2017 Sunday April 30th Bigfoot Project Investments to Be Featured on Fox Business News Channel at 1 pm Eastern Time

Found Footage Film

The Quest For The $1,000,000 Bigfoot Bounty Continues

Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. (OTCMKTS:BGFT)

We are offering $1,000,000 Bigfoot Bounty””

— Tom Biscardi

REDWOOD CITY, CA, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — "NEW TO THE STREET" would like to welcome back Tom Biscardi, CEO of Bigfoot Project Investments (OTC PINK: BGFT), as he takes us deeper into the mystery of "Bigfoot," and running a business searching for the creature.

Today, April 27, 2017, "NEW TO THE STREET," at their state of the art studio in New York City, New York, are filming their next feature show with Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. (OTC PINK: BGFT), HealthEhabitat and The Grilled Cheese Truck Inc., (OTC PINK: GRLD). The airing date of this filming will be April 30th at 1 pm Eastern Time.

Tommy Biscardi
Bigfoot Project Investments Inc.
6066206667, 8164423394, 8164423364
email us here

I’m Going To Win That Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty

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DreamScreen launches Kickstarter for HD & 4K Smart TV Surround Lighting!

DreamScreen 4K Technology

DreamScreen Launches 4K and HD TV Backlighting

BOCA RATON, FL, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — DreamScreen is back on the crowdfunding trail and ready to showcase its latest and greatest line of products. DreamScreen captivated the Kickstarter community in 2016 with its responsive home theater lighting effect—the project funded in 24 hours and raised over $380,000. DreamScreen is now excited to announce an upgraded kit that offers HD, 4K , DIY, and a surround lighting feature, called SideKick.

DreamScreen’s patented technology places LED lights behind TVs and computer screens that react to the colors the screen. The HD and 4K hubs use the HDMI video and audio and support HDCP encrypted content. The effect turns your TV shows, movies and video games into an incredible immersive experience for home theater and PC gaming. DreamScreen doubles the size of the screen, softens the picture and even makes watching television in the dark easier on your eyes. Reacting to the colors on the screen at 60 frames a second, DreamScreen’s technology allows viewers to enjoy a dynamic and vivid way to experience everyday TV. DreamScreen retrofits to any size TV and can connect to any device that has HDMI.

These latest Smart TV Lighting products are packed with features and advanced settings. HD & 4K allow up to 3 HDMI inputs and boasts CEC Technology, so users can easily toggle between their viewing devices without missing any of the lighting action. There are also several video and color settings for those looking to customize their setup. Music Mode now hooks up directly to sound systems using an audio jack and has bass, middle and treble color settings.

DreamScreen can be enjoyed in 3 different modes: Video, Music and Ambient Lighting. In the popular Video mode, LEDs react to the color pixels on the edge of the screen to extend your TV.Music Mode offers a visual way to experience your music as the LEDs dance to your favorite tunes; it offers four audio visualizers to boost your beats into a dynamic scene. Finally, Ambient Mode sets the mood through an array of colors and brightness. Viewers can choose from one of the exciting “Scenes,” with the TV on or off, for a glowing ambiance to any home or venue. User favorites include Fireside, Ocean, Holiday and Twinkle.

As the retrofit solution for Smart TV lighting, DreamScreen has extended the options for LEDs. The new FLEX LEDs allow for users to cut and connect the lights on any screen. Both HD and 4K hubs can support two reels of FLEX LEDs, which can cover screens up to 130’’. The original LEDs, in Classic (32’’ – 45’’), Mega (45’’ – 65’’) and Xtreme (65’’ – 80’’) will still be offered and connect to both Version 1 and the new HD & 4K models. Last, but not least, DreamScreen DIY now allows users to utilize their own LEDs for the experience, putting the lighting design into your hands.

Since every super hero needs a SideKick, that’s just what DreamScreen has brought to the home theater lighting experience. SideKicks are small high brightness LED lights that pair with DreamScreen via the WiFi network to offer surround reactive lighting. SideKicks offer even more immersion to the home theater and gaming experience and can be enjoyed with TVs or computers. SideKick can also be enjoyed as a stand-alone lighting feature that adds a powerful range of ambient lighting colors.

All products in this new line are controlled via a WiFi App, leaving the range anxiety of Bluetooth behind forever. Users can now utilize the grouping and naming features and take advantage of the advanced customizable setting such as Widescreen detection, Minimum Luminosity, Zone Control and Individual Zone Brightness and more! The App is available to download now on the iTunes and Google Play store, search DreamScreenTV.

