ArtMattan Films sets virtual theatrical release date to October 23, 2020 for THE MAN WHO MENDS WOMEN!

The Man Who Mends Women

Dr. Denis Mukwege

The Man Who Mends Women

ArtMattan Films sets virtual theatrical release date to October 23, 2020 for Nobel Peace Prize Winner Doctor Denis Mukwege documentary THE MAN WHO MENDS WOMEN!

The October 23, 2020 virtual release of The Man Who Mends Women is meant to increase awareness on the death threats against Dr. Mukwege and to support his cause.”

— Artmattan Films

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2020 / — ArtMattan Films, the film distribution arm of ArtMattan Productions, has announced the virtual theatrical release of documentary The Man Who Mends Women by Thierry Michel and Colette Braeckman about 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner Doctor Dennis Mukwege.

On September 10, 2020, Doctor Mukwege was placed under the guard of United Nations security forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo after death threats were made against him. Dr Mukwege said he received death threats after condemning a massacre. Overtly outspoken about human rights violations, especially killings and rapes by local or foreign armed groups, Dr Mukwege has been targeted in the past after pointing the finger of responsibility at DR Congo's neighbors like Rwanda and Uganda. The October 23, 2020 virtual release of The Man Who Mends Women is meant to increase awareness on the death threats against Dr. Mukwege and to support his cause.

The Man Who Mends Women is the portrait of the impressive life and work of internationally renowned gynecologist Doctor Denis Mukwege. He received the prestigious 2014 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought and 2018 Nobel Peace Prize for his struggle against sexual violence. Mukwege medically assisted over 46,000 sexually abused women in twenty years of professional practice.

Sexual violence against women has been used as a weapon of war for years in the violence-ridden and poverty-stricken Democratic Republic of Congo. In order to provide medical, psychological and emotional aid to the victims, Dr. Mukwege founded the Panzi hospital in Bukavu in 1999. Besides his work as a physician, Dr. Mukwege also defends human rights and seeks to raise global awareness on the issue of sexual violence in his country. He condemns the political reluctance to tackle the problem and is not afraid to hit the nail on the head.

His work is not without danger, as Dr. Mukwege experienced in 2012, when armed men entered his home and started shooting. Mukwege and his family survived the attack, but his guard was killed. The doctor now lives cloistered in his hospital in Bukavu under the protection of the United Nation peacekeepers. The women, whose physical and emotional integrity and dignity have been restored, stand beside him, true activists for peace, and hungry for justice.

The Man Who Mends Women has received Human Rights, Best Documentary and Audience Awards in festivals worldwide and is co-directed by award winning Belgium director Thierry Michel (Mobutu, roi du Zaïre, Hiver 60).

Diarah N'Daw-Spech
ArtMattan Productions
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The Man Who Mends Women Trailer

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Creating Authenticity and Purpose in Our Lives

Hosted by Dr. Robert Puff

Happiness Podcast

Dr. Robert Puff

Finding in our purpose in life can be incredibly rewarding. Living authentically with our purpose is the highest achievement.

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 28, 2020 / — Is there a reason we’re living here on Earth?

Whatever form we occupy, from a computer programmer to a goldfish, is there something we’re supposed to do, so that when it’s all over, we can say, “Well done”?

There are really two ways of thinking: Either we are here to live for a purpose, or we are here just to live. Either can strive to live life well while they’re here.

For those people who feel there is no purpose to life, what is a life well lived? Perhaps it is to enjoy life and make it as pleasurable as possible, getting through it with more positives than negatives. It’s sort of like a vacation: time spent without true purpose that we just try to enjoy as much as possible.

I’d estimate that about 10 percent of people actually believe this — that life has no purpose. These people have the luxury of being able to live authentically without worry about whether they are falling short of something called purpose. Each day is an entity all its own, outside of external measures.

The other 90 percent probably believe that there is some purpose to life. It may be a result of their religious or spiritual beliefs or some other guiding principle. But even if they claim a purpose, I suspect that 90 percent of those people don’t actually live by it. This majority of people believe that there is a purpose, but despite their belief, they’re just living life, trying to get by.

People of faith have a belief that there is a reason for their existence here on Earth. In theory, all people of faith have things they should be working toward — things they should be doing or improving. But in practice, we just live life without thinking about purpose at all.

It’s kind of like students at a university. Maybe 10 percent of them believe college is unimportant — just something people do, unconnected to any meaningful outcome. As for the others, they claim to believe the university is important if they are to learn, grow, become cultured, or plan for a career — but despite this, some drop out along the way, while others reach graduation — their commencement — and nothing meaningful commences; there is no next step of any importance. Perhaps many of these just want to find a new way to hae fun.

