Jeffrey Cogan ESQ guilty of malicious prosecution/abuse of process. Arizona jury awards Arnaldo Trabucco,MD $8 million.

Jeffery Cogan Esq.

Guilty of malicious prosecution and abuse of process


Tenacity of fraudulent filings


Legal system needs a tune up

Jeffrey Cogan ESQ found guilty of malicious prosecution/abuse of process. Mojave County, Arizona jury awards Arnaldo Trabucco,MD largest award in AZ history.

The lawyers’ truth is not Truth, but consistency or a consistent expediency.”

— Henry David Thoreau

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2019 / — A Superior Court jury in Kingman, AZ on 7/26/2018 awarded $6,232,000 in compensatory damages and $1,768,000 in punitive damages to the plaintiff, Dr. Arnaldo Trabucco according to court records. NO. CV-2014-04030

Arnaldo Trabucco,MD sued Jeffrey A. Cogan ESQ, his law firm and the family of the patient who passed away of natural causes, unrelated to the surgery, Gerald Scharf for filing fraudulent repetitive law suits alleging the equivalent of murder of the patient.

Jeffrey Cogan was relentless in his fraudulent filings. The first filing was in Nevada federal court, dismissed. The 2nd in AZ state court (both dismissed with no evidence with prejudice against Cogan) and finally in AZ Federal Court that went to a jury with a unanimous verdict (8-0) in favor of Trabucco, with no evidence and finding that Trabucco did anything wrong, Cogan had absolutely no evidence to support his fraudulent allegations of malpractice (10/2017). Cogan witnesses, Dr. Mellman's who indicated there was no deviation of the standard of care and his other witness Dr. Danoff's testimony stated the operation went well without any issues.

Dr. Danoff retorted to sell his book “Penis Power” to the jury and informing them that they can buy it online. “Really it’s called Penis Power you can buy it on”. The performance presented in court was comical and pathetic to say the least. Trabucco’s Malpractice lawyer was represented by Scott Holden Esq.

Dr. Trabucco then sued Cogan, seeking damages for harm to his reputation, loss of earnings, emotional distress and defense costs.

Despite Trabucco reporting Cogan to the Nevada Bar Association, they have adamantly refused to do anything to Cogan despite the severe and multiple egregious malicious untrue allegations and filings since 2013. Cogan has blatantly violated trial rule 11 which basically indicates that when a lawyer files a lawsuit he must have done unequivocally due diligence to obtain factual evidence of the charges that he is filing for, which he had absolutely no evidence to substantiate his allegations. These allegations were fabricated by this bankruptcy attorney for malicious intent. This was substantiated by Scott Holden ESQ during his testimony.

Cogan is also in violation the code of ethics rule 121 section A and B, which relates to confidentiality of the American Bar Association when a formal complaint has been filed. Again the Nevada Bar Association has done nothing.

The Mohave county jury unanimously voted in favor of Dr. Trabucco and (7/26/2018) assessed the damages against Cogan and his law firm.

Phoenix law firm Wilenchik et. al., which represented Trabucco, said it searched records and couldn’t find a higher verdict in Mohave County, or in the state of AZ. The next highest award found was for $1.25 million in a 2010 medical malpractice case. This displays how vehemently malicious Cogan’s allegations and lawsuits were fraudulently filed with no evidence.
Cogan solicited this case with the aid of a Dr. and his wife from Arizona who was apparently acting as a fictitious pseudo-paralegal to assume this case which was going to be dismissed by the previous attorney because there was no case. So that attorney sat on the case so long until the attorney died. His partner was going to drop the case because there was no case.

Cogan, who is based in Las Vegas, (a bankruptcy attorney, hired by his ex-wife, and not a malpractice attorney) had previously sued Dr. Trabucco for the same fraudulent malpractice case causing Scharf’s death, 3 times for the same case. Cogan fraudulently stated that Trabucco murdered his own patient. With the help of forensic pathology a federal jury found that Scharf died of natural causes unrelated to the surgery, and there was, no evidence supporting malpractice by Trabucco’s lawyer Scott Holden said. Holden had warned Cogan about the filing of his false claims on numerous occasions; however Cogan persisted three times and stated to Holden that “he wanted his cake and eat it at the same time” and that he wasn’t worried. Holden as a lawyer has never seen a more corrupt case like this in his entire career. The malpractice case was finally concluded in Trabucco's favor on October 2017 in Arizona federal court.

Trabucco then sued Cogan, seeking damages for harm to his reputation, loss of earnings, emotional distress and defense costs. Trabucco will also be seeking criminal charges against Cogan and his co-conspirators for using the federal court system with malicious intent for personal gains.

Dr. Trabucco the board-certified urologist had never had a malpractice judgment or settlement against the in over his 31-year career. They said even Scharf’s wife, who had hired Cogan, didn’t think the doctor was responsible, and relied on Cogan to provide the evidence which there was none.

Jeffrey Cogan admitted in Arizona Superior Court that he was hired by Rebecca Eimerman and Dr. Trabucco’s ex-wife Pamela Trabucco. Cogan also conspired with another doctor and wife who were also in contact with Dr. Trabucco’s ex-wife and Rebecca Eimerman as well as his father, mother, sister, daughter who was underage at the time. This exemplifies the Machiavellian approach and the seriousness of the issues at hand as a conspiracy with multiple individuals involved. Dr. Trabucco is now filing suit against his ex-wife Pamela Trabucco, Rebecca Eimerman and other individuals and periodicals relating to this matter as well as other matters that are propagated fraudulently on the Internet.

