Reinventing the dream of fashion during Covid-19 with InStyleKid Founder, Eugen Chakhnovitch

InStyleKid Founder Eugen Chakhnovitch plays a leading role in the current evolution of fashion, necessitated by the changing reality caused by coronavirus.

DüSSELDORF, GERMANY, April 30, 2020 / — Keeping the dream of fashion alive in recent months presented a challenge that required a fresh approach. Eugen Chakhnovitch was up for the challenge and quickly helped to re-invent industry norms to help ensure continuity for all stakeholders. Chakhnovitch currently manages 6 of the worlds’ most beautiful children including Bella Alexandras, Anna Pavaga, Milana Mos and little supermodel Alina Yakupova with their Fashion Careers. An example of a notable recent achievement is the fact that he recently secured Anna Pavaga as the face of French Fashion House Chloe for their kids collection and Bella Alexandras for DKNY kids.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, Chakhnovitch like many others, had to cancel some of his scheduled fashion shows in Germany which attract local German press and international media as well as celebrity guests and models from all over the world. InStyleKid Fashion Shows have become the authority of childrens fashion runway in Europe- showcasing new season preview collections of some of the worlds most coveted designer brands like Karl Lagerfeld Kids, Givenchy Kids, Little Marc Jacobs. Together with his substantial press connections, Chakhnovitch began looking for an innovative way to help inspire fans, brand owners and models alike in the all-new reality of social distancing.

In an attempt to keep the dream of Fashion alive during the global covid-19 pandemic and adapt to the changing environment, Chakhnovitch will be hosting a FaceTime Fashion Shoot with his model, nine year old Bella Alexandras. She will be showcasing the latest SS20 collections from DKNY Kids and Karl Lagerfeld Kids with an editorial style shoot in Bella’s home. These photos will be published in catalogues and the shoot will be made available for InStyleKid s Instagram following in a hope to encourage brands to adapt to the changing times. Chakhnovitch will be directing the shoot and acclaimed photographer Dilya.E will be photographing Bella through a webcam.

Chakhnovitch began guiding model Bella Alexandras and others at InStyleKid under the supervision of their parents, on the safe use of apps such as Zoom, Skype and Whatsapp. He did this as a second choice but a pragmatic way to help keep the industry alive. Brands see this as a potential opportunity in the areas of user-generated advertising and influencer marketing at a time when social distancing requires a fresh approach. The mother of Bella Alexandras, Nerissa, said: “We’re grateful to top talent managers like Eugen who oversees that the children can help lead this vibrant industry in a way that is modern, pragmatic and safe under his close supervision and ours as parents.”

As the covid-19 reality inspires conventional industries to be forthcoming with solutions, the gap between high-street fashion and ecommerce fashion retailers is expected to shrink rapidly. This, coupled with rising trends in virtual reality and online shopping, may well redefine how brands and consumers will carry out purchase evaluations in future. To think that a child star and her agent were one of the first adopters of a new way forward, will go down in history as an inspiring story. For now, keeping the dream of fashion alive is something Chakhnovitch and his collaborators endeavour to do with a lasting impact.

Eugen Chakhnovitch
+49 173 6138612
email us here

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Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist explores encounters with God

Al Guart, author of Beyond the Sphere: Encounters with the Divine

Al Guart, Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist

Beyond the Sphere book cover

Beyond the Sphere book cover

‘Beyond the Sphere: Encounters with the Divine’ released

Every major religion can be traced back to accounts of Divine Visitation. It’s time to examine these accounts and the beliefs about God, humanity and the universe they’ve engendered.”

— Al Guart

ALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2020 / — Pulitzer nominated investigative journalist Alfred Stefan Guart today launched his first book – a bold look into “Divine Visitations” and the impact they’ve had on civilization from biblical times until today.

“Every major religion can be traced back to accounts of Divine Visitation,” said Guart. “It’s time to examine these accounts and the beliefs about God, humanity and the universe they’ve engendered.”

