ACC GLOBAL MEDIA features Sammie Tzambazis & Radiating Wellness

SAMMIE TZAMBAZIS Holistic Nutritionist

Sammie Tzambazis Founder of Radiating Wellness

SAMMIE TZAMBAZIS Holistic Nutritionist

Sammie Tzambazis Founder of Radiating Wellness

ACC Global News features Holistic Nutritionist Sammie Tzambazis of Radiating Wellness on Health, Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness

Sammie Tzambazis helps people of any age or gender transform their body, mind and physical wellness by utilizing the power and knowledge of Nutrition & Fitness”


Sammie Tzambazis & Radiating Wellness Toronto, Canada
ACC NEWS Interview with Sammie Tzambazis, Founder of Radiating on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12TH, 2019 at 12NOON (12:00 p.m. EST., Toronto, Canada
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ACC News Talk Radio Features Holistic Nutritionist Sammie Tzambazis of Radiating Wellness

Toronto, Canada – Wellness is defined as the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as an actively sought goal. It’s utilized by many healthcare professionals as a means in prolonging life and preventing/treating illness. While many were skeptical of the incorporation of wellness practices into modern healthcare, the proof is difficult to ignore. Nutritionist and Fitness/Life Coach Sammie Tzambazis of Radiating Wellness provides undeniable proof that the integration of wellness can bring magnificent benefits to one’s mind and body.

Sammie’s personal journey and exploration into the world of wellness began at the age of 16 when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The symptoms of this condition are chronic pain throughout the body. For Sammie, the battle with chronic migraines, headaches and excruciating pain led to anxiety and severe bouts of depression. Countless doctors, medications and treatments did very little to subdue her agonizing symptoms. Desperate for answers, Sammie decided to take a different approach and focused her efforts on nutrition and exercise. She found the results to be incredible.

With a rejuvenated spirit and zest for life, Sammie spent six years studying the most effective plans of nutrition and fitness. Additionally, Sammie went on to become a certified Professional Life Coach. With the foundation of Radiating Wellness, Sammie is ready to help people from all backgrounds looking to enhance their lives.

At, you can view the wonderful programs that Sammie has developed to bring positive results to people’s lives. From custom meal plans to fitness plans, coaching sessions to custom package options that encompass meal, fitness and coaching sessions; Sammie has the knowledge, enthusiasm and drive that every client can embrace. Accessible by phone, email, Skype and online, Sammie has a global reach to meet her client’s needs.

“I strive to help people through their situations to let them know that no matter what you’re up against, things can get better. I’ve lived it. I understand the struggles. I help people with their goals through living healthy using wholesome ingredients and wholesome plans that lead to healthier and long lasting results,” exclaims Tzambazis.

Sammie Tzambazis will be featured on ACC News Talk Radio on Thursday, September 12th at 12pm EST. For more information about Sammie Tzambazis visit, email or call 905-243-0188.

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