Night Film “The Sleeping Negro” Trailer

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New York creator, comedian and performer Lori Hamilton receives 19 awards in the last 12 months

Lori Hamilton  creator, writer, performer, redhead woman in casual shirt

Lori Hamilton

four logos of shows potato family, positivity pinata, project spudway and corporate knobs

Lori Hamilton Four Short Films Recognized

Lori Hamilton's logo just with her name

potatos that are hand drawn and dressed up and the logo Project Spudway with Lori Hamilton

Lori Hamilton’s Project Spudway

Logo for series from Lori Hamilton called The Art of Business Transformation

Lori Hamilton’s The Art of Business Transformation

Her hard work is paying off

I am so grateful to be able to bring positive, happy messages to the world.”

— Lori Hamilton

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, July 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Lori Hamilton is a producer of short films, a comedian, the owner of a successful production company, an actor and performer, a business strategist, a writer, and a human who has surmounted daunting odds from her youth. She has poured hours into projects and collaborations, sharing advice and positive messages across multiple platforms to help others turn their hardships into their own personal success stories.

Over the course of her career, Lori has won 54 awards for creativity, amongst them five for Best Show and 19 of the awards and recognition have come from 12 film festivals in the past 12 months alone. Her most recent awards include the Couch Film Festival’s award for Best Actress for their Spring 2021 season and the Award of Recognition from The Best Shorts Competition for four of her short films: Potato Family, Project Spudway, Positivity Piñata, and Corporate Knobs, each of which uses humor to critique various social environments while also teaching positive lessons.

As she continues to be featured in film festivals around the world, Lori continues to express her gratitude, using her skills to share tools with other creatives and entrepreneurs. “I am so grateful to be able to bring positive, happy messages to the world,” says Hamilton.

She has two series in progress right now dedicated to supporting other’s growth. Turning Hardship Into Happiness deals with the psychology of peace and happiness. It offers practices and resources to help individuals manage stress and anxiety. It is available at thelorihamilton.com. The Art of Business Transformation offers advice to entrepreneurs and business leaders interested in transforming their business practices to achieve better teamwork and a more positive and authentic working environment. It is available at prosperityproductionsinc.com.

Press Reviews
“Hamilton’s performance … is very funny."
– Donna M Day, North End West UK

“Brilliant work … comical … inspirational”
– Atlanta Press

“…one heck of an actress – the girl could dance … this girl could sing too.”
– Go Go Magazine, Denver

About Lori…
Lori grew up just outside of Northern California and attended UCLA, where she studied Linguistics and Modern British Drama. She studied Opera at The Juilliard School, New England Conservatory and Mannes College of Music. After a singing with the Boston Symphony and the Atlanta Opera, she went on to do comedy, writing and performing. Lori has written and produced over 150 short films, created and performed four one-woman shows, including a much-lauded tour with the National New Play Festival in the United States. Her talents have earned her 54 awards for creative and writing excellence, including 5 Best of Shows. Her cats did not help at all, although they take credit for providing with her constant, much-needed supervision. To see more of her work, visit TheLoriHamilton.com.

Julia Roberts
Roberts Resource
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Corporate Knobs by Lori Hamilton

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D. L. Quaker Celebrates Happy Release Day With GatPack Adventures Book 2

Why We Praise God by D. L. Quaker

Why We Praise God by D. L. Quaker

D. L. Quaker a.k.a., Danyelle Scroggins, Author

D. L. Quaker a.k.a., Danyelle Scroggins, Author

by Fran Briggs

Get ready to be thoroughly entertained and enlightened.”

— Fran Briggs, Publicist to D. L. Quaker

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STAES OF AMERICA, July 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Get ready to be thoroughly entertained and enlightened. D. L. Quaker, the acclaimed children’s author, is celebrating her second release in a literary series, her publicist announced today. “Why We Praise God” is now available at Amazon.

The storyline features the return of three children of a preacher. The children learn a lesson they never saw coming after mimicking Sister Boyce. Besieged by circumstance, the first lady of the church steps in and brilliantly redirects them. At the end of the story Rai, Dobbie, and DJ know exactly why they praise God.

