Mariel Hemingway Recommends Manhattan Book Group, Top New York City Hybrid Publisher

If you’re looking to get your book published professionally, look no further than Manhattan Book Group.”

— Mariel Hemingway

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2021 / — Mariel Hemingway recommends Manhattan Book Group to authors: “If you’re looking to get your book published professionally, look no further than Manhattan Book Group. There’s a reason Manhattan Book Group is rated the #1 independent book publisher in New York City — they’re the best of the best. I recommend them without reservation.”

Manhattan Book Group is independently owned and operated by #1 bestselling author J.J. Hebert. He launched the company to give authors without agents a chance to get published by a New York City-based publisher without having to jump through hoops, like sending out query letters only to face rejection or no response at all. Manhattan Book Group vets manuscripts quickly and efficiently and decides on each manuscript within about a week.

“Mariel Hemingway has been involved in book publishing for years and she understands the value that Manhattan Book Group brings to the table,” said Hebert. “We strive to make book publishing easier and more streamlined than ever through our hybrid offering.”

Mariel Hemingway is an Oscar nominated actress, with about 60 acting credits to her name. She is also the granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway, the Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist. Mariel is a bestselling author of several books, and she is a mental health advocate, appearing on Oprah’s SuperSoul program and producing Running from Crazy, a documentary examining her personal journey as she strives to understand her family’s history of suicide and mental illness.

Manhattan Book Group, host of the prestigious Manhattan Book Awards, assists authors with every stage of book publishing, from book design to editing to distribution and marketing and publicity. The renowned book publisher advertises an author program created by its founder J.J. Hebert. The program promises to help accepted authors earn media coverage from major outlets such as NBC, CBS and FOX, among others. Manuscripts that pass the Manhattan Book Group vetting process also appear on national bestseller lists. For more information on publishing a book, go to

Jen McNabney
Manhattan Book Group
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Tiger King Crypto Hype Inspires Supercar Wrap

Bugatti Chiron wrapped in tiger stripes, emblazoned with Tiger King Coin and Joe Exotic decals

Tiger King Coin wrapped Bugatti Chiron supports Joe Exotic

Bugatti Chiron wrapped in tiger stripes, emblazoned with Tiger King Coin and Joe Exotic decals

Tiger King Coin wrapped Bugatti faces down Charging Bull

Bugatti Chiron wrapped in tiger stripes, emblazoned with Tiger King Coin and Joe Exotic decals, parked in front of a windmill in the Netherlands

Tiger King Coin wrapped Bugatti Chiron draws attention to Joe Exotic’s legal battle

Tiger King Coin investor draws crowd attention on the streets of Amsterdam with custom wrapped Bugatti Chiron supercar in support of Netflix star Joe Exotic

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, September 17, 2021 / — Spotting a $3,000,000 supercar in person is a rare event but standing next to one wrapped in full tiger print on Amsterdam’s iconic streets may be a once in a lifetime occurrence. That was the scene today as an eccentric car collector toured Amsterdam in a Bugatti Chiron wrapped in tiger print, emblazoned with slogans that would not have made sense as little as a year ago. The supercar is adorned with #FreeJoeExotic and $TKING decals, along with #虎年, translating as “Year of the Tiger". As it pulled up in front of the famous Charging Bull statue the unique vehicle even drew stock traders, eager for their own chance of a memorable snapshot, off the floor of the nearby stock exchange.

To many, the name Joe Exotic is a familiar one. The 2020 Netflix television show released at the beginning of the pandemic was estimated to attract some 64 million viewers and the larger-than-life star, currently imprisoned some 7000 miles from Amsterdam, is gaining international support for his release. The car collector was quoted as saying, “I’m just like everyone else who watched Tiger King during the pandemic (I think there were about 65 million of us across the globe…!) As crazy as the story was, it helped us get through a really tough time – so I figured I’d support something that supports Joe via his fan coin, $TKING. It seemed unfair to me that he is locked up – I don’t believe he ever tried to kill that b*tch Carole Baskin… plus I love tigers – and since 2022 is the Year Of The Tiger – it all makes perfect sense – you see?”