Beyond the Sphere” (published by Balboa Press) is a groundbreaking book that challenges existing beliefs about God and urges readers to seek their own unfiltered encounters with the Divine. In it, Guart relives his own encounters with the “Origin of Life” in riveting prose – the kind of clear-headed writing forged by his years as a hard news journalist in both print and television.


“There was no point where this Entity started or ended. I could not say it was standing over there or it came from that direction. It was everywhere at once. The communication taking place was instant, complete and silent. No words, no symbols or sounds. Yet any misunderstanding was impossible. This was a communion, not a conversation.”

“Beyond the Sphere” examines the lives of some who allege to have had various forms of contact with heaven, from biblical figures to Buddha to Neale Donald Walsch, author of the 1986 sensation “Conversations with God,” who was interviewed for this book.

Early review:
“The writing is lucid as a mountain stream. More importantly, I was captivated by the content. Al performs the neat trick of getting as close as one can to defining the ineffable.”

-Anthony Mancini, award-winning journalist, novelist and director of the Journalism Program at Brooklyn College, City University of New York.

Al Guart hopes publication of “Beyond the Sphere: Encounters with the Divine,” results in more souls having their own direct, unfiltered encounters with God. For more details about the book, please visit: HYPERLINK ""

“Beyond the Sphere: Encounters with the Divine”
By HYPERLINK "" Alfred Stefan Guart
Hardcover | 5.5 x 8.5in | 168 pages | ISBN 9781982244095
Softcover | 5.5 x 8.5in | 168 pages | ISBN 9781982244071
E-Book | 168 pages | ISBN 9781982244088
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Alfred Stefan Guart is a Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist known for hard-hitting investigative work at the New York Post and CBS News. He holds a degree in philosophy and journalism from the City University of New York. He taught English at New York City public schools and journalism at St. John’s University. He is a jazz saxophonist and small business owner. He lives in New York with his wife, son and daughter.

Al Guart
Guart Inc.
+1 518-364-1017
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Book Trailer for Beyond the Sphere

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Tokyo Kuntpunch Welcomes Holy Hell Documentarian Will Allen on Kuntpunch Drunk Podcast Discussing the Buddhafield Cult

Tokyo Kuntpunch on Netflix doc Holy Hell

Will Allen documentarian of Popular Netflix Doc Holy Hell

The Buddhafield Cult with Tokyo Kuntpunch

Will and I go way back when I was young AF and Will was Francesco,” says Tokyo. “We are both Capricorns, and I am considering getting a sex change so he will be with me.”

— Tokyo Kuntpunch

LOS ANGELES, CA , USA , April 29, 2020 / — Comedian Tokyo Kuntpunch will be welcoming Will Allen the director of Netflix documentary, Holy Hell, on her new podcast, Kuntpunch Drunk, on Wednesday, April 29 at 6pm ET/3pm PT via livestream.

Tokyo met Allen when she was a teenager during her time as a member of the infamous cult, Buddhafield, the subject of the popular and controversial documentary.

“Will and I go way back when I was young AF and Will was Francesco,” says Tokyo. “We are both Capricorns, and I am considering getting a sex change so he will be with me."

The interview will be live-streamed on Wednesday, April 29 at 6pm ET/3pm PT here and then will download on Friday (audio only) and Saturday on YouTube.

Tokyo also known as the rapper Hung Yung Terrarist, premiered Kuntpunch Drunk earlier this month by popular demand of her fans who are interested in seeing the innerworkings of the mind and the life of the comedian/rapper and sex worker, and Will Allen marks her very first guest in which no doubt be a riveting and emotional discussion about life during and after the Buddhafield.

You may enjoy Kuntpunch Drunk on on Spotify here and on other internet provders.

To see past episodes of Kuntpunch Drunk go here

You may follow Tokyo Kuntpunch Instagram at on Twitter at You may subscribe to her mailing at and on

For all of the links in one fancy place

About Tokyo Kuntpunch:

Tokyo Kuntpunch hails from projects of Beverly Hills and more recently MacArthur Park., the most famous drug park in Los Angeles. She spent her formative years in the cult depicted in the Netflix documentary "Holy Hell." She speaks seven languages, and raps in three on her latest self-titled album, “Hung Yung Terrarist,” including French and Dothraki, the fictitious language from the hit series "Game of Thrones.

