Actress Lisa Chandler joins an ensemble cast in S.W.A.T.: UNDER SIEGE

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, July 31, 2017 / —

The Drug War Hits Home in the Explosive Action-Thriller being released on Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital August 1, 2017

Starring Sam Jaeger, Adrianne Palicki and Michael Jai White

Stunt actor Lisa Chandler also adds thrills on Altered Carbon, Lucifer, Supergirl and Supernatural  

When the drug war hits home, the tables are turned in the explosive action-thriller S.W.A.T.: UNDER SIEGE, available to own on Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital August 1 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. In the latest high-octane adventure in the S.W.A.T. franchise, LAPD’s Special Weapons and Tactics team (S.W.A.T.) must defend their compound from a series of assault units seeking to recover a mysterious prisoner with ties to a powerful drug cartel.

Lisa Chandler plays Phoenix, a tough S.W.A.T. officer who considers her team family members in S.W.A.T.: UNDER SIEGE. Phoenix is a “tough chick” who loves to crack the dirty jokes with the gang and stops at nothing to carry out a fully completed mission, even if that means being bold and taking one for the team. Lisa also completes the stunts for her character.

Starring Sam Jaeger (TV’s “Parenthood,” American Sniper), Adrianne Palicki (TV’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” John Wick) and Michael Jai White (Never Back Down series, The Dark Knight), S.W.A.T.: UNDER SIEGE features hard-hitting performances, hair-trigger suspense, and intense combat and gunfight sequences action fans won’t want to miss. Produced by Neal H. Moritz (Fast and the Furious series, S.W.A.T., S.W.A.T.: Firefight), S.W.A.T.: UNDER SIEGE was directed by Tony Giglio (Extraction, Chaos) and written by Jonas Barnes (Babysitter Wanted) and Keith Domingue and produced by Neal H. Moritz, Vicki Sotheran (30 Days of Night: Dark Days, Hollow Man II) and Greg Malcolm (30 Days of Night: Dark Days, Hollow Man II). Executive producer is Jonas Barnes.

From Anne Hathaway to Charlize Theron and a host of many others in-between, Lisa’s career has enabled her to work with some of Hollywood’s A-list actors. Lisa is a multi-talented performer who switches gears from stunts to acting, and incorporates the two depending on the role. In Tully,she worked with Oscar Award winner Charlize Theron where she performed water stunts. She doubled Margaret Qualley on the thriller film Death Note, as well as Elizabeth Lail on Dead of Summer.

As Vancouver stunt actor Lisa, is currently extremely busy with roles on Supergirl doubling Chyler Leigh and The Crossing doubling Natalie Martinez. Lisa plays seducer, Mary Lou Henchy, in the newly anticipated Netflix series Altered Carbon which is set in the future where consciousness is digitized and stored in cortical stacks implanted in the spine, allowing humans to survive physical death by having their memories and consciousness "re-sleeved" into new bodies.

If you have watched Once Upon a Time, Man in the High Castle, Bates Motel, Fifty Shades Darker, Britney Ever After or Aftermath, you have seen Lisa’s stunt work in action. Lisa also stunt doubled for Rose Marie DeWitt on the spine-chilling horror film Poltergeist, in which she also got to work alongside Sam Rockwell. Lisa has also been a part of many Lifetime and Hallmark films and is a regular with the Supernatural team working with Jared Padalecki and Jenson Ackles ‘fighting them and demons’ for over 17 episodes.

Lisa’s acting credits also include Lucifer, Reign, Motive, Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Lost Without You, and Random Acts of Romance, just to name a few.

Lisa’s workout is not your ordinary regimen. “As a stunt performer, training is 90% of the job and filming is 10%”, says Lisa. She trains in the water doing free-diving/scuba, film fighting, wirework, boxing, MMA and anything that challenges and prepares her for what may come. Lisa’s motto is “Anything is possible in the world of stunts so be ready”.

Lisa grew up in Kelowna, BC and Peterborough, Ontario, and now resides in Vancouver, BC.

For more information, photographs and interviews please contact:
Lesley Diana | | 604-726-5575

S.W.A.T.: UNDER SIEGE has a run time of approximately 89 minutes and is rated R for violence and language throughout.