Cogan a bankruptcy lawyer is now declining to pay and has filed for appeal, but the evidence is overwhelming against him. Please note that Mr. Cogan has recently committed dishonest actions with a “fraudulent transfer” where he took out the property of his corporation and then put it in a corporation in his own name in exchange for nothing to the corporation with the obvious purpose of keeping it away from collections “by claiming it is exempt under personal endeavors exemptions”. This exemplifies the immoral nature of Cogan and thinking that he is above the law.

Arnaldo Trabucco, MD
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ENTITY PROJECT – A Female Driven Cast Horror Film by Jandae Percem

Jandae Percem

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, March 28, 2019 / — The award-winning horror film "Entity Project” screened at the North Hollywood Cinefest on March 22nd in Los Angeles. The festival opened with a robust red-carpet arrivals line, with stars such as Billy Zane(Titanic), Alison Eastwood (The Mule), Robert Patrick (Terminator 2), and Frankie Muniz (Agent Cody Banks), among others.

The film has multiple awards and several official selection nominations at film festivals across the U.S. including Utah Film Festival and North Hollywood Cinefest Film Festival. The cast is female driven including director and the producer Jandae Percem, who also stars. Other cast members include Valentina Ospina, Gia Maulbeck, Carolina Levi, Talisha Williams, Stephanie Geiger and Ken Raboy.

The story is about a young driven director gathering five of her girlfriends for a fun weekend in upstate New York for the opportunity to develop her newest documentary. There’s a strange energy in the house and things begin to go south quickly, more disturbing than they could have ever imagined.

The film’s director and producer Jandae Percem said, "We worked hard to capture this content to give horror film fans a film worth watching. I was directing, shooting and acting at the same time which was exhausting but exciting at the same time. I always wanted to produce my own feature film and this was a great way to get things started. Our ambition is paying off with the recognition and great feedback we receive from festivals and audiences alike”.

Jandae emphasized the importance of directing and producing as a first time female film-maker as a positive influence for women film-makers.

“Our film was awarded the Best Director award and the award for Best Feature Film – for a first time film-maker this was a great motivation for me to start on my next film which is about post-partum depression, a topic which is an underestimated problem that exists worldwide.”

Jandae’s next project is an important topic to her and she hopes to continue to bring content to audiences that highlight struggles through great story telling.

Silvia Garcia
SGG Public Relations
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Muvi brings the Most Customizable and User-friendly OTT Platform to NAB Vegas

Muvi at NAB Las Vegas 2019

The highly customizable Video & Audio streaming platform allows any integration to suit store owner’s business needs. Muvi will be housed at Booth SU13114.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, March 28, 2019 / — NewYork-based leading OTT platform provider, Muvi, is all set to exhibit the world’s most customizable OTT platform at NAB Show scheduled to be held on 6-11 April 2019 at the Las Vegas Convention center. Muvi will be housed at South Hall (Upper) Booth SU13114.

Muvi’s instantly deployable OTT platform is known for its Zero Coding platform and highly customizable architecture that allows store owners to build their unique streaming platform exactly the way they like, a feat yet to be challenged by anyone in the industry. The end-to-end streaming platform includes everything required to launch a Video/Audio Streaming Platform, from Cloud-based IT Infrastructure, CDN, DRM, Online Player, Transcoding & Encoding Engine, Subscriber Management & Billing Engines, Payment Gateway Integration, Marketing Modules, Analytics & Reports to front end apps for Website, Mobile and TVs, all out-of-the-box, fully managed, deployable at a click of a button, instantly!

Muvi recently disrupted the OTT industry by allowing users to build their own streaming channel for free, something unimagined, busting the myths around the technicalities surrounding a Video/Audio streaming platform.

“The response has been tremendous”, quotes Ankit Pandey, Business Head, Muvi. “Muvi introduced the Zero Coding architecture and the customizability comes from the state-of-the-art architecture it is built in that provides ample room for any customization a store owner wants. Equipped with features such as Visual Designer, Policy Engine, Recommendation Engine, User Generated Content, Muvi is the first choice now among SMBs to build their streaming channel”, Ankit Adds.

“We are participating at NAB Vegas for the third time in a row and a place where we often meet our customers – our biggest support, strength, and companions in this highly dynamic OTT industry”, quotes Jyoti Nayak, Senior Marketing Manager, Muvi. Every strategic initiative we have taken are stemmed out of our constant customer feedback and demand. Muvi is known for its customizability and it is nothing but the demands of our customers over time which has been incorporated flawlessly by our Product team and Development Engineers. We are delighted to exhibit the same at the show.” Jyoti adds.

Meet Muvi at South Hall (Upper) Booth SU13114 at the NAB Show Vegas and learn how to host, stream and monetize your Video/Audio content without investing thousands of dollars. Book a Meeting now.

Muvi Expert Tips: Make the most of your meeting at NAB Vegas by joining Muvi for free today. A live channel with Muvi and your own CMS will bring immense clarity on board when we meet at the show. Because by that time you would exactly know what you want for your streaming channel and our team could better suggest. See you in Vegas!

About Muvi:

Muvi LLC is a prominent product-based SaaS company based out of New York. The company provides cloud-hosted streaming platform and end-to-end solutions for video/audio content owners, broadcasters, TV networks, and content aggregators to launch their own-branded, multi-screen, multi-format OTT streaming service such as Netflix, Prime Video, Spotify, Deezer etc. that can offer both Live & On-Demand content and be delivered across Web, Mobile, and TV instantly.

The company has gained international recognition in audio/video streaming space and is trusted by 350+ clients in over 50 countries across territories including North America, Europe, Latin America, Middle-East, Africa, Australia, and Asia.

