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Australian Podcast Host Nicole Colantoni Ranked No. 1

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, July 23, 2021 / — Empowering Australian Podcast Host Nicole Colantoni exclusive interview about her frustration after her thirtieth birthday led her to found 'Single at Thirty' – The Manual for the Modern Woman and what people can expect from her movement.

Exclusive interview by Journalist Robbie Merritt :
For those who don’t know, Single at Thirty: The Manual for the Modern Woman is a recently launched podcast by female coach and advocate Nicole Colantoni. The podcast is a 'How-To' for the Modern Woman that unveils the issues and challenges the norms of Modern Womanhood.

Episode One, 'Why It’s Good to be Single at Thirty' aired two weeks ago and you’ve already ranked No.1 in the Australian Podcasts “How-To” category and are No.1 on the “How-To” All-Time Bestsellers list.

That’s a huge achievement in such a short amount of time. I asked Colantoni what motivated you?
"The idea for the podcast was born out of frustration shortly after my thirtieth birthday. I was at a crossroads in every aspect of my life and going on a series of tragic dates that made me seriously doubt the highlight reels and overnight success stories that were being sold to me everywhere I looked. I felt like I wasn’t living up to the expectations of what my life 'should' look like. I was single at thirty and in no rush to 'settle down', and I started sending voice notes to my friends telling them about the pressure I was feeling for not having 'ticked all the boxes." Colantoni went on to say , "I was starting to question whether Modern Women could really “have it all” and what that might even look like. My friends related so much that they demanded I share it with a wider audience by launching a podcast. And here we are."

There are a lot of great female-orientated podcasts out there, what makes yours different?
"I felt like a one-stop shop that not only airs the realities of what it’s like to be a modern woman but also provides tips and tricks to help successfully navigate life together was missing. So that’s what I’m creating, and I hope a lot of Modern Women will join me.

In Season One we’re exploring topics like whether the Modern Woman can have it all, why women don’t need a man to find their “happily ever after” and even how we can all help to put an end to Australia’s rape culture." explained Colantoni.

You recently interviewed Chanel Contos, the prominent former private-school student who is spearheading a national movement about sexual consent that is stirring explosive discussions worldwide. When will that episode be airing and what was it like interviewing such a pioneer?

"It was an absolute honor to speak with Chanel. She’s challenging the status quo and using her heroic voice to literally change the game for all women, which I’m so thankful for. In our interview, which airs next week—one week prior to her debating on the floor of the Australian Parliament— we discuss how our rape culture began, the way in which we all perpetuate it and the sort of narrative shift that is required to put an end to it." smiled Colantoni.

In Episode two you also interviewed the iconic Australian entrepreneur Samantha Wills and discussed the impact self-worth, determination and ultimately sacrifice has on 'having it all'. Moving forward who would you like to interview and what else is in the pipeline for you?

"Some of the quintessential modern women that come to mind include, Candice Bushnell, the author of Sex and the City, Lena Dunham, Writer and Star of HBO’s Girls, and champion of truth Erin Brockovich. I’m also looking forward to having some of my listeners dial in to Season Two." Colantoni went on to say, "as for the future, I’m working on making the Manual for the Modern Woman a lot more than just a podcast. Next month, I’ll be launching the Single at Thirty website which will include a blog, vlog, and monthly newsletter, followed by a digital magazine early next year and eventually the book: The Manual."

Finally, what do you want women to take away from your movement and where can they find you?
"I want all Modern Women to know that they are not alone on the path to self-discovery. Single at Thirty is a community where all women should feel empowered to live life and reach their full potential according to their values, not societal expectations or limitations.

The podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, and Google Platforms under the name Single at Thirty: The Manual for the Modern Woman ( Listeners can also DM me with episode suggestions on Instagram @single_at_thirty or join the Single at Thirty closed Facebook group to become part of the community where together with other like-minded Modern women we publicly air the uncomfortable and the unspoken," explained Colantoni.

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