But why the $TKING slogan? Tiger King Coin is a cryptocurrency launched earlier this year that aims to help Joe in his bid for a retrial of the case, with hopes the conviction may be overturned. Evidence recently obtained by his legal team has surfaced to suggest that he may have been framed by various individuals in coordination with prosecutors. Additionally, the Netflix star was diagnosed with signs of prostate cancer in October of 2020, and because of COVID restrictions in the U.S. prison system, has remained untreated. To support his fight for justice and health, the $TKING token has designated a portion of the overall supply to his legal and medical expenses, as well as more broadly supporting big cat charities, and gearing up to celebrate The Year of the Tiger, which begins in February of 2022.

Is $TKING the next big token, like Doge Coin? It certainly has several things going for it. Celebrity crypto currency Youtuber Matt Wallace claims to hold almost as much $TKING as $Doge, a story that has garnered coverage in international media. Several weeks ago, Netflix briefly posted a "Tiger King Season 2 coming soon" message which usually indicates a season is about to be released. And in a few short months, Asian markets will gear up for celebrations to welcome the Year of the Tiger. Beyond the celebrity status, the token is being developed into a true utility centerpiece, with multiple Decentralized Finance Applications (DAPPs) in development. Capitalizing on the NFT craze, the developers are rumored to be working towards a tiger-themed NFT launch with metaverse (crypto-based online gaming) tie-ins. The team’s whitepaper also details plans for building a launchpad to leverage the already established ties to media personalities eager to launch their own Celebrity and Charity tokens.

The Tiger King Coin (available at is traded via Uniswap and online exchanges. It will shortly be available via Credit Card purchase, allowing anyone to become a holder and to help support Joe Exotic’s quest for justice.

Could a coin dedicated to a Netflix star that captivated the entertainment space in 2020 become something big? Should crypto traders be asking #whenBugatti instead of #whenLambo… stay tuned!

Jay Markum
Tiger King Coin
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Patrick Kilpatrick celebrates policy wins and vows more is yet to come

Patrick Kilpatrick - California's Next Governor

Kilpatrick For Governor

Patrick Kilpatrick for Governor

Vote Kilpatrick – Visit

After the California recall election, Patrick Kilpatrick celebrates making a historic statement and lasting impression.

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, September 17, 2021 / — Patrick Kilpatrick is celebrating the substantial wins in the 2021 California Gubernatorial Recall Election.

Not only did Kilpatrick leave his indelible mark on Californian politics but he forced Newsom to re-evaluate his policies.

Take for example the following 2 reactionary responses to Kilpatrick’s proposals:

On July 16th, 2021, Kilpatrick proposed a competitive 25% cash rebate to BRING BACK FILM PRODUCTION TO CALIFORNIA.

On July 21st, after years of neglect and silence, Gavin Newsom announced 330 million dollars pledged to the California film incentive program.

On July 16th, 2021, Kilpatrick proposed preferential water rates to organic farmers and humane animal food production.

On July 21st, Gavin Newsom reacted with a humane animal food production initiative.

Other visionary, doable solutions were offered by Kilpatrick and his team such as:

Announcement of the TOTALITARIAN TARIFF



And many more as listed at

No other candidate had such a comprehensive plan of attack to solve California’s issues.

"Thousands upon thousands of votes and climbing – with no marketing budget, minimum campaign costs, no banners, no TV or radio commercials – simply filing fees and the energy and vision of our team.

"We reached millions of people in California and worldwide with vision and purpose on a campaign costing less than the price of the filing fees. All grass roots efforts, heart and message!

Can others say the same?

"Thank you, fellow warriors: Heidi Bright, Mariya Samoylova, Raphaello, Jeff Schneider, and Robert Bane. I urge the voters of California to become engaged and continue to hold government accountable for themselves and our children, for the world as an example."

You can not stop an idea. Kilpatrick will continue to offer Uncommon Sense where others offer stagnation.

See more at

This is only the beginning.