DreamScreen utilized the crowdfunding community’s feedback and suggestions to design this new line of products. To thank those who supported the startup from the beginning, DreamScreen is offering an upgrade package as low as $65. HD kits begin at $65 and 4K are $140. These exclusive discounts are offered only during the Kickstarter campaign. DreamScreen offers this product to the crowdfunding community after completion of research and development, tooling and App Development, as well as a soft launch to industry techies, avid gamers and electronics reviewers. This campaign will launch in April of 2017 with shipping completion by mid-summer.

Kickstarter Campaign is Live at – kck.st/2pFUPun

About DreamScreen
DreamScreen is a South Florida startup with a mission to change the way the world watches TV through LED lighting. In just over a year, DreamScreen has shipped thousands of units from their Bluetooth Version and are thrilled to offer HD and 4K technologies to the industry. Creators Rakesh and Kate Reddy and their team of engineers and designers love hearing from customers and home theater enthusiasts about their DreamScreen experience.

Full Press Kit Available for Download: www.dreamscreentv.com/press

Social Media
Share your DreamScreen Setup: #dreamscreen #dreamscreentv
Website – www.dreamscreentv.com
Instagram: @DreamScreentv
YouTube: www.youtube.com/dreamscreentv

Kate Reddy
email us here

DreamScreen Launches 4K and HD TV Backlighting

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2017 Spring Expedition Wrap Up BGFT Featured on New To The Street On Fox Business News Sunday April 28th 1 pm EST

Pursuit - Found Footage Film

Found Footage Film

The Quest For The $1,000,000 Bigfoot Bounty Continues

Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. (OTCMKTS:BGFT)

We are offering $1,000,000 Bigfoot Bounty”

— Tom Biscardi

REDWOOD CITY, CA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — The 2017 spring expedition started on April 1st, the expedition team gathered up the gear with high hopes of finding a winner of the Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty. Starting out in California traversing the nation picking up the last team member in Alabama on April 5th.

While traversing the team was receiving multiple calls regarding the million dollar Bigfoot bounty. On April 6th the team arrived in Ohio and the local TV station WKBN tagged along with the team on the first investigation which was a result of a compelling photo received, and analyzed. The team searched the area and found a couple of old tracks heading northeast. The team was featured on three different TV news shows whose stories were picked by hundreds of stations across the country and around the world.

TJ Biscardi was even invited to lecture at a local technical college. He led the media class on an investigation instructing them on what to look for, how to document findings and film while searching. Although there was compelling evidence found it was not recent leading them to conclude that the creatures had already migrated through the area or gone into hiding.

The team spent 10 days in Ohio responding to calls and evidence submitted for the bounty. One of the witnesses reported a large hairy creature destroying property on their porch late one evening. The team responded to help, setting up camera traps and bait stations. After analyzing the evidence gathered it was determined that some locals were vandalizing his property and preying on the fact that he believed in Bigfoot. After revealing their finding to the witness, he was able to prepare over the next several nights, catching the vandals in the act. The local authorities were contacted and arrived to confront the hoaxers. No evidence of the monster that led to the initial investigation was located.

The team then headed North Carolina to investigate in the Uhwarrie National Forest. The team met with one of the eye witnesses that has been investigating in one area of the forest. They were lead to some interesting rock formations and tree formations that had been constructed recently. However, no other evidence was found in the area.

The second witness was investigating in a different part of the forest. The team met with him investigate the area where he had filmed the "squeaky thermal". Although challenged by the in-climate weather the team was able to camp out. During the investigation the team heard wood knocks and rock clapping. The wood knocks were identified, however, the rock clapping came from an area that the team had not searched. Although the team located the area they did not find any tracks or other evidence that could be collected.

The next stop was Upstate New York this stop was scheduled due to pictorial and video evidence that had been submitted by a Bigfoot enthusiast. The video evidence was analyzed by our specialists and came back inconclusive. The area was ideal for the creature with easy access to water and food sources and secluded areas for bedding down and evading discovery.

We would like to take the time to thank the New York Department of Wildlife Management and New York State Forest Department for taking the time to speak with us and provide us with the authority to conduct the investigation on state land.

Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. BGFT will be featured on New To The Street show airing on the Fox Business News channel, Sunday, April 30th at 1 pm Eastern Time.

Tommy Biscardi
Bigfoot Project Investments Inc.
6066206667, 8164423394, 8164423364
email us here

I’m Going To Win That Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty

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TVOKids’ Giver 150 builds Canada’s biggest playground to celebrate the nation’s big birthday

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 27, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Giver, TVOKids’ award-winning live-action children’s series about kids helping to build playgrounds in their local Ontario communities, premieres today, Wednesday, April 26 at 6 pm on TVOKids, for a fourth season with a special mission. In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, Giver 150 takes playground construction to Ottawa, our nation’s capital, to build the biggest playground in the country.

“Giver 150 presents an amazing opportunity for school-aged kids to build civic engagement and deepen their learning and pride about Canada and its incredible cultural and geographical diversity,” says Marney Malabar, TVO’s Director of Kids TV. “TVOKids is thrilled to give kids a platform to see how their hard work creates meaningful impact in their communities.”

Giver 150 features a diverse group of kids from all over the country coming together to build a massive 4,600 square metre playground in the shape of Canada. In each of the ten episodes, kids focus on building a smaller part of the playground in the shape of one province or territory, celebrating each region’s unique geography, history, culture and people. The kids work alongside contractor and host, 20-year architectural design veteran Michael Lagimodiere, who helps them use power tools, dig holes and paint. New this season, Michael is joined by co-host by Dominique “Mique” Boisvenue, a talented House of PainT member and graffiti artist. As the park comes together one piece at a time, the Giver 150 team learns about giving back while learning more about their province, capital and country.

"Giver would not be possible without the unending enthusiasm from our kid participants or the dedication from our hundreds of volunteers”, says J.J. Johnson, Series Creator, Executive Producer, Sinking Ship Entertainment. “This season is the truest testament to Giver's mantra that anything is possible when a community pulls together.”

The Ottawa playground marks the largest and most ambitious build Giver has ever completed. Over the past three seasons, Giver has built 33 unique playgrounds around Ontario, with over 200 children and thousands of volunteers taking part.

A TVOKids original developed to help school-aged kids adopt a can-do attitude, Giver was created and produced by Sinking Ship Entertainment in association with TVO.

Giver 150 premieres Wednesday, April 26 at 6pm (repeated Saturdays at 11:30 am and Sundays at 1 pm). Giver 150 is also available on demand at TVOKids.com and the TVOKids YouTube Channel.

About TVO
As the technological extension of Ontario’s public education system, TVO’s vision is to create a better world through the power of learning. TVO provides learning opportunities for Ontarians through innovative educational products, in-depth current affairs, groundbreaking documentaries, and award-winning TVOKids resources both inside and outside the classroom. TVO is funded primarily by the Province of Ontario and is a registered charity supported by sponsors and thousands of donors. For more information, visit tvo.org.

About Sinking Ship Entertainment

Sinking Ship Entertainment is a multiple Emmy® Award winning production, distribution and digital company specializing in kids’ live-action CGI-blended series. Since its launch in 2004, Sinking Ship has produced over 500 hours of content, filmed in over 35 countries and built 34 playgrounds. The company has rapidly earned a reputation for high quality, groundbreaking original series and companion interactive experiences. Most recently, the Kidscreen Hot 50 ranking of all kids’ companies in the world listed Sinking Ship Entertainment as #3 in Kids Production, #7 in Kids Distribution and #7 in Kids Interactive. Sinking Ship was also named the #1 Kids Production Company by Playback Magazine Canada, won four Daytime Emmy® Awards and the Canadian Screen Award for Best Preschool Series for Odd Squad. The company operates a Toronto-based VFX and Interactive Studio, home to over 125 shipmates.

Where to find TVO
On air:
Cable ch. 2 (may vary in some areas)
Rogers channel 2
Bell Fibe TV HD 1209
Bell Fibe TV SD 209
Bell TV 265
Shaw Direct HD 39
Shaw Direct SD 353 Online:

Google Play
BlackBerry World
Bell Mobile TV


Media contacts:
Angela Garde
Public Relations Specialist, TVO
416.484.2600 x 2305

Kamaj Silva
Sinking Ship Entertainment
Marketing Manager
416.533.8172 x 2227

Kamaj Silva
Sinking Ship
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Global Box Office Market 2017 Share,Trend,Segmentation and Forecast to 2021

Box Office Market

WiseGuyReports.Com Publish a New Market Research Report On – “Global Box Office Market 2017 Share,Trend,Segmentation and Forecast to 2021”.

