Reinventing the dream of fashion during Covid-19 with InStyleKid Founder, Eugen Chakhnovitch

InStyleKid Founder Eugen Chakhnovitch plays a leading role in the current evolution of fashion, necessitated by the changing reality caused by coronavirus.

DüSSELDORF, GERMANY, April 30, 2020 / — Keeping the dream of fashion alive in recent months presented a challenge that required a fresh approach. Eugen Chakhnovitch was up for the challenge and quickly helped to re-invent industry norms to help ensure continuity for all stakeholders. Chakhnovitch currently manages 6 of the worlds’ most beautiful children including Bella Alexandras, Anna Pavaga, Milana Mos and little supermodel Alina Yakupova with their Fashion Careers. An example of a notable recent achievement is the fact that he recently secured Anna Pavaga as the face of French Fashion House Chloe for their kids collection and Bella Alexandras for DKNY kids.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, Chakhnovitch like many others, had to cancel some of his scheduled fashion shows in Germany which attract local German press and international media as well as celebrity guests and models from all over the world. InStyleKid Fashion Shows have become the authority of childrens fashion runway in Europe- showcasing new season preview collections of some of the worlds most coveted designer brands like Karl Lagerfeld Kids, Givenchy Kids, Little Marc Jacobs. Together with his substantial press connections, Chakhnovitch began looking for an innovative way to help inspire fans, brand owners and models alike in the all-new reality of social distancing.

In an attempt to keep the dream of Fashion alive during the global covid-19 pandemic and adapt to the changing environment, Chakhnovitch will be hosting a FaceTime Fashion Shoot with his model, nine year old Bella Alexandras. She will be showcasing the latest SS20 collections from DKNY Kids and Karl Lagerfeld Kids with an editorial style shoot in Bella’s home. These photos will be published in catalogues and the shoot will be made available for InStyleKid s Instagram following in a hope to encourage brands to adapt to the changing times. Chakhnovitch will be directing the shoot and acclaimed photographer Dilya.E will be photographing Bella through a webcam.

Chakhnovitch began guiding model Bella Alexandras and others at InStyleKid under the supervision of their parents, on the safe use of apps such as Zoom, Skype and Whatsapp. He did this as a second choice but a pragmatic way to help keep the industry alive. Brands see this as a potential opportunity in the areas of user-generated advertising and influencer marketing at a time when social distancing requires a fresh approach. The mother of Bella Alexandras, Nerissa, said: “We’re grateful to top talent managers like Eugen who oversees that the children can help lead this vibrant industry in a way that is modern, pragmatic and safe under his close supervision and ours as parents.”

As the covid-19 reality inspires conventional industries to be forthcoming with solutions, the gap between high-street fashion and ecommerce fashion retailers is expected to shrink rapidly. This, coupled with rising trends in virtual reality and online shopping, may well redefine how brands and consumers will carry out purchase evaluations in future. To think that a child star and her agent were one of the first adopters of a new way forward, will go down in history as an inspiring story. For now, keeping the dream of fashion alive is something Chakhnovitch and his collaborators endeavour to do with a lasting impact.

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Source: EIN Presswire