Indie Duo Brother Cephus release music video for 'Toxic Slip'

(L)Seth Davis (R) Gabe Davis – Photo By Amy Kate Anderson

Artwork by Justin Bryan Nelson

'Toxic Slip' is the first single from the Brother Cephus's first studio EP "Not That Important" – Not That Important arrives this Friday July 21

TAMPA, FL, USA, July 17, 2017 / — Watch Video Here:

Brother Cephus will self-release their first studio collection on this Friday, July 21st, via all major online distributers and streaming services, as well as a limited pressing, hand screen-printed vinyl via Pre-orders are available now via BandCamp,, which include instant-grabs of 'Toxic Slip' and 'How Do You Do."

Javi Fick directed the the band's first music video. "Toxic Slip" is the first single to be released from the band's forthcoming six-track collection.

Brother Cephus, real life brothers Gabe and Seth Davis, have spent their time honing in on their on unique sound while creating a buzz as a great live band. The brothers who share vocal duties, along with a backing rhythm section, have opened for acts such as BOYTOY, Eisley, High Waisted, Chuck Reagan, and will open for Strand Of Oaks this Thursday, July 20th. More shows to be announced soon.

"Not That Important" was recorded earlier this year in Nashville, TN at Mark Pontius’s (Foster The People) Fat Horse Ranch Studio. It was produced by Josh Lovell & Brother Cephus, mixed by Drew Fisher (The Babies, Kevin Morby) and mastered by John Greenham (Mr. Little Jeans, Bad Suns.)

Brother Cephus is Gabe Davis and Seth Davis.



Management: Will D. Barrett

Will D. Barrett
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Brother Cephus: Toxic Slip (Official Music Video)

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Former New Yorker Shares Personal Story of Gambling Bottoms in the Release of "Vegas Nerves (Double Double Trouble)"

A New Kind of Courage

Using the Pen Name, "Rocky Bottoms", Problem Gambling Hits a New Low in this First in a Series Memoir Describing the Battles Addicts with Mental Illness Face.

Not Everything Can Be Googled But Good Luck Trying!”

— Rocky Bottoms

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, July 17, 2017 / — Rocky Bottoms, a garden variety alcoholic/addict with bipolar disorder and pathological gambling disorder, has released "Vegas Nerves", written in memoir format, which will recollect the trials and tribulations of his compulsive gambling history including the story of how he robbed a bank!

Recollections of actual events will be told. The "Rocky Bottoms" series covers the seemingly never ending and ever widening bottoms experienced by an average Irish Catholic kid from the Bronx and how he struggled for decades with some of life's most common (and not so common) illnesses while simultaneously leading a double life of moderate success – to outward appearance. As a bright, young, athletic, good looking kid, Rocky pushed and pushed himself past the demoralization of addiction, to the ranks of being tops in the field of corporate IT consulting. Despite a full expectation of realizing the American dreams, they remained forever out of reach. The only dream manifested turned out to be the consequences of the high, the escape, and the action. This dream came true, and the carnage left behind was at the least a broken family, destroyed relationships, unemployment, homelessness, heart failure, a credit nightmare and little hope.

Available now on Amazon in Kindle eBook and paperback, Barnes & Noble in Nook eBook and hardcover, Smashwords and Apple iTunes iBook.

The second and third books will tell the stories of other bottoms experienced through other addictions and mental illness.

The second series will present 3 books about the endless series of recovery attempts through various 12-step attempts, behavioral and rehab facilties and the always popular gated communities of state including jails and institutions.

Finally, the third series will present the always challenging realm of spiritual challenges from early life religion straight through to the discovery of the recognition of my true nature current day. The spiritual series will be a gateway to a spiritual recovery based ecosystem that caters to the dual diagnosed and veteran friendly.

