Vla, from the PiuBook “Gypsy Love: Dream or Realty?” by Valeria Lopes

Vla, from the PiuBook “Gypsy Love: Dream or Realty?” by Valeria Lopes

Book Cover - Gypsy Love

Book Cover – Gypsy Love

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Do you believe in the wonders of life and its mysteries?

BOCA RATON, FL, ESTADOS UNIDOS, April 30, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — There are house elves. Heroic house elves!

There are Middle-Earth elves. Fair and wise, with great spiritual powers, keen senses and a close empathy with nature.

There are serious elves. There are frivolous elves.

And there are duendes: in Portuguese and Iberian folklore, they are beings of a small stature wearing big hats, whistling a mystical song, while walking in the forest. In some Latin American cultures, duendes are the helpers of people who get lost in the forest, so they could find their way home.

They are mischievous. But they are compassionate. They are magical. But they are practical. They are spiritual. They are down to earth. And they share with their people the wisdom of the ages.

Do you believe in elves? If not, why not?

If you need them, they will find you. But you need to get out into nature, disconnect, and listen to the trees.

Author Valeria Lopes of Brazil advises what has become a part of Japanese culture. It’s called shinrin-yoku in Japanese—literally translated as “forest bathing”—and it’s very simple: immerse yourself in the forest, absorb its sights, sounds, and smells, and you will reap numerous psychological and physiological benefits. And your elf, if you need one, may visit you!!

Of course, to have an elf, you need to believe in elves. If you’d like to know more about how they choose which people to visit, then take a look inside the book: “Gypsy Love: Dream or Reality?” by Valeria Lopes from PiuBook Publishing.

You’ll travel to a world of mysteries and ancient wisdom and you’ll meet Vla, the heroic, mischievous elf.

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Valéria Lopes was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With the help of her friends in the spiritual world, she developed her mediumship, learning how to use this gift to aid others.

With novels, inspirational tales, and autobiographical stories dedicated to bringing spiritual messages, the value of opening one’s heart to love along with other valuable life lessons to North and South American audiences in English, Spanish and Portuguese, The PiuBook Publishing Company (www.piubook.com) is creating a new niche in the book business.

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