Award-winning Songwriter Says His Protest Song Reminds Us of Threat to Take Over the U.S. "With Your Own Democracy!"

President Trump's Every Act, as "Putin's Poodle," Clearly Shows His Prepping and Weakening of the United States for Eventual Takeover by Russia

We will take over America,
but not with our
military…we will take over the United States of America with your own
democratic processes…and
we will bury you!””

— Late Russian Czar, Nikita Krushchev

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2019 / — Los Angeles, CA – September 29, 2019 – James E. Shaw, Psychology professor who taught doctoral (Psy.D. and Ph.D.) students at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, says he well remembers watching in horror the late Russian Czar Nikita Krushchev’s televised angry threat, “We will take over America, but not with our military…with your own democratic processes. We will BURY you!”

Concerned that “President Trump definitely is a pro-Russia asset and fanatic whose treasonous acts may eventually result in Vladimir Putin taking over the United States,” Shaw, who also holds a university degree in music, wrote both music and lyrics for “Trumpty Dumpty: Faking America Great!” He registered this protest song with Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI). The song, winner of the Finalist Award, in the "USA Songwriting Competition," is now distributed by iTunes, Pandora, AmazonMusic, GooglePlayMusic, and over 30 other music-streaming sites.

“Trumpy Dumpty: Faking America Great!” pulls no punches as Shaw’s groups, TWITTER LITTER (named for Trump’s notorious habit) and EARTH DANCE, belt out sizzling lyrics amid a hot cha-cha dance beat. The song was written to “remind my fellow Americans that, since his Presidential Campaign and victory, Donald Trump has shown what a FAKE and FRAUD he is, as Chief Executive of the U.S.” Shaw says that Trump has “merely spent his time, energy, and rapidly-diminishing brain power in making America hate again.” He adds, “Trump is the embodiment of known despots, world-wide, who repress and suppress their populations, stirring up citizens emotionally into irrational hatred for each other and, thus marinated and tenderized, are easy renderings for Russia, always lurking behind the scenes and ordering and manipulating every treasonous act by Trump, who is Putin's loyal and fanatic asset.”

Shaw says “Trumpty Dumpty: Faking America Great!” “is a protest song to remind all Americans” that the nation’s “2016 ballot count manipulation” led to Trump’s election victory as a “a single-thought anti-American despot who crossed political borders” and, sadly, forged his “alliances with easy-to-manipulate, mentally-challenged white supremacists, and erected his own personal wall to shut out, insult and slander the nation’s minorities and diverse cultures, including their Congressional representatives.” Shaw adds: “To say President Trump is ‘out of line’ promoting his zero thought utterances and ideas, his block-headedness, his turret-like name calling, and his full-blown racism, would merely be a polite suggestion that he is steadily showing mental and emotional derangements that merely seem to be disturbingly anti-American.” Shaw says that President Trump’s unabashed love for Russia’s Vladimir Putin “shows increasing evidence of being the surreal present-day manifestation of an unraveled script by Russia’s Krushchev following his Cold War-era threat to take over America through our democratic processes.”

Shaw says that American people have a “well-documented history of virtually, automatically” learning and predicating their responsive behaviors around national protest songs that eventually become classic anthems. “If one analyzes popular American songs, including protest songs, there are ideas, truisms, calls to action, and a foundational spirit inspired and cemented by optimism and faith inherent in almost all of America’s renowned songs.” Shaw says, “I am pinching myself and deeply appreciative” that American protest song icon, Bob Dylan, “recently tweeted me that he likes my song, ’Trumpty Dumpty: Faking America Great!’” Shaw asks that "all of America's artists, actors, musicians, and other celebrities compose protest songs, poetry, books, blogs, and articles, in a giant and collective rebuke of Donald Trump, in a growing Tsunami-like pre-2020 voters' denunciation! Donald Trump, PUTIN'S POODLE, has to go back to where he came from!" Shaw's "Trumpty Dumpty: Faking America Great!" ends with: "Daylight come, we want you go home. Impeach you now we must! Bye, Felicia!"

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Source: EIN Presswire