For more information on Muvi LLC, visit

Jyoti Nayak
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Documentary about NBA Legend, Queens Native Ron Artest Featured at Film Festival on March 30

Ron Artest

Ron Artest, who changed his name to Metta World Peace in 2011, shares his life story in a compelling documentary film.

Erica Camarano and Nick Ronan, Secret Noby Knows

Actress Erica Camarano and filmmaker Nick Ronan created the narrative film The Secret Nobody Knows, which is screening during the Queens Corner block of short narratives on Sunday, March 31 at 6:45 p.m. at Museum of the Moving Image’s Redstone Theater.

QWFF Catos, NYC CouncilMemberJVanBramerInvestors MariaandValini

New York City Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer (center) attended the Queens World Film Festival’s (QWFF) opening night event. In the photo left to right are – QWFF’s Katha and Don Cato and Mr. Van Bramer along with Investors Bank’s Maria Odysseos and Valini Khameraj.

I wanna thank my psychiatrist." Those were the five words Ron Artest said after hitting the game clinching shot that sealed the 2010 NBA title for the LA Lakers

Investors Bank (NASDAQ:ISBC)

Our final weekend includes an inspiring documentary about basketball legend Ron Artest. The festival wraps up on closing night with exciting local filmmakers in the Queens Corner block.”

— QWFF Executive Director Katha Cato

ASTORIA , NEW YORK , UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 28, 2019 / — A professional athlete who made a difference both on and off the basketball court is the subject of Quiet Storm: The Ron Artest Story. The East Coast premiere of this 2018 documentary film will be screened during the Ninth Queens World Film Festival (QWFF).

There are still plenty of cinematic offerings that can be seen at the Museum of the Moving Image (MoMI) and Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens, New York. QWFF winds down to its wrap date on March 31. The independent films include short narratives, features, animation and documentaries that are presented in thematic blocks. Tickets to each and all QWFF film blocks are available online at Brown Paper Tickets.

QWFF Executive Director Katha Cato said the festival experienced “an incredibly strong opening weekend hosting filmmakers and audiences from all over the world.” The festival is continuing with second Spirit of Queens honoree evening “featuring the stunning restoration of a black-and-white indie film treasure.”

One of the newly-restored films is In the Soup (1992) featuring Steve Buscemi, Seymour Cassel, Jennifer Beals, Jim Jarmusch, Carol Kane and Stanley Tucci. The film tells the story of a neurotic nebbish whose fantasy is to win his dream girl by producing and starring in a hit movie. In the Soup may be seen Thursday, March 28, at 7 p.m. at MoMI’s Redstone Theater.

Following the screening, In the Soup director Alexandre Rockwell will be interviewed by QWFF Spirit of Queens honoree David Schwartz. Mr. Schwartz is the former longtime chief curate for MoMI. During his tenure, he screened over 10,000 films at the museum and interviewed many leading producers, actors/actresses and filmmakers.

Ms. Cato added: “Our final weekend includes an inspiring documentary about basketball legend Ron Artest. The festival wraps up on closing night with exciting local filmmakers in the Queens Corner block.”

Quiet Storm: The Ron Artest Story (2018) was produced and directed Johnny Sweet, who was an Emmy award-winning ESPN feature producer for 10 years. The documentary follows Ron Artest from his adolescent years in the Queensbridge Houses to his recruitment in 1997 by hometown St. John’s University.

As a freshman, Artest was named to the Big East’s All-Rookie and All-Tournament teams and the Red Storm advanced to the NCAA tourney. Turning pro, Artest was drafted by the Chicago Bulls and played for four different NBA teams, ultimately helping the L.A. Lakers to the championship in 2010.

But the elation of victory came with a heavy price off the hardwood. Artest talked openly about his struggles with anxiety and depression – a subject long considered taboo among professional athletes. In 2011, Artest changed his name to Metta World Peace “to inspire and bring youth together all around the world.”

Quiet Storm will be screened Saturday, March 30, at 7:30 p.m. in MoMI’s Redstone Theater.

The QWFF is also presenting these thematic blocks:

It’s All About The Dance, Friday, March 29, at 6 p.m., in the Zukor Screening Room, Kaufman Astoria Studios, 34-12 36th St., Astoria. Presented in partnership with Queensboro Dance Festival, this block offers six short narratives and one documentary.

Young Women Warriors, Friday, March 29, at 10:15 p.m., in Zukor. The block consists of short narrative films about five unbelievable survivors' stories

Queens Corner, Sunday, March 31, at 6:45 p.m., at MoMI’s Redstone Theater. A celebration of Queens filmmakers, presented in partnership with Table Wines, It’s In Queens, I Love NY, BMJ Studios and Astoria Films, wraps up the festival. Here’s the lineup of films and directors: The Secret Nobody Knows, Nick Ronan; Some of Her Parts, Abie Sidell; Eodiya, Jules Suo; Beyond the Veil, Sandy Ismail; Into the Dark, Benjamin Berger; and Best Wishes, Kevin Etherson.

For the sixth year in a row, Investors Bank has served as the lead sponsor of the QWFF. The bank also presented the festival’s Opening Night Celebration at MoMI. QWFF’s Young Filmmakers Program is sponsored by Investors Bank and the project gives a fifth-grade class at PS69Q in Jackson Heights an opportunity to experience film production.