Standing in the belief of purposelessness is a way of living authentically in the world, because in thinking this way, we truly believe that when life is over, it’s over. But we are inauthentic to ourselves and our greater purpose when we stand to be counted among the believers, the purpose-filled, and we do nothing to achieve our desired end. We, the supposedly purposeful, are living without purpose — and that is much less authentic than life for those who don’t believe a purpose exists but who strive to make the most of each moment.

But the fact remains: Some 90 percent of us — and I’m one of these people — believe that life has a purpose, and there is a reason for our efforts, our connections, our suffering, and our striving. The key question, then, is what is that reason, and how do we live authentically if we believe we’re here for a purpose?

A person who practices Judaism, a Buddhist, a spiritualist — these people all may have different perspectives, but at their core, most faiths have very good foundations of purpose. They tend to be about love, or lovingkindness, or growth, and the leaders they follow — Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad — have lived beautiful, meaning-filled lives. Whatever the path we’re on, we believe what we do because the people who went before us lived lives that were nothing short of astonishing.

We need to ask ourselves how we can live authentically if we are among the majority of people who claim to believe that there is a purpose to our lives. Most people don’t try to live authentically. Even if they believe they have a purpose, they live as if they are on Earth to have a good time. They figure they’ll start living according to their life’s true meaning someday — that it’s too hard to rise toward their purpose, or to rise toward the highest level of self they can achieve.

All faiths have examples of people who lived life at the highest level according to their purpose, and they are astonishingly beautiful. So how do we live authentically within our belief system?

As we think about this question, we can even include those 10 percent who may believe that their life has no real purpose. Even these people can look to exemplars with the observation that they have lived their lives well. They don’t need to have had an ultimate purpose to want to live their life well and to say with their dying breath, “That was a good life.” Those who live without other purposes can still turn to examples and live their lives that way. Maybe a good life for these people is one that was full of great times and positive relationships. If they lived a life like this, who can say it was not a good one?

For those of us who believe life has a purpose, we can look to people who we recognize to be living lives well and try to emulate them, since it is our desire to do the same. We believe that we are here to grow and to grow as far as we can because within our belief system there are people who have lived wonderful lives.

This is where things get tricky. We sometimes compare the process of striving toward fulfilling our life’s purpose with the growth processes we experience in our physical lives. Typically, we reach our physical peak at around age 30, though of course there are many who go beyond that, perhaps up to age 40. But we don’t see Olympians or professional athletes who are able to perform at their maximum capacity in their 50s or 60s. These people are not going to the Olympics and winning gold medals. To even try to get close to that level would be so astonishingly difficult that most people would rather not try.

However, when it comes to growth and purpose, I believe we actually can grow and keep developing a sense of purpose until the day we die. We can become wiser, kinder, and better as a human being. We see examples of this around us. At the time I’m writing this, Pope Francis is 83, and the Dalai Lama is 85. I’m sure that you, too, know someone who has reached an advanced age and is still an example of an amazing human being who strives always to be better.

So how do we live authentically within our sense of purpose, for those of us who do subscribe to the notion that life has intrinsic meaning? I think the answer is to keep working at it. Of course we’re going to have off days when we don’t rise to the level of our purpose, but that’s when we have to declare each day to be a brand new one — a brand new chance to live according to our life’s true meaning.

It’s helpful to ask the question, “How do I live like the people I look up to?” We can think of many amazing examples of lives well lived, and we can dedicate ourselves to working to become more like them. All the way to our last breath, we can keep developing our sense of who we are, and we can keep living a purposeful life until the day we die. There is nothing keeping us from this but ourselves.

Someone I look up to greatly is St. Francis of Assisi. This was a man born to wealth and commercial prospects, but who instead took a different path. He was always known to be joyful, and this was true when he was part of an aristocratic family, and it was also true later, when he renounced wealth and pride of place to live simply in nature, which he revered. He had many followers who dressed in rags as he did, but they were all known for their infectious joy and generosity.

St. Francis of Assisi is someone I can look to as an example of a way to live according to my purpose. I don’t have to be poor, but I can find the joy that he knew even when he was in prison following a bloody civil war between Assisi and the nearby town of Perugia. St. Francis was in a dungeon in Perugia for a year, yet during all of this time, he never lost his optimism and happiness. It’s clear how that example resonates for someone like me, who has devoted his life to studying happiness.

Most of us believe we have a higher purpose for our time on Earth, and we should all strive to live life in line with that purpose we believe in. If we do not, we are likely to feel shame or guilt. We hold in mind and in our hearts an idea of all that is possible for us. What we aspire to become is firmly instilled in our very being.