From these book series, the Rocky Bottoms Foundation will be built, fufilling a life-long dream of providing help and hope to those who suffer. RockyBottoms.Vegas

Media Contact
Vegas Nerve Productions

Rocky Bottoms
Vegas Nerve Productions
(702) 756-4815
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Senator Tony Avella, keynote speaker at the Drug Free World’s Drug Free Hero Awards Gala

TV/Radio Host Kerri Kasem interviewing Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Ricky Byrd at the Drug Free World’s Drug Free Hero Awards Gala

United Nations Ambassador of Good-Works & Drug Free Hero Awardee Noella Nsamwa at the 10th Anniversary Drug Free Hero Awards Gala

As New York State drug overdoses increase, 33 anti-drug activists are honored at Foundation for a Drug-Free World’s tenth annual gala on Thursday in Queens

“As a doctor, one of our roles is to help our community, and that’s why I support the Drug Free World initiatives.” ”

— Dr. Bernard Fialkoff

BAYSIDE, NY, USA, July 14, 2017 / —
NEW YORK (July 14, 2017)— TV/radio host and activist Kerri Kasem came out to honor anti-drug activists at the tenth annual Drug-Free Heroes Awards Gala benefitting the Foundation for a Drug-Free America on June 1. The event, held at Leonard’s Palazzo in Great Neck, came as New York State battles a sharp increase in overdose deaths sweeping the Northeast and South. Last year it is estimated that more than 1,000 people in New York City died of overdoses.

Speakers included New York State Senator Tony Avella (D, IP, District 11) of Queens; James J. Hunt, special agent in charge of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, New York Division; and Kyle McCauley Belokopitsy, executive director of the New York State PTA.

Awardees included government figures the Honorable Andrew J. Lanza, New York State senator; Robert Barnes, Bronx District Attorney Darcel D. Clark’s office; and Frank J. Spotorno, former congressional candidate, 14th district, Queens and the Bronx. Nonprofit executives Antonio Hendrickson, Lead by Example/Reverse the Trend; and Michael Reagan DeLeon, Steered Straight, Inc. received honors. United Nations executives Ambassador Carlos Garcia, secretary general, United Nations Association of El Salvador; Noella Nsamwa, president of Karibu-Global Initiatives; and the Honorable Foday Mansaray, International Human Rights Commission special diplomatic advisor were tapped for recognition. The Foundation for a Drug-Free America paid tribute to law enforcement personnel L. Kelly Johnson, School Safety Division, Community Affairs Bureau, NYPD; Detective Melissa Jones, Chief of Transportation Bureau, NYPD, Police Officer Kimberleigh A. Radigan, Southampton Village; Police Officer Charles Sadler, NYPD Community Affairs, 104th precinct; Police Officer Tatiana S. Espinal, NYPD Neighborhood Coordination; Police Officer Andres F. Gomez, NYPD Neighborhood Coordination; and Mohammad Akram, platoon commander, NYPD.

Artists and celebrities Camille Sims, Miss New York 2016; Ted McGrath, chief transformation officer, Ted McGrath Brands; and Ricky Byrd, 2015 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Recovery Troubadour were awarded. Latin American drug-free crusaders Colonel Hugo Angulo Rogel of El Salvador; and Ana Mercedes Acosta, Ramón Gross, Franklin Valois Reyes, and Mariela Valois of the Centro de Formation y Superacion Humana, Inc. also received honors as will Drug-Free World regional representatives and volunteers.

Serving as emcees were Dr. Bernard Fialkoff and Meghan Fialkoff, president and executive director respectively of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, The Americas. The chapter has been spearheading events across the five boroughs and Latin America to raise awareness of the dangers of drugs since 2006, reaching more than 100,000 children and adults.

“With the horrors of drug abuse ever encroaching into the homes of New Yorkers everywhere, it is urgent that each of us take responsibility and maintain vigilance,” said Meghan Fialkoff. “We are happy to take a moment Thursday to pay tribute to the tireless, everyday heroes who are in the trenches, working daily to create a drug-free New York City and a drug-free world.”

Proceeds will go to the program’s Adopt a School campaign, providing free drug education events and programming citywide and statewide.
For more information, please contact Meghan Fialkoff at or visit

The Foundation for a Drug-Free World,, is a nonprofit public benefit corporation that empowers youth and adults with factual information about drugs so they can make informed decisions and live drug-free. Internationally, the group has distributed 50 million drug prevention booklets and produced thousands of drug awareness events in 180 countries. The non-profit’s Truth About Drugs public service announcements have been aired on more than 500 television stations.

