“Lady of Guadalupe,” a touching movie exploring religious themes and historically significant topics.

“Lady of Guadalupe”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A, October 19, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Pinnacle Entertainment proudly introduces “Lady of Guadalupe,” a touching movie exploring religious themes and historically significant topics.
Los Angeles, CA (October 18, 2019) – Pinnacle Entertainment is a production company dedicated to creating art that will transcend cultural and generational differences with its latest blockbuster. Their most recent film is titled “Lady of Guadalupe.” It is a touching story with powerful characters and even stronger morals. The movie tells the story of the Virgin of Guadalupe, one of the most celebrated saints in the long history of Christianity and Juan Diego. The movie was created by a talented crew of Latino actors, performers, executives, along with film stars Paola Baldion, Guillermo Ivan, Huitzil Bennett, Eric Da Silva and many others. The film is going to be released soon, so stay tuned to learn more about this exciting project, which has set out to share this powerful story with the whole world.

Robert Hymers, Executive Producer, stated “this film is being released in a timely manner as many of the topics covered in the film are more relevant than ever to Latinos and other groups world-wide. The film underscored the importance of love, faith and hope both in modern times and in the past. It also showcases a pivotal event in Mexico’s rich history.”

It’s a story about a humble native, who changed the lives of millions and the course of history, with nothing but his simple devout faith that was sparked by his personal encounter with the Virgin of Guadalupe. The conflict between the natives and the Spanish came to a halt and over nine million or 90% of the people living in the region converted to Christianity within twenty years of Juan Diego’s encounter with the Virgin. Juan Diego went on to be the first American indigenous saint that was canonized by Pope John Paul II in 2002.
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