PUNE, INDIA, April 27, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ —

The analysts forecast the global box office market to grow at a CAGR of 6.95% during the period 2016-2020.

In 2010-2015, the international box office revenue increased by 33%. The main reason for the growing success of the film industry is the increasing synchronization between the film makers and distributors regarding the screening of a movie in multiplexes. The movie screens also develop in quality as the 3D effects used in the films improves. Despite technological advances, high-end home theaters and television units are unable to give a tough competition to the box office market as the moviegoers are more inclined toward the overall experience of the movie that includes visual and 3D effects and screening in IMAX theaters.

Get a Sample Report @ https://www.wiseguyreports.com/sample-request/676753-global-box-office-market-2016-2020

For more information or any query mail at sales@wiseguyreports.com

Covered in this report
The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global box office market for 2016-2020. For the purpose of calculating the market size, the report considers the revenue generated from the various business models and types of box office market by different categories. It also provides a list of key leading countries in the market.

The market is divided into the following segments based on geography:
• Americas

The report, Global Box Office Market 2016-2020, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the market landscape and its growth prospects over the coming years. The report also includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market.

Key vendors
• 20th Century Fox
• Paramount Pictures
• Sony Pictures
• Universal Studios
• Walt Disney Company
• Warner Bros.

Other prominent vendors
• CBS Films
• Dreamworks SKG
• Focus Features
• IFC Films
• Lionsgate
• Miramax
• Weinstein Co.

Market driver
• Decentralization of expertise and skilled workforce
• For a full, detailed list, view our report

Market challenge
• Growing threat of piracy
• For a full, detailed list, view our report

Complete Report Details@ https://www.wiseguyreports.com/reports/676753-global-box-office-market-2016-2020

Market trend
• Technological advances
• For a full, detailed list, view our report

Key questions answered in this report
• What will the market size be in 2020 and what will the growth rate be?
• What are the key market trends?
• What is driving this market?
• What are the challenges to market growth?
• Who are the key vendors in this market space?
• What are the market opportunities and threats faced by the key vendors?
• What are the strengths and weaknesses of the key vendors?

Table Of Contents – Major Key Points

PART 01: Executive summary
• Highlights

PART 02: Scope of the report
• Market overview
• Segmentations considered in the report
• Upcoming movies expected to generate high turnover

PART 03: Market research methodology
• Research methodology
• Economic indicators

PART 04: Introduction
• Key market highlights

PART 05: Industry overview
• Business model of movie distributors
• Evolution of box office market

PART 06: Market landscape
• Market size and forecast
• Five forces analysis

PART 07: Global box office market by type

PART 08: Global box office market by genre
• Genre

PART 09: Global box office market by MPAA rating
• MPAA rating

PART 10: Global box office market by source
• Source

PART 11: Global box office market by production method
• Production method

PART 12: Key leading countries
• Key leading countries
• Box office market in US
• Box office market in China
• Box office market in UK
• Box office market in Japan
• Box office market in India


For more information or any query mail at sales@wiseguyreports.com

Buy 1-User PDF @ https://www.wiseguyreports.com/checkout?currency=one_user-USD&report_id=676753

Wise Guy Reports is part of the Wise Guy Consultants Pvt. Ltd. and offers premium progressive statistical surveying, market research reports, analysis & forecast data for industries and governments around the globe. Wise Guy Reports features an exhaustive list of market research reports from hundreds of publishers worldwide. We boast a database spanning virtually every market category and an even more comprehensive collection of rmaket research reports under these categories and sub-categories.

Norah Trent
+1 646 845 9349 / +44 208 133 9349
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Living My Illusion – A new ground breaking documentary,unravelling the virus that is silently killing your relationship.

50% of all marriages end in divorce. Separation is an emotionally difficult event, but many people are wondering, is it possible to have a healthy breakup?

Living My Illusion (NYSE:LMI)

The Living My Illusion documentary series was co-created as an educational tool so that true love can prevail over fear, emotional desperation, and ego elation.”

— Tony Jeton Selimi

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 25, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Fear of unworthiness, not honouring our inner knowing, or communicating our truth is the “wake-up call” of living in an illusion.