Visit Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on the Web at

Artwork and digital clips are available for download at

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Twitter handle:

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From The Headlines Of Tomorrow’s Papers Comes A Brave New Novel

Debut novelist Matthew Jones has just created an alarmingly insightful thriller which mirrors current political events in the U.S.A. and Russia

It’s a powerhouse thriller of the best kind, with a clear protagonist who, despite being a man from the shadows, you really relate to. ”

— The Book Reviewer

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2017 / — It would be easy to think that author Matthew Jones wrote this book just after the 2016 American elections. However, the book was already in progress as the Russians were allegedly weaving their webs through the campaign.
So, did he have some inside knowledge as to what was happening? Jones is not telling but what he does say, is that it’s not just coincidence.
Sicarius is the debut novel of author Matthew Jones and tells the story of a professional hitman whose latest target, a U.S Governor, is deeply muddled with Russian organised crime.
The book also touches on the widespread fear of terrorist attacks currently on the minds of most of the Western World.
Asked how he managed to create a story with such resonance to current events, Matthew said, “It’s difficult for an author to write without being affected by world events surrounding one. Widespread political corruption, terrorism and the ever encroaching surveillance of the population are impacting more and more on the lives of ordinary people. I just needed to add a central plot.”
Sicarius is already receiving high acclaim with the influential Book Reviewer describing it as “A powerhouse thriller of the best kind.” And the Book Blogger commenting, “It’s a story you’ll recognize but it’s well written and fast-paced.”
Sicarius is published by Mirador Publishing who seem to have built a reputation for launching a number of successful new authors. Sarah Luddington, Mirador’s Commissioning Editor said, “When this landed on our desks we were so stunned as to how current the subject matter. That we actually compressed our normal release schedule to accommodate it.”

Sicarius is on sale now and is available as both a paperback and eBook in all main formats.

Mirador Publishing can be contacted via their website at

Matthew Jones can be contacted

Press Room
Mirador Publishing
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Oprah Winfrey Network to Feature NC Charity on August 12

Visually Impaired Surf Camp 2017 – Courtesy of Star-News Media

Jaylen Stanley with Jack Viorel – Courtesy of Jesse Stephenson

World Premiere in North Carolina August 10

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC, USA, July 27, 2017 / — The Hero Effect, a one-hour documentary-series on the Oprah Winfrey Network, spotlights North Carolina’s Indo Jax Surf Charities on Sat., Aug. 12, at 10 AM. A world premiere and celebration will be in Wrightsville Beach on Thursday, Aug. 10, from 6 ‘til 9 PM, hosted and contributed by Blockade Runner Beach Resort.

Shot on-location in Wrightsville Beach and co-hosted by Super Bowl Champ Donald Driver and actress Emily Wilson, this episode documents a visually impaired surf camp, one in a roster of free camps designed by founder Jack Viorel to build self-esteem and empower medically fragile, special needs, and disadvantaged children.

The Hero Effect series was made in partnership with United Way Worldwide and shot in ten different communities across the United States. Available in over 80-million homes via OWN, each episode highlights a real-life story, showing the lives of ordinary people making extraordinary differences in their communities.

“Indo Jax Surf Charities uses the ocean as a classroom and surfing as a learning tool,” said Viorel. “We believe the ocean has unique healing properties with an ever-changing, unpredictable environment.

“Getting into the ocean and learning to surf, particularly special needs children, is a life-long lesson about stepping out of your comfort zone, into unpredictability, and removing limitations. Everything in life has a bit of fear. We teach the kids that it’s okay to be afraid.

“Our programs build higher self-confidence and teach a system children can apply to any situation or hurdle in the future. They leave with a formula to be more successful, conquer more challenges, and the ability to deal with fear,” said Viorel.

“I encourage anybody thinking about surf camp to go for it,” said Eric Stanley, parent of 11-year old Jaylen, who is unable to see and is courageously battling Juvenile Batten disease. “Jack and his team are great. They’re very patient and know how to work with kids. A parent does not have to worry…”

With programs in North Carolina, California, Nicaragua and India, the Indo Jax schedule includes camps specially formatted for autism, visual impairment, childhood cancer, cystic fibrosis, Boys and Girls Clubs, Children of Belarus, the Boys and Girls Home of Lake Waccamaw, inclusion camps, and special needs camps.