About the Queens World Film Festival
Turning nine in 2019, QWFF includes an annual multi-day/multi-venue festival, youth-oriented educational initiatives and year-round screening opportunities for QWFF filmmakers, past and present. The festival is programmed in thematic blocks with evocative titles, and each program is followed by a post-screening dialogue to engage audiences from the demographically diverse communities that comprise the borough of Queens. Each year the festival has a very robust submission session, with films coming from all over the globe.

Bob Rinklin
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„Morgenlatten – Gefährten der Maturität“


Ein Buch wie eine Rakete


Rudolf F. Thomas

Eine Roman-Sensation!

WüRZBURG, BAYERN, DEUTSCHLAND, March 27, 2019 / — Erstens: Der Titel des Romans kann irritieren. Das soll er auch!
Zweitens: Das Buch ist ein nostalgischer Schub in eine wilde Zeit.
Drittens: Der Autor beherrscht und „lebt“ seine einmalige Schreibweise.
Es sei gleich gesagt, „es geht nicht um Sex!“ Das macht den Roman so angenehm. Kein Mord, kein Kindesmissbrauch und dennoch ist dieser Stoff spannend, weil wahrhaftig.

Der Autor führt uns zunächst ins mondäne Baden-Baden im Jahr 1968. Dort begegnet seine Hauptfigur „Mayonnaise Thomy“ dem Studentenführer Rudi Dutschke, den er abfällig einen berufsmäßigen „Armeinhänger“ nennt.

So ganz nebenbei betätigt sich eine jugendliche Einbrecherbande so lange als Türöffner bis sie geschnappt wird.
Schlagerstars geben sich in der Kurstadt die Türklinken in die Hand: Mal im legendären Club Raphael, mal auf der anderen Straßenseite im Pits-Club. Dorthe Kollos Schlager „Oh Pardon, sind Sie der Graf von Luxemburg“, ist nur einer von mehreren Hits, der durch den Äther trällert. Mitten drin im Geschehen zwischen Abitur und Showgeschäft managt „Mayonnaise Thomy“ seinen Alltag.

Es mag einem beim Lesen zunächst komisch vorkommen, wenn er in der Einberufung zur Bundeswehr, die Chance sieht, dem nervig-spießigen Elternhaus zu entfliehen. Sein vorläufiger Zufluchtsort ist das Städtchen Külsheim in Badisch Sibirien, das ihm per Einberufungsbescheid zum Grundwehrdienst befohlen wird. Ein Wohnortwechsel kann wohl kaum gegensätzlicher sein.

Während der Grundausbildung sind die jungen, meist minderjährigen Rekruten, bis zur Erniedrigung Spott und Häme ausgesetzt. Sie werden von Vorgesetzten als Morgenlatten, Bettenbauer und Blindgänger beschimpft. Thomy wird zum Vertrauensmann der Kompanie gewählt. Gemeinsam mit den von ihm ernannten Gefährten der Maturität bewältigt er im August 68 seine Kriegsangst im drohenden Konflikt um den Prager Frühling mit den Truppen des Warschauer Pakt.

Besonders beeindruckt, wie es dem Autor gelungen ist, die Denkweise und die Jugendsprache dieser wilden Jahre zu rekonstruieren. Wer der gleichen Generation entstammt, bekommt beim Lesen innerlich einen nostalgischen Schub: „Ja, so war’s! Was war das für eine tolle Zeit!“
Je tiefer man in das Buch eindringt, desto mehr spielen sich über die damalige eigene spießige Familien-Situation Bilder im Kopf ab.

Der neue Roman von Rudolf F. Thomas ist wie eine Rakete, die sich vor dem Einschlag eines Besseren besinnt und zurückkehrt. Das Buch ist großartig und tempogeladen geschrieben. Dazu erzählt es ausgesprochen lebendig, beeindruckend schnörkellos das 68er-Lebensgefühl einer viel diskutierten Generation. Der Autor wirft die moralisch brisante Frage auf, ob der Staat Minderjährige zu Soldaten ausbilden darf?

Der Roman „Morgenlatten – Gefährten der Maturität“ ist im Verlag tredition GmbH in Hamburg als Hardcover mit 424 Seiten (ISBN 978-3-7482-2699-4) und als Paperback sowie als E-Book erschienen.

"Sagenhaft leichtfüßig und hinreißend fesselnd erzählt Rudolf F. Thomas in seinen Roman von den Erlebnissen minderjähriger als "Morgenlatten" verschmähter Wehrpflichtiger." (Verlag tredition GmbH Hamburg)

Silke Lehmann
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Multicultural Media Leader NAMIC Announces 2019 Board Of Directors

NAMIC logo

Sandra Garcia Lowery

Emory Walton III

Mr. Mark Kang

Welcomes Accomplished Media Executives
Sandra Garcia Lowery and Emory R. Walton III to National Board, Mark Kang elevates to Vice Chair

We are excited to welcome these powerful leaders to our national board. The enthusiasm, talent, and expertise they bring will prove instrumental as we continue to grow the organization.”

— Joiava Philpott, chair, NAMIC National Board of Directors

NEW YORK, USA, March 27, 2019 / — NAMIC, Inc. (National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications) announced the addition of Sandra Garcia Lowery, immediate past president for NAMIC-NY and founder of Encounter Marketing and Public Relations, and Emory R. Walton III, vice president, Content Distribution, A+E Networks to its board of directors. Mark Kang, senior vice president, Worldwide Distribution, INSP TV was named as Vice Chair of the board. The organization is the leading voice for multicultural engagement and workforce development in the media and communications industry.

