Can Castle V Dethrone Google As Top Company To Work At? Seven Reasons Why It’s Likely To Happen.

Castle V Startup Plans To Combine Co-living, Co-owning, and Co-working Inside A Modern-day Castle

Google’s amenities won’t hold a candle to the ones planned inside Castle V.”

— Castle V Co-Founder

DALLAS, UNITED STATES, November 8, 2017 / — This year marks Google’s six years in a row as Fortune’s top company to work at. Google has topped Fortune's list eight times in the past eleven years. It’s a pretty bold thinking that a startup can dethrone Google as the top company to work at. But that’s exactly what the founders of Castle V believe their startup will do. Castle V's founders dethroning plan includes combining co-living, co-owning, and sharing placed inside a modern-day castle with almost every conceivable amenity. Creating seven reasons why its likely to happen.

One. Amenities. Castle V plans to have almost every conceivable amenity. They include a movie theater, rock climbing, ice skating rink, water park, trampoline park, nightclub, wine and beer bar, doggie daycare resort, surf simulator and much more. "Google's amenities won’t hold a candle to the ones planned inside Castle V." states a Castle V founder.

Two. Shared Toys. Unlike Google, everyone inside Castle V will be able to roll like multi-millionaire with all the 'Big Boy Toys' they'll get to play with. People living inside the castle will share things like RVs, boats, Tesla cars, ATV's, jet skis, motorcycles and much more.

Three. Wholly Sustainable. 100% of Castle V’s power will come from renewable energy. It will also grow and raise all of its food. Castle V will become the first ever wholly sustainable company in the world. Say goodbye to toxic GMO foods.

Four. Employee Ownership. The company inside Castle V will be employee-owned. That means employees destinies won’t be in the hands of a few people at the top of a totalitarian-controlled business. Castle V'rs – a.k.a. people living inside Castle V – will have a say in their company’s future and share in the wealth it creates.

Five. More Money. The average rent for a one bedroom apartment in Google's HQ city of Mountian View, California is $3300 a month. People inside the castle won’t have rent, utilities, transportation or entertainment expenses. Elimination of these costs puts an extra $5000 a month into people’s pockets. Add these savings to Castle V’s planned competitive salaries and shared company profits and Castle V'rs will be smiling all the way to the bank. The founders predict that the first one hundred and twenty-five Castle V'rs will be worth over one million dollars after five years.

Six. Stress-Free. “By eliminating people's’ fears, we’ll create a stress-free culture. The constant fear of being laid off creates an unimaginable amount of stress inside an organization. It will take a community vote to kick out a bad apple,” states a Castle V founder. Spreading people’s talents across multiple industries like; technology, education, entertainment secures Castle V financial future and eliminates future mass layoff fears. No stressing over medical bills either with onsite doctors, dentists, and veterinarians. Living inside the castle reduces rush hour, cooking, and safety stresses too.

Seven. Quality Relationships. Harvard completed a 75-year study. The multi-decade research concluded that quality relationships are the key to a happier and healthier life. “We believe GREAT friendships will spawn inside a castle with a stress-free culture where people are living, working, and sharing things. Making it the top place in the world to work and live.” states a Castle V founder.

Will combining co-living, co-owning and sharing inside a modern-day castle dethrone Google as the top company to work for? The world is about to find out. Go to to register for their free live launch webcast event on 11-11.

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o-living, Co-owning, and Sharing Inside A Modern-day Castle

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