Hollywood Reveals Its Best Kept Secret for Financial Freedom

Grammy-nominated DJ, record producer, rapper, singer, songwriter Diplo knows the value of good credit in the music industry.

Kandi Burruss-Tucker is an award-winning American singer-songwriter, television personality, actress, record producer and business woman who knows the importance of maintaining good credit.

Race car drivers Kenton Koch and Dani Ferrara know a lot about accelerating on the raceway. Credit Accelerator will keep their credit rating up to speed.

Tat Tong, a Singaporean record producer and songwriter, is responsible for 17 platinum records and over 20 No.: 1 hits out of more than 50 Top 20 hits worldwide. Credit Accelerator will give him the edge to keep high scores for his credit rating.

Credit Accelerator is an innovative, easy and effective approach to improving credit.

Credit Accelerator is the Most Powerful Method Available to Boost Your Credit Score

Credit Accelerator is not only the most cost effective, but has been certified as the most effective way to boost your credit and have financial freedom.”

— Bernard Bonner, Credit Accelerator CEO

HOLLYWOOD, CA, UNITED STATES, February 21, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Living large is no longer just for the rich and famous when you add Credit Accelerator to your team. How many times have the headlines read, "Rapper's Fleet of Expensive Cars are Repossessed," and you wonder how could that happen?

Making a fortune while you are on top of your game can overshadow the responsibilities to maintain wealth – personal finances may suffer from neglect, poor budgeting, identity theft or other unforeseen life circumstances – when it comes down to it, we are more similar than different.

For the first time, Credit Accelerator is sharing Hollywood's best kept secret in the entertainment, sports and business world that can open doors to more opportunities and gain access to a better lifestyle and peace of mind. Credit Accelerator demonstrated its critically acclaimed product at the uber exclusive GBK Gifting Lounge for Grammy nominees, presenters, and special invited guests at the Beverly Hills McLaren Auto Gallery during the 59th Annual Grammy Awards week. Among the many celebrities who visited Credit Accelerator and were enlightened by the product were: Grammy-nominated DJ Diplo; Housewives of Atlanta star and award-winning singer/songwriter Kandi Burress; champion race car drivers Kenton Koch and Dani Ferrara; and Singaporean record producer and songwriter Tat Tong.

"We stand out from the herd of credit repair companies because we recruited a team of the world's leading experts in finance and credit to develop a software product that removes the bad and boosts the good accounts using an user friendly, self-guided approach," said Credit Accelerator CEO Bernard Bonner. "Credit Accelerator is guaranteed to position you to get lower mortgage interest rates, be approved for revolving and non-revolving loans, auto, personal, business and home loans, and qualify for lower insurance and credit card interest rates."

Hollywood insiders know that the fastest and safest way to boost your credit score is with Credit Accelerator on your side. The revolutionary software product tackles credit woes that plague millions of people worldwide. Without a doubt, the power of the credit score is the magic bullet to getting ahead in your business and personal life. Credit Accelerator can take your credit score to the next level and put you in the same league as the elite and business savvy.

"For decades, there have been credit repair and credit “fixing” companies, but they all charge ridiculous fees and produce shoddy results," said Bonner who is known as the 'Business Consultant to the Stars.' "Credit Accelerator is not only the most cost effective, but has been certified as the most effective way to boost your credit giving you financial freedom."

When it comes to improving credit, no one does it better than Credit Accelerator. You might wonder if it's credit repair, fixing or building. The answer is that it just works. Accelerating your credit is new. It's a two-prong approach of removing negatives while at the same time boosting the positives by using the letter of the law as defined by the Federal Credit Reporting Act. "Every step of the Credit Accelerated program is in full compliance with this law," said Bonner.

Under the FCRA, both the credit reporting company and the information provider (the person, company, or organization that provides information about to any one of the three national credit reporting companies – Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax) are responsible for correcting inaccurate or incomplete information in your report. This is one of several examples of how Credit Accelerator takes advantage of all your rights under this law.

The Federal Trade Commission states, "Credit scoring systems are complex and vary among creditors or insurance companies and for different types of credit or insurance. If one factor changes, your score may change — but improvement generally depends on how that factor relates to others the system considers. Only the business using the system knows what might improve your score under the particular model they use to evaluate your application." Credit Accelerator removes the mystery out of the credit scoring system.

Credit Accelerator offers the most sophisticated and effective method available today – all in an easy-to-use, guided software product. You don’t have to be a credit expert to get expert results. Improved credit in the New Year is attainable with Credit Accelerator.

About Credit Accelerator:

Credit Accelerator is the fastest way to boost your credit score and get ahead in life. It is the most powerful method available for improving your credit, developed by a team of the world’s leading experts in credit. Credit Accelerator is a revolutionary software product that allows you to remove negative items from your credit while boosting the effect of your positive accounts. Both quick and easy to use, Credit Accelerator will help you get lower interest rates, be approved for loans and get ahead in life! www.creditaccelerator.com

Raffles van Exel, President
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Accelerate your credit, Accelerate your life.