“On behalf of the entire NAMIC team, our staff, members and stakeholders, I proudly welcome Ms. Garcia Lowery and Mr. Walton to the board,” said A. Shuanise Washington, NAMIC’s president and CEO. “They join NAMIC at an exciting time as we continue our efforts to enhance cultural diversity and inclusion in the communications industry. I am confident our new directors will provide valuable knowledge and expertise as NAMIC expands its leadership programs, annual conference and membership initiatives that advance the multicultural media agenda. We look forward to their contributions.”

“We are excited to welcome these powerful leaders to our national board.” said Joiava Philpott, chair, NAMIC National Board of Directors and vice president, Regulatory Affairs, Law & Policy Department, Cox Communications. “The enthusiasm, talent, and expertise they bring will prove instrumental as we continue to grow the organization.”

Two new directors join 20 board members and executives representing a broad spectrum of occupations across the industry. The 2019 board members are as follows:

The Executive Committee of NAMIC’s National Board of Directors is comprised of the following: Chair, Joiava Philpott, vice president, Regulatory Affairs, Law & Policy Department, Cox Communications; Vice-Chair, Mark Kang, senior vice president, Worldwide Distribution, INSP TV; Treasurer, Pragash Pillai, executive vice president, Customer Experience and Regional Marketing Strategy, Altice USA; Secretary, Ebonne Ruffins, vice president, Local Media Development, Comcast Corporation; Member at Large, James Anderson, senior vice president, Communications, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.; Member at Large, Danielle D. Wade, area vice president, Field Operations, Pacific Northwest, Charter Communications, Immediate Past Chair, Michelle L. Rice, general manager, TV One and A. Shuanise Washington, president and CEO, NAMIC, Inc.

Currently serving as NAMIC National Board directors are the following executives: James Brown, executive vice president, Content Distribution and Marketing, REVOLT TV; Ann R. Carlsen, founder and CEO, Carlsen Resources, Inc.; Sandra Garcia Lowery, Founder, Encounter Marketing and Public Relations; Jay R. Grant, executive vice president & general counsel, Univision Digital and News, Univision Inc.; P. Sean Gupta, vice president, Strategy & Business Development, BET Networks (a Viacom Network); Navin Kamath, vice president, Global Distribution, HBO; Jerold Lambert, group vice president, Legal Affairs, Mediacom Communications Corp; Bill Lee, vice president, Sales Professional Services, ARRIS; Cheryl M. Manley, senior vice president & associate general counsel, Employment Law, Charter Communications; Freddy Rolon, Jr., vice president & general manager, ESPN Deportes, ESPN; K. Dane Snowden, chief operating officer, NCTA; Lisa Williams-Fauntroy, senior vice president, Business and Legal Affairs, Discovery, Inc.; Emory R. Walton III, vice president, Content Distribution, A+E Networks and Jason T. Williams, vice president, Global Inclusion Strategy, Viacom.

For more information on NAMIC and its Board of Directors, visit or contact the NAMIC National headquarters at 212-594-5985.

NAMIC (National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications) is the premier organization focusing on cultural diversity, equity and inclusion in the communications industry. More than 4,000 professionals belong to a network of 18 chapters nationwide. Through initiatives that target leadership development, advocacy and empowerment, NAMIC collaborates with industry partners to expand and nurture a workforce that reflects the cultural richness of the populations served. Please visit or follow @NAMICNational on Twitter for more information about NAMIC and its many opportunities.

Wanita Niehaus
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Erik Scott’s Album A TRICK OF THE WIND Nominated for Eight Music Awards

A Trick of the Wind by Erik Scott Receives Multiple International Award Noms

A Trick of the Wind by Erik Scott Receives Multiple International Award Noms

Erik Scott: multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer.

Erik Scott: multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer.

Erik Scott Logo

Erik Scott’s signature logo

Erik Scott's genre-defying album A Trick of the Wind nominated for a variety of honors by Peace Song Awards, One World Music Awards, and Zone Music Reporter.

"I keep wanting more from music. A heightened sense of beauty, a nuanced artistic performance that inspires…”

— Erik Scott

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, March 27, 2019 / — A Trick of the Wind is blowing across the globe, attracting multiple award nominations from organizations in Los Angeles, New Orleans, and the U.K. for Erik Scott and his fifth original album. A Trick of the Wind is nominated for both Album of the Year and Best Contemporary Instrumental Album by Zone Music Reporter Global Airplay Charts; Scott will join the best and brightest artists in the world’s ambient, electronic, and contemporary instrumental musicians gathering for the 15th Annual ZMR Awards Concert, a public live music event to be held May 18th, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. at The House of Blues, located in the French Quarter (225 Decatur St., New Orleans, Louisiana 70130, tel: 504-310-4999). Tickets may be purchased online at House of Blues, or at the door in limited quantity.

Scott responded to the nominations, saying "I keep wanting more from music. A heightened sense of beauty, a nuanced artistic performance that inspires… certainly feeling, maybe even action. Coming from the late ‘60s, we expressed everything with music. Harder to do without lyrical signposts, but wonderful when it happens. I think I feel the appreciation, like these nominations, more as well."

The nominations are as plentiful as the critical acclaim; the album is also nominated for a Best Contemporary Instrumental Album Award by One World Music Radio, which announces its OWM Award winners June 9, 2019. Additionally, several singles off the album are nominated by the Peace Song Awards for “Best Song” in categories including Rock-Pop, Jazz, Acoustic Contemporary, World, and New Age, which speaks to the genre-defying uniqueness of Scott’s music.