Kuntpunch has performed at The Comedy Store, The Stand, The Ice House, The Laugh Factory, and appeared on Kill Tony. After that appearance Tony went on to talk about her on The Greg Fitzsimmons podcast and with Adam 22 on the No Jumper podcast. Tokyo has been a guest on SiriusXM’s All Out Show, Karen Hunter, The Bonfire, I Want Radio and The Christy Canyon Show, as well as on popular podcasts, Race Wars, Jason Ellis’ High and Dry, The SDR Show, The Chip Chipperson Show, The Wet Spot, Mornin’ with Bill and Joanna and In Hot Water. She most recently appeared on 50 Cent’s website This is 50

Kuntpunch also performs music under her moniker, Hung Yung Terrarist and you can check it out here

Lainie Speiser
Lainie Speiser Publicity
+1 201-920-2777
email us here
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Kuntpunch Drunk Episode Two

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Biagio featuring A’Lisa B. & The Mad Stuntman Release New Single “One Night”

Biagio “One Night” Cover

Nene Musik

After a successful 2019 tour, Biagio launches his new single “One Night” featuring A’Lisa B. & The Mad Stuntman

One Night was supposed to be released in conjunction with my 2020 tour but the world is facing a hard time with the Coronavirus disease COVID-19 pandemic”

— Biagio

PORT SAINT LUCIE, FL, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2020 / — Singer, Songwriter Blaise “Biagio” Benevenga has been touring the United States, Canada, Italy and other parts of the world in support of his past releases “Festival Italiano”, “The Italian Touch” and “L’Italiano Vero”. Hits from these albums include many classic Italian songs such as “Calabrisella Mia”, “Cuore Matto”, “C’e La Luna”, “Eh, Cumpari!” as well as Pop / Top 40 songs “Tarzan Boy” and “Shaddap You Face”. All are fan favorites at many Italian festivals, casinos and night club events worldwide.

Biagio has shared the stage with legends such as: La Bouche, Jenny Berggren of Ace of Base, Pupo, Lisa Lisa, Massimo Ranieri, Cece Peniston, Sal Valentinetti, C+C Music Factory and Reel 2 Real f. The Mad Stuntman to name a few. While performing at a concert in New York’s Resort Casino, Biagio hit it off well with Multi-Platinum recording artist The Mad Stuntman of Reel 2 Reel fame who is co-managed by Nene Musik Productions, LLC. They discussed working on music together and hence the concept of “One Night” was born. Biagio, enrolled the Multi-platinum talents of The Mad Stuntman, producer Charlie Babie (20 Fingers) and singer / song writer A’Lisa B. (formerly of Max-A-Million). Together, with additional help from another Multi-Platinum recording artist; Dose Rock (2 In A Room, 740 Boyz, Fulanito) they created “One Night” a reggaeton summer house infused dance banger with additional hard house remixes from Tune~Adiks own; Dom Tufaro.

“One Night was supposed to be released in conjunction with my 2020 tour but the world is facing a hard time with the Coronavirus disease COVID-19 pandemic. At the time of this release, there are no live performance venues open and I didn’t want to hold up the release of this song. I love all of my fans worldwide and I cannot wait to perform this song live after we all collectively beat this pandemic says Biagio”.

Catalog #: NM1041
UPC: 195164286336
Release date: 04/28/20
Artist: Biagio featuring A’ Lisa B & The Mad Stuntman
Title: One Night
Written by: Carlos E. Rosario, Willie May Baker, Mark H. Quashie
Published by: Gonna Getcha Music, W M Baker Music, It’s Nene’s Musik, Shasquashie Music
Produced by: Charlie Babie Rosario for Tune~Adiks
Additional Vocal Production: Dose Rock
Remixes by: Dom Tufaro for Tune~Adiks