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Musgrove Music Distribution Releases Hot New Single ‘No Turnin Back’ By Christian Hip Hop Artist 'G2S'

Musgrove Music Distribution is the solution for the independent Gospel Music Artist and/or up-and-coming record label seeking a platform to be heard in the Gospel Music Industry.

‘No Turnin Back’ is the hot new single from Christian Hip Hop artist G2S, available on iTunes and virtually all other internet download/streaming sites.

G2S is a name that comes from a place of deliverance…”from a goon to a saint.” The artist’s testimony is sure to touch the hearts of countless people around the world.

Christian Hip Hop artist G2S explodes on the scene with his new single and his jaw-dropping testimony of triumph from a life destined for destruction!

I want to save and touch as many souls as I can, and hopefully my music can cross over to reach everybody. This is not even for myself—people need to know Jesus the way I’m getting to know Him.”

— G2S, Artist, Musgrove Music Distribution

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, February 17, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Musgrove Music Distribution, in conjunction with Concore Entertainment/Universal Music Group proudly announces the release of the amazing new single ‘No Turnin Back’ by Christian Hip Hop artist G2S. ‘No Turnin Back’ is a declaration of commitment reminiscent of the traditional hymn “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus,” coupled with a 70’s song quote…mixed in with a solid dance track…that will have you dancing and praising God at the same time! G2S has created a song of inspiration and encouragement with an edgy, hardcore voice that well-represents those in the Kingdom of God who have experienced the harshest of trials but have still overcome (Click here to download your copy right now).

“We’re extremely excited about this single,” says Daniel Musgrove, founder and CEO of Musgrove Music Distribution. “Knowing where this artist came from, as well as how far he’s come, a person can’t help but be inspired by the message in the lyrics.” Musgrove has surmised that there’s an overabundance of great gospel/Christian music being created that would never achieve its fullest potential nor substantial public impact without sufficient support. With his efforts combined with distribution conglomerate Concore/Universal Music Distribution, Musgrove provides music publishing services; multi-media development; marketing campaigns; promotions; booking and management; video production; and other services that prove invaluable to individual artists and/or up-and-coming record labels.

“I see great things in store for G2S in the near future,” says Musgrove.

G2S was born Tyrone Richardson in Harlem NY in the early 1980’s, an era in music where pop music and new innovations in sound were exploding on the scene. Music from all genres was being heard like never before through venues like MTV, and Hip Hop was gaining new audiences in droves. This was the music scene that Richardson grew up in, and as a teen in the 90’s his future artistry would be shaped by the music of that time.

But Richardson’s story would soon turn tragic as he, like many of our African-American male youth, fell into self-destructive behavior. He and his parents left New York to reside in Richmond VA when he was ten years old. In time, he got into trouble and was sent back to the Bronx to live with his grandmother. His grandmother did her best to teach him the right way. According to Richardson, “she was ‘gangsta’…she was strict, and did not play.” Even with two parents and a grandmother who worked hard to keep him straight, he still chose to be rebellious which resulted in him living back and forth between his parents’ and his grandmother’s home.

By age thirteen, Richardson had joined a gang and was selling drugs. His laundry list of offenses included disorderly conduct, illegal firearm possession, and assault. Throughout much of his early life he amassed multiple convictions, and he spent time in and out of jail as if it had a revolving door.

Richardson stated, “I could remember all the scriptures and warnings that my grandma told me when I was inside [jail]. When you’re doing that kind of time, all you can do is think and pray, and I could remember every word she told me.”

One particular time that he remembered was when he around the age of eighteen, when his grandmother gave him the telephone and a pastor was on the line. The pastor tried to counsel Richardson about changing his life, then suddenly the preacher turned silent. After a moment, he asked Richardson if he was involved with music, to which he replied “No.” The pastor then prophesied that he would be doing music for the Lord one day, to which Richardson scoffed.

“I was out there deep in the street life,” says Richardson grimly, “and I thought that preacher had totally…lost his entire mind!”

As fate would have it, God used incarceration to finally get Richardson’s attention. Within those walls of steel and concrete he was re-introduced to the Word of God, and he was moved to study the Bible and attend church services. While in jail, Richardson gave his life to the Lord at age twenty-five. Upon his release he was led to attend, and eventually join, New Deliverance Tabernacle under the leadership of Pastor Vincent L. Mendenhall. Soon after, he began creating music for God’s Kingdom. He also met and married his wife of seven years, Jameelah Pride. Richardson is still active and faithful at his church today.

