Rob Hoerburger Publishes His Debut Novel: “Why Do Birds”

Rob Hoerburger Amazon No. 1 Bestseller

Now an Official Number 1 Amazon Bestseller!

NEW YORK, USA, March 25, 2019 / — Novel Summary

Through the bustling streets of New York City of 1982, a woman whose history placed her as the most popular singer in the world now wanders the city alone, largely forgotten and in the grip of a deadly scourge. Another woman in her younger years, a sometime D.J., sees musical apartheid everywhere she turns. A NYC cop tries to rekindle an old music memory. At the story’s crux we see pop music and the parallel of its characters' lives as they connect and collide throughout their musical paths; or moreso their attempt to rekindle them.

About Rob Hoerburger

Having been in the music sphere for almost four decades, Rob Hoerburger has taken his passion for writing about pop music and has brought it to life with recognition on his profiles, essays and reviews in the New York Times, Rolling Stone, Billboard, and various other publications as well as features. His debut novel “Why Do Birds” is out now and has swooned audiences across the nation. With recent support from The Chicago Tribune, The Orlando Sentinel, and The Sun Sentinel, with nothing short of praise for the prosperous author.

"Why Do Birds" is gripping and it will take you to a place that you never want to leave. This is a tale that will bring you to the heart of sound and will challenge your soul to its very core. – Daily Press

“If you're looking for a musical journey in time that's characters will bring you to the heart of your own realism, then this is a must read book for you.” – Capital Gazette

To learn more about Rob Hoerburger and his work, visit:

Michael Beas – PR Manager for Rob Hoerburger
eBook Marketing Solutions
+1 704-771-4865
email us here

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Documentary About Financial Marketing Expert Clint Arthur Receives 6 "Official Selections" From Film Festivals

Financial advisor marketer Clint Arthur on the Nasdaq Jumbotron in Times Square, New York City

Financial advisor marketer Clint Arthur on the Nasdaq Jumbotron in Times Square, New York City

Financial advisor marketer Clint Arthur sharing the stage with actress Suzanne Somers at Harvard Faculty Club

Clint Arthur sharing the stage with actress Suzanne Somers at Harvard Faculty Club

Financial advisor marketer Clint Arthur on ABC7 Chicago

Clint Arthur, shown here on ABC7 Chicago, has made more than 100 local & national TV appearances to date on news & talk shows

Premiering at AMDOCS 2019, "Celebrity Entrepreneur" goes behind-the-scenes with Clint Arthur as he transforms financial advisors into Celebrity Entrepreneurs

Clint Arthur is featured in the brilliant documentary "Celebrity Entrepreneur." That alone is reason enough to watch the film, but to be able to watch it with the man himself is the real gift.”

— Del Weston, Creator/Producer, AOF Megafest

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, March 24, 2019 / — “Celebrity Entrepreneur” has been formally recognized as an Official Selection at 6 prestigious film festivals: American Documentary Film Festival (AMDOCS), IndieFest, The Boston International Film Festival, Aphrodite Film Awards, Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival & Writers’ Celebration, and Accolade Global Film Awards.

The 52-minute documentary will have its World Premiere at AMDOCS 2019 in beautiful Palm Springs, California on March 31, 2019.

Produced by Alison Savitch, and Directed by Spencer Thornton, “Celebrity Entrepreneur” goes behind the scenes with financial advisor marketer Clint Arthur and the Advisors, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Coaches, Consultants and Experts who come to him for transformation into Celebrity Entrepreneurs.

The film was shot on location in New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Boston, Las Vegas, and on the West Point Military Academy campus, with cameos by Apollo XI astronaut Buzz Aldrin, U.S. Army retiree Lt. Gen. Russell Honoré, and Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor who portrayed the infamous Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man In The World."

Clint Arthur, Highest Rated Speaker at the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC), Dan Kennedy’s reigning GKIC Info-Marketer of the Year, #1 International Bestselling Author of “What They Teach You At The Wharton Business School”, and author of the new book "Celebrity Entrepreneurship", says: "It is an honor to be recognized for the hard work and vulnerability we all put into this movie. Entrepreneurship is a growing trend in America, and for the first time ever, this film explores the cutting edge methods we use to help gifted Experts stand out and succeed in a brutally competitive marketplace."

Because of his Wharton background, Clint Arthur’s favorite clients are Financial Advisors: “I understand them so well, and know how to give them tools which accelerate their business, practice, and career immediately and powerfully.”

As the world's top financial advisor marketing consultant, with appearances on more than 100 local & national TV shows to date, Clint specializes in working with Financial Advisors to create marketing strategies that raise their Status and create Celebrity in the eyes of customers and prospects. “Celebrity Entrepreneur” documents his renowned transformational events & experiences, which give Advisors & Entrepreneurial Experts priceless lifelong marketing assets that create instant credibility, and maximize their ability to close High-Ticket deals and eliminate resistance to their offers.

The IARFC recognizes Clint for his mathematical “Magic Messenger Formula for Getting On TV for Free”, which his clients – including numerous Financial Consultants – have successfully used to book themselves on 3849+ TV News and Talk Show Appearances since 2012, including on ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, Good Morning America, The Today Show, CNN, HLN, Dr. Oz, Fox Business Network, etc.

