The Pink Preacher Of Dallas Launches The World’s First 1090 Ministry

Through Ecclesiastic Entrepreneurship, The Pink Preacher plans on having 10% of the members financially supporting the remaining 90% of members.

. God has called the Pink Preacher to financially support 18,000 Bolder Doers with 150 Ecclesiastic entrepreneurs.”

— Andre Paul

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2018 / — In Acts 6, seven people were appointed to wait tables, that is, to make money through Kingdom Entrepreneurism. The wealth they created supported hundreds to spread the Gospel. The result? The number of souls saved MULTIPLIED!!!! The goal of Bolder Doers is to financially support 18,000 Bolder Doers with 100+ Soulprayners to reach millions of souls across the globe.

Members tithes, instead of going to build buildings or to church staff salaries, go to build Kingdom businesses. The profits from these businesses go to support Bolder Doers members to go and do God’s work. Eventually, these kingdom businesses will financially support 90% of Bolder Doers members to do God’s work.

And Bolder Doers members are expected to watch our weekly messages at their convenience and financially donate to Bolder Doers. If they can’t donate, they can Crash Tables (www.CrashTables.Com) once a week. Vote in large Bolder Doers ministry decisions. Complete the Bolder Doers course and meet with Bolder Doers in their community once a month. They are encouraged to continue to attend their local church.

Bolder Doer's seven-year goal includes supporting 18,000 Bolder Doers across the globe with salaries up to $72,000.

One report states seven out ten kids are leaving the church. 47% of people don’t go to church in America. For every 1000 people that attend Sunday church in America, only 2 people are financially supported to reach the lost. Only 4% of the tithes that go into a church goes outside the four walls to help people. 90% of Christians would quit their jobs to expand’s God kingdom if they were financially supported.

Like it or not, as an employee – hourly or salaried – people are just economic slaves. Western churches keep Christians in financial slavery because they operate as a traditional money-making business and provide no hope of economic freedom. Jesus set people free spiritually. He also left an economic model to set Christians economically free too. Bolder Doers ministry is based on the Biblical V-model found Acts 6 that will set members free from financial slavery. In Acts 6, there's a Biblical model that allowed seven people to financially support – wait tables – so hundreds could go and do God’s work.

"Don’t take our word for it. Read Acts 6 and discover for yourself the Biblical model that allowed seven people to financially support hundreds to go and do God’s work," states the Pink Preacher. Paul Brough, the Pink Preacher, is the founder of Bolder Doers. For 20 years he was fearlessly living the perfect life absent of God. He didn’t suffer one day of depression in 20 years. Then 12 years ago, an undeniable miracle occurred that convinced him that God is Alive. God called Paul to give up his $3,000 a day IT career and his perfect Caribbean life. By faith, he faced his greatest fears and invested $100K in God’s outrageous Kingdom business. Paul was in AWE as he experienced 15 miracles and a divine 4 month ROI. God has called the Pink Preacher to financially support 18,000 Bolder Doers with 150 Ecclesiastic entrepreneurs. Or as Paul calls them, Soulprayneurs.

Everything Bolder Doers ministry does glorifies God and lifts up the name of Jesus. We’ve already gathered talented, creative people to be part of the a new 1090 Kingdom film studios. The film studio, Castle V, will eventually provide the economic financial engine to financially support 18,000 Bolder Doers to go and do God's work.

"Rejoice Doers, change is coming," states the Pink Preacher. Within the next seven years, Bolder Doers’ kingdom businesses will be able to financially support 18,000 Bolder Doers and reach millions of souls around the world. God also told the Paul Brough if he runs to be the next President of the United States he'd win.

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