The Black Seminoles Movie: Princess Hialeah and the Black, Miccosukee, and Seminole Indians

As a Black Seminole, Princess Hialeah struggles to live the fairy life of her dreams amid the backdrop of Florida's First, Second, and Third Seminole Wars.

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TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 20, 2021 / — As we celebrate Juneteenth, the producers of the motion picture "The Black Seminoles" that tells the true but little-known story of the Black and Indian Seminoles' struggle to exist in Florida for hundreds of years are working tirelessly to bring the motion picture to a screen near you. Dr. Belinda Gail Quarterman Noah wrote the screenplay and is producing the motion picture so that the world will have an opportunity to learn about this little-known but dramatic, exciting, and true story.

Currently living in Tampa, Florida, but born and raised in Live Oak, Florida, Dr. Noah's story is based in part on her family history as descendants of Black and Native American Floridians. A lawyer by trade, one of Dr. Noah's passions is producing motion pictures that entertain, excite, and educate while telling the world's true history.

The motion picture, set in 1800s Florida, tells the story of a family of Black Seminoles living their mystical lives amid the backdrop of the First, Second, and Third Florida Indian Wars. The protagonist, Black Seminole Princess Hialeah, struggles to live the fairy tale life of her dreams while dealing with lost love, lost land, and lost lives. The motion picture reflects the indomitable spirit of Floridians who persevere against all odds. Princess Hialeah is a young woman who has been taught by her father, Chief Abraham, to deal with growing up during the Florida Seminole Wars, a time when Florida is being invaded by the United States Army, people looking for a better way of life, and people seeking to capture Black Seminoles and sell them as slaves.

Dr. Noah notes that the motion picture "is exciting, electrifying, and inspiring. Thus, the viewers will be thoroughly entertained and come away with an enhanced knowledge of history and the world that they inhabit". She states that the motion picture is an excellent teaching tool for our school system.

The objective of Belinda Noah Productions, Inc. is to produce entertaining, exciting, and educational films that resonate with the community, similar to the Motion Pictures "Schindler's List," "The Odessa Files," and "Lincoln."

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