Healthy marriages are good for couples, their children, society and well-being. Yet 30% to 60% of married individuals will engage in infidelity and 40% to 50% will divorce. This creates a ripple effect that impact's physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Like a virus, it spreads into other areas of life, creating a financial black hole that may take years to overcome.

Having experienced the icy touch of “midlife crisis”, Joel Van der Molen sought the help of Tony Jeton Selimi, #1 Amazon bestselling author, spiritual teacher, and healer to understand the root cause of the pain and suffering he was not consciously aware of. Little did he know what the outcome would produce, let alone the path it would create which he is currently on, overcoming the fear of judgement, failure, and success.

This heart-wrenching documentary looks at the 360-degree impact of remaining in an unhealthy marriage and what people can do to either strengthen their relationship or divorce with “Love”.

The first press screening of the Living My Illusion documentary series is in New York at 6 pm, on Thursday, April 27th, at:

The Magno Screening Theatre
729 Seventh Avenue
New York
NY 10019
(48 & 49th)

Afterwards, there will be a Q & A with program creators, Joel Van der Molen and Tony Jeton Selimi, as featured on The Brian Tracy Show for NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox and affiliate channels, reaching over 40 million viewers worldwide.

This screening is intended for film critics, network buyers, news media, and journalists.

Please confirm by April 26th to secure attendance, as space will be limited.

For information and the Press Kit visit: http://livingmyillusion.com
For information about Tony visit: http://tonyselimi.com

Alma Amber
Living My Illusion Ltd
+ 44 207 240 8888
email us here

Living My Illusion Trailer

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$1,000,000 Bigfoot Bounty Hunters On The Eastern Trail Appearing on Fox Business News New To The Street in New York

Found Footage Film

Best Producer, Best Documentary

Award Winning documentary film of the hunt.

Best Producer, Best Documentary

Another award winning documentary of the continuing search.

Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. (OTC Ticker: BGFT) appearing on the Fox Business News New to the Street April 30th 1 pm Eastern Time. $1,000,000 Bigfoot Bounty

Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. (OTCMKTS:BGFT)

REDWOOD CITY, CA, UNITED STATES, April 25, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tom Biscardi the "Godfather" of Bigfoot is making headlines across the country. Forced to come out of retirement because of the response to the $1,000,000 Bigfoot Bounty offered by Bigfoot Project Investments, Inc (BGFT). He has traversed the country to investigate with the Searching for Bigfoot expedition team.

The team has been inundated with responses to the Bounty campaign and has been analyzing each piece of evidence for content, location, timing and other factors. The most compelling responses have been from the eastern states. The amount of evidence that has been presented as well as corroborated stories from the locals regarding the same types of sightings within similar timelines has been key to tracking the creatures current migratory path.

The expedition team has traveled from California to Ohio, North Carolina and New York following leads from eye witness reports supported by video, pictorial, audio and physical evidence. Once at the locations the investigation continues with interviewing the news media and locals to verify recent activity. Each step must be taken in the process of authenticating the evidence presented.

The Godfather himself and his Bigfoot expedition team are available for television, radio and print interviews in Manhattan the 26th, 27th and 28th of April. The Godfather and his "A" team will be available to field all questions related to Bigfoot and the million dollar Bigfoot bounty. Call the Godfather of Bigfoot himself (415) 518-8494 to schedule an interview while he and the team are in Manhattan.

Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. BGFT will be featured on the Fox Business Channel – New to the Street segment at 1 pm Sunday, April 30th.

Tommy Biscardi
Bigfoot Project Investments Inc.
6066206667, 8164423394, 8164423364
email us here

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168 Film Project Grand Prize Will Provide the Funding and Opportunity to Make a Feature Film

On the set of “After” in Australia

On the set of Connectivity in the Hollywood Hills

Entry Deadline May 11th, 2017

This big of a Grand Prize challenges filmmakers to reach for much more, and it greatly accelerates their development.”

— John David Ware

BURBANK, CA, USA, April 24, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — April 24, 2017 — BURBANK, CA, USA/ The 168 Film Project, an annual short filmmaking competition in it's 15th year, announces that the grand prize this year will be an independent feature film budget, for the winning filmmaker to make a feature film. Named '8168', the grand prize title refers to the number of hours projected to complete the feature film in 2018, from script to screen. Beginner to expert, all filmmakers from anywhere in the world may participate in the 168 Film Project.

