Award-Winning Songwriter Says His Protest Song is Reminder of Cold War-Era Russian Czar Khruschev's Threat to Rule U.S.

Songwriter says he remembers Cold War Threat by Russia's Krushchev to "Take over America not with our military but with your democratic processes, to bury you!"

We will take over America, but not with our military…with your own democratic processes, and we will bury you!”

— Late Russian Czar Nikita Krushchev

Award-Winning Songwriter Says Protest Song Inspired by Cold War-Era Russian Czar Nikita Krushchev's Threat to Rule the U.S. "Through Your Democratic Processes!"

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Los Angeles, CA. March 30, 2019. James E. Shaw, Ph.D., says he well remembers when he, as a 1960s-era high school student, watched Russian Czar Nikita Krushchev's furious televised promise-threat, "We will take over America, but not with our military…with your own democratic processes. We will BURY you!"

Concerned and disturbed about events in the White House since President Trump's inauguration, Shaw wrote the music and lyrics for "Trumpty Dumpty: Faking America Great!", copyrighted and registered it with Broadcast Music International (BMI) and achieved distribution through iTunes, Pandora, AmazonMusic, GoogleMusic, and some 31 other music-streaming sites. The song, a Finalist winner in the recent USA Songwriting Competition, pulls no punches as Shaw's group EARTH DANCE's Puerto Rico-born singer belts out the sizzling hot lyrics amid a searing cha-cha dance beat. The song was written to "inform and advise" people that "America has a fake president in the White House," bluntly states Shaw, a Los Angeles resident who, in the 1970s, led the pop band "Chain Reaction."

Shaws says, "Trumpty Dumpty: Faking America Great!" "is a protest song to remind all Americans and our allies" that the nation's "2016 Presidential Election produced a one-thought anti-American tyrant who crossed political borders" and, sadly, forged his "alliances with white supremacists and erected his own personal wall to shut out the nation's minorities and its diverse cultures." Shaw adds: "To say President Trump is 'out of line' with his zero thinking level, block-headedness, name-calling, and 100%-proof racism, would merely be a polite suggestion that there are increasingly visible mental and emotional derangements spawning his thoughts and behaviors." Shaw says that President Trump's unabashed love for Russia's Vladimir Putin "seems to be the surreal creation of an unravelled time-capsuled script by Russia's late Nikita Krushchev following his Cold War-era vile threat to take over America through our democratic processes."

Shaw says that American people have a "well-documented history of virtually, automatically" learning and predicating their responsive behaviors around national protest songs that eventually become classic anthems. "If one analyzes America's protest songs, there are ideas, truisms, calls to action, and a foundational spirit inspired and concretized by optimism and faith inherent in and virtually dripping from these songs." Shaw says, "I am pinching myself constantly and am deeply appreciative that America's protest song icon, Bob Dylan, "recently reached out to me and tweeted that he likes my song, "Trumpty Dumpty: Faking America Great!"

Shaw says, "I am honored that the U.S.A. Songwriting Competition presented me with its "Finalist" award, and that dozens of music-streaming sites have signed on to distribute my song. Shaw adds: "What more can a songwriter ask, than for listeners to sing and dance to well-sung truths embellished by powerful rhythms, eloquently and elegantly sung by the group, EARTH DANCE?" Protest songs are an American tradition, and what a great and only-in-America tradition we certainly have, to be thankful for, in our United States."

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