S Hiryu
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From Single Mom to Haircare Mogul, One San Antonio Stylist Masters Texas-Sized ‘Glamour’

Alicia Franklin, Owner of Shear Glamour Salon

Alicia Franklin, Owner of Shear Glamour Salon

Shear Glamour

Shear Glamour

Alicia Franklin, Haircare Mogul

Alicia Franklin, Haircare Mogul

SAN ANTONIO, TX, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2021 / — After nearly two decades of hard work, Alicia Maxine Franklin, tenacious entrepreneur, and founder of Shear Glamour Salon can look back with pride at the magnitude of her accomplishments. Not that long ago, Alicia was a single mom who had no savings and was not creditworthy, yet she moved on in an act of faith toward her passionate goal. Showered with encouraging words by many well-wishers, Alicia kept her stride. Her mission was and still is, to provide quality holistic services that are tailored to her client’s individual needs. Opening Shear Glamour Salon made Alicia’s dream a reality. “I am always striving to be the best version of me so I can pour that energy into others.” Ms. Alicia is now a master hair extension specialist, cosmetologist, and cosmetology instructor, specializing in healthy hair care and hair loss.

Shear Glamour Salon has beat the odds during these trying times in America. According to an article in Allure Magazine, “the salon business is not built to withstand a pandemic. About 72 percent of hair salon workers polled said that they either live paycheck-to-paycheck or have only about a month’s worth of cash reserves to live on. About 23 percent reported having no health insurance.” The times may seem dire for some, but Alicia’s grit, coupled with her professionalism and impeccable service, has customers lining up.

At Shear Glamour Salon, you are the most important person in the room and the only client. Each scheduled appointment allows you to get one-on-one treatment, thus allowing you to express yourself openly about your hair concerns. Also, since your time is valuable, your needs can be attended to sooner.

Alicia took her career one step further as the inventor and founder of the revolutionary Glamorous Brand of hair, and hair maintenance products. The sought-after products, including hair wax and intensive hair oil, are now available on-line and in the salon. Glamourous Brand products are the best virgin hair extensions, wigs, and clip-ins on the market. From Brazilian straight bundles to bouncy Indian curls, Shear Glamour sets the standard for elegant, alluring hair.

New to Shear Glamour Salon this year are the (cranial prosthesis) medical wigs for those who have experienced hair loss because of illnesses. In a beauty industry that allows for depth and creativity, Shear Glamour Salon is meeting the individual personal needs of each person, and your satisfaction is always top on our list. From invigorating shampoos to soothing scalp massages, perms, color, precision cuts, silky press, or extensions and wigs, every detail is perfected.

For more information about Glamorous Brand products or to schedule an appointment at Shear Glamour Salon, please call 210-973-1283 or go to website:

Alicia Maxine Franklin
Shear Glamour Salon
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Coming Out With a Brand New Album: Introducing to the Masses: Stuy-Vic



With Many Singles Already Out and a Number of New Compositions Lined Up for Future Releases, Stuy-Vic is Set to Become the Next Big Hit

SCARBOROUGH, TORONTO, CANADA, September 17, 2021 / — Up-And-Coming Artist Stuy-Vic Is a Songwriter, Rapper, and Music Producer, Possessing Incredible Excellence In The Genre Of Hip Hop. With Sufficient Experience In The Scene Of music, the artist considers himself well-equipped to be able to become the next big hit in the music world. For this purpose, he is all set to release his brand new album on which he has been working for quite a while now.

The EP is under works for now, Stuy-Vic perfecting it to the best of his capabilities. Being a songwriter, rapper, and producer, the talented artist is working on the entire EP by himself with a few other talented artists and musicians in the studio. From the writing process to mixing and mastering the incredible tunes, Stuy-Vic has been hitting the studio on a Steady basis, recording compelling songs for the EP. The EP has been recorded, mixed, and mastered by Heavily dominated by rich beats and Range Of Rap Styles, the EP is filled with outstanding songs that are written creatively and produced with such finesse that it is bound to leave a long-lasting impact on the hearts of Hip Hop fans around the world. With overpowering themes of Hip Hop and meaningful lyrics capable of creating impact, the listeners are in for a world-class musical experience. With high-quality sound and a considerate amount of budget this time around, Stuy-Vic is all ready to present Listening And Dancing Pleasure For Fans To Enjoy And Let Loose To, On This project.