So many people feel deep shame and disappointment in ourselves because we fall short of our idea of what we should be, yet we spend almost no time or effort in striving for that purpose. Maybe we subscribe to a religious or spiritual idea that we should reject conspicuous wealth, like St. Francis, and give to those who are less fortunate, but we spend 12-hour days at the office, competing for the next raise or promotion. Or maybe we feel we are destined to make beautiful art, and we often tell others about our artistic life and work — but in reality we almost never pick up a paint brush, a pen, or a lump of clay. Our artist life is a high purpose, but it’s a concept instead of a reality. Those who live authentically as artists spend hours in a studio, and far less time talking about being an artist or lamenting a lack of inspiration, ideas, or time to create. An artist who lives according to that purpose makes time for art — and anyone who aspires to that lifestyle should do the same.

If we believe we live for a purpose, we need to live in line with that purpose to avoid the negative feelings of falling short. We need to keep working at it, and keep working at it, and keep working at it, until the day we die — and that is when we can look back and say, “That was a good, purposeful life.”

We can celebrate a life well lived if we do our best to live authentically. If we believe we have a purpose, we needed to dedicate ourselves to it and keep developing ourselves within that purpose for as long as we live on this Earth.

What I’m proposing is hard. There is no doubt that striving toward a purpose is a more difficult life than going with the flow and letting our lives live us. But when we choose to live our lives with direction and a sense of meaning, life can be beautiful and wonderful, and worth the effort. May we strive for this — and may we grow and experience richness and fulfillment in the process.

Living well has a look to it. We recognize it when we see it, whether or not the person we’re observing has the higher purpose we’ve been discussing here. A good life is within the reach of any one of us, and all we have to do is keep working towards it, keep striving toward our life’s highest meaning, until our dying breath.

Living toward our highest purpose

Maybe you recognized yourself in my description here of a life spent punching the clock and working toward a purpose that is somehow other than the one you feel deeply inside as your true reason for being here on Earth.

I know someone who is a poet, and she calls herself that, and she has achieved recognition beyond her wildest imagining — but despite this, she spends most of her days working her day job, keeping her house clean, tending to her family, and relaxing when she can with a steady diet of television or social media.

My friend can make different choices to live according to her purpose. No one really needs TV and Facebook, after all. But I would suggest that her distractions are not really her problem. My friend knows that she can be her authentic self by a shift in focus — by putting what she knows to be her authentic purpose, poetry, at the center of her life and letting the rest of life fall into place around it.

What is your purpose? Think about who you know yourself to be deep inside. Ask yourself this simple question: What can you do to life a life of integrity, where who you know yourself to be matches the self you present to the world?

My strongest advice to you is that you start embracing your purpose and devoting your time and energy to it. You can start very small — even devoting more thought to your purpose is a step in the right direction. But you have this one life that you’re currently living, and I implore you not to waste another moment of it.


If you would like to learn more, the latest episode of the Happiness Podcast, hosted and created by Dr. Robert Puff, is now available. It is titled, "#291 Happiness – Creating Authenticity & Purpose in Our Lives" and can be listened to at:

Links to listen to the Happiness Podcast:

About the Happiness Podcast hosted by Dr. Robert Puff:

Do you ever wonder what it takes to lead a peaceful, happy life? Are you curious about the specific steps involved in a self-actualized, limitless life? Are you struggling with anxiety or depression? Or are you just plain tired and want some help? We explore all these concerns and more every week on the Happiness Podcast, which has been downloaded over 8 million times since its inception. Happiness does not happen by chance, but because we take specific actions in our lives to create it. Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D., author of 13 books, TV show host, Psychology Today blogger, and corporate trainer, has been studying the actions it takes to reach the highest levels of human achievement for decades, and he wants to share what he knows with you.

Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D.
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#291 Happiness – Creating Authenticity & Purpose in Our Lives

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Muvi Playout Enables Businesses to create Unlimited Linear Channels at One Price

Muvi Playout - launch linear OTT channels

Muvi Playout’s state-of-the-art scheduler supports both single and recurring events, and the stream can be embedded to any third-party websites and apps.

NEW YORK, US, September 28, 2020 / — Muvi, a pioneer in the digital streaming industry in an interesting development, uncaps the number of linear channels publishable using Muvi Playout, the end-to-end solution for launching linear OTT channels and broadcasting 24×7 across the web, mobile, and connected devices. For the uninitiated, Muvi Playout was released earlier this year and stepped into the competitive cloud-based linear broadcasting landscape with promising features such as hosting Live & VOD content on the same channel and versatile automation from ingest to delivery.

Since its inception, Muvi Playout set the record straight about its intent to deliver OTT content more efficiently, reducing the traditional Playout's capital expenses. Hosting the technology stack on a public cloud infrastructure like AWS, Muvi Playout transitions on-premise, traditional Playout to a rather flexible, scalable, and reliable cloud setup. Reasonably priced at $899 per month, Muvi Playout enables broadcasters to build pop-up channels as and when they like with a minimized lead time and cut out the on-premise infrastructure investment altogether.

