FansTime helps fans connect in a new way with the creators they love most

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, November 2, 2018 / — FansTime is putting the power in the hands of those that deserve it most: the fans. Welcome to Celebrity Stock. Backed with blockchain technology, FansTime has created a community that is empowering fans — allowing them to engage like never before with celebrities, influencers, and content creators alike. Fans can now support the creators they love by investing in them directly.

Celebrity Stock allows creators to have a direct relationship with their biggest fans. As fans show support and invest, they benefit with exclusive rewards and behind-the-scenes content. And as the creator’s career grows, so do the fans’ return on investment. Fans become investors, fandoms become money markets.

The original problem is that when a fan wants to show a support for a celebrity, there aren’t many options. They can see one of their movies, go to one of their concerts, or buy some of their merchandise. What many don’t realize — the celebrity will only end up seeing a fraction of what the fan paid upfront. Third parties have too much power and control between the celebrity and fans.

Celebrity Stock is another step FansTime has taken to empower the fans and creators. Through this community, fans can invest straight into celebrities themselves, getting rid of third parties taking their unfair share. Additionally, fans can now earn dividends and membership rewards on top of showing support for the stars they love. Even fans who think they have what it takes have a chance to become the star themselves!

FansTime is committed to elevating the fans and building relationships. Emerging celebrities, influencers and content creators also benefit in this ecosystem by being able to interact with their biggest contributors. Allowing fans to invest directly into creators puts a fair value on the creator’s intellectual property — meaning great content that stands out will enjoy the success it deserves.

This community is all backed by the FTI token, which is listed on major exchanges like Huobi Global,, CoinEgg and Bit-Z.
How is celebrity stock good for FTI holders?
FansTime will draw 50% of the fees generated from Celebrity Stock listing and spend it on FTI buyback. 10% of the listing fees will be rewarded to the community members who have a big contribution to the FansTime App promotion.
Meanwhile, FansTime only accept FTI as the Security Deposit against risks may happen during the whole listing process. The total of the Security Deposit in FTI will be locked to open ERC20 addresses.

With Celebrity Stock, fandom is no longer a one-way street.

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