Nonprofit Group Launches Business Pandemic Preparedness System

Press Conference June 1st, 2021, 11:00 am EST; the world needs pandemic preparedness, sustainability, and universal safe business practices.

We have to change the narrative. We need to take the politics out of our governance. We need to come together as a community if we are to be successful.”

— Steve Anderson

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 1, 2021 / — Over the past year, SmALL businesses have felt helpless, hopeless, unsupported, and confused. Witnessing the pain and challenges felt and faced by honest, hardworking people in our communities, it became very clear we MUST take action. This sparked the inception of the organization called Social Distance Management (SDM).

Edward Henry Company (EHCO) has made the decision to give away all licensing rights and intellectual property of SDM, which includes Social Distance Advisory (SDA), Social Distance Compliance (SDC) systems, and research to SmALL Business is Essential (SBE).

SDM believes that all businesses need universal compliance measures to operate safely during a pandemic and other unprecedented times. By having access to these practical systems, SBE will have the resources it needs to develop the support for all businesses. ALL businesses are essential, and business continuity is the focus. Any opportunities managed from these systems will help all businesses secure and implement adequate steps to stay open, thrive, and have their voices heard.

The Journey of Social Distance Management

In March of 2020, EHCO started SDM with a mission to stand by businesses. Two months later, on May 11, 2020, with extensive research, collaboration and data collection, they released their first version of universal compliance standards.

Under SDM, sub-resources, including SDA and SDC systems, were established to display universal compliance guidelines and assess the threat levels in specific areas to protect the population. The idea to start SDM came from the utmost care about people and businesses, not from a political approach. Universal health measures and the life of our economy are not two isolated conversations. It is ONE conversation.

To contribute to the information gathered, in July of 2020, a Research Internship was formed to discover and outline details on various businesses in Canada and the United States. The outcome of the research included details which contributed to SDC, such as further development of safety protocols, requirements for operation, compliance measures, capacity limits, and PPE requirements. SDM used the data collection to create additional tools, such as self-assessment audits that provide a checklist for what businesses need to stay compliant and operate safely.

Taking its cue from other systems such as ISO, Homeland Security, The World Health Organization, and research from John Hopkins University, SDM developed its Advisory system. This system was developed with the intent to assist businesses and communities in preparing for crises and mitigating restrictions. “There needs to be accountability to the decisions that are being made that affect our small businesses,” said President of EHCO, Edward Henry.

The Advisory system narrows in on the WHO’s Pandemic Phases and the Homeland Security system and uses five levels of risk and threat: low, moderate, substantial, severe, and critical. The colors associated include green, blue, yellow, orange, and red. Each phase clearly defines which business practices, products, and services are considered essential and non-essential and the types of businesses permitted to open during each phase. The Advisory system is currently in the process of implementing data from John Hopkins University, along with data collected by other reputable models.

Despite the aforementioned systems, resources, and extensive research to support our findings, ambiguous guidelines still remain. Therefore, businesses are left without genuine reasons as to why they cannot safely reopen and recover.

A Multi-faceted Problem Requires Innovative Solutions

Stand By SmALL Businesses and Our Communities

SmALL Business is Essential

After spending some time in the development phase, SDM ventured out and sought support from government officials and local politicians. After COUNTLESS meetings and constantly being redirected elsewhere, it was time to take drastic action. Edward Henry states, “Limited power is not an excuse for not doing the right thing.” This year has been about a lot of the wrong things, and in the beginning, SDM was seen as a profit-making opportunity, and taking advantage of a terrible situation. The lack of change cannot continue. Coming together as a collective unit is essential.

For sustainable change to happen, SDM’s resources need to be placed in the right hands. They need to be placed with an organization that isn’t narrow minded, but bilateral with its thinking so sectors, such as health and business can come together. SBE is a not-for-profit association that operates based on three core pillars: pandemic preparedness, sustainability, and safe business practices. SBE aims to collectively arm small businesses with the support, protection, and resources needed to operate safely while envisioning economic recovery and stability through business unity.

This pandemic is not just a small business problem; it’s a world problem. The government’s attempt to segregate businesses into non-essential and essential classifications created ambiguity. This ambiguity initiated the thought that, not some, but ALL businesses are essential. As EHCO releases all of its SDM systems, traffic, assessment, and auditing models to SBE, a new leadership position begins. SBE’s goals encompass the severity of the issue at hand, which is why there is no better person for the job than Steve Anderson. As a Social Entrepreneur, Olympic Gold Medal Coach, and Community Champion, Anderson takes over as President of the not-for-profit association SBE. Edward Henry states, “My choice to recruit Steve Anderson was because of his character, coaching background, competitive nature to overcome challenges, and his experience with a multi-faceted range of individuals.” Speaking to Anderson’s character, he doesn’t make excuses. Steve is a good man, and SBE needs his character to bring everyone together.

Along with Anderson’s motivating character, he is the first African American to coach an Olympic team in indoor or beach volleyball and the first to win an Olympic Gold Medal in either practice. Anderson is highly committed to being the driving force behind SBE to support ALL businesses. He, along with the efforts of SBE, will pave the way towards a better normal.

Our current actions reflect our future results. If we don’t continue putting in effort and showing our care for our businesses, we will continue losing pieces of our community and, in turn, our economy. Small businesses have experienced unfair measures and restrictions, putting them at risk for permanent closure. Continuous lockdowns are not a solution. “This current pandemic has cost over $20 trillion because we were not prepared,” said Edward Henry. The definition of insanity is to perform the same actions and expect different results. “We will do this over again if we don’t start changing the way we do things,” he added. The focus needs to be on Social Distance Compliance and universal protocols to preserve business continuity. If we want an improved normal, we need to stand by SmALL businesses and our communities. There is no better time than now to help businesses transition from lockdowns and longer than expected restrictions.