01. One Night (feat. A'Lisa B & The Mad Stuntman) QZDA52049383
02. One Night (feat. A'Lisa B & The Mad Stuntman) [Extended] QZDA52049384
03. One Night (feat. A'Lisa B & The Mad Stuntman) [Instrumental] QZDA52049385
04. One Night (feat. A'Lisa B & The Mad Stuntman) [Dom Tufaro Tune~Adiks Radio Mix] QZDA52049386
05. One Night (feat. A'Lisa B & The Mad Stuntman) [Dom Tufaro Tune~Adiks Vocal Mix] QZDA52049387
06. One Night (feat. A'Lisa B & The Mad Stuntman) [Dom Tufaro Tune~Adiks Dub] QZDA52049388
07. One Night (feat. A'Lisa B & The Mad Stuntman) [Accapella] QZDA52049389

Major digital retailers and streamers include:


Itunes / Apple Music:

Google Play:



Artist Website Links:
A’Lisa B. –
Biagio –
Reel 2 Real f. The Mad Stuntman –

About Nene Musik Productions, Llc.:
Nene Musik Productions, Llc. ( was established in 1989. Today, it is a boutique Artist Management and Consulting Agency that services Multi-Platinum Recording Artists, International DJ's and Celebrities. La Bouche, Dennis Rodman, Cascada, Frank Reyes, Milly Quezada and the production team Tune~Adik's are just of few on Nene Musik's client roster. Nene Musik's experience and commitment to excellence have earned them the reputation as one of the best Artist Management / Consulting companies in the World.

Biagio, A’Lisa B. & The Mad Stuntman Media Contact:
Ruben Dario Martinez,, 772-882-7029

Ruben Dario Martinez
Nene Musik Productions, Llc.
+1 772-807-8306
email us here
Visit us on social media:

One Night (feat. A’lisa B & the Mad Stuntman)

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Introducing the Pavotube II 6C RGBWW 10" LED Tube from Nanlite

A go-anywhere, travel-friendly, studio quality light to bring your brilliance to life wherever you choose.

"I have received one request from our customers many times more than any other: ‘When will NanLite have a smaller more portable version of the PavoTube?’ The PavoTube II 6c delivers…”

— Wayne Schulman

WHITE PLAINS, NY, USA, April 29, 2020 / — The Nanlite PavoTube II 6C RGBWW LED Tube is an amazingly portable versatile lighting fixture that features 0 to 100% dimming with maximum illumination of 520 lumens (183Lux @ 1m) at 5600K, as well as a full spectrum RGB and pre-programmed special lighting effects.

Studio Quality with a Love for Road Trips
With adjustable color temperature from 7500-2700K with green to magenta adjustment, a CRI of 98, and a TLCI of 95, the PavoTube II 6C packs studio-quality lighting into a go-anywhere, travel-friendly package. It also features a choice of over 360 static light colors on the RGB spectrum and can cycle through the entire spectrum at a speed of your choice.

Built-In Battery
Powered by an internal Li-ion battery, the PavoTube II 6C can run for 65 minutes at full brightness and can be charged by any USB-C source, including power banks for added run time.

Wonderfully Compact
Small enough to fit in any gear bag, the PavoTube II 6C is compatible with most T12 diameter accessories and features two 1/4 20" receivers as well as powerful magnets for mounting nearly anywhere.

Pre-programmed Lighting Effects
With fifteen pre-programmed special effects in a simple-to-master menu system, the PavoTube II 6C makes it easy to imitate lighting scenarios that can otherwise be tricky to recreate. At the touch of a button, you can simulate the lighting effects of an emergency services vehicle (cop car), flame (candlelight), lightning storm, an SOS signal, an explosion, welding, camera flashes, and more.

“Over the past year, I have received one request from our customers many times more than any other: ‘When will NanLite have a smaller more portable version of the PavoTube?’ The PavoTube II 6c delivers in more ways than I could have expected. The design and the features are on point. I think that the PavoTube II 6c will find its way into an extraordinary number of applications.”
– Wayne Schulman, Nanlite Vice President of Sales at MAC Group

The PavoTube II 6C comes with the following:
PavoTube II 6C
Iron Plates (3)
USB Type-C Cable
Safety Strap
Carrying Bag
User Manual

The Nanlite PavoTube II 6C is available for pre-order at your favorite retailer and at for $99.00 with expected delivery on or around May 21st.