Clint Arthur’s world-famous Celebrity marketing strategies also include VIP Speaking Events that place Financial Advisors and business experts of all kinds on the most prestigious stages in the world, including NASDAQ in New York City, Harvard Club of Boston and New York City Bar Association. Clint says: "Speaking led me to what I do now: helping Advisors, Speakers, Coaches and Entrepreneurs to make their dreams become their reality.” It all starts from these famed venues.

At these VIP Speaking Events, financial service experts create priceless lifelong marketing assets that raise their Expert Positioning, create instant Power & Authority in any crowded marketplace, and maximize their ability to close High-Ticket deals and eliminate resistance to their offers, as well as allow them to network with High Net-Worth peers in their industry.

A key of Clint Arthur’s financial marketing strategies is helping Advisors to get around “Compliance Restrictions” in testimonials and video marketing. These “Compliance Busting” techniques are part of the reason why Advisors are easily able to deploy their new High-Status Positioning and corporate attachment in their marketing, allowing them to maximize their ROI, have more Impact, Influence and Income compared to any other form of marketing, and compel their prospects to buy their financial products & services.

Financial Advisors interested in Clint Arthur's award-winning transformational experiences can view Client Testimonials and apply for his mentorship at Clint Arthur Financial Advisor Marketing.

Tickets are now available for the World Premiere Screening of “Celebrity Entrepreneur” at AMDOCS 2019. Join Clint Arthur and Producer Alison Savitch for the screening:

"Celebrity Entrepreneur" World Premiere Screening
Sunday, March 31st – 6:30 pm
Palm Springs, CA

Clint Arthur
Celebrity Entrepreneur
+1 212-888-2999
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VIP Speaking at High-Status Venues with Financial Marketing Strategist Clint Arthur

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Scott Gray’s ‘Raincoats & Other Short Stories’ Rerelease Available Exclusively in Europe and the U.K. on March 22

Scott Gray

Scott Gray is an Adult Contemporary / Jazz Singer – Songwriter based in Nashville, TN (USA).

I think for anyone who is passionate about music, the personal experience is part of the enjoyment for them. We are all looking for connection.”

— Scott Gray

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, March 22, 2019 / — Scott Gray, an Adult Contemporary / Jazz Singer-Songwriter based in Nashville, TN has rereleased his EP ‘Raincoats & Other Short Stories’ exclusively in the U.K. and Europe. The EP has been remastered and also includes a new bonus track.

The single, “Someday” (track five on the EP) is currently spinning on radio stations throughout the U.K. and Europe. There is also a new video for “Someday” that will be released on April 2.

True to the title, ‘Raincoats & Other Short Stories’ the seven song EP features stories and personal experiences that Gray wrote in hopes that he will connect with his listeners. His focus and dedication to host his listeners through a journey to articulate life has resulted in a sophisticated sound accompanied by a collection of well-told stories. “I think for anyone who is passionate about music, the personal experience is part of the enjoyment for them. We are all looking for connection. I want them to feel like they were included – a part of the process,” says Gray.

"Ever since I was a little kid, I was fascinated with stories. Stories always swept me away to another place and time and I loved feeling connected to its characters. Our ability to use our imagination is a very powerful thing and I knew that one day, I wanted to be a story-teller myself. That's basically what 'Raincoats & Other Short Stories' is; a collection of short stories that I fashioned in my mind (with small bits of real life peppered in between). I purposely wanted to write with such vivid imagery that the listener couldn't help but be taken away to some other place in their own minds and connect with the characters and in many cases, to ultimately be connected with each other.  Maybe that's what I like about the idea of storytelling the most, its ability to connect us. After all, isn't that the point of it all?” – Scott Gray

'Raincoats & Other Short Stories', will only be available on iTunes in the U.K. and Europe and is officially released on March 22, 2019.

For more information on Scott Gray, please visit his website at

Amanda Alexandrakis
Music Promotion, Inc.
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Scott Gray “Raincoats”

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Females have been officiating on the football field since 1990.

The cast of HER TURF are active football officials – this is the 1st time their story has been told

Follow the journey of females officiating football.

Director/Producer Shantel Hansen and the cast of HER TURF

“HER TURF” Documentary Short Film is set to premiere at the The Artemis Women in Action Film Festival in Santa Monica, CA

I am convinced audiences will react to the social issues HER TURF showcases through the lens of sports because sports permeate our culture.”

— Shantel Hansen, Director and Producer

CENTENNIAL, CO, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2019 / — In 2014, Colorado filmmaker Shantel Hansen, Director, and Producer of HER TURF conceived for the first time, an idea to film female officials and tell their story. Females have been officiating on the football field since 1990. From 2015 to 2018, Hansen filmed three stories of female officials, in six different locations, to tell this story. FOX Sports Analyst and former Vice President of NFL Officiating, Dean Blandino serves as Executive Producer.