Similar to contemporary filmmaking competitions 'Project Greenlight' and 'On the Lot', the 168 competition provides finalists the opportunity to pitch their film proposal, and for one artist, to win the grand prize.

Prospective filmmakers will first prove themselves by making a short film to enter in the 168 Film Project competition. Contest entry registration is open through May 11, and completed short films are due on June 2. Then, at the 168 Film Festival, Aug. 26-27 in Los Angeles, California, finalist producers will be announced and will begin preparing their feature film proposals. Preferred film genres include action-adventure, thriller, mystery, Sci-Fi, & kids/family adventure.

Additionally, the winner of the Best Writer award at the annual "168 Days" feature screenwriting competition, entry deadline April 30, will also become an eligible finalist, invited to compete for the '8168' prize.

Feature film pitches will be heard and judged by a panel of experts, and the winner announced in November, 2017. The winning filmmaker will produce a fully-funded independent feature film with 8168 Film, LLC, under one of the SAG-INDIE low-budget feature contracts. The feature film will be shot in Los Angeles County, California.

"This is a dream-come-true for one deserving artist, an opportunity to make a feature film and break into the entertainment business," says John David Ware, 168 Film Project Founder and President. "This big of a Grand Prize challenges filmmakers to reach for much more and it greatly accelerates their development."

The 168 Film Project competition includes opportunities in all areas of filmmaking, from producing, directing, writing, cinematography, acting, and even craft/food service. 168 can often match interested individuals with local filmmaking teams, and beginners can potentially connect with a team and learn about filmmaking.

Globally since 2003, over 1,000 films have been made by an estimated 17,000 artists in 14 years through the annual 168 Film Project filmmaking and writing competitions. 168 provides a proving ground for artists, and has helped to launch careers in filmmaking, writing, directing, and acting. The 168 Film Project is a worldwide, faith-friendly filmmaking incubator.

Sponsors of the 168 Film Competition include Roush Media, Advent Media and Arri.

More information is available at https://www.168film.com/Contests/8168.


For interviews, please call 818-557-8507 or email Media@168film.com.

Mark Baird
168 Film
email us here

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David Sancious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, keyboardist, guitarist & composer announces Treehouse Concert Series

Davey Sancious had pure musical genius with incredible stage presence. He was a star in the making and I wanted him in my band. ”

— Bruce Springsteen

WOODSTOCK, NEW YORK, USA, April 24, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ —

The Treehouse Concerts“ will be presented in an intimate atmosphere at
David’s studio/recital space in his home in Woodstock, New York

New York, April 2017: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, keyboardist, guitarist and composer David Sancious, is pleased to announce a concert series in the beautiful mountain setting in Woodstock, New York this summer.

“The Treehouse Concerts “ will be presented in a recital atmosphere in David’s studio/ recital space in his home outside New York. David will be presenting a series of Solo Piano/Solo Synthesizer concerts as well as a Blues Guitar program that David performed when he was Artist In Residence at SUNY New Paltz.

The concerts will run throughout the summer every Saturday and Sunday at 4:00 pm. On occasion, guest artists will join David. The concerts will be followed by a Q&A session with photo and autograph opportunities and post-concert refreshments overlooking a panoramic view of the Hudson Valley.

An original member of Bruce Springsteen’s beloved E Street Band, David recorded three albums together and toured the country before he left the band to form his own group, “Tone”. David recorded multiple albums with Tone and the accomplishments of these albums led him to become one of the most talented and respected keyboardists in the industry.

The notable artist has since worked with celebrities such as Sting, Peter Gabriel, Eric Clapton, Seal, Aretha Franklin, Santana, Jeff Beck and many others. David has performed on more than 50 albums since his 1973 debut album, “Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.” with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. The versatility of his sensational career has made it difficult to categorize his music. David, however, considers his art a mixture of harmony and melody from the jazz and classical traditions combined with rhythms from the rock and R&B traditions. David is well respected by his peers, considered by many as a “musician’s musician”. David is currently working on his ninth album, “The Treehouse Sessions”.

David has spent the last five years touring with some of the most sought-after musicians of our time. He joined both Sting and Peter Gabriel on separate tours, and then a combined tour “Rock Paper Scissors” last year. In 2014 Bruce Springsteen presented to David when he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the other members of the E Street Band. 21st David joined Springsteen and The E Street Band on stage at the Asbury Music & Film Festival after the World Premiere of "Just Before the Dawn" in which David appears. The documentary explores the music scene in Asbury Park in 1970, the year the riot hit, when 73 clubs dotted the one square mile town.