Dr. Bernard Fialkoff has a periodontal, dental implant and cosmetic laser surgery office for more than 34 years on 56-03 214th Street in Bayside, NY. Dr. Bernard Fialkoff founded the Fialkoff Dental Study Club in the mid ‘90s which educates dentists at monthly meetings. He also sponsors numerous oral health care events throughout NYC, and through his role as President and Founding Sponsor of the Drug Free World Americas Chapter, has produced and sponsored more than 1200 free events since 2006. The office web site is and Facebook page is For more information, please contact the office of Dr. Fialkoff at 718-229-3838 or

Cheryl L. Duncan
Cheryl Duncan & Company Inc.
201-552-9239 (O)
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10th Anniversary Drug Free Hero Award Gala

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Courtesy of IndustryWorks Studios

One of the most outrageous, offensive and laugh-out-loud comedies ever made.”

— The Film Corner

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, July 14, 2017 / — Yes you heard that right! You can find out when the VOD is released on July 14th across Canada

IndustryWorks Studios is releasing the most talked-about (or will be), controversial (definitely), laugh-out-loud (because you can’t help it) movie to come out of Canada since ‘Fubar’.

The mockumentary-style comedy “Shooting the Musical” made its first appearance to audiences at the Whistler Film festival, with rave reviews and a large following of fans that responded to the daring thematic and raw humor so rare in independent films coming out of North America, in this case, for obvious reasons.

Director Joel Ashton McCarthy, best known for his award-winning documentary Taking My Parents To Burning Man made “Shooting The Musical” with the aid of over 100 of his film school students and friends. A labor of love and a risky subject matter that may just put this indie film director on the road to success.

The premise is simple, recent film school grads resurrect a script written by their talented, fallen friend Max (Lee Shorten) as an homage to him and his adoring fans. But when the un-talented, crude, rude and completely self-absorbed Adam (Bruce Novakowski) decides to leverage the suicide of his friend for his own opportunity he re-writes the script to become a musical about a high school shooting.

The result is a comedic critic of some of societies values and its result on youth mentality. It will make you laugh out loud but it will also make you think.

Audiences loved it, proven by festival win after festival win and the recent accolade from the Toronto Film Review chosen on the awesome list of “100 best Canadian Films” by Paul Williams. VOD release and download-to-own this bad boy for life.

IndustryWorks will also be releasing the movie across Canada on VOD (iTunes and Vimeo) on July 14th, 2017 (pre-buy it on July 1st, 2017).

“It is not only crude, shocking and offensive, but it is utterly and completely hilarious.” – vancitybuzz

“it’s rare that we see a project this ballsy and ambitious coming out of homegrown independent cinema” – onemovieourviews

For International Sales and Distribution information, contact IndustryWorks Studios:
Maju Iudice, | 604-876-0547

For IndustryWorks information and Marketing:
Caterina Scrivano | | 604-876-0547

For more information, interviews and photographs please contact:
Lesley Diana | | 604-726-5575

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The Promotion People


The Promotion People
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How Does Workers Compensation Work in Westeros?


Sixteen attorneys gathered to discuss the workers’ comp ramifications of the Game of Thrones characters, in honor of the Season 7 Premiere.

I would love to fight and defend those cases in a trial of combat!”

— Jason Krasno, CEO

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, July 14, 2017 / — 16 Attorneys Discuss Fictional Workers’ Comp Ramifications Ahead of Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere

Winter is here! The Season 7 premiere of HBO’s Game of Thrones based on the epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire written by George R.R. Martin, airs this Sunday, July, 16th.

In Westeros, Summer can span decades and Winters can last a lifetime. This Sunday the struggle for the Iron Throne continues. Reaching an average of 23 million viewers per episode worldwide, the upcoming premiere of this pop culture phenomenon known as “GOT,” has everyone in the office talking.