Music writer Dyan Garris summarized the album this way: "'A Trick of the Wind' is brilliant, enlightened, and enlightening. It’s a musical work of art to be appreciated on many levels, not only because of how well done it is overall, but also because you can literally feel the pure heart that pours out of every note. Multi-textured. Contemporary. Unique. If I have to call it something, I’m going to call it “Progressive New Age.” And even that doesn’t really describe it to its best."

A Trick of the Wind, written, produced and performed by Scott, is an expansive nine-track set in which the multi-talented musician complements his unusually melodic explorations of fretless and fretted basses with eBow bass, electric piano, organ, synthesizer, sitar, percussion programs, bass generated effects and vocals. Guest artists include John Pirruccello (steel guitar), Celso Alberti (drum loops, acoustic drums & percussion), John Luttrell (electric guitar), Andy Mitran (percussion), Jeff Pearce (guitar synth) and Jeff Oster (trumpet, flugelhorn).

To qualify for a ZMR Award, one must have a top-charting album on the Zone Music Charts in the span of a year, and the qualifying albums are then voted on by global radio broadcasters. The event, in New Orleans each May following JazzFest, has become an annual destination weekend for many ambient, electronic and acoustic music lovers and artists. The Awards show is preceded by a Friday night Meet-and-Greet dinner in an old-world French Quarter setting at The Vacherie on Friday, May 17th, 2019. Details on the weekend’s events, tickets, award nominees and presenters can be found at Zone Music Reporter.

Renée Blanche, the host of "Night Tides" on KCUR, will once again be the Zone Music Awards’ Master of Ceremonies. The line-up of live performers covers many of the musical styles that ZMR represents including Joseph Akins, Hans Christian, Tom Eaton, Sangeeta Kaur, and Michael Kollwitz.

In 2017, Erik Scott won ZMR Awards for Album of the Year and Best Contemporary Instrumental Album. In The Company of Clouds also reached #1 on the ZMR Global Airplay Chart twice and hit the pole position on the nationally syndicated radio show ECHOES.

Media inquiries and press pass requests are welcome; please contact Beth Ann Hilton, The B Company, bethhilton(at)thebcompany(dot)com, or 310-560-8390.

Follow the ZMR Awards on Facebook @ZMRAwards, and live on Twitter @ZoneMusicAwards.

Explore more music, and Erik Scott's music career, at the links below:

About Erik Scott:
Erik Scott is an American bass guitar player, producer, and songwriter. Scott played bass for the band Flo & Eddie, as well as Alice Cooper in the 1980s, for whom he also produced. He was one of the founding members of Sonia Dada, which reached the number one position on the Australian music charts with their debut album. Scott was also the co-writer of the song "Father, Father" the title track of the Pops Staples' album and winner of the 1994 GRAMMY Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album. In 2008, he became a solo artist with his debut album Other Planets. He has recorded five solo albums in total, including the 2016 ZMR Awards Album of the Year winner In the Company of Clouds.

Beth Hilton
The B Company
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A Wing and a Prayer

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800Casting: It's the Top Networking Platform for Talent Agencies, Casting Professionals, and Aspiring Celebrities

800Casting Logo

UNITED STATES, March 26, 2019 / — Are you a talent management, modeling agency or advertising agency?

Or a talent who is looking to get noticed and more visibility?

Or maybe you're running a creative project – with a cast information?

It could be anything, from a new film, to a modeling event, a photo-shoot, or even voice over auditions!

Whatever it is – you not only need to recruit fast but also get a right talent for the project. And this is where 800Casting can assist you.

How It Works?
Consider it a "social media platform" for the entertainment industry.

Only difference is, it isn't a joke. Only individuals with authorized credentials are allowed to register!

And don't worry, you don't need to be a popular talent. Nor do you need to be "a large recruiter" either…

You can be relatively new, and still marshal the talents you need!

Works for Aspiring Entertainers Too.
This platform works for aspiring actors and models.

If you're beginner or talent with modeling or acting experience, you can use 800Casting, and find serious projects to join.

You can use it to advance your career. You can use it to find and apply to projects that require casting and grab your dream role!

With it, you'll never run short of opportunities!

Wait – Aren't There Better Casting Sites?
Not really. Plenty exist online – but few rival 800Casting.

How so? We'll, let's start by mention that this platform operates in 3 continents (Europe, North America, Asia).

It's a platform for the entire developed world.

Plus, many industry giants use this platform. They include…
• The following news networks: FOX – CNN – ABC.
• Cinemax.
• Playboy.

And that's just a small portion of who uses it.

It's highly popular/accredited. And to advance any project, you'd better be there!

Think Of it This Way…
It's like a LinkedIn for casting professional, talent managers and aspiring models/actors.

You know how LinkedIn is, right? It's a platform that lets you connect with professionals fast.

It lets you see their CVs, their experience (and sometimes) some of their work samples.

But 800Casting is a "specialized upgrade."

It takes that networking to the next level. And here's how it does it!

What You Gain as an Entertainment Professional?
You're available online "24/7" for agencies and clients to see you.

Plus, your reach is worldwide. That is, you can find work with overseas agencies!

Let's say you're a model.

Maybe an overseas fashion house might spot you. And they might make an excellent long-term offer to you!

Or how about acting? Maybe an international project is in the making – and your auditions get spotted.

You'll get contacted immediately, and you'll have a chance to join the fold!

Cost-Effective for All.
This site offers amazing packages for all its talents.

For starters, the highest annual package is $69.95. That's barely $6/month, which is a minute expense to advance your career!

And what does this "higher package offer"?

It gives you the ability to post unlimited sides, videos, posts, and voice overs. That way, a talent can create a massive portfolio for any agency or casting director / project manager to see!

