Puppetpreneurs Entertainment Offers To Acquire Elmo From Jim Henson Company For 100,000 Red Gummi Bears

The new satirical show Puppetprenuers showcases the journey of puppet entrepreneurs as they tackle real-life challenges in business.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA , UNITED STATES , January 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Eddy Furbottom, the CEO of Puppetpreneurs Entertainment has made a bold move to swipe Elmo from Sesame Street, according to new reports that are just emerging. The offer is a direct exchange of 100,000 red gummi bears, equating to $1,364.10.

“I’ve had my eye on Elmo for some time and I believe that this deal will help to ensure that Elmo starts an important new career as president of his own successful financial company Elmoney,” said Furbottom.

Puppetpreneurs, which launched in January dedicates itself to producing short comedic content to add humor to the lives of day-to-day professionals. The company strives to tackle issues such as mental health, stress, addiction, and others that affect the lives of many entrepreneurs and employees today with videos creating relief for viewers.

“I have a plan for Elmo to be a very successful entrepreneur, teaching other young entrepreneurs how to become financially successful and live a life of freedom. I believe that while Sesame Street is a happy place, it’s time for Elmo to move on to new beginnings" continued Furbottom.

Eddy and his staff work around the clock to provide an outlet for professionals to consume relatable entertainment to change business one laugh at a time.

For more information please contact Eddy Furbottom, puppetpreneurs@gmail.com, 619-849-9558 who may or may not be available for interviews to make your audience smile, depending on whether he’s sleeping or not.

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Elmo could be working directly with Eddy Furbottom

Source: EIN Presswire