HBO has been releasing teasers of the new season, giving viewers a preview of what they can expect to see, as well as titles and descriptions of the first three episodes. Episode 1: “Dragonstone,” Episode 2: “Stormborn,” and Episode 3: “The Queen’s Justice,” tell us that we can expect to see our favorite surviving characters fight for the Iron Throne and hopefully give us answers to our remaining questions regarding the fate of Westeros.

While discussing the anticipated premiere, the attorneys at Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo began thinking about the possibilities of workers' compensation cases for work-related injuries in Westeros, the fictional land in Game of Thrones.

While many of our favorite characters face unfortunate deaths, some of the surviving characters suffer from different types of on the job injuries while working, or while in the service of a Lord or Lady. After analyzing the misfortunes of these characters, we came to the conclusion that most of these work-related injuries would make these characters eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Jamie Lannister, of House Lannister, suffered the loss of a limb, affecting not only his ability to work but also his way of life. Jaime Lannister was known to be the most skilled swordsman in all of Westeros. Suffering the loss of his sword-hand was detrimental to his line of work. Whether he was an employee of the Kingsguard, acting at the behest of the crown, or employed by House Lannister at the time of his injury is still undetermined, but he would have a strong case qualifying him to receive benefits to compensate for his injury. Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, Jaime Lannister would receive two-thirds of his average wage for 335 weeks and potentially, additional compensation benefits for his loss of limb.

Arya Stark, of House Stark, incurred the loss of her eye sight during her service for the House of Black and White. Her loss of sight directly affected her ability to generate income and significantly decreased her quality of life. Injured workers who have suffered a permanent or temporary loss of sight, partial or total, or the loss of an eye, may be entitled to receive compensation. Arya Stark poses a strong case against her employer, the House of Black and White, for an on the job injury. Meeting the specific criteria of loss of income would make her eligible to receive compensation benefits.

Lord Eddard Stark, of House Stark, sustained a head injury while on the job as Hand of the King to Robert Baratheon. While many workers do not suffer head injuries due to treason, head injuries are very common in the workplace. Head injuries are measured in magnitude from mild concussions to more severe head trauma. Any sort of head injury can affect your ability to work and result in a loss of income, making you eligible for compensation benefits.

While acting as the Hand of the King and leading the defense of the city during the Battle of Blackwater, Tyrion Lannister sustained a Facial Disfigurement injury. By law, to be qualified for compensation, a Facial Disfigurement injury must be both “permanent” and “unsightly” making this type of on the job injury more difficult to measure than other types of injuries. Tyrion Lannister’s injury resulting in a long-term scar would make him eligible to receive benefits at the discretion of the court room judge, or in the case of Westeros, the King or Queen.

Injuries resulting from workplace violence can be classified as verbal threats, harassment, intimidation, or physical violence like getting stabbed in the abdomen like Jon Snow. Following the Battle of Castle Black, the fellow men of the Night’s Watch turned on Lord Commander Jon Snow for being a traitor. This act of workplace violence would qualify Jon Snow for compensation benefits.

Although this may just be a “watercooler conversation” topic at the office, it possesses an interesting thought. How would workers compensation work in Westeros?

Game of Thrones may be fictional, but workplace injuries don’t just happen in Westeros. The attorneys at Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo provide representations to help injured workers obtain the full workers' compensation benefits they need and deserve.

If you need to speak with an attorney contact KK&O for a free consultation, 877-299-0779.

Jason Krasno
Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo
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Tea McKay with Dreamer

Eric Roberts with Dey Young and TC Stallings

T.C. Stallings as Detective Sangrin

Horse Film Takes on Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking must be addressed on multiple fronts. 'Unbridled' focuses on redemption and healing.”

— John David Ware

BURBANK, CA, USA, July 13, 2017 / — BURBANK, California — The 168 Film Festival announced today that on Saturday, August 26th, it will screen the victory-over-human-trafficking feature film, Unbridled, starring T.C. Stallings (War Room; Courageous), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight; The Pope of Greenwich Village) and Tea McKay, (Pass the Light, The Iceman). Tickets are available at

Unbridled ( is based on true stories of at risk, teen girls assisted by equine therapy at a North Carolina non-profit ranch called Corral Riding Academy. The film shot in Raleigh NC, which is situated along the infamous I-95 corridor, a gateway to traffickers. Sex Trafficking is estimated to involve hundreds of thousands of victims in all 50 states, including many children. It may be the fastest growing criminal industry at $9 billion dollars per year.