"Cloud playout is the way forward, quotes an optimistic," Saurabh Dey, Head of Marketing, Muvi. "Broadcasters are facing major challenges in catering to the growing demand for personalized OTT content and the audience's ever-evolving viewing preferences. Muvi Playout helps broadcasters offer both live & VOD content on one platform with complete freedom to launch as many linear channels as they want with no extra cost whatsoever. A completely agile cloud-based playout where users can automate everything right from ingestion to delivery with multiple monetization support", adds Dey.

Muvi Playout, like Muvi's other trademark OTT solutions, is instantly deployable and available for "an all feature access" 14-Day Free Trial.

About Muvi:

Muvi LLC is a prominent product-based SaaS company based out of New York. The company provides a cloud-hosted streaming platform and end-to-end solutions for video/audio content owners, broadcasters, TV networks, and content aggregators to launch their own-branded, multi-screen, multi-format OTT streaming service such as Netflix, Prime Video, Spotify, Deezer, etc. that can offer both Live & On-Demand content and be delivered across Web, Mobile, and TV instantly.

The company has gained international recognition in the audio/video streaming space and is trusted by 350+ clients in over 50 countries across territories including North America, Europe, Latin America, Middle-East, Africa, Australia, and Asia.

For more information on Muvi LLC, visit

Anshuman Das
Muvi LLC
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Muvi Playout – Most powerful cloud linear channel scheduler | Playout Software

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Elise Luthman Shines in DO NOT REPLY, Coming to Theaters and Streaming on demand on October 2nd in the US and Canada

Elise Luthman is “Heather” opposite Jackson Rathbone and Amanda Arcuri in this horror-thriller launch in time for Halloween 2020.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 28, 2020 / — Daniel Woltosz and Walt Woltosz wrote and directed the movie, which stars Jackson Rathbone, Amanda Arcuri, Elise Luthman, Kerri Medders, Ashlee Füss, Ivon Millan, Nikki Leigh, and Courtney Henggeler.

Daniel, son of Director/Producer Walter Woltosz is a producer and writer who has earned over 20 awards at film festivals for music videos, short films, and most recently, a feature film "Santiago" which earned 11 awards including Audience Choice Best Feature Film at the Riverside International Film Festival.

The Production Company is Iron Compass Entertainment, & Distribution is Gravitas Ventures, & Sales Agent is VMI Worldwide. Producers include Daniel Woltosz, Walt Woltosz, Ivón Millán and Nicholas Paul Ybarra.

The movie premiered at the Shriekfest Horror Film Festival and has recently screened at the 2020 Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest, winning Best Produced Screenplay for a Feature Film.; at the New York City Horror Film Festival where Jackson Rathbone won Best Actor; at the Orlando Film Festival where it was nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography and won Best Trailer and Best Poster.

The movie is scheduled for release Oct. 2nd in the US and Canada and for release in 2021 in the United Kingdom, Australia, and India.

The film’s description reads, “Chelsea, falls prey to a social media predator. She meets Brad at a Halloween party and is abducted. Chelsea is eventually allowed to stay in his fortified house with other girls who Brad plans to kill in his virtual reality filmed murders.”

The Halloween season is such a great opportunity to see new thrillers like this one. Check out the official trailer for Do Not Reply:
About Elise Luthman:

Elise is an actress, singer, musician, model, writer, producer, artist and athlete. She is currently starring in Linked as “Julie” coming to theaters soon. Her lead roles in Family Vanished as "April" and Party Mom as "Brittany" are currently available on Lifetime's Movie Channel and Streaming online. Her memorable role of "Becky Lane" in Dead Night can be seen on Amazon Prime. The recent role of "Shelly" on The Politician can be seen on Netflix. She is also known for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and as "Two Canz" on Nickelodeon's Henry Danger. She has co-starred in, written, and produced her own Online Disney Maker Studio Series: Short Girls Club.

Elise is a prolific actress. She can be seen in Nickelodeon's Wendell and Vinnie, Rules of Engagement, New Girl, Desperate Housewives that are currently streaming on Amazon Prime and Netflix. Many of her fans recognize her as "Lea Rose" on Nickelodeon's Deadtime Stories, as "Josephine" in the award winning film Josephine and lead in More Than Words which was at the Cannes Festival in 2013 . Elise plays the young lead, "Young Julia Douglas" in the Feature Film, Play James Play, which premiered in 2016. She has also been a Co-Host/Producer of the TV Series: The Joey & Elise Show for 36 episodes that aired on DATV and streams online.