“I am convinced audiences will react to the social issues HER TURF showcases through the lens of sports because sports permeate our culture”, Shantel Hansen states. “Also, the film will ignite further and more in-depth conversations about gender, identity, representation, and break down representations about women holding powerful roles in sports.”

This ground-breaking documentary was selected to premiere at the 5th annual Artemis Women in Action Film Festival, April 25 – 28, in Santa Monica, CA. The cast, Director and Executive Producer will attend the Festival, as well as screenings during the event.

According to Dean Blandino, “Officials are first-responders in the game of football. Whether first on the scene for an injury, concussion protocol or rules violation, officials are the heart of the game. This film captures the strides women have made as officials, and the progress they are making in the profession.”

The timely and engaging film features Annice Canady, Tangela Mitchell, and Mary Podesta. Annice Canady from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida started officiating football in 1990 at the youth level. After battling cancer three times, she made her collegiate debut officiating for the NCAA in 2001. In 2002, Canady was the first female official to work an NCAA Division I football game on August 31, 2002.

Tangela Mitchell has the “it” factor in officiating; she is ambitious and talented. She keeps a level head during moments of physical and emotional adversity and is an integral part of every play. In 2013, Tangela Mitchell was one of four females to officiate in a SIAC football game. Mitchell continues to prove she has what it takes to officiate in the NFL.

Mary Podesta’s storyline brings some lightness to the gravity of Annice and Tangela’s journeys. Working full-time as a physical education teacher in California, Mary officiates for the love of the game. Her perspective is a refreshing contrast, downplaying the obstacles women face. However, through her optimism and moving quotes, the hurdles remain in the undercurrent.

These women reveal the struggles and triumphs of excelling in traditionally male-dominated roles. By their very presence, these three women are opening doors for those who will arrive after them. "HER TURF" is a timely and potent documentary, which follows three pioneering female football officials as they boldly attempt to level the playing field. As these officials change preconceived ideas about women excelling in a traditionally male role, this film will spark deeper conversations about gender representation in team sports.

Synopsis: This short documentary follows three female football officials as they claim access to a powerful role in a male-dominated industry. Annice Canady was the first female football referee to officiate an NCAA game in 2001. She is revered as a trailblazer, opening the door for other women to be in charge. The three-time cancer survivor does not shy away from reporting harsh realities on what it was like being the first female on the field. Tangela Mitchell has the “it” factor in officiating; she’s ambitious and has the talent to officiate in the NFL someday. Tangela carries Annice’s baton with grace as she continues to advance in the pipeline. Mary Podesta officiates for the love of the game and being part of the football community. Her sound bites are self-deprecating, entertaining, and funny.


Kimbirly Kay Orr
Knock Out Performance
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HER TURF, Film Trailer – #SheIsUnstoppable

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Verasity’s VRA token increases 300% because of its Product and Sales Strategy

Verasity Product and Sales Strategy

Verasity Product and Sales Strategy

VRA % Increase

VRA % Increase

Verasity Price Graph on CoinCodex

Verasity Price Graph on CoinCodex

Asia Pop 40 partnered with Verasity

Asia Pop 40 partnered with Verasity

Verasity’s VRA token has a successful first week of trading on cryptocurrency exchanges due to it's business strategy and how it fills a huge hole in the market

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 22, 2019 / — There are millions of publishers competing with YouTube and Facebook for views. Since most can’t compete, they add the YouTube player on their site and hope for the best. The best is not much. YouTube and Facebook provide a pittance of revenue in exchange for those views and therefore publishers are dying like flies.

Simply building a video sharing platform is not a solution because no matter how good the platform, who is going to bother to move off YouTube to watch a bit of content when they have a whole world of content on YouTube. Do any kids under 18 watch anything other than YouTube? Only their favorites like Walking Dead and Game of Thrones if they can’t torrent it.

What is a publisher to do in a face off against these monopolies?

Reward users to watch content they already like on the publisher site. Once a publisher can control its own content and views, its revenues and engagement increase 4x. (IAB stats) Salvation for publishers is via rewarded content. But the problem with rewarded content today is that rewards are all over the place and not in one place. Some publishers reward in newspapers, others for contests, points and digital tokens. Viewers rarely know what publishers are rewarding and where.

How did we solve this problem?

Verasity provides the tools for publishers to take on YouTube and Facebook. The VeraWallet is built into the video player (go to: and can provide any kind or rewards as long as the default reward is VRA. Viewers can then find all their loyalty programs, points, redemptions in one place in their video player which they open every day to watch videos.

Is this solution unique?

It is patent pending and unique and as far as we know there are no platforms providing a similar technology and solution.

How does this help VRA?

Publishers buy VRA at market price to reward users to watch content, subscribe at a discount, and drive any number of actions. The purchase of VRA by publishers drives the economy and increases the pool of VRA users.

VRA Ecosystem

Payment, loyalty and rewards enable transactions between publishers, content owners, brands, advertisers and viewers. They interact directly with one another and all transactions are powered by VRA so there is no need for intermediaries such as YouTube or Facebook.

How does it work?