According to the film’s director, John David Ware, “This issue must be addressed on multiple fronts. Unbridled focuses on redemption and healing. It shows a great victory in this battle. At it’s heart, Unbridled is a girl-and-her-horse-film with a girl that powerfully overcomes great difficulties.”

In the film, Sarah (Tea McKay) escapes from her mother’s (Dey Young – Pretty Woman) maniacal boyfriend, Roger (Eric Roberts). As Sarah begins to heal at the Academy, she learns to trust humans again by bonding with Dreamer, a badly abused horse that no one can touch. Roger will stop at nothing to get her back under his control.

Unbridled is appropriate for children aged 12 and above. A discussion with director John David Ware and actor T.C. Stallings will occur immediately after the screening.

The film also stars Jenn Gotzon (Frost/Nixon), David Topp (Beverly Hills Canine Country Club) and Rachel Hendrix (October Baby).

The 15-years-runnning 168 Film Festival is known as a vehicle for filmmakers and actors to launch careers. Lead actress Tea McKay was cast based on her excellent work in the 168 Film Project.

In 2018, 168 Film will produce a feature film with the top short film producer of 2017. 168 has birthed over 1,000 short films in 14 years.

168 Film Festival sponsors include Advent Media, Roush Media, Tiffin/Steadicam and Arri.

Mark Baird
168 Film
email us here

Unbridled Official Teaser

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The Lewy Body Dementia Resource Center is Delighted to Announce their Gala on July 20, 2017

Robin and Susan Williams

The Lewy Body Dementia Resource Center and The Shepard Family are delighted to announce The David B. Shepard Gala “A Night to Remember” on July 20, 2017.

GARDEN CITY, NY, USA, July 13, 2017 / — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 13, 2017
Media Contact: Laurie Marks Law, Vizzify Marketing

The Lewy Body Dementia Resource Center and The Shepard Family are delighted to announce The David B. Shepard Gala “A Night to Remember” on July 20, 2017.
With an appearance by Actress, Comedienne and Best-Selling Author Sherri Shepherd and special guest speaker Susan Schneider Williams, Fine Artist, Advocate and Writer who lost her husband, actor and comedian Robin Williams, to Lewy Body Dementia (LBD).

[Long Island, NY] – The Lewy Body Dementia Resource Center (LBDRC) and The Shepard Family
will host The David B. Shepard Gala “A Night to Remember” on July 20, 2017, at 7:30 pm at The Garden City Hotel, 45 Seventh Street, Garden City, NY 11530. The event is made possible, in part, by Financial Analyst Barry Bendett and his firm, Financial Genetics.

The gala, which will benefit the Lewy Body Dementia Resource Center and the American Brain Foundation, honors David Shepard, founder of direct marketing and database consulting firm David Shepard Associates in Melville, NY. Shepard, a recipient of the Gold Mailbox Award, retired in 2010 due to Lewy Body Dementia. He is renowned in the marketing industry for his use of direct mail and has written three reference books recognized as industry best practices.

NBC “Trial and Error” co-star and former co-host on ABC’s “The View,” Sherri Shepherd will be performing. Shepherd, who has enjoyed a successful career starring in primetime series, such as “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “The Jamie Foxx Show,” and as the author New York Times bestseller "Plan D: How to Lose Weight and Beat Diabetes (Even If You Don't Have It)," says her greatest accomplishment is raising her 11-year-old son, Jeffrey. Acquainted with the challenges and joys of raising a child with special needs, Shepherd collaborates with the YAI National Institute to support children and adults with disabilities.

LBD is a progressive type of dementia that affects 1.4 million Americans. Even though the disease is common, it is often misdiagnosed because its symptoms can mimic Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, or a psychiatric disorder, such as depression.

About Platinum Sponsor Financial Genetics
Financial Genetics, the brainchild of financial expert Barry Bendett, was launched in 2014 to fund early stage biomedical enterprises that undertake research projects that, through proper management and funding, have the ability to uncover major breakthroughs in science. Financial Genetics helps bring these discoveries to the market.