She is the youngest of seven thespians where she learned her love of acting, singing and music as they performed together in many Community Theatre Productions. She is from Dayton, Ohio and began her career at The Dayton Playhouse, where Rob Lowe also started. She now lives with her family and sibling actor: Joey Luthman in Los Angeles where she acts, writes and designs custom jackets with her original artwork.

She is also a strong supporter of many charities, including Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, St Jude’s Research Center, The Starlight Children's Foundation, and The LA Mission which helps the homeless of LA.

For Interviews, Photos and Press opportunities please contact:
Tess at Tesseract Talent PR:

Please follow Elise Luthman:
Instagram: @eliseluthman
Twitter: @Mckenna9Elise

Theresa Luthman
Tesseract Talent Public Relations
+ +1 9373049005
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Tune In: Alecia Nugent Kicks Off Two-Week Guest Host Run On Country Fix

Alecia Nugent Guest Host on Country Fix

Alecia Nugent’s The Old Side of Town CD cover

Alecia Nugent Credit: David McClister

Show broadcasts on Heartland, Circle TV, The Family Channel, Z Living TV, RightNowTV and STRYK TV – reaching over ONE HUNDRED MILLION households each week.

I just hope everyone who sees Country Fix has as much fun watching as I did hosting. It was great.”

— Alecia Nugent

PLEASANT VIEW, TN, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2020 / — Beloved stylist Alecia Nugent is set to guest host two, 30-minute episodes of Country Fix. Episode 321 premieres today and will air throughout the week; episode 322 will begin broadcasting next Monday, October 5 and will run through Sunday, October 11. The entertaining concept show airs on multiple television networks (Circle TV, Heartland, The Family Channel, Z Living TV, RightNowTV and STRYK TV ) and reaches over 100 MILLION HOUSEHOLDS.

Alecia’s life has been a whirlwind since the release of THE OLD SIDE OF TOWN – her first project in 10 years – dropped via Hillbilly Goddess Music on September 18. Physical copies of the Keith Stegall-produced disc are available on Nugent’s website, and digital copies can be purchased via iTunes / Apple Music. The new album has generated a flurry of media interest in the returning star, and recent features include American Songwriter, Country Music People, Country Sway, Everything Nash, The Latest Buzz, Digital Journal, Making A Scene, ParcBench, The Country Note, Music Matters Magazine, Jackalope Magazine, Guitar Girl Magazine, Bluegrass Today, Medium, Las Vegas Tribune, Bluegrass Situation, Take Effect, and more.

Radio, TV and podcast interviews have highlighted Nugent and she has appeared on WSM AM’s “Coffee, Country & Cody,” Mountain Bluegrass with David Pugh, Circle TV, WSMV’s “Today In Nashville,” Fastline Fast Track, The 13th Floor, Devon's Bluegrass & American Roots Show, Las Vegas TV, Hillbilly Highway Radio Show, Zeke Buttons Bluegrass & Country Show, and Flashpoint Arts Bluegrass.

“Things have been kind of crazy,” admits Alecia. “I just hope everyone who sees Country Fix has as much fun watching as I did hosting. It was great.”

Last month Country Fix premiered the companion music video to Nugent’s current single, “They Don’t Make ‘em Like My Daddy Anymore,” and fans can view the clip HERE.

Learn more and stay social with Alecia:

Facebook: @Alecia Nugent Music
Instagram: @Alecia Nugent

ABOUT Alecia Nugent
A native of Hickory Grove, Louisiana, Alecia became the lead singer of her dad’s group, The Southland Bluegrass Band, when she was in her teens. She went on to record three albums for Rounder Records in the early 2000s, toured the U.S. extensively, and performed shows in Switzerland, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, and Canada as well. THE OLD SIDE OF TOWN is her first release in 10 years. Now based in Nashville, Nugent was awarded SPBGMA Female Vocalist of the Year honors in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, and won the IBMA Album of the Year award for MUSICIANS AGAINST CHILDHOOD CANCER. She has performed 71 times on the Grand Ole Opry. She loves baseball, Peanut Butter Fudge Balls, fishing, and refinishing old furniture.

ABOUT Country Fix
Country Fix is a weekly half-hour program hosted by the artists themselves. The show features music videos from Country’s biggest stars like Thomas Rhett, Tim McGraw, Kacey Musgraves, Carrie Underwood, etc. Additionally, each week Country Fix features a special artist interview or “behind the scene” view of the making of their music video. The show airs on multiple television networks (Heartland, Circle TV, The Family Channel, Z Living TV, RightNowTV and STRYK TV) and stations worldwide – reaching over ONE HUNDRED MILLION households each week.