For more information, contact Nanlite Brand Manager Jeff Lazell:

About Nanlite
NanLite produces an extensive range of continuous (LED) lights with state-of-the-art technologies, the highest level of quality control and a fanatical obsession to details for demanding creators in the photo, video, content creation and beauty spaces.

About MAC Group
33 years ago, MAC Group started as a boutique marketing, sales and distribution group focusing on professional photographers. As the industry has evolved, so has MAC Group with their expansion into filmmaking, video, mobile, content creation and audio. Today, MAC Group is one of the leading companies of their kind with world-renowned brands offering products and education that enhances the lives of passionate content creators at every experience level. For more information, visit

Alexandra Fleitas
MAC Group
+1 914-784-4483
email us here

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Filmmaker Deborah Anderson Starts Fundraiser Campaign For Award-Winning Documentary “Women Of The White Buffalo”

Women of the White Buffalo Poster

Women of the White Buffalo

Deborah Anderson Photo

Deborah Anderson

Featuring theme song and voice of YES legend Jon Anderson!

ASHEVILLE, NC, USA, April 28, 2020 / — Filmmaker/photographer Deborah Anderson has started a fundraiser campaign to help get her Award-Winning Documentary “Women Of The White Buffalo” out into the world via a streaming platform. The film's theme song is written and performed by YES legend Jon Anderson who's voice is also heard throughout the documentary.

An ancient, Native, matriarchal society has been upended by centuries of genocide and colonialism. This has resulted in culturally sabotaged and isolated communities that are in a constant struggle to save what remains of their sacred identity. The Lakota women living on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, are rising up against the forces that continue to suppress them. By preserving and protecting their ancestral values and wisdom, they provide a source of hope to their people.

With exclusive access to the lives of 8 women, ranging in age from 10 to 98, the documentary explores powerful testimonials of loss and survival as we gain insight into the experience of a modern Indigenous American living on a reservation. Gripping historical accounts and startling timely statistics guide viewers down the path that has led to these present day conditions.

The indelible voices of these determined women inspire us with their strength, gifting us with ancient insights that speak to our current global, environmental and cultural crises. These are the powerfully rich stories of the brave women and children living in the poorest county in the United States.

Says Deborah,“Dad (Jon Anderson) has created a beautiful theme song for the film 'Women Of The White Buffalo' which he sings with Delacina Chief Eagle. His voice is also featured throughout this important documentary film which I am currently looking to self-distribute. I am raising the final funds to make this a possibility during these challenging times, because the poorest regions of the country will be some of the hardest hit by this pandemic. Please check out my Facebook fundraiser page to make a donation and help support getting this film out into the world.

Your donation will support this film in getting it out into the world via a streaming platform that will be available to all as I believe this is an important time to hear the wisdom of the powerful Native women featured in the film. It is time we understood the current situation of the Natives so we can raise their voices and stand with them in this much needed time of change on our planet.

Thank you for your support, thank you for helping raise the voices of our Native peoples. Native understanding is the true medicine for the healing of this planet.”

To donate:

The intention of this film is to shine a light on our Native sisters, to ensure that their voices are included in this current wave of global Women's empowerment, and to inspire the next generation of Native youth to utilize their own ancient wisdom in the much needed healing of their communities. For all viewers, this film is an opportunity to learn from this intensely beautiful and powerful culture about some of the forces that perpetuate racism, abuse, and inequality. As they say in Lakota, Mitákuye Oyás'in, “We are all related.”

Mother Earth is weeping, which we see and feel in many of our imminent ecological crises. The centuries-long murder and rape of indigenous women in the west parallels humanity's destruction and betrayal of this precious planet. We must each learn to accept responsibility for our part in the recovery and preservation of our shared home.