Viewers watch videos and ads on a website using Verasity technology and are rewarded with VRA. They are also rewarded more VRA for referring more users.

Publishers buy VRA to reward users and build valuable audiences which they monetize through ads, ecommerce or subscriptions.

To reach and engage potential customers viewing videos, advertisers buy VRA to reward viewers watching their ads. This releases the true value of each view.

Users can stake their VRA and receive daily rewards for doing so. The VRA Staking program incentivizes the economy to hold VRA. For full information about VRA staking, read our post here.

Verasity targets a wide range of publishers and users who will be implementing an easy conversion method to allow users to buy and exchange their VRA.

How does Verasity disseminate its Video Player technology to millions of publishers?

When you watch your favorite content on a website, it is likely that it will be powered by one of the 10 video player platforms that dominate video streaming. These include Vimeo, JW Player, Brightcove, Video.js, Kaltura and others. Most of these platforms are business to business and therefore you may not have heard of them, but the largest broadcasters in the world like Discovery, Eurosport, Fox, Sky, BBC, Viacom, Lamborghini (yes, the Lambo site) utilize third party video platforms to power the video streaming of the content you love to watch.

By Verasity integrating its technology module into all these video player platforms, Verasity rewarded video will be ubiquitous and available to every publisher which means potentially billions of viewers can be rewarded in VRA

A key goal for Verasity in 2019 is getting video publishers onboard. To facilitate this, we are developing integrations with many industry-leading tools like Vimeo, JW Player, Brightcove and others to allow publishers to quickly and easily start using Verasity technology and therefore increase demand for VRA. By not interrupting the current work flow of publishers, we have made it simple for any publisher to provide its viewers with VRA rewarded video. Our unique player technology is already available to 280,000 video publishers with 240 million users and 50 billion monthly views.

An example of a high profile publisher using Verasity Technology to power it’s online video delivery and rewarded video, check out Asia Pop 40’s press release about our partnership with them:


The Verasity video player ,VeraWallet and future Verasity products will be branded ‘Powered by Verasity’ so that viewers will see that the technology is Verasity. Further by rewarding viewers with VRA and providing referrals, VRA and Verasity as a name will be disseminated throughout the online video world. VRA will be synonymous with rewarded video!

About Verasity is a leading video player providing unique Rewarded Video Player Technology to major video publishers across the globe.

The patent-pending Video Player enables VRA rewards, monetization and loyalty schemes within the video player wallet. Our unique player technology is already available to 280,000 video publishers with 240 million users and 50 billion monthly views. This brings engagement, audiences, and revenues back to video publisher sites from YouTube. Our attention-based model creates a thriving VRA token economy between viewers, video publishers and advertisers.

Verasity is the future of online video.
Verasity Products include: Genesis Player:, VeraWallet:

VRA (ticker) is trading on HitBTC:,

VRA can be staked for 36% annual interest at

Check the price of VRA token at CoinCodex and CryptoCompare. Join our telegram chat at

Follow Us:

Chris Gale
+44 7971 071251
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Editor of “A Quiet Place” Christopher Tellefsen, ACE Returns as Manhattan Edit Workshop’s Next Artist in Residence

Six Week Students will have the opportunity to work with the Oscar-nominated Editor for MEWShop’s April workshop

We always strive to bring in talented editors at the highest level and Christopher is no exception.”

— Janet Dalton, Director of Education

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, March 20, 2019 / — Manhattan Edit Workshop (MEWShop), the cutting-edge, digital-training destination for post-production specialists and content creators is proud to announce the upcoming Artist in Residence for the April 29th class will be acclaimed editor Christopher Tellefsen, ACE.** Christopher was previously an Artist in Residence at MEWShop in 2006 and he has since gone on to find continued success in his career, including an Oscar-nomination for achievement in editing for the 2011 film “Moneyball.” He will be visiting with our Six Week Students to give an inside look at his start as a 3rd assistant editor on “The Color of Money” for legendary editor Thelma Schoonmaker, ACE, up through his work from last year’s critically acclaimed thriller “A Quiet Place.” “Since Tellefsen’s work as an editor is in high demand and he is always constantly working; this is a rare opportunity for our incoming students to get a chance to meet with one of the industry’s great talents,” says Director of Education Janet Dalton. “We always strive to bring in talented editors at the highest level and Christopher is no exception.”

The next installment of MEWShop’s Six Week Intensive Workshop begins on April 29th, 2019 and will be held Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM. For more information on MEWShop’s Six Week Intensive Workshop or to register, please visit MEWShop’s early bird pricing for $350 off will end on March 29, 2019.

About Christopher Tellefsen, ACE: Christopher Tellefsen has worked with some of the finest writers and directors on critically lauded films such as “Gummo,” “Smoke” and Larry Clark's “Kids.” In 2005 he edited Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominee “Capote.” The film “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints” took home two top awards at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. He has also worked on a wide array of genres including “Flirting With Disaster,” “The Yellow Handkerchief,” M. Night Shyamalan's “The Village” and “Analyze This.” In 2011, Chris was nominated for an Oscar for his work on the hit movie “Moneyball.” "Some of his other work includes “Joy,” “True Story,” "Assassin's Creed" and most recently, the hit thriller, "A Quiet Place."