In 2017, Indo Jax Surf Charities will serve and assist about 1,000 children, at no charge. “We take on the responsibility of raising the money,” said Viorel. “Most families with medically fragile, special needs, or at-risk children are struggling to make ends meet.”

Contributions from individuals, businesses, foundations and corporate sponsors fund the surf camp programs. “United Health Care has supported the program for three years, The Jordan Spieth Foundation came on board last year, and this year Live Oak Bank joined the team,” said Viorel. “Blockade Runner Beach Resort has been a solid supporter.”

Click here for August 10 Premiere Party Reservations

Click here for Accommodations

Click here for Media Photos and Archives

Jack Viorel, director
Indo Jax Surf Charities

Robert B Butler
Communications | PR

To learn more about The Hero Effect:

To learn more about Batten disease:

Permission granted for redistribution and republishing

#IndoJaxSurfCharities #WrightsvilleBeach #NorthCarolina #SpecialNeeds #VisuallyImpaired #ChildhoodCancer #Autism #SurfersHealing MauliOlaFoundation #CysticFibrosis #UnitedHealthCare #BlockadeRunnerBeachResort #OWN #OprahWinfreyNetwork #TheHeroEffect #LiveOakBank #JordanSpiethFoundation #JuvenileBattenDisease

Robert Butler
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Adult Star Alison Tyler Pens First Person Essay Wonder Woman vs Wonder Woman for Simply Sxy

Alison Tyler in Batman vs Superman XXX

A Unique Perspective on Female Empowerment from the Star of Batman vs Superman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, July 26, 2017 / — Tall, curvaceous adult star Alison Tyler has penned a first-person essay for sexual wellness website, comparing her portrayal of Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody, to Gal Gadot’s portrayal of the iconic superhero in the summer blockbuster movie, Wonder Woman.

“I was very excited when I heard there was a mainstream blockbuster Wonder Woman movie coming out, but I admit, I was disappointed when the news was released that Gal Gadot had been selected to play Wonder Woman,” wrote Alison. “The Princess of Amazons is supposed to be strong and bold and well, Amazonian, which means tall, voluptuous, curvy and all that good stuff.”

Alison recounts her own personal point of view in reviewing the highest-grossing movie this summer, not only as an adult entertainer and a fitness instructor, but also as a tall, awkward teenager in middle and high school.

“It wasn’t until I started getting into competitive in sports that I started to embrace my height, and once I started to embrace it, it became a feeling that was forever growing and evolving.,” wrote Alison.

To read the entire essay go here

You may follow Simply Sxy on and on Twitter at and on Facebook at

Fans may follow Alison Tyler on and, on Twitter at and on Instagram Alison is a licensed yoga instructor and teaches classes in Orange County, CA and has her own health and fitness website

About Alison Tyler:

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Alison Tyler made a name for herself as a model in the highly controversial adult film industry while pursuing a business degree at a nearby college. As the curvaceous beauty took charge of her entertainment career and her education, Tyler sought out new adventures around the world. From humanitarian work to more personal journeys seeking a new perspective on life Tyler has backpacked and studied the culture of more than 15 countries. In the fall of 2013, after launching a successful individual website with the Puba Network, Tyler took an interest and dedicated herself to the world of fitness and health. Having an athletic background this seemed a natural fit. Shortly after, Tyler obtained a Personal Trainers certification as well as education in nutrition. She has now set her sights on completing yoga courses to obtain her teacher certification which will further enable her to test the boundaries of the general public perception of adult models by diving into new entrepreneurial enterprises within the fitness industry.

Alison Tyler continues her journey living in Southern California, expressing herself through her painting and yoga, traveling the world and strives daily to break down the barriers and change the views the general public has about the adult industry and the women within it.

Publicist: Lainie Speiser, 201-920-2777;

Lainie Speiser
Lainie Speiser Publicity
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250 years ago, in 1767, Captain Samuel Wallis discovered Tahiti. (By Corinne RAYBAUD.)