Other than the brand new EP, Which Will Be Available Online Wherever Music Is Sold, The Rising Artist Has Also Worked On A Bunch Of Projects Since Starting Out On The Music Scene, His Latest Work Is A Single He Wrote During The First Worldwide Lockdown Due To Covid-19. In The Song, He Beautifully And Very Artistically Expressed His Concerns Regarding The Entire Situation Of The World Also Reflecting Upon His Own Journey, And Of His Presence, The wonderful Play Of Words And The Ability To Tell A Story Through Music Is What Makes Stuy-Vic Unique As An Artist. He Manages To Create An Impact With The Help Of His Art, Eventually Standing Out Amongst Other Similar Acts And Building A Loyal Fan-base.

Check Out Artist
Check out the artist on YouTube


Victor Carmichael…Aka Stuy-Vic Also known as Rhymello is an Emcee, Writer, And Music Producer From Toronto Canada He’ Currently In The Studio, Recording Future Projects,

Stuy-Vic Plans To Release Under His Lable Brawn Bred Music Inc. Using CD Baby Distribution, In Anticipation Of His Upcoming EP Stuy-Vic Is Making Available A Single He Wrote During The First Lockdown, Alongside A Party Song, Or “Club Bangga” In Promotion Of This Project

His Motivation Is His Passion, His Dedication Is From His Love And His Determination Is From His Cause.


Victor Bro
+1 800-983-1362

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Cynthia Bailey Named USA Fibroid Centers Ambassador

Photo of Cynthia Bailey and Dr. Yan Katsnelson

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey joins USA Fibroid Centers Founder and CEO, Yan Katsnelson, M.D. to spread awareness about fibroid disease.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Will Help Raise Public Awareness of Fibroid Symptoms and Treatment

We are proud to announce Cynthia Bailey has joined the fight to empower more women to learn about fibroids and minimally invasive treatment options.”

— said Yan Katsnelson, M.D., Founder and CEO, USA Fibroids Centers.

NORTHBROOK, IL, USA, September 17, 2021 / — "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star, international model and successful entrepreneur Cynthia Bailey has been named a USA Fibroid Centers Ambassador to increase fibroid awareness. As a fibroid ambassador, Bailey, who successfully underwent Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE), will encourage women to have more conversations around fibroids and treatment options.

"We are proud to announce Cynthia Bailey has joined the fight to empower more women to learn about fibroids and minimally invasive treatment options," said Yan Katsnelson, M.D., Founder and CEO, USA Fibroids Centers. "We applaud her efforts to bring public awareness to the fibroid epidemic that affects over 26 million American women. Conversations about fibroids are essential because they can lead to screening and early detection. If more women are made aware of fibroid disease and its symptoms, they are more likely to be proactive about seeking treatment."

Bailey, who has shared details about her 14-year struggle with fibroids on her TV show, successfully underwent uterine fibroids embolization (UFE)—a minimally invasive procedure used to treat fibroid tumors of the uterus that can cause heavy menstrual bleeding, pain, and pressure on the bladder or bowel.

Bailey first learned she had fibroids when she was pregnant with her daughter Noelle. Other than heavy menstrual bleeding, Bailey didn't realize they would cause any future health problems. However, as her fibroids grew, Bailey's symptoms intensified. She became severely anemic to the point that it was difficult for her to work. Her periods were also increasingly painful, with severe cramping. "I felt like my life revolved around my period," Bailey said. "There were so many turning points and embarrassing moments that I knew I had to get my fibroids under control."

Like most women, Bailey didn't know what caused her fibroids. Fibroids are growths (tumors) that develop from the smooth muscle layer of the uterus. They are the most common growths of the uterus and female pelvic organs and affect 80% of women, with black women diagnosed with fibroids three times as frequently, developing them earlier in life with more severe symptoms. [1]

"We work together with our patients to raise awareness about the benefits that UFE offers as a treatment option," Katsnelson said. "UFE is a non-surgical treatment option for fibroids that preserves the uterus and fertility. Performed as an outpatient procedure, UFE doesn't require a hospital stay or general anesthesia. Most women are fully recovered within a week or two compared to eight weeks for a hysterectomy."

