VeganFlix Announces Launch Of VeganFlix Studios

VeganFlix Studios Launches!

Veganflix Studio Launches!

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OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 6, 2019 / — VeganFlix today announced the launch of VeganFlix Studios, a new independent studio dedicated to producing entertaining, diverse, and original content that fosters respect and compassion for people and animals.

“Vegans are often invisible on screen or we are portrayed as stereotypical one-dimensional characters,” explains Sara Millman, Founder of VeganFlix Studios. “There has been a tendency to make vegan characters look silly or weak in movies and TV, which can hinder the message of ‘compassion for all’ that many vegans stand for."

Millman added, “Also, as young people worldwide are going vegan in higher numbers than ever before, it is important to stop the outdated and negative on-screen stereotypes which are harmful to everyone, especially children."

The food served to cast and crew during productions will be 100% vegan/plant-based. Millman, a vegan for over 40 years, believes in providing food that is kinder for the animals, healthier for the actors and crew, and better for the earth. "We want to tell stories that inspire kindness. and that means producing them with kindness too."

VeganFlix Studios currently has three projects in the works including a feature film, “The Golden Bow,” a streaming series, “Com (dot) Passion,” as well as a short film, “Jackie Jones”. More about these projects can be found on their website,

VeganFlix Studios encourages vegan actors, crew, producers, benefactors, and independent movie lovers to be in touch.

About VeganFlix :
Founded in 2016 by filmmaker and writer Sara Millman, VeganFlix is the result of Millman’s dedication to social justice for all, and passion for storytelling. Along with providing the VeganFlix Video Seed Grant Program, Veganflix has now expanded into VeganFlix Studios to produce entertaining movies and content that fosters respect and compassion for all sentient beings.

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