TAHITI, POLYNESIA, July 26, 2017 / — Corinne RAYBAUD, Doctor of History at the University Paris X Nanterre and Doctor of law at the University Montesquieu Bordeaux IV has focused her research activities on the history of Tahiti, Easter island and the islands of the eastern Pacific ocean. Her specialities are Easter island between 1862 and 1888 and the development of the law in eastern Polynesia from 1767 to 1945. Corinne Raybaud lives in Tahiti.
Her first book published in 1996 is dedicated to Easter Island. Since 2008, she wrote books based on her universitary works on Easter Island and polynesian laws and the Oceanic French Establishments during WWI (1914-1918). She is the co-author of two biographies on John Brander and Dutrou Bornier two influent people during the 19th century in the Pacific. In 2011, she published a historical novel today known as Cornelia which relates the story of a great tahitian family from the 19th century to nowadays. In 2012 and 2013 she wrote short stories about women in Tahiti where she narrated their brave and moving lives.
Her last book named " Wallis discovered Tahiti, 250 years ago in 1767" relates the circumnavigation of Captain Samuel Wallis on the Dolphin, the discovery of Tahiti then called "Island of King George III" and the first meeting between European navigators and Tahitian people. She had the project to make small movies about the arrival of the first navigators.
Samuel Wallis (1728-1795). In 1766, Samuel Wallis who had already served under Commodore John Byron became at 38 years old the captain of the HMS Dolphin. On June 19, 1767, he discovered Tahiti. Wallis decided to name the island of Tahiti after the King George III, who ruled Britain at that moment. After discovering Tahiti and lots of other islands in the Pacific he came back to England in May 1768. Even though he is not as famous as French Captain Louis Antoine de Bougainville and English Captain James Cook, Wallis was the one who first discovered Tahiti. When he came back to England he gave precious information to James Cook before he traveled across the Pacific and some men of his crew even sailed with Cook.
In 1767, Captain Samuel Wallis discovered Tahiti and anchored in Matavai Bay in the north of the island. He called the island "The Island of King George III"
Nine months later, in 1768 French Captain Louis Antoine de Bougainville arrived in Tahiti but anchored on the East coast (Hitia'a) and thought that he was the first to discover the island, and named it: "The New Cythera"
In 1769, Captain James Cook disembarked in Matavai in the same place where Samuel Wallis anchored, because Wallis came back to England just before Cook left forTahiti. He called the island : O'Taheite.
These circumnavigations lasted two or three years. There were dangerous. Scurvy was a painful and mortal disease and after these trips, captains used more oranges, limes, cabbage to save their crews.
For three years, 2017-2018-2019 we will celebrate in Tahiti the arrival of these famous explorers : Samuel Wallis in 1767, Louis Antoine de Bougainville in 1768, James Cook in 1769.

Mémoire du Pacifique
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Talent INC Canada Acting Coach, Paul Barnes Nominated For Dora Mavor Moore Award

John Stevens, Doug Sloan, Talent INC Canada, Talent INC, ACTRA, Toronto Film School, Acting Schools,

Paul Barnes, Second City, M Models, Talent INC Canada Reviews, Talent INC Canada Complaints, Colin McMurray, Casting Central, Mann Casting

Paul Barnes

Spencer Douglas, Talent INC Canada Reviews, Talent INC Canada Complaints, Colin McMurray Doug Sloan, John Stevens

Spencer Douglas

Paul Barnes and the cast of Superdude and Doctor Rude are nominated for a Dora award for Outstanding Ensemble Performance for Theatre for Young Audiences.

Paul is one of our most in-demand coaches here at Talent INC Canada”

— Doug Sloan, Talent INC Canada

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, July 26, 2017 / — Paul Barnes, who is represented by Colin McMurray & Associates, is a graduate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and the Second City Conservatory program. He is An actor, comedian, and a very talented puppeteer. Paul has spent four years as a key cast member of the Second City's Educational and Family Companies here in Toronto. He is also a principal cast member on the TVO/Jim Henson kid's show Hi Opie!, and performs with various improv and sketch troupes around Toronto such as Improv Against Humanity, DogScience, We Happy Few and Men with Mustaches. He is delighted that he gets to spend his adult working life playing with toys and making pretend.

