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Dream Home Finder Program

Rodeo Realty agents Irina Hill & Patricia Nelson Ellsworth demonstrate the results of their Dream Home Finder program.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, March 13, 2020 / — Rodeo Realty agents Irina Hill and Patricia Nelson-Ellsworth are proud to share one of the amazing results of their Dream Home Finder program.

The client had very specific requirements for the size, condition, and location of the property. They had specific minimum requirements for the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and they needed a rather large house. The property had to be on the West Side of Los Angeles. The budget was tight, however.

It wasn’t an easy task to find a home that would meet the criteria within the budget. The client was a first-time home buyer, so the agents found a California State-sponsored program that made it possible to make the purchase with a very small down-payment. However, their offers were subjected to vigorous competition.

The agents and the client learned early on that there wasn’t much time to think. If you like a house, write an offer straight away and make it a strong one: short contingencies, all the services chosen by the seller. However, they could not play the price war. The Rodeo Realty agents wanted their client to be happy with the house and comfortable with the price.

Since they couldn’t beat the competition, they had to eliminate it. But how? The decision was to shop where the competition was not shopping: 10% above the budget. Yes, it was a crazy idea and the client had doubts. But it worked!

Using advanced search tools, Irina and Patricia made sure they looked at the properties that had been sitting on the market for a while and had started adjusting their prices. The buyers who had a higher budget already rejected them. They wanted more for their money. The buyers with the same-level budget did not see them. cause of the price cap in their search criteria.

“We found an awesome property, submitted our offer, negotiated back and forth and got the property with a 10% discount from the original listing price for 1% under our budget. Additionally, with the state sponsorship program, and our negotiated deal, our buyer will walk away from the escrow with a check” said Irina.

"Nothing is better than seeing happy clients on their way to buy new appliances and furniture. We will be happy to find your Dream Home. You are always welcome to schedule a brief call to talk about your needs"

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