The Lakota people have a tradition of considering the following 7 generations when making any big decision, ensuring an abundant future for those that would come after them. The women featured in “Women of the White Buffalo” have been compelled to use their voices and many gifts in order to shift the consciousness of all those whose lives they touch. They will not be silenced. Their wisdom is essential to our survival.

Documentary film is a vital tool for holding people, governments and corporations accountable and for spreading awareness about important issues. To date, there has not been a film that has focused primarily on the women currently living on the second largest and one of the most impoverished Indian Reservations in the United States. The voices of the Lakota women have been documented by Deborah Anderson, who worked intimately, compassionately and artfully to capture not just these women's words, but their very essence.

DEBORAH ANDERSON brings together her achievements in every area of her creative body of work from over the past 16 years as a world-renowned photographer, artist and art director to delve into the world of documentary film-making.

Deborah Anderson is best known for her work as a wide-ranging photographic and film artist. She has released three fine art books to date – “A photographer whose distinctive sensuality is located somewhere between classic French erotica and Helmut Newton” (Los Angeles Times).

Her work has graced the covers of albums and magazines, the walls of iconic hotels and private homes around the world with an expansive A-list clientele.

For more information:

Press inquiries:

Billy James
Glass Onyon PR
email us here

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Feature Film Starring: Bret Hart, Felissa Rose, Ari Lehman, Dakota House – 90% Completed & Seeking Finishing Funds

Be part of the Demented

Felissa Rose (Sleep Away Camp Franchise)

Bret “Hitman” Hart (WWE hall of famer)

Angelina Love (current ring of Honor Womens Champion)

The Demented Cast

New Blood Entertainment put together a great cast for the film!

TORONTO, CANADA, April 28, 2020 / — DEMENTED is a film-within-a-film, that takes you deep into the dark world of fetish cinema. An edgy, eerie, docu-style horror story, telling the harsh realities of voyeurism meeting Final-Fantasy. A world in which hidden figures exist expressly to take advantage of the meek.

Young women on the fringe of society, looking for the promise of "true love" and a "better life" are dragged down the tortuous road of No Return. The sick, twisted minds of the Dark Net's Master Manipulators are the New Puppet Masters and profiteers, forcing these lost girls to do their perverted bidding in the most distrurbing recesses of the Dark Net. Demented is a twisted triangle of hope, haplessness and horror that continues to dominate today's shocking headlines, that of human trafficking.

New Blood Entertainment is seeking finishing funds Via crowdfunding to complete the post-production of Demented. We are offering all kinds of cool rewards such as CAMEOS, IMDB CREDITS, ADVANCED DIGITAL DOWNLOADS, PREMIERE SCREENING & AFTER PARTY TICKETS, AUTOGRAPHED COLLECTABLES FROM OUR STARS. We don't believe in getting something for nothing, and with this project almost completed means these rewards will all be delivered by Halloween 2020.


Nigel Hartwell
New Blood Entertainment
email us here

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Five Towns College Sound Athletics Perform

Five Towns College Athletics Logo

Five Towns College Athletics Logo

Five Towns College Basketball

Five Towns College Basketball

Five Towns College Soccer Field

Five Towns College Soccer Field

DIX HILLS, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 28, 2020 / — At Five Towns College, excitement continues over the growth of our athletic brand- The Sound Athletics! Identifying student-athletes who emulate Five Towns College integrity, love sports, and who are interested in creative academic programs is a top priority.

The Sound Athletics program is headed by Director of Athletics, Matt Guercio. Constantly looking for qualified student athletes is a mission of the College. This goes on year-round for all sports i.e. soccer, basketball and volleyball. Coaches communicate frequently with potential students and still build a rapport, whether it is phone calls, emails, texting, Facetime, WhatsApp or Zoom. The Five Towns College website is updated regularly and social media posts that keep our student-athletes engaged
are ongoing.

The upcoming season should be exciting. The Men’s Soccer team has high expectations after last season. Led by Soccer Coach Jason Fiscina and his staff, it finished 9-4-1 and was nationally ranked in the USCAA. The team’s goal is on the conference title and qualifying for Nationals.

