Burlesque takes on New York Fashion Week – The Journey Fashion Festival by Malena Belafonte

The Journey Fashion Festival, King of Steam, Photo by Dennis Madigan

The Journey Fashion Festival, Avery Rose Lingerie – Photo Rob Klein

The Journey Fashion Festival, Pearls Daily Performs- Photo Rob Klein

The Journey Fashion Festival by Malena Belafonte took on Burlesque and created an incredible show series at Duane Park in NYC, showing nyfw HOW TO BURLESQUE.

The Journey Fashion Festival and the shows produced by Malena Belafonte, are productions that are far superior to the formulaic shows that we keep seeing and have seen for the last 30 years.”

— Robert Klein, Photographer and former Picture Editor of The New York Times

NEW YORK, NY, USA, September 16, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Journey Fashion Festival by Malena Belafonte took on Burlesque and created an exclusive, impressive show in the premier burlesque dinner theatre venue Duane Park in NYC. With an interactive event and a show filled with fashion, dancers, singers, designers and artists, The Journey showcased over 20 brands and showed everybody HOW TO BURLESQUE.

Yeroc by Corey Woods showed a fierce collection inspired by Aladdin. Sun glasses shaped as fire, stems with hands holding the glass, up-side down frames, – everything created for the Sultan’s consorts who all came out in Lorenz Couture by Lorenzo Pena, a super sexy collection specially designed for Corey Woods who laid out hard with an enticing dance by Alvin Ailey’s Hannah Richardson, only to take down the house when he appeared on the mansion’s staircase, exploding into an impressive dance number – nearly swinging form the chandeliers. Pearls, shades, fire, gold, chains, luxury, the entire show was magical.

Avery Rose Lingerie designed by Jennifer Coll who had her debut at New York Fashion Week with an amazing collection of haute couture lingerie. A cornucopia of models posing and caressing the mansion staircase in crystal heels, while showcasing a high end, fantastic, and dreamily designed, Swarovski embedded collection of lingerie for the women who dare. The collection is for women who see their identity in the lingerie they wear, and are not afraid to show it. The whole collection is hand made in the US and the former model turned designer believes strongly in keeping the global environmental impact at a minimum. A collection designed to make dreams come true.

The Journey Fashion Festival’s creative director Malena Belafonte has made it an art to spread awareness and incorporate a call to action into her fashion shows. “With all eyes on us during NYFW, I think it is our duty to use our platform and power during this time to highlight causes and needs in the world. This season we wanted to focus on the Opioid epidemic – people need to realize it is not just out there somewhere, and therefor we wanted to pull it into our team and onto the runway, and not just speak about it from a soap box. One of our models Vilma Biliene went through a horrible addiction and we incorporated that into the show with the very thing that saved her: Steampunk King Chuck Coleman created a visual that would remind her every day of her value, beauty and the fact that she was worthy. That visual has since become a collection of leggings meant to empower, not just addicts, but anyone who needs self-empowerment – and isn’t that all of us at one point or the other?”, says Malena Belafonte.

DELYX, an emerging high end fashion and accessories brand out of Florida, founded and designed by Sophia Stallworth and Sharice Barnes, debuted at this year’s Journey Fashion Festival/NYFW. The audience was treated to an incredibly well designed, multi-functional, convertible swimwear line. They also received a sneak peek of items from the DELYX cashmere winter collection boasting multi-way scarves, reversible, and Swarovski crystal adorned beanies with interchangeable pom features. The mens beanies, accompanied by hand painted jackets by Alvaro, the amazing New York artist, also made for an exciting visual journey. The audience fell in love with the luxury of DELYX and went on a fabulous adventure.

L’Antonio Resort, a luxurious lifestyle brand grounded in Costa Rican and tropical living made the perfect transition from Resort to the Runway. A colorful, casual elegant collection designed by Lloyd Crawford and his muse Laura Quiros. Comfortable, breathable fabrics paired with purses, bags, jewelry, and other accessories made for a real feel good collection. Everyone needs L’Antonio in their closet.

Henry Picado’s recent successes as the go-to designer for celebrities and television show hosts and judges on top show, did not distract from his ability to create two collections that as always impressed NYFW insiders. He showed his men’s collection Henry Picado Men alongside his women’s collection Este & Chlo for a packed audience at Duane Park. Pink men’s suits and an almost naked bride, was only topped by a bearded male model in an incredible haute couture, crystal gown and heels. Creativity has no rules in The Journey Fashion Festival.

Hair and make up was created by Marcello Costa and Team MC. Additional designers, performers, and sponsors included: Sean Sellers, Pearls Daily, John Ashford, Yasha Jewelry, Alvaro, The Alex Salem Team, Douglas Elliman, Mercedes Club, Sennheiser, Yerise, FIT, Design Entrepreneur Collaborative, DewbeeJammin and more.

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The Journey Fashion Festival Teaser – NYFW September 2019

Source: EIN Presswire