About Special Guest Speaker Susan Schneider Williams
Fine Artist, Advocate and Writer Schneider Williams also serves on the Board of Directors of the American Brain Foundation. Williams became an LBD advocate after the passing of her husband Robin Williams in 2014, and welcomes the opportunity to both honor David Shepard and raise awareness on LBD.

About the Lewy Body Dementia Resource Center (LBDRC)
LBDRC is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit based in Long Island, NY. It is dedicated to raising awareness of Lewy Body Dementia, creating a support system for LBD caregivers, and developing educational programs for the medical community and the families of people with LBD.

To purchase tickets, learn more about The David B. Shepard gala, or inquire about sponsorship opportunities, visit or contact Laurie Marks Law at or 516-374-7193.


Laurie Marks Law
Vizzify Marketing
email us here

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2017 Love International Film Festival Supporting The Lotus Light Children’s Charity Set For July 18-22 Beverly Hills, CA

Come Celebrate a Week Of Love, Peace, & Healing Through Cinema

Where words fail, art can succeed. These forms of communication can transcend the political or cultural boundaries that exist.”

— Ata Servati

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2017 / — Beverly, CA – (ANS – 12 July) The 2017 Love International Film Festival (LIFF), which will benefit his Lotus Light Children’s Charity (TLLCC) has been organized to promote a week of love, peace and healing through the art of cinema and will take place July 18th to 22nd. The event will focus on bringing films and filmmakers from across an international community whose work embodies the fundamental message of love and contribution. Screenings of films from over 12 countries and all over the United States will take place at the iconic Laemmle's Music Hall 3 in Beverly Hills, California, July 18th to 20th. Panel discussions to with Film Industry Leaders will take place on July 21st at the Flame in Santa Monica, CA. Award night on July 22nd and private party will be held at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, CA. Over 30 high profile celebrities have confirmed attendance to participate in the awards ceremony.

The Love International Film Festival was co-founded by Ata Servati, a spiritual prize winning poet/writer/actor/director and film maker.  All proceeds from the film festival are given to The Lotus Light Children's Charity (TLLCC) whose mission is "to build a league of empowered, educated, proactive individuals who will have the necessary resources to be able to reach out to impoverished children throughout the world. Through the healing and self-expressive nature of the Arts, we hope to inspire children with an abundance of positivity and provide them an outlet. As an outcome, we expect that children will learn that there are alternate ways to solve problems other than picking up a gun or going to war.”

“Where words fail, art can succeed. These forms of communication can transcend the political or cultural boundaries that exist.”
Ata Servati – Founder, LIFF & TLLCC

For the festival and closing ceremony Click here to purchase Tickets

Click here for more information on Love International Film Festival go to and for The Lotus Light Children's Charity go to

Paul Miller
Love International Film Festival
email us here

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Hanatu: Giving Wings to Dreams and Aspirations

Take nothing away from Joan Momodu. Beneath the façade of her small frame lies a strong character that was made for big stages.

At Sahara, we see Hanatu as an expression of who we are and what we do – constantly striving to provide platforms for people, especially the less privileged to live their dreams. ”

— Bethel Obioma, Head, Corporate Communications, Sahara Group

LAGOS, LAGOS, NIGERIA, July 12, 2017 / — Take nothing away from Joan Momodu. Beneath the façade of her small frame lies a strong character that was made for big stages. She stared at the audience curiously. It was her big day at the premiere of a new film. The huge applause that greeted her introduction was novel. She had by some quirk of fate become a thespian – the unlikely child star in the Sahara Foundation inspired short film – Hanatu.

Joan was created to act the part. How else could one explain a rustic everyday Auchi youngster clinching the role which had eluded scores of children in Lagos? Joan simply had to be Hanatu; reinforcing the movie’s message of hope and giving wings to the aspirations of those who dare to dream.
The Hanatu project began with the desire to tell a story that mirrors the heart of Sahara. The next hurdle was to get a film maker that would interpret the story – with flair and passion. It had to be Kunle Afolayan, whose works stand out in terms of depth and quality. Everyone loves a good story. Hanatu offers this and more. It is an expression of Sahara’s unflinching commitment to good corporate citizenship: a clarion call to the world to spread hope and sustainable development across the globe.