The Women’s Volleyball led by second year Coach Christy Herring will look to return to the HVIAC Finals, which will be hosted by Five Towns College. The team has some new members and it is hoping to have the opportunity to bring home a conference title on the home court.

The Men’s and Women’s Basketball Teams are primed to make a run this upcoming season in the HVIAC. Head Men’s Coach, Gregg Drzal (3rd Season) and Head Women’s Coach, Anthony Alfaro (2nd Season) will also have the opportunity to be cutting down nets on their home court as Five Towns College will host the HVIAC Championship for a second straight year.

The Men’s Volleyball Team will begin its inaugural season in the Spring Semester of 2021 with first-year Head Coach, Christian Barton. This will bring the total number of varsity sports to six at Five Towns College.

Five Towns College Coaches are committed professionals who are responsible on a daily basis to ensure the well-being of student-athletes during and after their time here at the College. Five Towns College welcomes every prospective student-athlete to commit to us. Our relationships are strong.

For the most part, Five Towns College student-athletes tend to enroll in the Business and Mass Communication programs as well as the Interactive Computer Graphics program. It is anticipated that with the addition of the Sports Management minor this fall, those courses could be at full capacity. To be successful, time-management and prioritization of handling personal affairs is important.

At the end of the day, the Sound Athletics program strives to ensure that student-athletes achieve their academic goals and perform their best whether it’s in the classroom or on the Sound Fields or in the Sound Gym. This is what sets Five Towns College apart from other programs- we care about our students and support them as best as we can! At a small college, students are not numbers but are individuals who are known by faculty, staff and other students. To learn more, go to

Matt Guercio
FIve Towns College Athletics
+1 631-656-2165
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Shamans of the Global Village Releases Episode 2: José Luis Ramírez & The Peyote Cactus


Peyote Flower

This crisis has the potential to bring us together as a planetary community: to grieve, to love, and to reclaim the spiritual essence of our individual and collective journey.”

— Rak Razam, Writer and Host

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 28, 2020 / — Shamans of the Global Village has just released a new episode of its independent documentary series – Episode 2: José Luis Ramírez & The Peyote Cactus. The film is timely in these unprecedented days of climate change and global virus scares with its environmental message of re-connecting to some of humanity's original indigenous ways.

This series, conceived and launched by writer and host Rak Razam and director Niles Heckman, focuses its second episode on Don José Luis Ramírez, a renowned "mara’akame" or shaman of the Huichol people of Mexico. Guardians of the sacred peyote cactus, the Huicholes have utilized this sacred hallucinogenic medicine for millennia to connect them to the web of life, and to maintain the old ways.

Director Niles Heckman said, "While economic systems that humanity has created have brought us many advancements, they have also resulted in so much environmental destruction and disconnection from nature. Yet at the same time, our species has such great potential for stewardship of the Earth. This is our more natural state and we are remembering that."

"Now, more than ever, we need each other," said writer and host Rak Razam. "We need to self-isolate, to virtually check in, to remain calm and to dream of the better world that we can create from the ashes of the old. This crisis has the potential to bring us together as a planetary community: to grieve, to love, and to reclaim the spiritual essence of our individual and collective journey."

The Shamans of The Global Village/ Episode 2: José Luis Ramírez & The Peyote Cactus documentary is now available for rental (60 mins film) or download (60 mins film plus over two hours of extra material).

As unsustainable ways cease to make sense, this ancient wisdom is surfacing again that is crucial for planetary survival. Shamans of the Global Village features wisdom holders and the medicine they carry which is vital for this time. The healing and connection of these pathways needs to be shown to the world through media such as this documentary, especially now.

About Niles Heckman
Niles Heckman documents life as a street photographer, host of the podcast An Infinite Path, and as a documentary filmmaker through his production entity, Aurora-Lab. He is the director of the 2018 feature film Transmutation and the documentary series Shamans of the Global Village, which began in 2016 and is ongoing.