“We should all have a reason—especially during times like these—but do allow the GATPACK to teach your babies why we praise God,” stated an elated D. L. Quaker. If your child read “Why We Go to Church” and loved it, they will truly love the sequel, as well.”

Once again, award-winning, 35-time author, D. L. Quaker (a.k.a. Danyelle Scroggins) chose Maliyah D. Collins to illustrate the book’s dynamically animated cover and interior work.

To purchase single or multiple copies of Why We Praise God, visit https://amzn.to/36ttUoX. For additional information, including bookings and public appearances, contact Fran Briggs at FranBriggs@aol.com.


D. L. Quaker is the pen name of Danyelle Scroggins. She is also the pastor of New Vessels Ministries in Shreveport, Louisiana. The author is known for her exceptional literary and speaking contribution. Quaker is the author of the GatPack Adventures Book Series and other children's books. To learn more, visit www.danyellescroggins.com. For sponsorship opportunities, media opportunities, and additional information please contact Fran Briggs, publicist to the author D. L. Quaker.

Fran Briggs
+1 928-275-1342
email us here

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GrillEye® Max 是一款功能强大的小巧工具,它能够监控食物,并在烹饪完成时在智能手机上通知您,无论您身在何处!



用您的 GrillEye® Max 将猪肉拉至完美

用您的 GrillEye® Max 将猪肉拉至完美

使用您的 GrillEye® Max 轻松去除骨上的肋骨

使用您的 GrillEye® Max 轻松去除骨上的肋骨

使用 GrillEye® Max 将您的拉猪肉汉堡提升到另一个层次

使用 GrillEye® Max 将您的拉猪肉汉堡提升到另一个层次

使用 GrillEye® Max,您的战斧牛排总是如您所愿

使用 GrillEye® Max,您的战斧牛排总是如您所愿

GrillEye® Max 是一款功能强大的小巧工具,它能够监控食物,并在烹饪完成时在智能手机上通知您,无论您身在何处!
温度决定了肉品的风味、细嫩度、水分和安全性,而 GrillEye® Max 能够以最精确的方式测量温度!

ATHENS, ATTICA, GREECE, July 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — GrillEye® 由顶级烧烤和烟熏温度计制造商 G&C 打造,它是全球首款烤架或烟熏炉专用的即时、超精密智能温度计。

温度决定了肉品的风味、细嫩度、水分和安全性,而 GrillEye® Max 能够以最精确的方式测量温度!

使用 GrillEye® Max 时,用户只需:

1) 将 GrillEye® Iris 探针插入肉中

2) 选择生熟度偏好


GrillEye® 欢迎世界各地的每个人都来体验这个无需值守的完美烹饪世界,在这里,烹饪美味佳肴是如此简单,用户每天都能够节省时间和金钱。

这就是 GrillEye® Max 这款设备的惊人之处,它让每个人既能为挚爱之人烹饪美味大餐,同时又不会错过与他们共处的珍贵时光。

GrillEye® Max 建立了温度计的新标准,它在以下方面做到全球领先:

• 即时,2 秒即可读出数据
• 超精密,测量精度为 ±0.1°C/0.18°F,显示分辨率为 0.1
• 真正的智能温度计,具有惊人的附加功能,可同时控制多达 8 个探针

它需要与 GrillEye® Iris 探针配套使用,这些探针

• 经 FDA 认证,具有最大的安全性
• 经 NIST 认证,可进行超精密测量

有了 GrillEye® Max,烹饪从此告别盲猜。食品安全和美妙口感成为标准。

GrillEye® 诚邀所有人参与 7 月 26 日的直播,我们将为您现场演示 GrillEye® Max 如何带来全新的烧烤和烟熏体验。将在 grilleye.com 上进行直播。

活动的举行时间将根据网站访问者的当地时间在 grilleye.com 上公布。

关于 GrillEye®

GrillEye® 致力于让您的生活变得更加轻松。


Isadora Fraser
G & C LtD
+30 2108004995
email us here
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GrillEye® Max:适用于您的烧烤或吸烟者的第一个即时和超精确智能温度计

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