Introducing Alie: An AI-Powered Smart Recommender System for Website & Application

alie ai powered recommendation system

Alie – AI Driven Recommendation Engine

Accurate analysis of user data and recommendation of personalized content made easy with Alie, the AI-powered recommender tool.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, January 30, 2019 / — New York-based OTT platform provider Muvi, today launched Alie, an AI-powered smart recommender system designed to recommend customized recommendations to its users based on their individual tastes. It may be noted here that Alie is the first AI product from Muvi which has built its niche in the streaming industry for its highly customizable end-to-end video & audio streaming platform.

Alie is an AI-driven Recommendation Engine for any online business, blogging platform, and websites. Alie deploys machine learning and deep learning algorithms to capture and analyze individual user data and recommend personalized content in real-time with impeccable accuracy. Alie edges out its contemporaries because of its predictive ability to generate meaningful, yet non-obvious recommendations to visitors thereby providing them with a customized browsing environment.

Ipsita Nayak, Product Manager, Alie, quotes, “We wanted to build a recommender service for a while but did not want to fall into the category of the existing ones. Alie is the brainchild of a handful of data scientists from Muvi who have been studying the content consumption behavior and browsing pattern of end users for years. The acutely researched and rigorously rehearsed version has just been introduced to the market. Alie’s expertise in areas like machine learning, data mining and predictive modeling are expected to help website and app owners immensely.”

Alie is currently priced at $99 per month and it’s touted to be the most affordable and scalable recommender service available in a rather fragmented market. Assuring faster data integration, Alie just needs store owners to configure the API endpoints of their data source and they are all set. Take a look at the features of Alie.

“Alie is the solution to online store owners’ longstanding product discovering issues. Be it a content website or an e-commerce store, Alie fits them all and marks off all desired categories. The real-time recommendation by Alie single-handedly addresses issues such as lesser user engagement and minimal conversion rate. With real-time updating and learning, Alie hits the bull’s eye when it comes to accuracy and efficiency of the recommendation it makes. Available for a 14-day Free Trial and $99 per month afterward, Alie is here to prove that quality comes with affordability too”, says Jyoti Nayak, Senior Marketing Manager, Alie.

About Alie:

Alie is Muvi’s first AI product. Built on a state-of-the-art architecture, neat design and coupled with features such as easy integration, advanced algorithms, and real-time recommendation, Alie captures and analyzes user data to make accurate product/content recommendation as per individual user’s taste and preference. Best suited for OTT services, e-commerce sites, and content portals, Alie is known for hassle-free integration and commits to 100% Transparent data usage.

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Source: EIN Presswire