His critically acclaimed show, Superdude and Doctor Rude, produced by the infamous Second City, was a huge hit for youth audiences and families from across the GTA. In fact, the cast was nominated for a prestigious Dora Mavor Moore award.

"Paul is one of our most in-demand coaches here at Talent INC Canada. He puts so much of himself into each and every class and more than capable to teach so much more than just Improvisation" asserts Doug Sloan, Co-Founder of Talent INC Canada.

We asked Mr. Barnes what he liked about teaching at Talent INC Canada and he boasted, "Working as an Improv instructor at Talent INC is a two-way teaching experience. Doug, John, and Kate have created a wonderful place for us all to learn. I see groups of such inspiring and creatively unique performers each and every time I am there. After I offer my guidance, experience, and encouragement, my real job is to get out of the way so that their own beautiful, hilarious voices can shout so loud that they surprise even themselves. Such is the nature of Improv. I am deeply proud of the quality of work that all of my Talent INC students have accomplished".

Paul has had great success with his classes covering Audition Technique, Improvisation, Commercial Technique, Scene Study and Monologue work. All of Talent INC Canada's classes culminate into a final performance at a local venue.

"We are really trying to give actors the opportunity to add to both their training and performance credits on their professional resumes", says John Stevens the other Co-Founder of Talent INC Canada.

Teen actor Spencer Douglas, who is represented by Colin McMurray & Associates has been a booking machine and raves about Paul's classes.

"Improv is one of the most important tools an actor can have, and when it comes to Paul Barnes, he makes reaching that level of expertise exceptionally easy. I'm extremely happy that I've taken his classes and I'm going to continue training with him for as long as I can", exclaims Spencer.

John Stevens
Talent INC Canada (Ltd)
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Talent INC Canada Introduction

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Creative Startups Calls for Applicants to Compete for $190,000 in Prizes at Creative Business Cup

Creative Industry Pitch Competition for Global Investment

We’re looking for rock star creatives to apply for Team USA immediately.”

— Alice Loy

ALBUQUERQUE, NM, US, July 25, 2017 / — As powerful forces try to drive the US into isolation and antiquated businesses, Creative Startups, the leading accelerator for the Creative Economy, is fighting back: All US based startups in the creative industries, who have raised less than $1 million and with a founder over the age of 18 who holds a valid passport, are invited to apply to Team USA to compete in the global Creative Business Cup.

Founded in 2010, the “United Nations of Creative Entrepreneurs” is a global competition taking the winners from over 60 different countries and bringing them to Copenhagen for the marquee premier pitching event. Past judges include founders of Angry Birds, Stylus, and Middle Eastern royalty.

ONE TEAM MEMBER from the winning USA finalist’s team will receive:
• An all-expense paid trip to Copenhagen including round-trip airfare, hotel, meals, and CBC events, valued at $3,000 Nov 15-17, 2017
• $500 USD in cash for travel expenses
• $2,500 USD in consulting services including legal and accounting
• Expert coaching on investor pitching
• Access to global investors
• A chance to win $190,000 USD worth of prizes

Explains CEO and Co-founder of USA host, Creative Startups, Alice Loy: “For the first time in history the creative industries in the US are falling behind China, Australia, the UK, and others. We need to prove to the world that our creative entrepreneurs are still top contenders. We’re looking for rock star creatives with a large market potential business concept to apply for Team USA immediately.”

Five startups will be chosen as finalists for the USA competition. ONE TEAM MEMBER of each USA company will be flown (domestic airfare, hotel, and meals included) to Albuquerque, NM for a two-day business and pitch coaching intensive Sept 14-15, 2017. The mentors and judges will be selected from the 90+ world-class mentors who work with the Creative Startups Accelerators. The winner will go on to represent the USA in Copenhagen.

Applications are free, deadline is Aug 13, 2017. Go to: to apply.

About Creative Startups: Since 2014, this nonprofit accelerator has hosted 41 startups that have gone on to raise $9 million in private investment and generate $11 million in new revenues. Most impressively, 90% of their alumni companies are still going strong. Funded by the National Science Foundation and the Kauffman Foundation, Creative Startups has crafted a rigorous 8-week online business accelerator course designed by current and former Stanford educators. The Accelerator also provides a week-long Deep Dive, 90+ world-class mentors, access to angel and venture investors, and a pitch competition where the top three startups split a pool of $50,000 in seed-stage investment.