The name G2S came from his response to people who had known the ‘old’ Tyrone Richardson. “I know a lot of people in the city,” says Richardson, “so I had no choice but to run into people. After I first got saved from the drug dealing and the gangs, people who ran into me always asked ‘how you gonna go from the streets to church life?’ I heard that a lot, but I’m changed. That’s where G2S comes from—from a goon to a saint…G2S.”

“And it’s a lot easier to walk on the street now,” jokes G2S.

When asked about his future plans, G2S proclaims “I want to save and touch as many souls as I can, and hopefully my music can cross over to reach everybody. Fame and money may come, but this is not even for myself—people need to know Jesus the way I’m getting to know Him.” G2S has a recurring role in the stage play ‘Man at a Crossroads,’ and hopes to someday acquire some movie roles as well.

Daniel Musgrove and the entire Musgrove Music, Inc. family would like to extend a word of sincere gratitude to Charve The Don, CEO of Concore Entertainment, for recognizing and embracing the vision of Musgrove Music Distribution, and for his hand in providing a solid platform for gospel/Christian artists to be heard, both now and in the future.

For information on how to become a client of Musgrove Music Distribution, or to have one of the featured artists make an appearance at your next event, call 954.257.9955, email at Daniel@musgrovemusicdistribution.com , or visit the website at http://www.musgrovemusicdistribution.com/

Daniel Musgrove
Musgrove Music Distribution
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G2S Promotional Video For New Single ‘No Turnin Back’

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Do You Have the Talent to Make it in Hollywood?

Allegories of Me is a faith-based organization in Compton, California

AOM Industry Showcase Calls All Talent to Compete on Feb. 18, 2017

AOM Industry Showcase Host Actor Patrick Faucette (Haves and Have Nots)

AOM Industry Showcase Celebrity Judge Producer/Actor Trae Ireland

AOM Industry Showcase Celebrity Judge Hip-Hop Artist/Producer/Actor Shawn McDonald

Allegories of Me, Inc. Invites the Best Comedians, Musicians, and Spoken Word Artists for the Ultimate Talent Competition in Hollywood

Allegories of Me, Inc. was established on the principles of hard work, dedication and the desire to help others pursue their dreams and succeed without belittling or degrading their core values.”

— Tamela Robinson, AOM Founder/CEO

HOLLYWOOD, CA, UNITED STATES, February 18, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Hollywood hopefuls arrive in Southern California everyday. The chances of being discovered is one in a million. Enter faith-based entertainment company Allegories of Me, Inc. which intends to change the game.

AOM launches a monthly series of the AOM Industry Talent Showcase beginning on Saturday, February 18, 2017 from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Universal Bar and Grill, 4093 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood, California 91602. Parking is available on site. The AOM talent showcase provides a monthly live platform for new and aspiring talent from around the world to get the positive exposure and demonstrate their talent in front of industry professionals.

Hosting the event is Actor Patrick Faucette (Fox’s “Lethal Weapon” and Tyler Perry’s Haves and Have Nots”). The celebrity judges are: Century Records executive and branding guru Marlen Adams; Film Producer/Actor Trae Ireland; Hip/Hop Artist/Music Producer/Actor Shawn McDonald; and Music Producer Cole Murrell. The winner from each monthly show will be featured in a commercial for Fuga energy drinks and receive a quality photo shoot.

“Allegories of Me, Inc. was established on the principles of hard work, dedication and the desire to help others pursue their dreams and succeed without belittling or degrading their core values,” said Tamela Robinson, AOM Founder/CEO. “Give God the glory and let the blessing rush in.”

The focus of the entertainment is upbeat, positive, non-offensive, and quality performances.

The winners from each month’s performance will automatically qualify for the competition finale which will be held in December 2017. The finale winner will receive a cash prize, a contract with Century Records, a booking opportunity with Holloway Entertainment Group, and a speaking role in a TV or film project.

For talent submissions, tickets, vendor inquiries, sponsorship, and more details, contact aomentpr@gmail.com.

This is a media-friendly event. For press credentials or to interview the founder or any of the celebrity judges, contact Marie Y. Lemelle at Platinum Star Public Relations at m.lemelle@att.net.

About Allegories of Me – Founded by Tamela Robinson, Allegories of Me is a faith-based organization in Compton, California. The mission of AOM is to create avenues for advancement in various industries through networking events, seminars, workshops, training, and provide access to real-time career opportunities. AOM is on the path to create a legacy as modern day story tellers through multi-media production. Find AOM on Twitter @aomproduction

About Holloway Entertainment Group – The booking and management agency, formed in 2016 by radio host/booking agent Ronald Holloway and photographer/branding executive Marlen Adams, specializes in finding new talent. Holloway books tours, venues, festivals and club nights around the world, while working closely with labels, licensors, distributors and promo agencies – building up and accelerating artist careers.