3:00 pm Doors open
3:30 pm Meet and Greet and refreshments
4:00 pm Music performance
5:30 to 6:15 pm Q&A session with photo and autograph opportunities with post concert refreshments with a panoramic view of the Hudson Valley.

May 6 & 7 Solo Piano / Solo Synthesizer
May 13 & 14 Improvisation Duo with Joe Bonadio
May 20 & 21 Blues Guitar “A Brief History of The Blues“ part 1
May 27 & 28 Solo Piano / Solo Synthesizer

June 3 & 4 Blues Guitar “A Brief History of The Blues“ part 2
June 10 & 11 Improvisation duo with Will Calhoun from “Living Color”
June 17 & 18 Solo Piano / Solo Synthesizer

The environment is very intimate. Seating is limited up to 45 seats. Tickets are $120.00 US

Please visit www.thetreehouseconcerts.com to reserve your tickets.

David is available for interviews and photos upon request. Please contact:
Lesley Diana | Lesley@thepromotionpeople.ca 604-726-5575

Photography Credit: Craig McCord
Production Credit: Staci Strauss

Social Media Handles

Website: www.davidsancious.com, www.thetreehouseconcerts.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/DavidSancious

The Promotion People

Website: www.thepromotionpeople.ca
Twitter: www.twitter.com/PromotionPeople
Facebook: www.facebook.com/The-Promotion-People-128971837225735
Instagram: www.instagram.com/thepromotionpeople

The Promotion People
email us here

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The African Diaspora International Film Festival presents the "Music and Society Film Series"

Part of ADIFF Music and Society Film Series

Mary Lou Williams: The Lady Who Swings the Band

Part of ADIFF Music and Society Film Series

Mama Africa: Miriam Makeba

Part of ADIFF Music and Society Film Series

Khaled in 100% Arabica

Music, besides being a source of entertainment, is also a container of social commentary, a reflection on a culture, and a healing force behind social change.

Reggae Music is life, Reggae music is love, Reggae music is salvation, Reggae music is redemption.”

— Reggae artist Capleton in "Made in Jamaica"

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, April 23, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Musical genius defies societal traditions as shown by "Mary Lou Williams: The Lady Who Swings the Band," the most important woman jazz musician in the first part of the 20th century. In addition to facing the normal obstacles confronting African-Americans in that pre-civil rights era, she challenged an environment dominated by men and strove for decades as a renowned contributor to the art form.

Music from many cultural influences blend into new genres that can be embraced, rejected, deflected or censured. The contributions of music made by Africans who were enslaved can be found in many societies. This is well illustrated though the musical documentary "Tango Negro, The African Roots of Tango" set in Argentina and Uruguay and with the musical and religious tradition in Tunisia explored in the documentary "Stambali."

Music serves as a forum for public debate about manners, morals, politics, and social change. Musicians and their audiences are social actors. In 1960’s Brazil, young musicians – including "Maria Bethania" – created the Tropicalism movement by fusing American and Afro-Brazilian music to question Brazilians’ political conformism and prejudice. In South Africa, "Miriam Makeba" became an international spokesperson against Apartheid through her music while explaining: “I don’t sing about politics; I sing the truth.”

Songs tell us what concerns people, how they see issues, and how they express their hopes, ideals, anger, and frustrations. As shown in "Wild Women Don’t Have the Blues," classic blues of the 1920s provided many female African-American singers a new public space to discuss their lives and assert control over their own careers and images.

Music is a healing force that can bring positive change in society. In "The Story of Lovers Rock," young Black British created the musical genre of Lovers Rock as a means to cope with systematic racial discrimination in the ‘70s and ‘80s UK. In "100% Arabica," music is a healing force for the young Rai musicians fighting religious intolerance in their housing projects on the outskirts of Paris. In "The Miracle of Candeal," famous Brazilian artist Carlinhos Brown leads underprivileged youth to exchange their guns for musical instruments in a Brazilian favela.

Reggae artist Capleton maybe best explains the healing force of music in "Made in Jamaica" when he says: “Reggae Music is life, Reggae music is love, Reggae music is salvation, Reggae music is redemption.”

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