Bailey's recovery from UFE was only one week. "UFE completely changed my life. I didn't know how miserable I was until I had the procedure done," Bailey said. "My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner." As a fibroid ambassador, Baily hopes to encourage more women to make investments in their health. "No one has time for fibroids," she said.

The FDA-approved UFE procedure offers many benefits over hysterectomy and myomectomy, routinely offered as the only fibroid treatment options. UFE does not interfere with a women's hormones or negatively affect other organs like the bladder, bowels, and the pelvic floor. Using ultrasound guidance, an interventional radiologist inserts a tiny catheter into the main uterine artery. Embolic materials are injected that stop blood flow and nutrients to the fibroids, which causes them to shrink and symptoms to disappear. Not only is the uterus left intact, but there is also less risk of excess blood loss, pain, or infection.

"Our mission is to improve the quality of life for every woman with this widespread condition by providing awareness and education," said Katsnelson. "UFE offers the additional benefit of preserving fertility, yet many women are unaware of this less invasive treatment option.”


About USA Fibroid Centers
USA Fibroid Centers is the leading provider of minimally invasive fibroid treatment, with an extensive national network of centers. USA Fibroid Centers' mission is to provide personalized, non-surgical treatment for fibroids using an advanced procedure called Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE). USA Fibroid Centers is dedicated to raising awareness of UFE as a treatment option and encouraging more conversation about fibroids. For more information, visit

USA Fibroids Newsroom
USA Fibroids
+1 224-433-3291
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AMERICAN BLONDE Launches With Charismatic Southern Rock-Inspired “Quicksand”

American Blonde (Tinka and Nata Morris)  Credit: Danielle Del Valle

American Blonde (Tinka and Nata Morris) Credit: Danielle Del Valle

American Blonde “Quicksand”

Duo’s Debut Country Radio Single Premiered On Taste Of Country

You can take it strictly as a story about fighting to save a relationship – or you can take a deeper look and compare it to the state of our country right now.”

— Tinka Morris, American Blonde

NASHVILLE, TN, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2021 / — AMERICAN BLONDE makes their Country radio debut with the hooky, Southern Rock-inspired anthem, “Quicksand.” Taste Of Country premiered the single, and fans can stream/download now from iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon and Spotify. Radio can access the track via Play MPE and All Access.

With its addictive groove and accessible message, “Quicksand” deceives with a sparse and simple intro – and then rips the roof off with razor sharp guitar riffs and pounding percussion. The sisters’ vocals are adept – and pushed a bit forward in the mix – adding to the song’s powerful sense of urgency. “It’s all about fighting for what you want and not letting go,” reflects Nata Morris, American Blonde’s lead guitarist and principal vocalist/songwriter. “Love isn’t always easy. It takes work and sacrifice and determination to stick it out.”

‘Cause we’re living in a wasteland
Losing everything we had
We were on solid ground
But that ain’t how it feels right now
It’s like we’re standing in
Quicksand (N.Morris / J.Nash)

Produced by Cliff Downs, the song was written by Nata and frequent collaborator Jimmy Nash. For Nash ("More Than Crazy" Jane By Design, "We Are Made Of Stars" Teen Mom 2), the comparison between love and natural disasters is … natural. “It just felt like a perfect analogy for trying to make a relationship work through tough times,” he reflects. “And I think a lot of people will relate.”

Tinka Morris, the duo’s drummer and alternate vocalist, believes it’s a tune that will resonate with their audiences. “I love this song,” she admits. “You can take it strictly as a story about fighting to save a relationship – or you can take a deeper look and compare it to the state of our country right now. I am so proud of Nata and Jimmy for writing this song. And I loved letting loose and improvising on my vocals,” she adds.

Fans are likely to fall quickly in thrall to the charismatic vibe of "Quicksand." The track is already making an impression, as Eric Dahl of American Songwriter reflects, “It sucks you in with sweet sibling harmonies and the organic instrumentation supporting the lyrics.” Markos Papadatos of Digital Journal predicts the duo will “lure their listeners in from the first verse."

It's a safe bet that American Blonde is on solid footing with the release of “Quicksand.”