About Fuga Energy Drinks – Created by Miguel Camarena, a former professional baseball player and co-founder of Aquarena Beverage Company, utilizing vitamins, herbs, and a natural source of caffeine from Yerba Mate. It is an all natural beverage derived from energy resources taken from the earth, rather than in the lab. https://fugaenergy.com/

Marie Lemelle
Platinum Star PR
(213) 276-7827
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‘The Kamasutra Garden’ – A new feature film about Kamasutra is in production in Florida and Los Angeles

The Kamasutra Garden Girls

The Kamasutra Garden William

The Kamasutra Garden Swami

TAMPA, FLORIDA, USA, February 17, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dream Merchants Entertainment LLC announces production of the 140 minute feature film, “The Kamasutra Garden,” which takes viewers on a journey to a brothel in Nevada. The feature film is based on the acclaimed novel “The Kamasutra Garden” by Riju R. Sam. It is the story of the only brothel in the world that trains its girls the “Kamasutra” techniques of love making.

The mythical Kama Sutra is an ancient Hindu text on human sexual behavior and is famous for describing the art of making love. According to historians, the book “Kamasutra” that illustrates sexual positions was scripted by the Hindu philosopher, Vatsyayana Mallagna between 400 BCE and 200 CE. Hinduism teaches that “Kama” or sexual pleasure is one among the four goals of a human’s life. “Sutra” means a manual. Thus combined “Kamasutra” is the manual of love making.

“The Kamasutra Garden” Synopsis:
A successful business man, “Steve Banks,” an exotic madam, “Sheila,” and a scandalous sex guru, “Swami Kamalesh” team up to start an elite brothel called “The Kamasutra Garden” in Nevada. It is the only brothel in the world where the girls are trained in “Kamasutra,” the ancient art and science of lovemaking. At Steve’s request, an award winning documentary filmmaker “William” visits “The Kamasutra Garden” to prepare a documentary about the brothel and about the girls who work there. Before his visit to the “The Kamasutra Garden,” William had never been to a brothel. Tucked away in a remote desert town in Nevada is, “The Kamasutra Garden,” where the girls are young, beautiful and every man’s fantasy. However, William soon discovers the complex lives and secrets of the women who work there.

“The film will attract people’s attention and take them into a fantasy world that is every man’s dream,” said Blesson Mannil, the Executive Producer for “The Kamasutra Garden.”

For location pictures and videos, please visit website: http://www.thekamasutragarden.net

About Dream Merchants Entertainment LLC:
Dream Merchants Entertainment ( http://www.cinemallc.com ) is an independent media company dedicated to the production of high quality, marketable films outside of the bloated Hollywood budget infrastructure. Dream Merchants believes that the film business is the “marriage” of Concept, Technology, and Marketing, where innovative concepts and marketing insights are needed to keep up with technology that is changing rapidly.

Carole Rose
Dream Merchants Entertainment
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Halloween at “The Kamasutra Garden”

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Live crowdfunding – Our Own Eternity: Soap Opera Web-Series for Teens

Our Own Eternity: Soap Opera Web-Series for Teens

Our Own Eternity: Soap Opera Web-Series for Teens

Rachaud Smith is bringing his teen soap opera web-series, Our Own Eternity, to Indiegogo crowdfunding with a campaign to support his Dallas-based storyline.

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Our Own Eternity, the Teen Soap Opera Web Series

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that teenagers have been a staple of dramatic and comedic entertainment for a long time. Teens have played it for laughs in television situation comedies beginning with the exploits of the Cleaver kids in Leave it to Beaver; Mean Girls is as much a demographic as it is a teen film, and viewers of Teen Mom know the highs and lows of Farrah, Maci and Catelynn as they raised their children in front of the camera. Combine love and lust with a little angst and acne and you’ve got the makings of teen drama. If you’re Rachaud Smith, you’ve found a way to mine that drama by creating a soap opera web series, Our Own Eternity, that takes the century-old storytelling tradition and gives it the ultimate update to a teen soap opera web series.

Creativity and Crowdfunding for Our Own Eternity

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for Our Own Eternity is seeking $18,000 from backers but Rachaud Smith has already invested a considerable amount of planning into the series. His dining room and bedroom were the creative incubators for Our Own Eternity. He’s already done casting to fill some of the parts for this story of teenagers who are on a journey of explanation to discover their own identities in a world fraught with peril for young people who are enticed by temptations. Bringing the characters and their stories to life engrossed Smith during the writing process and now that the writing has accomplished its goals, he’s intent on beginning production for the story. He’s even looking into awards for which Our Own Eternity could compete.