Justine Moore Luparello
Creative Startups
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Creative Business Cup 2016

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PARIS, FRANCE, July 21, 2017 / — In August 20017 new album by Daniel Roure


12 titles. from old french hits,(Trenet,Jean Sablon,Blossom Dearie,Eartha Kitt,Brel,Gainsbourg….)

Arrangements:Vocal, Jazzy and Lounge for smooth evenings of summer.!

With Christophe Le Van Bass/Philippe Le Van Drums/ Thomas Roure Sax Alto/Daniel Roure Vocal/Piano.

Daniel Roure for the love of "vintage France" Music and Jazz.

Daniel Roure
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Hewes Pictures LLC Acquires Much Sought-After Film “Hockey, Love and Superstitious Antics”

The "Film for a Cause" Scores Big in it's First Festival Appearance

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, July 19, 2017 / — The film “Hockey, Love and Superstitious Antics”, which generated an overwhelming response from the Palm Springs International Shorts Fest marketplace, has been acquired by Hewes Pictures LLC. The romantic comedy is written and directed by Cody Stauber, shot by Cinematographer Steve Foran of Hazel House Films and stars Stephen Rollins.

Hockey, Love and Superstitious Antics (HLSA) is the story of an overweight and insecure hockey fan with superstitious tendencies who finds himself urgently in need of a plus-one for a big work event. To help him out, his best friends set him up on a series of terrible dates in a hilarious search for Miss Right.

The film stars Stephen Rollins who returns to his acting roots after working behind the camera as a producer and director. "Stephen brought that aloof, nice guy charm I was hoping for. His facial expressions are hilarious," Stauber said.

The film also serves a special purpose. Teaming up with the National Foundation for Military Family Support, a 501 (c)3 charity that provides emergency support to military vets and families in need, the film was chosen to launch its “Hollywood for Heroes” program. This program teams up with Hollywood productions to provide on-the-job production experience for vets. If vets wish to pursue employment in film production, the Foundation will provide a scholarship for film school.

“I am extremely excited for the response that the film has garnered. It was so much fun to shoot, and for a good cause.” said Stephen Rollins. “I’m grateful to the National Hockey League and the LA Kings organization for their help and support in making the film.”

The early success of “Hockey, Love and Superstitious Antics” has now led to multiple upcoming productions with this team and Stephen Rollins starring. HLSA is set to make its premiere in August.

Follow the National Foundation for Military Family Support Services on social media Facebook at and Twitter at NFMFS website to find out about all their services. NFMFS has established programs designed to meet specific urgent needs for our service men and women, as well as their families.

'Hazel House Films' was created by Cody Stauber in Metro Detroit with cinematographer Steve Foran. Stauber earned his bachelor's degree in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts from Central Michigan University. Visit their website on and follow on Social media Twitter @HazelHouseFilms and Facebook

Kasey Connelly
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Hockey, Love and Superstitious Antics Trailer

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Australian Actor Artin John to star in upcoming Death Note Netflix blockbuster.

photo by Shimon

One of Australia's hottest new acting exports Artin John is set to star in Death Note, and prepares for two major upcoming lead roles.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 19, 2017 / — With just over a month left till Netflix releases it's highly anticipated Death Note US Adaptation to millions of viewers around the world; it's been confirmed that one of Australia's youngest most respected character actors Artin John, will be seen in the critical role of Anthony Skomal. Details of the role have been kept under wraps till now because of secrecy, John stating "while we can't reveal too much, the role certainly holds gravitas and is key to the Death Note Story". An inside source has confirmed that the studio didn't have the easiest time casting this role, "the studio required an extremely unique actor with a chameleon-like ability, and a heavy set of acting chops, to pull off the part successfully; which is why they ended up offering the part to John". There has been much speculation regarding the Manga adaptation, with John adding "I know there is a lot of hype, but I really think the fans will love what we have; and you can't go wrong with Willem Dafoe as Ryuk". Netflix has over 60 million subscribers from over 40 counties, so the release of Death Note, will be on of the largest cinematic releases of all time; John's involvement playing a key part in this.