Martha E Moore
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Alecia Nugent “They Don’t Make ’em Like My Daddy Anymore” Video

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Parent's Cancer, A Pandemic and Uncertain Future Pushes Country Artist to Rush Video Release To Be Seen in Wedding Dress

New Country Artist Simone Reyes " What I Left Behind"

New Country Artist Simone Reyes ” What I Left Behind”

Simone Reyes On Location in San Luis Obispo

Simone Reyes On Location in San Luis Obispo

Amid Parent's Cancer Diagnosis/Pandemic/Reflection on Her Own Mortality, Simone Reyes Releases Music Video Ensuring Loved Ones Get To See Her in Wedding Dress

When Governor Cuomo declared New York City the epicenter of thecCoronavirus I feared I may never see my parents again. Doable bucket list Items became my focus- like being seen in a Wedding Dress”

— New Country Artist Simone Reyes

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, September 28, 2020 / — Similar to many global citizens, country artist Simone Reyes found herself suddenly faced with the concept of mortality and an uncertain future due to a pandemic that is still uncontrolled. Coupled with having aging parents ( both recently diagnosed with different forms of cancer) Reyes has rushed the release of her new music video, "What I Left Behind" to ensure that she, and loved ones, have the opportunity to experience seeing her in a wedding dress " just in case " time runs out.

Like many people around the globe during this pandemic, Reyes has responded to the hard realization that tomorrow is not guaranteed by crossing off bucket list dreams still achievable during these troubled times. " We always think we have time but 2020 has changed all that. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost due to the Coronavirus and each of those people probably believed they too had more time. As a native New Yorker, when I heard Governor Andrew Cuomo declare that New York City was the epicenter of the Coronavirus I feared I may never see my parents again. It got me thinking about all the things on my bucket list still un-checked. Having my loved ones be able to see me in a wedding dress happens to be on that list. Thankfully, it was one of my only immediate doable bucket list items that I knew I could cross off that list via my music career so I went for it. While I have every hope we will all get through this, and that my loved ones will get to see me wearing the gown in a real setting, I do feel a sense of relief for having filmed this video for a song that means so much to me, " said Simone Reyes.

Reyes shopped for the wedding dress and veil online from the safety of her home. The music video was directed by Kerry Porter / Frontman Video in San Louis Obispo. The single's video for "What I Left Behind", written by Jon Randall and John Wiggins (Reynsong Publishing Corporation/ BMI ), tells the story of a woman who finds herself having to make the difficult decision to leave her marriage. Hurrying to pack up her belongings ( including her pet rooster, Chuckles ) before her husband comes home she finds herself unable to fit her wedding dress into her luggage. Unwilling to leave that tangible keepsake of their lives together behind, in desperation she puts the dress on as she closes the door on her old life. Portraying her husband is model Casey Cathcart.

The single "What I Left Behind" was produced by Al Bonhomme who also plays guitar and banjo on the single, and showcases popular Nashville and Los Angeles musicians including Gary Morse, Steve Brewster, Chad Watson, Skip Edwards, Melissa Breslow, Vanessa Marsot and Kris Bradley. The song was mastered by Mitch Zelezny. Video locations include Happy Hen Animal Rescue and The Madonna Inn.

Greenwich Village Girl Records
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Simone Reyes – What I Left Behind

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Globalcast Worldwide

Award-Winning Car-Talk Show

Bobby Likis Retires and Sells Radio Network Assets

Bobby Likis & Leah Gioia

Gioia & Co.

Lights, Cameras, Action…Car Clinic auction has it all! Soundproof custom studio; all-digital equipment & electronics; office furniture–go live 9/28-10/3/20

After almost 30 yrs in radio broadcasting, I knew if I left my studio environment intact, I’d be forever tempted to return. So as the grand finale of a most enjoyable career, all assets will be sold.”

— Bobby Likis

PENSACOLA, FL, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2020 / — Attention podcasters, not-for-profit organizations, universities, churches, musicians, advertising agencies and dreamers. Bobby Likis – host of nationally syndicated, award-winning, car-talk radio program, “Bobby Likis Car Clinic” – announced on September 11 his retirement from the radio broadcast. Now, as a pledge to his retirement from that radio network, Likis is selling its assets: the physical studio; all radio/TV/internet/podcast equipment (including studio electronics like the 24-channel Mackie board, television cameras, production Mac with dual screens and multiple Windows-based computers), related installed software, studio lights, teleprompter; and office equipment (including projector, screen, conference room table, chairs) and supplies.

Items – all used in the successful production of the beloved “Bobby Likis Car Clinic” radio, television and internet programming – will be sold in a 3-category auction on

Category 1, the physical studio which deconstructs into 10’ panels for transport to relocation site;
Category 2, the electronics used to record, produce and distribute the audio and video renderings of the “Bobby Likis Car Clinic” show; and
Category 3, office furniture and supplies.