Our Own Eternity’s Crowdfunding Campaign

The $18,000 that the crowdfunding campaign has set for its goal will pay for the first season of the soap opera’s production. Of that amount, $14,050 will pay the soap opera’s cast and crew. Writer/Director Smith will receive $2000. Filming equipment will take $600. Sets for the houses and apartments will be rented through Airbnb at a cost of $600. The remaining $750 will fund the award and advertising fees.

Link to the crowdfunding campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/our-own-eternity-a-teen-soap-web-series-series#/

Our Own Eternity Continues the Soap Opera Tradition

Soap operas have been entertaining audiences since the days of radio, where loyal and steadfast audiences thrilled to the ongoing exploits of the characters who came into their living rooms. Those familiar characters became even more integrated into the family when soap operas became standard fare for the then-new medium of television. Programs like The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives, The Bold and the Beautiful, and General Hospital—remember Luke and Laura?—blazed a trail of TV viewership that is legendary. Smith’s goals are for Our Own Eternity to achieve that kind of success, but he’s also hoping that it will equal the success of another teen soap opera, Degrassi. Television audiences are big, but thanks to the series website and YouTube, Our Own Eternity’s potential viewers number in the billions.

Our Own Eternity Boosts Homegrown Talent

It’s fitting Our Own Eternity takes place in Dallas. Who can forget the cliffhanging suspense of the prime-time soap opera, Dallas, which featured the grinning villainy of J.R. Ewing and the suspense of “Who Shot J.R.?” Everything is bigger in Texas, right? That explains why Smith’s project will greatly benefit the Dallas drama scene, providing area locals the opportunity to ply their craft in front of a bigger audience. Smith credits the Internet with leveling the playing field for program awards; no longer will Los Angeles- and New York City-based programming gobble up all of the trophies. Smith is proud of his project’s potential for giving Dallas actors a chance to excel and make their mark on the acting world. “The Internet now gives us an opportunity to help deserving talent come up from anywhere.”

About Our Own Eternity

To Rachaud Smith, engagement is the name of the game in crowdfunding and he’s counting on Indiegogo and his own previous crowdfunding campaign experience to bring a teen soap web-series to public attention. Smith, confident that soap operas will continue to be a mainstay of popular entertainment, wants to introduce viewers and crowdfunding backers to the next great soap opera, Our Own Eternity.

Rachaud Smith
Rachaud Smith
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James Smith & Nu-Birth Joins the Musgrove Family of Gospel Music Artists!

Musgrove Music Distribution is the solution for the independent Gospel Music Artist and/or up-and-coming record label seeking a platform to be heard in the Gospel Music Industry.

‘Who Ya Working Fa’ is the new single from James Smith & Nu-Birth that is already making an impact in the Gospel Music Industry.

James Smith’s trademark is his high-energy song delivery. He always makes a powerful impression when he has a microphone in his hand.

The hot new single, "Who Ya Working Fa," hits the floor running with a powerful message of resolve and tenacity to inspire and motivate all true believers!

‘Who Ya Working Fa’ is a song that reminds us of our true purpose and calling, while it moves us to tap our feet with its soulful mid-tempo groove and energetic words of determination.”

— Musgrove Music Distribution

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, February 7, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Musgrove Music Distribution, in conjunction with distributing giant Concore/Universal Music Distribution, is proud to welcome James “Jay” Smith to the Musgrove family of artists, with the national release of a hot new single from James Smith & Nu-Birth entitled ‘Who Ya Working Fa,' which is already receiving critical acclaim in the Gospel Music industry. ‘Who Ya Working Fa’ is a song that reminds us of our true purpose and calling, while it moves us to tap our feet with its soulful mid-tempo groove and energetic words of determination.The single is currently available on iTunes and virtually all internet download/streaming sites.

Whether it’s for the independent artist who needs management and/or promotional services; or for a smaller record label that needs to have a distribution affiliate in place; Musgrove Music Distribution is the “one-stop” “go-to” resource, fulfilling the needs of artists and organizations that don’t have access to the promotional power of a major record label. According to the founder and CEO Daniel Musgrove, “Jay Smith brings a lot to the table, and with the power of Musgrove Music Distribution behind him, he packs a powerful “one-two punch” that promises a huge impact on today’s Gospel Music industry.”

As a child, James’ father was his musical inspiration, and his love for music was set ablaze at the age of five. James would go on to be the lead singer in his father’s R&B band at the prepubescent age of nine, and he remained active in the band well into his teens. In those days his voice was described as “strong and sultry”; his ‘moves’ were “rhythmic”; and his high energy performances commanded attention from start to finish.

After earning his Bachelor’s degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University, James began seriously pursuing his dreams of becoming a successful R&B artist. He formed the R&B group “LAWAV” (pronounced la-WAVE), which means “Let’s All Work Against Violence”; the band used their musical engagements as platforms to speak out against violence. But in the years to come, his dreams of grandeur were cast asunder as his employment, his family, his band, his personal belongings…even his music (at least 100 original songs) were tossed to the wind, as James lost the will to persevere because of excessive drug use and harsh street life.