It was July 7, 2017, not even the rains could stop the much awaited Hanatu Premiere. Hundreds of students and guests sat glued to their seats as the ultra-modern screen at Terrakulture in Lagos, Nigeria beamed images from Hanatu. Preye (Gabriel Afolayan) in the film demonstrates how being selfless and genuinely caring for others can kick-start a revolution of hope. Preye’s doggedness helped Hanatu rediscover her dream by linking her despair with a renewed hope for a bright future. By facilitating the process that helped Hanatu secure a prosthetic leg following a dastardly accident which claimed her father’s life, Preye gave Hanatu a new lease of life. At Sahara, we see Hanatu as an expression of who we are and what we do – constantly striving to provide platforms for people, especially the less privileged to live their dreams.
With Hanatu, Sahara is keen to create a gold standard for corporate citizenship – a movement that challenges governments, the private sector and multilateral institutions across the globe to remain resolute in the pursuit of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) until all the goals are achieved and surpassed.

Hanatu embodies hope; a commitment to defy the impossible and a demonstration of how far-reaching success can be recorded in developmental projects when we have all stakeholders working together without recourse to race, gender or creed.
Sahara Group has through Sahara Foundation had the privilege to serve, inspire and empower beneficiaries across the globe. Hanatu is yet another bold statement on our resolve to stop at nothing in the quest for promoting sustainable development and empowering individuals and communities where we operate and beyond – sustainably, transparently, responsibly and efficiently.

Please click to watch Hanatu
Please click to read more about Sahara Foundation Interventions

Bethel Obioma
Sahara Group
email us here

Hanatu The Movie

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Short Filmmakers Countdown to Indie Feature Winner Announcement

DP Pete Villani with Arri Alexa Mini on set of IN TUNE. Photo by Lenny Lesser 2017

Audrey DeLeon on set of IN TUNE, Photo by Lenny Lesser 2017

Tickets on sale now for the 168 Film Festival August 26-27

This year’s films are striking and all based on our universally poignant theme, ‘The Love of the Father.’”

— John David Ware

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, July 11, 2017 / — The nominees are in for the 15th annual 168 Film Festival, Aug. 26-27 at Regal Cinemas Premiere House at LA Live, where awards will be given in 37 categories, including best actress/actor, director and film. See 2017 nominees.

White-knuckled producers and actors alike are thrilled at the “8168” grand prize; the prospect of making a feature film in 2018 with 8168 Films, LLC.

Nine Grand Prize Finalists will be announced at the Festival, tickets on sale now. They include the 168 Days Feature Screenwriting winner, James De Vince for his script “Military Grade.” The top finalist will partner with 8168 Films, LLC to produce a feature film in 2018.

As a final hurdle, these short filmmakers will pitch feature scripts, to the jury, which will announce the winner on November 6th, 2017. “8168” refers to the hours projected to complete the feature film.

"This year’s films are striking and all based on our universally poignant theme, ‘The Love of the Father.’ It's inspiring to watch God grow and stretch these filmmakers and give ear to their unique voice,” said John David Ware, 168 Founder and 8168 Producer.

168 Film Festival tickets are at Prices range from $28-54. The Sunday ticket includes the Awards Show. VIP passes and group, student and senior discounts are available. Parental discretion is suggested under 12, but a block of younger kid films are scheduled for Saturday morning.

168 Founder, John David Ware said, "168 asks deep questions. Filmmakers, writers and audiences get to explore together. Whether subtle, or bold in message, ‘168’ stories can change lives. These short films may be the best conversation starters on the planet.”

168 is a worldwide incubator for artists focused on the media, including directors, writers, actors and crew who are interested in creating stories for popular culture. 168 includes writing and filmmaking competitions, training and exhibitions.

Sponsors include Advent Media, Arri and Roush Media

Mark Baird
168 Film
email us here

Sneak Peek at the 2017 Films

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