The extensive listing is specified on the Gioia website, or can be accessed via

Dates of auction for each category:

Category 1: September 25-October 3 at 8p ET
Categories 2 & 3: October 3-October 11 at 8p ET

Reflects Likis, “After almost 30 years in radio broadcasting, I knew if I left my studio environment intact, I’d be forever tempted to return.” He adds, “My wife has other ideas, like travel on Saturdays, so I rethought my initial ‘a-little-in-and-a-little-out’ retirement strategy and decided to drop the mic. To punctuate the finality, I decided to sell the studio and all its contents.”

After ardent due diligence for a professional auctioneer who embodies his energy, focus and integrity, Likis found just the person for whom he was searching in Pensacola: Leah Gioia, president of Gioia & Co. Remarks Likis, “Who knew we had such talent in our own backyard.” He expands, “Built on my philosophy of transparency and highest ethics – and for the benefit of all potential buyers – I wanted the agent for this most bittersweet moment to focus on accurately describing and arduously documenting all items. And I found her.”

Says Gioia, “I know Bobby interviewed several people for this project, and I’m so honored he chose our company. We will do everything to properly promote and conduct the auction…and, more importantly, to make it easy for the winning bidders to acquire their purchases.”

Podcasting has become the go-to platform for connection in these Covid-19 times. The contents of this auction include the entire sweep of venue, electronics, and production hardware and software to launch a podcast or broader based radio and television programming or advertising/marketing campaigns.

Ideal bidders would be podcasters ready to grab the spotlight; musicians set to upgrade from garage to studio; marketing/advertising agencies who crave an environment to generate and fully own their creative deliverables; and not-for-profits, universities and churches who can leverage this platform to spread the word about their missions.

Don’t miss the last radio broadcast of “Bobby Likis Car Clinic” on Saturday, October 10, 2020, 10a-12n ET, Bobby invites you to call with your car questions or good wishes at 888-Car-Clinic (888-227-2546).

About Bobby Likis Car Clinic and the Car Clinic Network:

Bobby Likis Car Clinic is the largest car-talk program/network on commercial radio, multiple web audiocasts, live video streaming webcast, podcasts (including iTunes, Spreaker, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Cast Box, Deezer, Podcast Addict and Podchaser), iPhone, chat room, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, American Forces Radio Network & television. Through Saturday, October 10, Car Clinic can be heard and seen in high-definition video on Saturdays, 10a-12n ET, live at,, and Host Bobby Likis is the only car-talk host on commercial multi-media platforms named for five consecutive years to the “Talkers 250,” the prestigious list of the top 250 talk-show hosts in America. Likis formerly owned and operated a 15,000 square-foot automotive service center, whose awards included "Best Reputation in Automotive Service," “Best Automotive Service Shop," “Best Oil Change" and the Better Business Bureau's Torch Award for Ethics in Business.
About Gioia & Co:

Gioia Auctions was established in 2019, during which summer, Gioia proudly received her designation as Honorary Colonel – Auctioneer, as well as her Ring Master Certification from the Florida Auctioneer Academy. She was honored to be instructed by Gary Smith – a legend with true heritage in the auction industry. She was also mentored by other noted individuals, such as Keith Trowbridge, Heath Ogle and Chris Bohr. Gioia is a proud member of the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) and Florida Auctioneers Association (FAA), whose board she was recently invited to join. Gioia is committed to a higher standard of excellence and is passionate about actively increasing public awareness of auctioneering and how auctions play a vital role in our society’s economy.

Diane Somer
Bobby Likis Car Clinic
+1 850-572-1548
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Exclusive: interview with Jeb Corliss "A walking, talking, flying legend"!

 Jeb Corliss , Ball's Pyramid , fabtv, skydive , wingsuit

Jeb Corliss over Ball’s Pyramid

 Jeb Corliss, Ball's Pyramid , jump skydive,

Jeb Corliss wingsuit flying over Ball’s Pyramid

 Jeb Corliss,  Zoom ,interview , FabTV, skydive , wing suit

Jeb Corliss Zoom interview on FabTV

Jeb Corliss: A walking, talking, flying legend! The most impossible base jumps , wing-suit flights and videos that make you say WOW!

Jeb Corliss a walking, talking, flying legend! ”

— Fernando Escovar –

LAGUNA BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2020 / — Exclusive Interview: FabTV's Fernando Escovar Zooms with Jeb Corliss.

Jeb Corliss a walking, talking, flying legend!

When you mention Jeb Corliss you think of extreme flying . Corliss has successfully performed the craziest most hardcore, impossible base jumps in wingsuit flying history, he's a walkin' talkin flyin' legend, and has no stop button on him! He's has amassed 1,000's of base jumps & wingsuit flights in a 20 year+ career in skydiving, sponsored by the coolest brands in the world like GoPro!
Corliss sat for a minute & Zoom'd with FabTV's Fernando Escovar (skydiver) about his latest jumps. #FabTV

Fernando Escovar
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Interview with Jeb Corliss: A walking, talking, flying legend!