About Manhattan Edit Workshop’s Six Week Intensive Workshop: The post-production industry is highly competitive, and knowing the industry standards – Premiere Pro, After Effects and Avid Media Composer – is critical for success. MEWShop offers in one comprehensive, six-week course all of these editing applications, taught by certified instructors. No other program guarantees more time in the classroom or more working on one’s own computer. The Six Week Intensive Course will take students through each program as they work on various real-world projects to illustrate the distinct strengths and nuances of each NLE software. MEWShop’s Six Week Intensive is the only course of its kind that allows students to choose the footage they want to edit on the platform they prefer. This program also is the only Six Week program where students can have the opportunity to become a Certified Avid User, through certified training and exams.

Beyond the creative and technical aspects of editing, a portion of the Six Week Intensive Workshop is focused on the best strategies to secure a job once the class ends. Students will draft cover letters and resumes, which will be refined over the span of the class, and also discuss with instructors interview strategies and job applications, as well as how to appropriately set rates and find the right work for each graduate’s unique interests.

MEWShop also continues its successful intern/entry level referral program, where we connect students to top post houses and companies in the New York area. Upon completion of the Six Week Intensive Workshop, students will be provided with links to MEWShop's industry contacts in order to apply to paid editorial internships and entry-level positions – via resumes and work samples – where students will be given the opportunity to utilize their training and pursue a career in post-production.*

*Manhattan Edit Workshop cannot guarantee students will be hired or granted an interview as a result of the Six Week Intensive Workshop. **Artists in Residence are schedule permitting.

Jason Banke
Manhattan Edit Workshop
+1 2124149570
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Manhattan Edit Workshop Six Week Workshop Student Profile: Tim Moyle

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Indie Filmmakers' Gems Glitter on Screen As Queens World Film Festival Opens March 21

Filmmakers from around the corner and across the world recently gathered at the Museum of the Moving Image (MoMI) to preview their films for the news media.

Filmmaker Christina Raia (center) of Queens is screening her feature comedy about flawed people stuck in ruts and then a donkey joins the family.

QWFF is honoring filmmaker Nancy Kelly (center) with the Spirit of Queens Award and screening her fully-restored film titled a Thousand Pieces of Gold.

Queens World Film Fest's Don and Katha Cato have grouped 200 indie films into more than 60 thematic blocks that are bold, exciting, and entertaining

Investors Bank (NASDAQ:ISBC)

We are honored to assist Don and Katha Cato who generously share their incredible talent, boundless energy, deep kindness and creative insights to produce this annual celebration of indie filmmaking.”

— Ana Oliveira

ASTORIA , NEW YORK , UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , March 20, 2019 / — The 2019 Queens World Film Festival (QWFF) is screening a wide selection of exceptional independent films at theaters in the Museum of the Moving Image (MoMI) and Kaufman Astoria Studios for 11 days in March. The films were created by filmmakers from all over the world, around the corner in Queens and across New York City. Starting with the QWFF’s ninth annual gala opening night at MoMI on Thursday, March 21, the festival’s screenings, parties and special events will continue through Sunday, March 31.

Along with the Queens Council on the Arts and Queens Tourism Council, Investors Bank is a lead sponsor of the QWFF, which is rated among the top 100 international film festivals. This year’s festival offers more than 200 films that are divided into more than 60 thematic blocks. The themes include Experimentally Speaking, March 23 at 5:30 p.m.; Faith Hope and Inspiration, March 24 at 2 p.m.; Atypical Realities, March 26 at 9:30 p.m.; It’s All About Dance, March 29 at 6 p.m.; Young Women Warriors, Friday, March 29 at 10:15 p.m.; and Exciting Greek Work, Saturday, March at 3:30 p.m. Approximately 40 percent of the films, or 79 productions, were produced by women.

Investors Bank, which has sponsored the QWFF for six years in a row, is presenting the festival’s Opening Night ceremonies. The celebration begins at 7 p.m. in MoMI’s Sumner Redstone Theater, and the program starts at 7:30 p.m. MoMI is located at 36-01 35th Avenue in Astoria, Queens.

Speaking about the festival, Investors Bank Retail Market Executive Ana Oliveira said: “One of our missions is to step forward and support such outstanding cultural events as the QWFF. The festival enriches the community, screens hundreds of films and thoroughly entertains the viewing audiences. We are honored to assist Don and Katha Cato, who generously share their incredible talent, boundless energy, deep kindness and creative insights to produce a wonderful celebration of Indie filmmaking.

The Opening Night program features seven short narrative films grouped under the title Worldly Vision exploring themes ranging from the profane to the sublime. One titled “Marguerite”, directed by Canadian Marianne Farley, and she received an Oscar nomination in the Live Action Short Film category.

QWFF Executive Director Katha Cato said: “The core message of this year’s festival is ‘ideas are welcome in Queens!’ We are curating a festival that offers exciting, bold and entertaining features, short narratives, documentaries, LGBTQ productions and animated films of all styles and genres.”