John joins the Death Note action, starring alongside Hollywood A-List talent, Nat Wolff (The Fault in our stars), Keith Stanfield (Get Out), Margaret Qualley (The Leftovers), and Willem Dafoe (Spider-Man, Finding Nemo, Platoon); the film is directed by Adam Wingard (Godzilla vs Kong, Blair Witch), and is set to be released on August 25th. John states "this was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had on set, my character Skomal was a real thrill, and our second unit team led by Jason Eisener (Hobo with a Shotgun) was incredible. Jason really let us play".

One of Australia's highest regarded newspapers The Sunday Morning Herald, once called the 22 year old Bondi Sydney boy, "one of Australias most in demand, underrated actors", now aged 24, John has become one of Down Under's top thespian exports. Those in the industry who have worked with John have likened him to a young Pacino, De Niro, and Hoffman, with all the makings of a great character actor. John has accomplished notable success rather early in his career, having landed prominent roles on shows such as The X Files; where his critically acclaimed masterful portrayal of the lead role Shiraz, carried the episode Babylon, in front of a worldwide audience of tens of millions, a grand achievement in itself. The X Files Creator Chris Carter, and co-producer Gabe Rotter, were very pleased with John's performance, and the expert manner in which he handled such a delicate subject-matter; his work responsible for Babylon's critical and commercial success. John has also starred in shows such as iZombie, where he played Patrick Edward. iZombie director Michael Fields (Law & Order SVU) calling John "a very natural and subtle actor", encouraging members of CW's hit zombie dramedy crew to "keep their eye on this rising star". Fans will also recognize John from his comical genius on CW's Emily Owens M.D. as Intern Dr. Brian Matson, opposite Mamie Gummer. John was the youngest actor on the show to play a doctor at age 19; a Hollywood record, and mega distinguished achievement.

John is currently prepping for his lead roles on upcoming major motion pictures "Eleven Days of Hell", and "Druuna: Morbus Gravis", both directed by Hollywood VFX veteran, Marco Checa Garcia (Emmy win Game of Thrones, Oscar Nomination Iron Man 3, District 9, Captain America, Life of Pi), who is flying the flag for highly esteemed production company 2br02b productions. 2br02b productions is best known for the multi-award winning movie "to be or or naught to be", based on the famous short story by the great Kurt Vonnegut; which has been given the nod for an Oscar Nomination for Best Live Action Short at the 2018 Academy Awards, after having screened at two Academy Award Qualifying Festivals. To be or naught to be stars William B. Davis (The X Files Smoking Man, Artin John, Melissa Roxburgh (Star Trek Beyond, Valor) and Mackenzie Grey (Legion FX, Man of Steal). To be or Naught To Be was sound designed by BAFTA winning sound designer Martin Cantwell (Casino Royale, Kingsman Secret Service, Harry Potter). 2BR02B has turned into one of Hollywoods newest most esteemed companies.

Eleven Days,will be an epic bio-pic, based on the best selling autobiography by Yvonne Bornstein. It tells the story of the historic rescue of a husband and wife by the KGB and The FBI, marking the first time that the Russians and Americans were forced to partner up since the second world war. Bornstein is set to produce the project, which will ensure the success of the book be transferred to the movie. Checa Garcia explains "Eleven Days Of Hell is going to be one of the top films of the decade".

Druuna: Morbus Gravis, is set to be a great dystopian sci-fi cinematic experience, based on the famous Italian comics by mastermind author and artist Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri. Just like his "Eleven Days" project, Checa Garcia will be consulting with the original author throughout production, to ensure the success of the comics be conveyable to his movie. Director Checa Garcia calls the story "dark, intense, amazing", and goes on to praise John "there is a reason why I choose to work with this amazing actor time and time again; his talent and skill are a powerful force to be reckoned with". The synopsis is of a young girl who struggles to survive in a post-apocalyptic city where a terrible disease is threatening to annihilate all human beings. John is set to star in both of these features alongside Hollywood A-List talent.

John is represented by Luber Roklin Entertainment (Los Angeles) and McMahon Management (Melbourne Australia).

Social media handles: Instagram artinjohn_
Twitter @artinjohn_


For more info please contact

bob darling
+1778 968 0132
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