Indian Billionaires Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal Congratulated by RahTwoFive on Marriage

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RaH Two Five Congratulates Indian Billionaires Isha Ambani, and Anand Piramal on Marriage

Congratulations to you Anand and Isha on your great wedding! I think that it is really cool that you had Beyoncé there!”

— Rah TwoFive

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, US, December 19, 2018 / — Hip Hop Singer Rah TwoFive, America's favorite new rapper of Indian origin, who can rap in fluent English, Hindi, Punjabi, and even some Spanish, made a point to congratulate today India's own Isha Ambani, and Anand Piramal on their marriage, and their wedding which happened this month in Mumbai. Isha is daughter of Nita and Mukesh Ambani. The brides' father; Mr. Ambani, is son of the late Dhirubhai, founder of India's reported 60 billion dollar Reliance Industries. The groom; Anand Pirmael, is son of billionaire Ajay Piramal.

The reported seven day double-billionaire family wedding party took place for over one-thousand guests in Udaipur, Rajasthan State in India, with Beyoncé reportedly providing musical entertainment. The billionaire wedding was also reportedly attended by Hillary Clinton, as well as other local Indian billionaires. According to the December 11, 2018 issue of Forbes dot com, "billionaires Kumar Birla and Sunil Mittal," as well as "steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal, metals magnate Anil Agarwal and billionaire banker Uday Kotak," were along in attendance, among many more.

Rah TwoFive states to the bride and groom; "Congratulations to you Anand and Isha on your great wedding! I think that it is really cool that you had Beyoncé there!" Rah adds, "I would love to come over to India sometime there and meet you." As noted in his official biography, “Hailing from Detroit, RaH is ready to dominate not only America, but also the massive Indian Bollywood market, Europe, and the rest of the world as well. His biography also notes that ‘With the first three letters of his full name; “Rahul,” turning into his artist name, RaH got his nickname back in high school, which his friends used to call him. RaH states, “I think it’s cool, because it’s the name of the sun god of Egyptian mythology, and I love the sun! My family and I traveled to Egypt around the same time I got the nickname, and it just stuck.”

RaH adds that he is really into fashion, and started a fashion label, and loves the colors and clothing styles in Egypt such as gold and turquoise. He also adds that he started reading and studying about Egyptian mythology, and really got into it. He is working on some new pieces now.

Living in Los Angeles, RaH says, “There are so many creatives and big thinkers here. They understand my artistic approach to life, so it’s easy to form a good team for my creative projects. I also love the weather and scenery here.”

With a love of music, and an array of musical influences, RaH states that he is influenced by “People who are not afraid to express their true feelings, even if it’s controversial to the general public.” Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Drake, Usher, Diddy, The Weekend, and Billy Joel have influenced the young singer, adding that he is influenced by “artists who perform at a super-high level, and take their artistry beyond the music; into short films, and amazing shows.” Michael Jackson, he reveals, is probably his biggest influence, from his music, to his dance, to his fashion, videos, and more.

RaH is also heavily into dance and choreography, having joined a hip hop dance group in college, and also learning and performing the Punjabi style of dance from India. RaH says that he plans to include some of his dance work in some of his future videos.

Now with nine solid tracks out, and three new music videos to his credit for "Fire," “Super Winner” and “Purple Tears,” RaH’s passion is quickly paying off, with an impressive and rapidly growing fan base. If having to label his music, RaH states that his “music is based in hip hop and R&B, but that it has a jazz, lounge, and pop feel to it, and wants to mix genres, not being stuck into any one style or genre.”

Recently returning back to L.A. from a visit to Miami to work on a new music video, RaH says he plans to release a new 10 song album later this month, which he says will be an R&B album, with a Christmas song. RaH encourages other singers and musicians, and reported earlier on NewsBlaze, “Don’t give up! Continuously perfect your craft by fixing your weak points. Summing up his life philosophy, RaH states, "Believe in yourself more than anyone else, and know inside that one-hundred-percent for sure, you will reach your goals! This works for me!" RaH says.

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