Spirit of Queens Awards Presented on Opening Night

QWFF also is also presenting the 2019 Spirit of Queens awards to three individuals during the opening night ceremonies. Two of the honorees are filmmakers Nancy Kelly and Kenji Yamamoto and the festival will screen their fully-restored 1991 film “Thousand Pieces of Gold” on Tuesday, March 26, at 7 p.m. at MoMI’s Redstone Theater. The film’s stars include Rosalind Chao, Chris Cooper, Michael Paul Chan and Dennis Dun. Ms. Chao and Mr. Chan will be attending as guests of the festival. The third honoree is David Schwartz, MoMI’s longtime and recently-retired chief curator, who has championed and interviewed film personalities from Robert Altman to Glenn Close while screening over 10,000 films.

QWFF is also screening the completely restored 1992 film In the Soup by Director Alexandre Rockwell. The cast in this New York City-based comedy includes Steve Buscemi, Jennifer Beals, Stanley Tucci, Carol Kane, Will Patton and Seymour Cassel. Both Thousand Pieces of Gold and In the Soup were restored to 4K digital by the nonprofit IndieCollect. The screening of In the Soup is scheduled for Thursday, March 28 at 7 p.m. in MoMI’s Redstone Theater.

Before the gala begins, guests can meet filmmakers, directors, producers and actors, as well as editors and production teams. Tickets to the QWFF’s Opening Night event and the entire festival can be purchased online from Brown Paper Tickets (visit for more details).

Additional thematic blocks include:
• March 22 at 8:15 p.m., Out and About, LGBTQ-themed films, at the Zukor Theatre at Kaufman Astoria Studios, 34-12 36th St., Astoria, N.Y.
• March 31 at 3 p.m., Family Friendly films, Bartos Theater at MoMI.
• March 31, at 6:45 p.m., Queens Corner, Redstone Theater at MoMI.

During the festival, audiences can also participate in discussions, Q&As, industry panels, networking opportunities and have full access to festival directors, filmmakers and special guests

About Investors Bank
Investors Bank, headquartered in Short Hills, N.J., is a full-service community bank that has been serving customers since 1926. With over $25 billion in assets and a network of more than 145 retail branches, Investors Bank delivers personalized services and products tailored to the needs of its customers. Investors Bank’s banking services include complete deposit, loan and cash management products for consumers and businesses.
Investors Bank: Member FDIC and Equal Housing Lender
Investors Bank’s website is Follow the bank on Facebook and

About the Queens World Film Festival
Turning nine in 2019, QWFF includes an annual multi day/multi venue festival, youth-oriented educational initiatives and year round screening opportunities for QWFF filmmakers, past and present. The festival is programmed in thematic blocks with evocative titles, and each program is followed by a post-screening dialogue to engage audiences from the demographically diverse communities that comprise the borough of Queens. Each year the festival has a very robust submission session, with films coming from all over the globe.

The 9th Annual QWFF returns to the Museum of the Moving Image in both the Redstone Theater and the Bartos screening room as well as the historic Zukor Theater at the Kaufman Astoria Studios located right next door for 11 days of exciting indie films, March 21-31, 2019.

The QWFF includes an annual multi-day/multi-venue event, youth-oriented educational initiatives, and year-round screening opportunities for QWFF filmmakers past and present. For more details about the festival, visit

Rinklin Rinklin
Essential Public Relations
email us here
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Jeff, “The Liquidator” working with Don of Storage Wars to Manage the Sale of Toronto’s Historic Addison’s Inc. Auction

Stunning Toronto’s St. Michaels Chandelier

Iconic Canary Restaurant Sign from the 1950s

Shield from the Movie Hannibal

A treasure of movie props, antiques and collectables are up for auction this month with the doors closing at famous Addison’s Inc in Toronto.

From cast iron antique radiators to lighting to furniture and more, the massive onsite live and online action will be something to witness.”

— Teresa Addison, daughter of the late Jim Addison.

TORONTO, ONTARIO , CANADA, March 20, 2019 / — For over 50 years, Jim Addison collected pieces dating back to the early 20th century. Addison's Inc has been the spot for movie production companies and prop houses to find period pieces. Many props have been used in such movies as IT, a lamp from The Shape of Water, a shield used in Hannibal and an 1800’s bedroom suite used in the series Reign are just a few to name.

Many other collectable and cool items are jam-packed into the three-story warehouse that will be closing its doors permanently after the auction. The vintage Canary sign from Toronto’s iconic restaurant that was open from 1950-2007 will be up for bids, a stunning chandelier from Toronto’s St Michael’s Basilica Cathedral, a beehive jar that recently sold at another auction for $1,200. Over a thousand pieces are lotted, including The Sovereign of the Seas or also known as the Royal Sovereign, a model ship 48” wide by 40” high enclosed in glass, is understood to be a replica model of 1637 Built by Phineas Pett and his son. The actual ship weighed over 1000 tons and carried a crew of 600 men handling over 100 guns. Built by Bill Milner, an Ottawa army Major from WW11, the intricate carving and attention to detail is unsurpassed.