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Amore Transitional Group, Inc. re-launches in Southwest Atlanta

2020 Amore SEEDS

SEEDS are being planted in Southwest Atlanta.

Not only will our participants learn how to care for themselves inside, but on the outside, empowering them for the rest of their lives."”

— Cousia Towns, Founder + CEO at Amore Transitional Group, Inc.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2020 / — Amore Transitional Group, Inc. today announced their grand opening of a life skills training facility in Southwest Atlanta, GA on Saturday, October 10, 2020 from 11am to 3pm. The 1975sf facility located at 2740 Campbellton Road, Atlanta, GA 30311, boast a beautiful full training salon with office and classroom. This milestone is a major move for Amore Transitional Group, Inc. Ultimately, the SEEDs program Supporting, Educating, Empowering, and Developing socially responsible community leaders; is a mentoring, leadership, life skills and trade program for girls and young women, ages 15-23 years old. In addition to instilling trades to bring awareness, we partner with organizations that identify with the mission to participate and teach skills to our participants. This program was designed to introduce the skills of future stylists, and collaborations by training them to successfully step into a position with emphasis on business operations. Building self-esteem, tools to become self-sufficient, job sustainability, drive the passion to pay it forward.

"Exiting out of the foster care system I lacked something that was so important to living life itself. I struggled with life skills. Ensuring that emancipated foster, high-risk or disadvantaged ages 15-23, are educated on what they need to live independently, we have developed the SEED PROGRAM based on a structured curriculum. Not only will our participants learn how to care for themselves inside, but on the outside, empowering them for the rest of their lives."
says Cousia Towns, Founder + CEO at Amore Transitional Group, Inc.

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the organization, including:

• Annual Fundraiser Changing Faces, Changing Lives, March 2013.
• Awarded State of Georgia Proclamation for Foster Care Month, May 2017
• Annual National Foster Care Week for the month of May, May 2018
• Annual Fundraiser- EXPOSED: Sitting in the Blood of Generational Consequences Play, May 2018
• Innovating ONLINE classes for the summer 2020 SEEDs program (COVID-19) 2020

“I am excited to return home to Atlanta, to partner with other community organizations to provided assists for the growing population of our children that are in the foster care system, as well as pamper and provide training for domestic violence victims to learn the trade of cosmetology. These opportunities give them the option to come back and pay it forward—as a way to reestablish themselves within the growing City of Atlanta.“ explains, Cousia Towns.

About Amore Transitional Group, Inc:
Amore Transitional Group, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. This community based organization is dedicated to enhancing the lives of young women emancipated from foster care, high-risk or disadvantaged through education, skill building, and self-empowerment. In partnership with Cousia Towns the Beauty Company, Amore's Atlanta base facility serves as a beauty incubator for the broken, catering to the foster care system, juvenille justice system, homeless and domestic violence victims.

+1 888-703-1842
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Best Selling Author On Cyber Security Producing Dark Web Uncovered Movie, Featuring Local 3D Printing Manufacturer

Leia and Buck during a Q&A session at Tronix3D

Team InTech getting ready to film

Learning to run the machine

GREENSBURG, PA, USA, September 25, 2020 / — Leia Shilobod, CEO of InTech Solutions, has engaged documentary filmmaker, Jeff Roldan, to produce a new movie, “Cybercrime: The Dark Web Uncovered” and brought shooting of this movie to Greensburg.

“Crimes have proliferated through the dark underbelly of the internet: the dark web. Businesses are realizing that cyber threats are not going away. The ones we serve has specific cybersecurity requirements to keep their contracts. I decided to be a part of this project to uncover the real threats, and how they can impact business, the economy, and pose actual life and death scenarios.”

The onsite filming included interviews at InTech’s office in Greensburg, and at InTech client, Tronix 3D, in Mount Pleasant, and is part of a cross-country tour of experts in the Cyber Security field.

“Cybercrime: The Dark Web Uncovered” is set to be released on Amazon Prime in January 2021, with a Los Angeles premier in February 2021.

LEIA SHILOBOD is the CEO of InTech Solutions, a fast-growing IT services and cybersecurity firm based in Greensburg, PA and bestselling author of Cyber Warfare: Protecting Your Business From Total Annihilation.

As a cyber security advisor, Leia speaks frequently at venues and events such as Harvard Club of Boston, Pennsylvania State Department events, and Accounting and Manufacturing industry events.

Also known as the “IT Princess of Power,” Leia saves small and mid-market firms from hackers and keeps them compliant by delivering enterprise-class IT security solutions.

Sara Snyder
InTech Solutions
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