Fans can learn more about American Blonde through their website and socials:

The duo is comprised of principal songwriter/guitarist Nata and drummer Tinka Morris. A powerhouse of talent, the sisters’ music is raw – a testament to the Delta roots that nurtured them. The extensive live music scene around their Cleveland, Mississippi hometown drew them like magnets to festivals, fairs and fish fries where music was front and center, and the sounds of The Eagles, B.B. King, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, Elvis, Stevie Nicks and more echoed throughout their home. Entertainers since their pre-teen years, the siblings have literally lived their lives in the spotlight – and loved every minute of it. Their determination and talent earned them a slot competing in the 2014 Texaco Country Showdown, which led to the release of their first EP (produced by Alabama’s Jeff Cook). Two well-received CDs, released in 2015 and 2018 (produced by hit songwriters Gerald O’ Brien and Catt Gravitt), followed. They landed three Top 25 hits on the MusicRow Chart with “Anything Is Possible,” “I Think Too Much” and “Don’t Let Another Day Go By.” They’ve toured throughout the U.S. and the U.K., sharing the stage with diverse acts, including Maren Morris, Old Dominion, Brantley Gilbert, Easton Corbin, B.B. King, and others. Their high-energy stage shows have earned them spots at CMA Fest, Bluebird Café, The GRAMMY Museum® Mississippi, and The GRAMMY Museum® Los Angeles, among other high-profile venues. The Morris sisters call Nashville home.

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American Blonde talk about the story behind “Quicksand”

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Jane Seymour Invites You to "Chit Chat with Elise McKenna" on October 3rd

The invitation is a photo of Jane Seymour as Elise McKenna in the movie Somewhere In Time with the date and times for the "Chit Chat with Elise McKenna" on October 3rd

Travel back in time with us during the “Chit Chat with Elise McKenna” on October 3, 2021.

A print version of "The Conversation," by Jane Seymour of Elise McKenna and Richard Collier in conversation.

Each guest who gives $100 will enjoy a an open edition off-set print of “The Conversation” by Jane Seymour, hand-signed by the artist lower right, done after the original painting of the same title.

a logo of the Open Hearts Foundation and website url

Learn more about our mission at

Travel Back to "Somewhere In Time" for this virtual fundraising experience benefiting the Open Hearts Foundation’s Emergency Relief Fund

I am thrilled to join fans from all over the world and share in our mutual love of ‘Somewhere in Time,’ while also raising donations for the Foundation's Emergency Relief Fund.”

— Jane Seymour, Co-Founder and Board member, Open Hearts Foundation

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 16, 2021 / — The Open Hearts Foundation, co-founded by award winning actress and philanthropist, Jane Seymour, OBE, will host “Chit Chat with Elise McKenna,” a virtual experience on October 3rd from 11:00AM to 1:00PM PST, benefiting the Foundation's Emergency Relief Fund. This exclusive virtual chat will explore the 1980 Academy Award nominated romantic fantasy drama film, "Somewhere in Time." Travel back in time with Jane Seymour for this unique gathering of fans, donors, and special guests and reminisce about the film’s making and behind the scenes stories. In partnership with The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, hotel historian, Bob Tagatz, will also join the chat. Guests are encouraged to wear their vintage clothing, a favorite feathered fan, or bowler hat and join in the fun.

Jane Seymour shares, “I am thrilled to join fans from all over the world and share in our mutual love of ‘Somewhere in Time.’ It’s just such a beautiful, simple, and pure movie with a wonderful message: that love conquers time. Equally, I am also excited to be raising critical donations for the Foundation's Emergency Relief Fund and help others in the continued COVID-19 pandemic. The Open Hearts Foundation provides immediate grants to support worthy charities serving the most vulnerable women and children across the United States.”

To kick off the fundraising, Forefront Living in Dallas, Texas has provided a $10,000 matching sponsorship. For every donation provided at $100, $500 or $1,000 or more, guests will also be treated to unique gifts at each level such as an open edition off-set print of “The Conversation” by Jane Seymour or a very special Art to Wear scarf by Jane Seymour Designs that is being especially created for this virtual experience. Jane is also offering a future virtual chat of fifteen minutes for donors that give $1,000 or more.