“It is incredibly humbling to have the honour of auctioning off these historic pieces,” said Jeff Schwarz, also known from his international OLN series, The Liquidator. “It’s not every day you can buy a chandelier from Toronto’s oldest church or a prison table from the Suicide Squad.”

The auction is being held March 23 & 24 starting at 10 am and will be managed by both The Liquidator and Don Reinhart of Storage Wars. Don has been meticulously working on sorting through all the incredible pieces over the past few weeks. “What’s really awesome is people can come to the actual live auction on site, while we simultaneously take bids live online from all over the world. It promises to be an exciting auction”.

“From cast iron antique radiators to lighting to furniture and more, the massive onsite live and online auction will be something to witness,” says Teresa Addison, daughter of the late Jim Addison. “I walk the floors of this “would be museum” and it brings back so many amazing memories. Once gone, I’m happy I will still be able to see some pieces in movies they were used in like Million Dollar Baby and Cinderella Man. It’s been quite a ride, and I am confident this one of a kind piece will be admired and cared for, for many years to come.

Be a part of the excitement and prepare to get transported back in time to an era when wrought iron, stained glass, chrome, brass and wood were the materials of choice.

Live Online – Registration is Free: Register online now to participate at

Live Onsite: 41 Wabash Ave, Toronto, Ontario

Date & Hours of Auctions:

Friday, March 22 – Preview on Site 11am-6pm

Saturday, March 23 – Onsite & Online Auction 10 am start

Sunday, March 24 – Onsite & Online Auction 10 am start

About Jeff, The Liquidator

Jeff Schwarz has been in business for more than 25 years buying and selling pretty much everything. From liquidating merchandise in the streets of India to buying furniture in Indonesia and doing deals in China, Dubai, Canada, the United States and Central America. Jeff has also had a successful TV show called The Liquidator that ran in over 100 countries with over 5 seasons of him doing business liquidating items and dealing with eccentric buyers and sellers.

 Jeff Schwarz has been featured on:

– Hit Series "The Liquidator"


– The Rush on Shaw TV

– Global News BC

– Toronto Star

– Globe & Mail

– CBC News

– An announcer at the Canada Reel Screen Awards & Leo Awards

– Breakfast Television

– Plus Numerous Appearances in TV and Movie

Awarded Top 3 Reality Show in the World at Banff Film Festival

Prison Break
Beyond 2
The Mission
Blood & Oil
Once Upon a Time
When We Rise
100’s of piolets

About Don Reinhart

Don Reinhart has been on 72 episodes of Storage wars Canada (OLN) 6 seasons over 150 countries around the world. Storage Wars Northern Treasures (A & E) USA has been invited to TIFF Breakfast Television. Over 50 years in the auction business (livestock, vehicles, antiques, real estate, collectibles, airplanes, lockers, etc).

Media Contact for Press & Radio Interviews for Jeff Schwarz, The Liquidator:
Meryll Dreyer
604 868-7433

Addison’s Inc. Local Media Contact for Viewing or Press Photos
Pam Anderson

Nicholas Schwarz
Direct Liquidation
+1 604-783-1482
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How To Spot and Prevent Domestic Violence? Author Veera Mahajan Provides New Tool

Veera Mahajan; Author, UNREPORTED, Learning to Live Free

Image: “Unreported: Learning to LIVE free” Author Veera Mahajan; Photo Credit: Michael Cimorelli, all rights reserved.

“UNREPORTED; Learning to LIVE free” Author Veera Mahajan, Photo Credit: Leonard Monje.

Self-Help Author Veera Mahajan's book "Unreported" Becomes New Tool to Help Spot and Prevent Domestic Abuse

If the abuser has no consequences, they have no motivation to stop. Ultimately, the responsibility lies with the victim; he or she has to stop accepting the abuse.”

— Veera Mahajan, author; "UNREPORTED: Learning to LIVE free"

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 19, 2019 / — One of the worst things a human being can suffer, is to be terrorized in their own home; a place where for most, is a location of peace, safety, and comfort. For the person living with an abuser, their home is a living hell. Suffering depression and anxiety, afraid that the one they love is going to return home in a bad mood; screaming, yelling, calling them swear words, or even raping or beating them; the victim of domestic abuse feels trapped—and usually is. Oftentimes blackmailed, extorted, manipulated with money, off and on again illusions of love, intimacy, sex, and even brainwashed; the domestic violence victim lives a secret life, torn between tears—and the dream of escaping their real-life horror.

WHO: Veera Mahajan lived with such abuse, for years. One day, she found the strength to get out, and go from victim—to victor. Former publisher of "The Malibu Chronicle," licensed Arbitrator, actress, producer, and domestic violence counselor; Veera Mahajan interviewed numerous women and men for her book UNREPORTED who survived abuse–and escaped.

WHAT: A must-read and a must-have for anyone living with domestic violence, or who are seeking to save others living with it; the book UNRERPORTED is a treasure.