Plus – you can publish unlimited comp cards and private documents of your modelling and photography work!

There's More!
The previous advantages apply to talents. And very few networks provide those features to aspiring celebrities.

However – agencies get advantages too.

They can run their entire business using 800Casting. You can easily communicate and keep track of the best talents. You can easily find new ones online too! You can access talent calendar, manage invoices and much more.

In a nutshell, it is a fully functional solution for all your management needs.

Clients Benefit Too.
800Casting never forgets project managers – like directors, producers, casting professionals, and studios.

You can run auditions remotely, and easily review submissions. In fact, it's easy to connect with agencies, and find the celebrities you need!

Not to mention, you save money on live auditions.

How So?
You probably know how expensive is an audition process.

You need to hire a stage. You need to schedule, and have people show up. And depending on the project, the work doesn't end in a day.

Sometimes – there's a day two, three, and more if you want perfection.

Auditioning also takes up hours. That's thousands of dollars just to find a cast.

But with 800casting, you cut costs!

You can view everything from the comfort of your office. And your prospects do all the preparatory work!

Time to Start.
We recommend heading to the 800casting website now. Start using the platform.

For agencies, it's the key to low cost and quick project management. And for talents, it's how to advance your career!

After all, if the industry giants' network there – then why shouldn't you do the same?

For more information:

Company: 800Casting
Client Line: +1-701-401-0836
Email Contact:

Media Relations
+1 701-401-0836
email us here

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“No Shade” directed by Clare Anyiam-Osigwe

Part of ADIFF Music and Society Film Series

“Mary Lou Williams: The Lady Who Swings The Band” director Carol Bash will be hosting Q&A after film screening

ADIFF Women’s History Month Program will be playing from Friday, March 29 – Sunday, March 31, 2019 at Teachers College, Columbia University – 525 W 120th St.

Described by film critic Armond White as “a festival that symbolizes diaspora as more than just anthropology,” ADIFF has managed to increase the presence of independent Afrocentric films”

— African Diaspora International Film Festival

NEW YORK , NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2019 / — The African Diaspora International Film Festival Women’s History Month celebration is a modest homage to women who, behind the camera, have told stories seldom told with the intention of changing or correcting a male defined narrative that is so often incomplete. Their work is a revolutionary endeavor that goes against many taboos that have silenced women’s voices for centuries. Haiti, Guadeloupe, Chad, Senegal, the UK, US, Tunisia, are the countries of origin of these women filmmakers whose work is a song to the imagination and creativity of women.

Highlighting the program is the presentation of No Shade directed by Award-winning dermatologist turned first-time filmmaker Clare Anyiam-Osigwe. Told through the prism of love, relationships, dating and marriage, No Shade is a romantic comedy-drama that provides a raw perspective on the issue of colorism. The film scooped the 2018 New York African Diaspora International Film Festival Public Award for Best Film Directed by a Woman of Color. The drama explores the hardships of the modern dating world through the dysmorphic presence of colorism as well as the fetishization of black women.
Celebrating African-American artists is the program Black Divas: Josephine Baker & Mary Lou Williams. Josephine Baker: Black Diva in a White Man's World by Annette von Wangenhei celebrates the artist, the woman and the activist and Mary Lou Williams: The Lady Who Swings the Band is about the leading musical innovator determined to create in a world that only saw her race or gender. There will be a discussion with Carol Bash, director of the Mary Lou Williams documentary after the screening of both films on Sunday, March 31 @ 4PM.

Other artists celebrated in the program are Joseph Boulogne, Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges (1745-1799) who was born in Guadeloupe of a Senegalese enslaved woman and a French nobleman and who became one of the most remarkable figures of the 18th century as outlined in the documentary Black Mozart in Cuba by Stephanie and Steve James. Teddy Pendergrass: If You Don’t Know Me by Olivia Lichtenstein is an entertaining and moving musical documentary that explores the rise of Teddy Pendergrass, the first African American artist to record five consecutive platinum albums against the backdrop of 1960s America, and his comeback after a life-changing accident.

African women are telling powerful stories behind the camera. BAFTA-award winning director Rungano Nyoni’s debut film, I Am Not a Witch, set in modern-day Zambia, is the satirical, provocative, and enchanting African tale of a young girl accused of being a witch. I Am Not a Witch was the official UK submission to the 2019 Oscar race in the Foreign Language Film category. Seeking refuge from her Islamist radical brother whom she informed on, a young woman arrives in France illegally following Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution and discovers a new world of both hope and danger, in Foreign Body the fourth feature film by Tunisian writer-director Raja Amari (Satin Rouge, Buried Secrets). The program African Women Directors features the work of African women filmmakers Zara M. Yacoub (Chad) & Khady Sylla (Senegal) who address issues of abuse and mutilation of children and women in Africa in their films Feminine Dilemma and The Silent Monologue.

ADIFF Women’s History Month Program will open on March 29 with a FREE screening of Looking for Life by Haitian filmmaker Claudette Coulanges, a documentary about resourcefulness in the face of poverty and globalization, which introduces the viewer to two women, Anne-Rose and Rosemene, who each one has their own particular way of battling through life. The program also features a Q&A with director Yoruba Richen who will discuss her documentary The Green Book: Guide to Freedom, the real story of the Green Book, the guide that changed how black people traveled in America.

ADIFF Women’s History Month Program will be at Teachers College, Columbia University – 525 W 120th St. Tickets are $11 and $13. Weekend Pass is $50.

For more information about the African Diaspora International Film Festival, to receive links and high resolution images please contact Diarah N’Daw-Spech at (212) 864-1760/ fax (212) 316-6020 or e-mail

The African Diaspora International Film Festival is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.