But on December 13th, 1995, James “turned over a new leaf” by submitting to the voice of the Lord and the call of God upon His life. He received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior that day, and he joined Bible Church of God, Inc. soon after. There he operated in music ministry and functioned as a deacon. James married Angela Manning in 1998, and began to pursue his dreams of success in music—but from this point forward, his focus would be ‘ministry’ through music.

James’ break came when one of the deacons from his church took his music to Sugar Radio 900, where he became a household name at the station. Subsequently, radio stations from across the nation began to play his songs. As his music ministry gained momentum, he was asked to be the opening artist for Vickie Winans, Shirley Caesar, and Keith “Wonder Boy” Johnson. He also performed on the same bill with gospel recording artist Pastor John P. Kee at the VIP Conference in Miami, Florida. The ensemble ‘James Smith & Nu-Birth’ has since traveled to the Bahamas, Canada, and throughout the United States, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through music ministry alongside mega recording artists such as Shirley Caesar, The William Brothers, and Tye Tribbett.

The ensemble has received numerous awards for their work in the gospel music industry. James Smith & Nu-Birth received the 2006 Contemporary Group of the Year award from the South Florida Gospel Music Awards. In 2012, James Smith and Nu-Birth graced the cover of Gospel USA magazine’s February/March issue.” In July 2013, James Smith & Nu-Birth received the honor of Urban Contemporary Group of the Year at the Rhythm of Gospel Awards. And in 2013, James Smith & Nu-Birth made television appearances on both Bobby Jones Presents and the Christian Television Network (CTN).

James “Jay” Smith currently resides in Riviera Beach in sunny Palm Beach County, Florida. His future musical endeavors include “maintaining the course” by remaining musically relevant; creating music that pierces the hearts of listeners; compelling the unsaved to give their hearts to Jesus; and generating new avenues through which individuals may find greater intimacy in their personal relationships with God.

Daniel Musgrove and the entire Musgrove Music, Inc. family would like to extend a word of sincere gratitude to Charve The Don, CCE and CEO of Concore Entertainment, for recognizing and embracing the vision of Musgrove Music Distribution, and for his hand in providing a solid platform for gospel/Christian artists to be heard, both now and in the future.
For more information on how to become a client of Musgrove Music Distribution, or to have one of the featured artists make an appearance at your next event, call 954.257.9955, email at Daniel.Musgrove@gmail.com , or visit the website at http://www.musgrovemusicdistribution.com .

Daniel Musgrove
Musgrove Music Distribution
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James Smith promoting the new single from James Smith & Nu-Birth entitled ‘Who Ya Working Fa’, available on iTunes and virtually all download/streaming sites.

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The 10th Annual TOSCARS Hosted by Craig Robert Young

Host ~ Craig Robert Young

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STAES, February 14, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Brits in LA and The Toscars, will be hosting their Annual Parody Awards at the Renberg Theatre. The show has garnered some fabulous reviews and it has often been quoted as the most fun event during award season. 2017 marks a significant milestone as its their 10th year anniversary.

The Toscars, previously sponsored by Jaguar, has become one of the must-attend events during the awards season, as well as being one of the only predominately British ceremonies in Hollywood during that period.

The Toscars are produced every year by actor, Craig Robert Young and Eileen Lee. The Awards include 'Best Whactor', 'Best Whactress', 'Best Scribbler,' 'Best Boss' and of course Best Toscar. Past judges and hosts have included Film and TV actor Skeet Ulrich, Glee's Alex Newell, Fringe's Joshua Jackson, True Blood's Janina Gavankar, The Dark Knight Rises' Eric Roberts, Jai Rodriguez, DJ and composer Paul Oakenfold, Everybody Love Raymond's Doris Roberts, Siobhan Fahey, The Brady Bunch's Jennifer Elise Cox, Devious Maid's Brianna Brown and UK's Law and Order Bradley Walsh, The Helps' Brunson Green, Entourage's Rex Lee and iconic comedian/head writer for the Oscars, Bruce Vilanch.

The red-carpet awards ceremony is a black-tie affair, bringing out the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood.

The Toscars will be held on February 22nd 2017 at the prestigious Renberg Theatre at the LGBT CENTER, assisting and supporting the community.

Tickets are available here: www.toscars.eventbrite.com

Koral Young Group
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Toscars Press Coverage

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Voice Actor, TEDX Speaker, 8-Time Ironman & Ambassador For Fit Kids, Matt Hill, Receives Governor General Award

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, February 14, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ —

Matt uses his engaging entertainment platform, with roles in everything from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles projects to Dino Trux, to advocate for a healthy future for kids and the planet

Voice actor, Run for One Planet Ambassador and TEDX speaker Matt Hill is honoured to be the recipient of the Governor General of Canada Meritorious Service Medal (Civil Division). The award recognizes outstanding accomplishments that set an example for others to follow and bring benefit to our country.