WHY: Unlike many books on domestic violence, UNREPORTED gently helps make the reader “recognize and confront” the abusive situation they are in, that they are often in denial of. Secondly, it teaches the reader that something can be done to free themselves from their abuse, offering them real hope. Thirdly, UNREPORTED educates readers on how to be free from domestic violence.

AUDIENCE: Teachers, Schools, Faculty, Universities, Marriage and Family Counselors, Domestic Abuse Groups, hospitals, churches, emotional, sexual, and physical abuse survivors; all these and more will greatly benefit from UNREPORTED; many of whom are currently using the book in their teachings.

CALL TO ACTION: In 1867, John Stuart Mill reportedly stated that “Bad men need nothing more to advance their ends, than that good men see it and do nothing.” Let us not be one of the good persons who do nothing to help stop domestic violence. Join and work with Ms. Mahajan, getting her outstanding book in the hands of those who need it most. With this simple act, you can help save a person’s life.

By Veera Mahajan
Subtitle: Learning to L.I.V.E. Free
Author: Veera Mahajan
Credentials: Master’s Degree; Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA, Dispute Resolution Certificate; Pepperdine School of Law, Licensed Mediator, Founding Publisher, Malibu Chronicle
Category: Self Help / Educational: Family / Abuse / Inspirational, Language: English
Pages: 107, Weight: 6.9 ounces
Size: 8” tall by 5” wide
Binding: perfect bound, Professionally Edited: Yes
Body: 70 pound, Cover: 110 pound
Typeface: Size: 10 point, Font: Arial, Spacing: double-spaced, Margins: 1” all sides
Cover: softcover, glossy color, 4 over 4, full bleed
ISBN: 13: 978-1530826315 ISBN-10: 1530826314
Current Distribution: Amazon, Barnes and Noble
Suggested Price: $14.99: Negotiable with select publishers / distributors
Author Rights: Author owns all, self-published, Malibu Chronicle Publishing

“I highly recommend this brilliantly written book to you all. I think that it is very important for us all” –Louis Gossett Jr; Oscar Winning Actor

“Any professional reaching out to men, women, and children to end abuse or prevent it, should have this book on hand as a ready resource.” –Susan Hardie, RN, Ph.D., Former President, California Professional Society on the Abuse of Children

Publishers / Distributors, Contact: Bruce Edwin: CEO, Tel / Fax: (+1) 310-226-7176
Veera Mahajan Official LinkedIn
Listen to the exclusive interview with Veera Mahajan here below:
Order Veera’s book through Amazon here:

Bruce Edwin
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Most awaited International film Silence casting Michael Madsen, Anushka Shetty and R Madhavan to begin April 2019

Silence International Film

Silence International Film

The film Silence will star Anushka Shetty, R Madhavan and Hollywood actor Michael Madsen, famous for his roles in films like Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill.

This is a kind of film that will entertain, engage and cheer the audience across continents. Every screening of the film to a global audience will end up in a standing ovation.”

— Vishwa Prasad, CEO of People Media Factory

SEATTLE, WA, USA, March 18, 2019 / — It's Official now, Kill Bill Actor Michael Madsen is joining Anushka Shetty & R Madhavan for the International film "Silence ". Silence will be shot in Telugu, Tamil, and English simultaneously.

Seattle based People Media Factory is Producing an International Film " Silence with stars from Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tollywood in association with Kona Film Corporation. Its stellar cast includes Hollywood star Micheal Madsen who played key roles in Quentin Tarantino's movies kill Bill, Hate full Eight and Reservoir Dogs. Bahubali Fame, South Indian Female superstar Anushka Shetty, Pan India star R Madhavan, Subbaraju, Anjali, Shalini Pandey, Avasarala Srinivas, and others.

Speaking on the occasion People Media Factory, CEO Vishwa Prasad said “This is a kind of film that will entertain, engage and cheer the audience across continents. Every screening of the film to a global audience will end up in a standing ovation and we expect the film to perform well all over.”

The Film which will be directed by Hemanth Madhukar will be shot in and around Seattle, USA during April – June 2019, at Global standards with International crew. The makers, People Media Factory will host a grand teaser release event in May 2019 in the USA.

DOP: Shaneil Kumar Deo, Production Designer: Nathan Bakes, Music: Gopi Sundar. Executive Producers, Micheal Madsen, Dev Pinn. Line Producers: Pasta Nagaraj, Dujatha Prabhu. Casting Director: Renee Garcia, Entertainment Attorney: Brandon Blake. Location Services: Tom Ricciardelli, Nicole Milstead. SAG Consultant: Paula Ray.
Co-Producer: Vivek Kuchibotla.

About People Media Factory:

People Media Factory is a Seattle based Production Company specializing in pre-production setup, postproduction setup, co-production, events. The team comes from different backgrounds all over the world, Asia, USA and it brings to People Media Factory a positive add-on in order to show a wider vision to our client. We handle all stages from concept development through pre-production, post-production, co-production. Our team aims to understand the goals of the client and the story they want to tell. Using that information, we create innovative, visually dynamic and emotionally compelling content. We carefully supervise each step, providing all the Pre-Production, Production and Post Production services.

Meenakshi K
ThoughtFolks Digital
408 444 7536
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