6:30pm – Looking for Life – FREE Screening! (Haiti) 

8:00pm – The Black Mozart in Cuba (Guadeloupe/Cuba) 


2:00pm – African Women Directors: Zara M. Yacoub & Khady Sylla (Chad, Senegal)

3:20pm – I’m Not a Witch (Zambia)

5:15pm – No Shade – Back by popular demand! (UK)

7:40pm – The Green Book: Guide to Freedom – Q&A (USA) 


2:00pm – Foreign Body(Tunisia)

4:00pm – Black Divas: Josephine Baker & Mary Lou Williams(Germany, USA)

6:30pm – Teddy Pendergrass: If You Don’t Know Me  (UK/USA)

The African Diaspora International Film Festival WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH PROGRAM is made possible in part thanks to the support of the following institutions and individuals: ArtMattan Productions; the Office of the Vice President for Diversity and Community Affairs, Teachers College, Columbia University; the New York City Council in the Arts; the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Development Corporation administered by LMCC; and WBAI.

Described by film critic Armond White as “a festival that symbolizes diaspora as more than just anthropology,” ADIFF has managed to increase the presence of independent Afrocentric films from all over the world in the general American specialty movie scene by launching films such as The Tracker by Rolf de Heer (Australia), Kirikou and the Sorceress by Michel Ocelot (France), Gospel Hill by Giancarlo Esposito (USA), Darrat/Dry Season by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun (Chad), Scheherazade, Tell Me a Story by Yousry Nasrallah (Egypt), The Pirogue by Moussa Touré (Senegal), White Lies by Dana Rotberg (New Zealand), and The Citizen by Roland Vranik (Hongary), among others.

Attracting a wide cross-section of cinephiles and audiences of African-American, Caribbean, African, Latino and European ethnic backgrounds who share a common interest for thought provoking, well crafted, intelligent and entertaining stories

Diarah N'Daw-Spech
African Diaspora International Film Festival
+1 212-864-1760
email us here
Visit us on social media:

No Shade – Back by popular demand!

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Calling All Saints Fans to Help "Get the Ref!"

New Comedy In The Works About the Infamous NFC Championship "Missed Call"


Feature film comedy "Get the Ref" seeks Saints fans for financing. Joanne Busch, president of Prior Military Productions, Inc. (PMP) in West Hollywood, CA is reaching out to loyal Saints fans for immediate crowdfunding support.

"This is more than a movie," states Busch. "Ever since I witnessed the No-Call I wanted to do something for the fans and the whole state of Louisiana to make things right. You don't get that many chances at Super Bowl berth."

PMP retrains disabled U.S. military veterans (especially those with PTSD and trauma related injuries) in the film/TV industry. "Get the Ref!" is a comedy written by one of the vets whose family, ironically is in Louisiana. It centers on the now infamous No-Call and specific groups like disgruntled fans, mafia members, gamblers and others who decide to find and exact retribution from the ref who refused the call.

"It's a comedy," says Joanne, "Don't read too much into it. It's like Airplane or The Naked Gun franchises, lots of doggerel or silly jokes. The writer, however, chose to use subtle context of social commentary and current events to bolster the story in a creative way."

She gives a few examples. "For instance, TV news pundits blame Donald Trump for the no-call claiming his policies set up a culture of societal malcontent allowing, if not fostering, an environment of egregious mistakes – stupid but funny, I know. One of my favorites though is where a bunch of fans are on the tour bus singing as they go looking for the ref. They sing: '99 referees on the wall, 99 refs on the wall – You take one down, smack him around, 98 referees on the wall.' Silly but all in good humor."

All joking aside, Busch is working with bank in Hollywood willing to assist her
$5 million movie budget. "I've got an excellent banker (Adrian Ward) at Banc of California," says Busch. "This is how it works. The bank needs collateral like any other type of loan. My finance plan includes 50% of the ($5M) budget in private equity or cash. The state tax incentive takes care of about 30% and one of my international sales agents will get the rest in foreign presales (about $1M). American football is big in the UK so presales aren't a problem. My only challenge is the equity portion."

Joanne is reaching out to fans for help. "First of all, I'm not your typical producer. I've been a registered nurse for nearly (30) years. I care about people. Part of this film's proceeds will go directly to victims of natural disasters in Louisiana. I cannot abide that many victims have not received a dime. How is this possible?"

She continues, "In essence, the fans, the vets and myself are pulling together to make a film that will impact the movie industry illustrating the power of fans and movie-goers willing to give back to the community. It's not all about money – love is the key ingredient."

Joanne is asking for simple donations of $10 – $25 – $50 or whatever you can afford. "If we could circumvent a bank loan and go directly to pre-production that would be a giant blessing," says Busch, "But with 350,00 people in New Orleans and over 4 million in the state of Louisiana, surely we can raise $2.5M and get this movie going! For those willing to do a little more at the INVESTOR level ($5,000 or more), 100% dollar-for-dollar tax deduction from IRS Tax Code. Whatever your level, we appreciate your help!"

"For all the fans who participate, I want to have a VIP screening of the finished film at the dome on the real "Big Screen" – I feel like the old Our Gang episodes when they would say – 'I know, we'll put on a show!' Let's see what happens – And thank you loyal Saints Fans. How about a Super Bowl this year for real??? Let's Go Saints!!!”

To donate go to: Get The Ref – Support or if you are reading this offline…

Phone Interview inquiries:

Joanne Busch
Prior Military Productions, Inc.
+1 702-789-0714
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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