Matt has taken his platform, through wildly popular characters, and his love of running, people and the planet and used it to inspire children through his 11,000 mile run across North America and motivational speaking engagements, where he aims to inspire kids to lead healthy lives, and help our environment.

For over three decades, Matt’s career in voiceover work and feature films has connected him with millions of children around the world through the cartoons they’ve grown up with. Some of the iconic characters he’s lent his voice to include: Raphael in a number of Ninja Turtles productions and Tenderheart on the Care Bears: Adventures in Care-A-Lot. He also voiced Carlos and Ironhide in the Transformer TV series’, Kazuo in Martha Speaks, and Tach in Kate and Mim-Mim – which just won the Shaw Rocket Award. Matt is currently voicing Ton-Ton on the Emmy Award winning Dream Works series, Dino Trux, on Netflix, and recording season two voicing Tyler in Supernoobs on Cartoon Network.

It’s Matt’s passion for our planet’s long-term health that led to him becoming an ambassador of fitness and green living for youth via his Run for One Planet international campaign, which reached over 50,000 children in 220 schools across the continent. Along with his friend Steph Tait, the Run for One Planet mission raised $130,000 for the R41P Legacy 4 Kids Fund, which grants kids “green dreams” in schools around North America. The campaign positively impacted countless youth, and our environment, leading to the Meritorious Service Award.

As Matt continues his busy voiceover work, he also runs and speaks to youth at motivational speaking events, aiming to positively affect not only the environment, but also children's lives around the planet. Making a real change, any way he can, with his continued mission: “Fit Kids on a Fit Planet,”

Actor Matt Hill is an accomplished inspirational and motivational speaker, available for bookings, interviews and photographs upon request.

Lesley Diana | Lesley@thepromotionpeople.ca | 604-726-5575

Social Media Handles

Website: www.matt-hill.com, www.runforoneplanet.org
Twitter: www.twitter.com/MattHillinspire
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MattHillspage
Instagram: www.instagram.com/matthill_inspire
IMDb: www.imdb.com/name/nm0384503/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1
YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAKKjqz42JU, www.youtube.com/watch?v=-83el1Lh4ec

The Promotion People

Website: thepromotionpeople.ca
Twitter: @PromotionPeople
Facebook: The Promotion People
Instagram: @thepromotionpeople

Lesley Diana
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10 A-List Producers Re-Imagine 'Funkytown' Hit in Genres Ranging from A Cappella to Metal and More in 'The Funkytown 15'

The Cover Art for the 15 new versions of the famous One Hit Wonder

37 Years of Frequent Worldwide Placements in Film, TV, Advertising & Other Channels Since Original Release in 1980 at the end of the Disco era.

I thought there should be different styles of the song so future generations could discover it, like those who discovered it in Shrek 2 when it was prominently featured in that popular 2004 film.”

— Steven Greenberg, who wrote 'Funkytown' under the Lipps, Inc., moniker

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, UNITED STATES, February 14, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — After being featured in more than 100 movies, TV shows, TV and print advertising, and other media platforms around the world since it was an international hit in 1980, "Funkytown," the one-hit wonder, has now morphed into 15 new incarnations* on The Funkytown 15 (F15).

Shaped by veteran A-List industry producer-musicians like Ed Boyer (Glee, Pitch Perfect, many others), John Fields (Nick Jonas, Miley Cyrus, Switchfoot, Demi Lovato), Steve Lu: (Shakira, Christine Aguillera, others ), Aaron Alexander (numerous jazz and Klezmer groups) and others, the new versions of "Funkytown" range from A Cappella to Metal, Classical, Klezmer, Marching Band, Blues, Jazz and more* (there's even a delightful Christmas mash up).

The unusual but highly engaging collection is the brainchild of the man who wrote the original under the Lipps, Inc., moniker, Steven Greenberg. Greenberg also served as the project's Executive Producer. The innovative re-imagining of the tune from the end of the disco era has been heard on everything from The Simpsons, Contact, Oprah, Friends, ER, Shrek 2, professional sporting events like the Olympics in Italy, to car ads for Nissan Volkswagen, etc. (See The List in Media Kit — by request).

The Funkytown 15 had a soft launch on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora and other channels late last year. It was inspired, in part, by an old collection of "Louie Louie" covers Greenberg liked from a Rhino Records compilation — and the song's apparently endless appeal to Music Supervisors, advertising creatives and the general public, including new generations who have discovered it in different mediums.

"I wanted each genre version of 'Funkytown" to stand on its own, like each is its own work of art, and I think the producers on every version did exactly that," says Greenberg. "But the reason I wanted to create these different 'Funkytown' genres was primarily for the future."