About Rak Razam
Rak Razam is a leading ‘experiential’ journalist, writing about and helping shape the emergence of a new cultural paradigm in the 21st century. Author of the critically acclaimed book Aya Awakenings: A Shamanic Odyssey and the companion volume of interviews, The Ayahuasca Sessions, he is a frequent lecturer on ayahuasca and the shamanic revival sweeping the West. He is the writer and host of the documentary series Shamans of the Global Village.

Judy Campbell
Campbell Consulting
+1 541-410-9113
email us here

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The Preview Channel™ To Launch 2 New Channels

The Preview Channel, movie trailers, video game trailers, star and director interviews, free linear tv channel, advertiser supported

The Preview Channel™

V Previews - The Videogame Preview Channel - free linear tv channel, advertiser supported

V Previews.TV

Preview Classics - classic movie trailers and more, free advertiser supported TV


Preview Channel Classics™ and V Previews™ – The VideoGame Preview Channel™ will debut this summer..

We are launching these 2 new channels to give fans what they want – a channel devoted to the classic movie trailers we all know and love and a channel for gamers – those who love playing video games”

— William Sager, Chairman, Founder and CEO

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 28, 2020 / — The Preview Channel™ (TPC/Company) announced today that the Company will be launching 2 new, sister channels to its 24/7 OTT and AVOD streaming flagship TPC. Preview Classics™ (, which will exclusively program archival motion picture trailers featuring iconic stars and directors plus related content from the 1930’s right up to the present decade, and V Previews – The VideoGame Preview Channel™ (, which will exclusively program future, current and archival videogame trailers highlighting their eye popping CGI and gameplay simulation, as well as related audio-visual content. Both are expected to premiere this summer.

The Preview Channel™, which programs first run movie and video game trailers in themed blocks, as well as other entertainment related programming including ‘behind-the-scenes’ featurettes, is also getting a complete makeover. Starting May 1st TPC will be significantly enhancing and expanding its programming menu. In addition to all the top movie trailers it has customarily streamed it will be adding promotions for the hottest titles from Hulu, Disney+, Amazon, Apple TV, HBO, Quibi and others all offered in new themed blocks with much greater variety and rotation. Since debuting in mid-February 2019, on XUMO TV, and soon thereafter on Samsung Smart TV platforms, TPC has grown in size and popularity and is now available in 65 million homes and has over 15 million monthly users.

William Sager, CEO said “We couldn’t be more delighted with the consistent and positive performance of The Preview Channel™. We are developing a devoted and loyal fan base who we expect will be pleased with the upgraded channel that was designed responsive to their input. We felt that there was enough available videogame content to now create a standalone product, and with having access to the world’s largest library of historical motion picture trailers we believe there will be a huge demand for the nostalgic content we will be creating and presenting on”

The Preview Channel™ has carved out a popular niche with short-form, mostly Hollywood studio produced content that is updated and refreshed daily. TPC and its new channels, Preview Classics and V Previews, plan to also introduce “on command” trailers later this year using voice activation technology compatible with Amazon Echo, Apple IPhone and Google Home systems.

The Preview Channel™ is a 24/7 advertiser supported linear channel as well as an AVOD channel that features and premieres first run movie and video game trailers, most of them well in advance of their theatrical release and retail distribution for audiences worldwide. The channel provides its affiliates and consumers a constantly refreshing stream of high production value content featuring productions from the biggest film franchises and directors with the most recognizable movie stars in the world. The channel is currently available on Xumo and Samsung Smart TV's encompassing the following brands and manufacturers: Sony, LG, HiSense, LG, Panasonic, Funai, Vizio, Sanyo, Sharp, Magnavox and Phillips. As well as at GooglePlay, Apple Store, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, T-Mobile PCS 'Metro Play', TiVo (set-top), Comcast’s new Xfinity Flex streaming device, and its new Android TV app that can be accessed on devices like the Nvidia Shield, Sony Android TVs and the Xiaomi Mi Box. The channel is already launched and available in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, the UK, Brazil and Italy and in Canada. The Preview Channel™ was Trademarked worldwide July 3, 2018 under Registration Number 5,510,196 and has a USPTO Patent Pending # 69/960.805.

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