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IsthatAvo headshot with headphones on and his hand in the forefront of the image.

IsthatAvo releases brand new EP, WORLD8, Vol.2

"Postal" is the third track from the EP WORLD8, Vol. 2 where IsthatAvo showcases his outstanding uniqueness in composition and lyricism.

UNITED STATES, June 1, 2021 / — Meet IsthatAvo:

New Jersey-based vocalist and entrepreneur IsthatAvo has just released his newest EP, WORLD8, Vol.2, which showcases this up and coming hip-hop artists impressive talent.

IsthatAvo has been pursuing his dream of a music career for the past seven years. The project originally began with a group of friends, however, over the years life took the group in different directions.

Avo continued on this path to cultivate his artistry. He travelled within the country visiting New York, Arkansas, Illinois and New Jersey. He told us: “Having to go through trial and error too many times, eventually humbled me into the creative gentleman I am today. I’m very proud of myself.”

An artist with an entrepreneurs mindset, this young man carves his way as well as assisting others with the same goal as himself.

The team he surrounds himself with now have been eagerly and consistently working away to produce their recent projects. “Postal” is the third track on this EP and is about their journey to accomplish their dreams.


Avo has created a fascinating soundscape for “Postal”, with layered vocals, deep subwoofers and serious panning effects. The combination delivers an intriguing effect that is a little addictive and you’ll probably see yourself returning for more.

Avo’s captivating vocal performance hypnotises us as his impressive delivery weaves vivid imagery into our mind’s eye.

Powerful lyrics reveal the struggles he has faced, such as: “wheels broke, we didn’t really have food, sharing clothes made me feel like a fool. Well, we just did what we just had to do.”

This mid-tempo hip-hop track showcases exciting originality and we are going to see great things from this artist. If you enjoy music from artists such as Bktherula and Kid Cudi then IsthatAvo will fit perfectly on your hip-hop/rap playlist.

IsthatAvo also produced a visually fascinating music video for his song “Star Fleet” from the WORLD8, Vol. 2 EP. You can watch this music video in the attached YouTube link and listen to the song right here:

IsthatAvo’s message:

The inspiration behind all of IsthatAvo’s music is to truly be yourself. Realise your originality and shine. IsthatAvo has a message for all his listeners out there: “Be unique, raise your vibrations, stay positive, love yourself and stay true to yourself.”

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PRINCE JD warns those who attack WOMEN & CHILDREN

PRINCE JD, The Royal Prince from Kalinga dynasty as the Chief Guest at Humanitarian Awards ceremony declared his support to women and children worldwide.

If I am something good today, the prime reason is my mother, a woman and reason for my birth and rise. We are all happy souls due to a woman without whom there exists no life and future.”

— His Highness Prince Jagadeesh Daneti , Royal Prince of Kalinga Dynasty

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2021 / — “A day before, I came across a video of a gang rape where a young lady was brutally raped by 6 youngsters in presence of her boyfriend. Do we call it a healthy society? Do we solely react, if the same happens to our sister, mother, wife or one within the family? When we have time for everything, why don’t we prioritize to respect and protect women? …” – Prince JD expressed his intense dissatisfaction in the global ‘Humanitarian Awards’ virtual event organized by Global Mental Health Association (GMHA), USA-INDIA and Mental Health Change, UK.

His Highness Prince Jagadeesh Daneti alias Prince JD is the young royal Prince from prestigious Kalinga Dynasty heading the Kalinga Royal Business Conglomerate under the flagship of ‘J EMPIRE’. This royal international influencer is extremely dissatisfied about the physical and mental abuse on women and children. His Highness described these incidents as a mere shame on the entire human race and should be eradicated with immediate effect.

As the chief guest of this occasion, Prince JD said, “I dismiss this attitude of men towards women fraternity, for the acts of assault and assassination. My full support to women and children for their safety and respect”. He appreciated the organizers for taking up such a noble event that is the need of the hour.

Ms. Mansi Dholakia, Founder, CEO of GMHA, UK and Mr. Alastair Deards, Founder, Mental Health Change, UK organized this event recognizing 150 individuals with Humanitarian Awards who have been selflessly working to give back to the society. The awards were given in six sets by the special guests of honor namely, Mr. Pramod Kumar Rajput (Sr. Vice President, VH, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.), Prof. Vinay Kumar Pathak (Vice Chancellor, Chattrapati Shahuji Maharaj University & Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University), Dr. Babita G. Kataria (Director, UIIC(Former), Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, UP), Ms. Arshi Ayub Zaveri (Sr. Advisor, Royal Family Office (UAE)), Dr. Heera Lal (IAS) and Dr. Satnam Deuchakar.

Ms. K.V.S. Devi, President of the renowned philanthropic public trust, J Charities is a Humanitarian Awardee for her contributions as a silent power house who was instrumental to procure medical benefits worth INR 100 Crores to the COVID patients in India during pandemic. When contacted over phone, Ms. Devi appreciated the organizers for recognizing the unsung heroes and their selfless efforts and dedicated this award to her team who has been working extensively round the clock since 2011. All the awardees expressed their happiness for receiving the awards.

Ms. Mansi expressed her gratitude to the Chief Guest of the occasion, His Highness Prince JD for his presence and support. She also thanked all special guests of honor for their time.

Ms. Mansi Dholakia
Global Mental Health Association (GMHA)
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Humanitarian Awards: Global Mental Health Association (GMHA)

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