The Foundation hopes to reach its goal of raising $50,000 or more to support its November grant distribution cycle of the Emergency Relief Fund. Since April of 2020, the Foundation has granted more than $404,500 through the Fund to benefit growing or emerging charities serving the most vulnerable women and children such as foster children, children with medical issues, children and families facing food insecurity, morbidity or lack of shelter, domestic violence victims and survivors, the homeless, children with incarcerated parents and formerly incarcerated women. Through the vetting process that is part of its grantmaking program, the Foundation ensures that these funds go directly to those in need and, because the charities are growing, the grants provided have a profound impact. Additional details can be found here:

WHAT: Chit Chat with Elise McKenna, a virtual experience with Jane Seymour benefiting the Open Hearts Foundation
WHEN: Sunday, October 3rd from 11:00AM to 1:00PM PST
WHERE: An exclusive, virtual experience

About the Open Hearts Foundation:
The Open Hearts Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, empowers emerging and growing nonprofit organizations whose origins and mission are consistent with the precepts of the Open Hearts philosophy. The Foundation accelerates purpose through its grant making and volunteerism programs curating incredible opportunities to engage hands on with philanthropic causes. Including the grants invested through this Emergency Relief Fund, the Foundation has provided more than $1,353,500.00 in its grant making history in support of charities throughout the United States and inspired thousands of volunteers across the globe to do what they can to help others and find their unique purpose. To learn more about the Open Hearts Foundation, visit

Trena Pitchford
Open Hearts Foundation
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Acclaimed Hollywood Director and Producer, Brian Connors, Examines the Impact of 9/11

Good Men

Brian Connors (left), Ed Asner (middle), Mark Rydell (right)

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 16, 2021 / — In the worst terrorist attack ever against the United States, our country was struck at the preeminent symbols of the nation's wealth and might with airliners flying into the World Trade Center and killing or injuring thousands of people. As a horrified nation watched on television, the twin towers of the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan collapsed into flaming rubble after two Boeing 767s rammed their upper stories. Also attacked was one of the Pentagon's five sides. Another jetliner crashed in western Pennsylvania

Acclaimed director and producer, Brian Connors’ first job after graduating Rutgers College in 1976 was a waiter at THE WINDOWS OF THE WORLD restaurant atop the North Tower. “It was a memorable, elegant introduction to NY City. I had just arrived into the city to become an actor. My heart goes out to all the survivors who lost loved ones that day. Like the Kennedy assassination in 1963, there are many questions and doubts about the “official story” which are debated in my film 'Good Men' starring Ed Asner & Mark Rydell."

Good Men is a 12-minute short film starring Ed Asner and Mark Rydell, written & directed by Brian Connors and produced by Sean Tracey. Associate Producers were Dean Jamali, Neal Wilde, Tom Downey, Phil Gillin, Riley Bodenstab and Mehrdad Sahafi. This micro-budget, two-character film was shot in one day. The drama takes place on an afternoon before an Oscar party. The characters played by Asner & Rydell get into an argument over the Holocaust, the proposed mosque at ground zero and the conspiracy allegations surrounding the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Good Men won Best Short at The Los Angeles Arthouse Film Festival in 2012 and The Grand Prize at The New Media Film Festival. The film screened in over 80 film festivals in numerous cities around the U.S. as well as around the world.

Good Men Trailer:

Brian Connors current film SENIOR ENTOURAGE starring ED ASNER, HELEN REDDY, CHARLIE ROBINSON, MARION ROSS & MARK RYDELL was recently released on Amazon, Spectrum, Comcast, DirectTV, Dish, Vudu etc. by SP Releasing. Executive Producer Jared Safier is the sales agent.

Aurora DeRose
Boundless Media Inc.
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Pamela Anderson joins the fight to protect Antarctica’s waters

Actor and activist Pamela Anderson joins the Antarctica2020 group in their efforts to ensure greater protection of the waters that surround Antarctica.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFONIA, UNITED STATES, September 16, 2021 / — The campaign focused on increasing the protection of Antarctica’s waters received a huge boost with the announcement that actor and activist Pamela Anderson will be joining the Antarctica2020 group in their efforts to ensure greater protection of the waters that surround Antarctica.

