Virtual Reality Market in Consumer, Business, and Government Verticals released by Mind Commerce

Virtual Reality Market Outlook

Virtual Reality Market Outlook

Virtual Reality Market Sizing and Analysis

Virtual Reality Market Sizing and Analysis

Sees emphasis in Enterprise, Industrial, and Government Segments leading to High Growth as VR becomes a Significant Tool to Solve Industry-specific Problems

Mind Commerce sees Simulations and Training Leading the Way, but also Many Promising Industry-specific Solutions such as VR in Therapeutic Healthcare Modalities”

— Mind Commerce

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, July 22, 2019 / — While the consumer consumer market is moving slower than anticipated, VR in business and government sectors is rapidly advancing, especially in certain industry verticals and use cases. Enterprise virtual reality applications in USA market will surpass $5 billion by 2024. Government use of virtual reality in support of USA smart cities will reach $330M by 2024.

In terms of virtual reality market applications in healthcare, VR is an emerging tool for diagnosing and treating neurological and psychiatric disorders. From Alzheimer’s disease to PTSD, virtual reality is a technology that is emerging as a tool to help healthcare practitioners’ ability to better support patient quality of life, and in some cases, aid in rehabilitation.

For the consumer virtual reality market, we see entertainment and lifestyle enhancements leading the way with the former including VR enhanced gaming and the latter including a plethora of new apps such as virtual location experiences in which groups of people get together virtually in the cyber-world.

For enterprise and industrial virtual reality market segments, Mind Commerce sees simulations and training leading the way. We see everything from situational training (such as Verizon using Striver to train its employees how to better deal with robberies) to more traditional expectations such as VR enhanced simulations for flight and vehicle training.

Virtual Reality Market by Segment (Consumer, Enterprise, Industrial, Government), Equipment (Hardware, Software, Components) Applications and Solutions 2019 – 2024, provides an in-depth assessment of the virtual reality market including analysis of VR ecosystem and role of value chain partners, evaluation of recent VR patent filings and intellectual property, and analysis of current price metrics VR devices, apps, and content.

This virtual reality market report also provides an assessment of key VR companies and solutions with SWOT analysis, analysis of emerging business models and evolution of VR monetization, analysis of VR component market: devices, software, hardware, platforms. The report also presents key VR growth drivers, market challenges, and emerging opportunities.

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