"I thought there should be different styles of the song beyond the original disco version, so that future generations could discover it, the way that the generation that grew up with Shrek 2 was turned onto it when it was prominently featured in that popular film in 2004. That one film made it a gold record again in the digital download age," Greenberg adds. "I really like how these new tracks came out, but I don't think I'm done yet 'cuz it was so much fun — and there are more key genres that it can be adapted to like Country, Salsa, Hip Hop, EDM, Techno and more."

"We have been actively pitching and working this amazing composition for years with much success, " notes Wendy Christiansen, Senior Vice President for Film and TV, Strategic Marketing & Sync Licensing for Warner/Chappell Music, which publishes and licenses "Funkytown." " The ongoing interest in 'Funkytown' after more than three-and-a-half decades — and the prominent placements it's had in variety of media — makes it even more of a singular blockbuster brand unto itself! And we look forward to creating new opportunities for many years to come."

Funkytown 15 Video Samples (Youtube Teasers and B-roll)

• Marching Band

• A Cappella

• Reggae


• CLASSICAL (string quartet)
• METAL (vocal and instrumental)
• ISLAND (steel drums and vibes)
• JAZZ (piano and alto sax)

For more information — or to interview Steve Greenberg about The Funkytown 15 or the history of "Funkytown" itself — please contact Martin Keller, Media Savant Communications, 612-729-8585, mkeller@mediasavantcom.com

Martin Keller
Media Savant Communications
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A Marching Band version of “Funkytown” — one of 15 new reworkings of a mainstay hit in pop culture after it topped the music charts in 1980.

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Queens World Film Festival Presents "Sizzle Reel" Preview for Journalists

QWFF filmmaking mentors, teachers, students and the principal from PS 69 School after screening thier films for parents and classmates.

Queens World Film Festival is previewing for journalists on February 14 at MoMI some of the 135 movies by independent filmmakers in the U.S.A. and 50 countries.

Our Festival truly represents the diversity, cultures, people and arts of the melting pot that is Queens,which is the World's Borough.”

— Katha Cato, Executive Director and Co-Founder of QWFF


RSVP: Katha Cato, kathacato@gmail.com
Bob Rinklin, rinklin@comcast.net

Professional journalists are invited to attend a news media briefing on Tuesday, February 14 at 9:30 AM to preview some of the 135 films that will be screened during the Annual Queens World Film Festival (QWFF). You can also speak with directors, producers and cinematographers who created the feature films, short narratives, documentaries and animated productions that will be presented by the QWFF from March 14 -19 in the World’s Borough.
Where: The Museum of the Moving Image, 36-01 35th Avenue, Astoria, NY (Near R/M Subway Lines, Steinway St. stop or N/W Subway Lines to 36th Ave).
Schedule of Events:
9:30 am – Doors Open – Media Mixer in Café
9:55 am – Transition into Bartos Room
10:00 am –Welcome by MoMI Executive Director Carl Goodman
10:05 am − Special Guests who are expected: Borough President Melinda Katz, N.Y.C. Council Member Daniel Dromm, Staff from the Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment, and Investors Bank Sr. V.P. and Queens Borough Regional Manager Michael Billia
10:15 am− QWFF Executive Director Don Cato – QWFF “Sizzle Reel” (3 to 5 minutes) and Festival Highlights
10:25 am −Sandra Schulberg: Discusses Spirit of Queens Honoree Julie Dash, the acclaimed independent filmmaker who was born in Long Island City.
10:35 am−Katha Cato, QWFF Executive Director and Co-Founder, Closing and Transition into Media Mixer
10:40 am − Q and A with directors, producers and cinematographers
10:50 am − Transition to Media Mixer with Filmmakers in the Café
11:30 am − Media Mixer concludes


The QWFF is honoring both national and international productions and includes an annual multi day/multi venue event, youth-oriented educational initiatives, and year-round screening opportunities for QWFF filmmakers, past and present.

The festival is programmed in thematic blocks with evocative titles, and each program is followed by a post-screening dialogue to engage audiences from the demographically diverse communities that comprise the borough of Queens.

Each year the festival enjoys a very robust submission register, with films being entered from all over the world. This year’s screenings include eighty to a hundred productions from fifty-four countries. Films will be screened by filmmakers from: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, England, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Nepal, Norway, Philippines, South Africa, Turkey and more nations.

The 7th Annual Queens World Film Festival (QWFF) returns to the Museum of the Moving Image, and for the first time to the Kaufman Astoria Studios’ Zukor Theater from March 14-19, 2017.

The QWFF is sponsored in part by Investors Bank, which has nine branches serving the banking needs of the Queens community.


Katha Cato
Queens World Film Festival
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