The world is warming, and the polar regions are warming the fastest. The Southern Ocean — which has buffered humanity from the full extent of climate change — is reaching a tipping point. Thousands of the world’s leading scientists overwhelmingly conclude that if we don’t take immediate action to tackle the nature and climate crises, ice melt will accelerate, and sea water will rise and warm to terrifying levels. This will have disastrous and irreversible impacts on ocean life and threaten human existence.

Antarctica2020 is a group of high-level leaders from the world of sport, politics, business, media and science, that are using their influence and connections to highlight the need for the full and effective protection of Antarctica’s Southern Ocean, through a network of large scale marine protected areas that are off-limits to exploitation. These safe havens will help protect this unique and important wilderness and the amazing wildlife that it houses.

The addition of Pamela Anderson to the Antarctica2020 group, as a long-time supporter of human, animal and environmental rights and a powerful voice for the planet, is a huge asset for the group and the campaign.

“I have been an activist for more than two decades and see more and more how important it is to radically rethink our relation towards nature and animals. The state of our planet affects all our lives. Many people don’t realize that even Antarctica, one of the remotest parts of the world, plays a major role in how our planet functions. We need to do everything we can to safeguard it, which is why I have joined this campaign," said Pamela Anderson.

The powerful ocean current that encircles Antarctica pumps nutrients to the rest of the ocean globally and its icy waters act as a global thermostat, regulating the world’s climate system, keeping the planet cool and livable.

“The climate crisis is melting Antarctica’s ice much faster than predicted. This is already having disastrous impacts on its amazing wildlife such as penguins, seals and whales, all of which are struggling to keep alive amid all these rapid changes to their home. It is absolutely terrifying, as we are speeding towards a number of tipping points, that are the point of no return for the region and the planet.”

Antarctica2020 is working with its NGO partners including the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC), The Pew Charitable Trusts, Ocean Unite, Sea Legacy and Only One to ANTARCTICA2020 ensure world leaders agree to take urgent action this year to protect these waters. Through their #CallonCCAMLR campaign, that launched earlier this year, the aim is to focus eyes on the little-known, but hugely important, international body that has the power to protect Antarctica’s Southern Ocean – the Commission for the Conservation on Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR).

Three proposals are on the table to protect large areas in the East Antarctic, Weddell Sea and the Antarctic Peninsula, covering nearly 4 million km2- 1% of the ocean. Despite the urgency of the issue, progress has been slow, and governments have been stalling conservation decisions for years, unable to come to the unanimous agreement needed to ensure further protection. In October 2021, when member states meet at CCAMLR’s annual meeting, they must stand together and agree to create three marine protected areas, which are proven to protect ocean life, build resilience to climate change.

“We really need world leaders to step up their game and show real political leadership. They can make history this year by protecting these areas in Antarctica and securing the greatest act of ocean protection ever. We must fight for action for ourselves and future generations because there’s too much to lose if we don’t.” said Pamela Anderson.

Notes to editor:

Antarctica2020 is calling for high-level leadership, multilateral cooperation and sustained diplomatic efforts to ensure action is taken to protect the Southern Ocean—the world’s greatest remaining ocean wilderness. This protection will safeguard Antarctica’s precious marine life, build global resilience to the effects of climate change and create an environmental legacy that will benefit humanity for generations (

Other members of the Antarctica2020 group include:
• Philippe Cousteau- Journalist, explorer and ocean advocate,
• Sylvia Earle- National Geographic Explorer in Residence, Founder Mission Blue
• Slava Fetisov- Member of the State Duma of Russia, UN Patron for the Polar Regions
& Former professional ice hockey player
• José María Figueres- Founder Antarctica2020 and former President of Costa Rica
• Ashlan Gorse Cousteau- journalist, explorer and ocean advocate
• Amaro Gomez- journalist
• Sheila Heymans- Director, European Marine Board
• Robert Hill former Australian Minister of Environment, former Minister of Defense
• Pascal Lamy- President Paris Peace Forum Former Director-General of the World Trade Organization
• Gesine Meissner- Former German Member of European Parliament
• Geneviève Pons- Director General & Vice President Europe Jacques Delors Institute,
Former Director of WWF EU
• Lewis Pugh- endurance swimmer and UN Patron of the Oceans

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Source: EIN Presswire