Hollywood’s new “Southern Sweetheart“ is now becoming Bollywood’s new “International Princess”…

MUMBAI, INDIA , May 26, 2020 / — American actress and model Jaies Baptiste also known as “Hollywood’s Southern Sweetheart” is becoming no stranger to American Hollywood and now confirmed sources say there is a large 2 film Bollywood deal being negotiated within the next 7-10 days. Baptiste, known for her role in BET’s “Throwback Holiday” and for her #1 hit US Song “Keep Smiling”, (Produced by Jonathan Lopez) which has been played over 1.3 million times on iHeart Radio and other platforms , Baptiste is rumored to be joining the DC Universe in the near future and now Bollywood is calling this beautiful woman forward. “She has the look and the talent”, Bollywood press says, “She will make it far here.”

Sources have confirmed that Baptiste’s team is negotiating a large 2 film Bollywood deal to begin as soon as September of 2020. Baptiste, being a newer face in Hollywood has become a name not only known for being a beautiful actress, but a world renown singer song writer and international model.

Though the details of this deal are yet to be officially known, Bollywood sources say that this deal was already offered once before to Baptiste and her manager Jonathan Lopez. Lopez, although a bit controversial in the press; has the respect of the Bollywood community and is known for being a world renown musician, casting associate and “Hollywood’s Bad Boy”. Both him and Baptiste are expected to move forward with the deal this time around as sources say Lopez will also be offered to make a supporting role appearance in at least one of the two films.

Lopez describes Baptiste as “one of the best I have ever seen.“ “She’s beautiful, talented and touches the hearts of everyone she meets,” He shares with Entertainment Weekly. “She has even changed my life as a person. It’s an honor to be representing her.”

Though Jaies Baptiste is a newer name in Hollywood, this Texas native is proof that there are always people watching. More details of this large film deal to be announced later this week. When reaching out to Lopez, he refused to comment at this time, but did confirm that there was indeed a deal being negotiated.

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Source: EIN Presswire