Actor Curtis Lum is back for CW’s Supergirl new season and joins the ensemble cast in Freeform television series Siren

A shot of Curtis Lum on set of Supergirl


Curtis Lum at the studio, sitting on a stool

Curtis makes his big screen debut in Mina Shum’s highly anticipated feature film Meditation Park opening the Vancouver International Film Festival

Meditation Park honours family, tradition and the unique culture of our city. It hit me close to home as they shot in Vancouver’s Chinatown where I used to buy fish with my dad and grandfather!”

— Curtis Lum

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, September 22, 2017 / — Curtis Lum returns to CW’s American superhero action-adventure TV series Supergirl to premiere October 9th. In Supergirl, Curtis plays Agent Demos, an agent in the DEO that works with Supergirl and her team to keep National City safe from the bad guys. Supergirl is based on the DC Comics character Supergirl (Kara Zor-El), and stars Melissa Benoist in the title role.

Currently Curtis is filming the new Freeform original drama Siren, which is slated for release in 2018. In his recurring role on Siren, Curtis plays Calvin a local fisherman.
Curtis makes his big screen debut this fall in Mina Shum’s highly anticipated feature film Meditation Park opening the 2017 VIFF (Vancouver International Film Festival), with a gala screening on September 28th. With an all-star cast that includes Chinese movie legend Cheng Pei Pei (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy), and Hong Kong-American actor Tzi Ma, Meditation Park premiered at this year’s TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival).

Meditation Park is about a devoted Chinese wife Maria (Cheng Pei Pei) discovering her husband’s infidelity when finding another women’s thong in her husband’s laundry, propelling her on an empowering journey of mental, financial and physical emancipation. Curtis makes a cameo in this film playing a young fishmonger that Maria always goes to hassle and bargain with.

“Being a part of Meditation Park is somewhat like sending a love letter to my Mom,” says Curtis, “Meditation Park honours family, tradition, community and the unique culture of our city. It hit me close to home as they shot in a part of Vancouver’s Chinatown where I used to buy fish with my dad and grandfather from the market I shot in for the film!”

At the age of 20, Curtis did whatever it took to make his leap as an actor landing a recurring role on the Canadian teen-drama Renegade Press as Conor Ying. Soon after, Curtis booked his first movie playing a sperm-donating monk on an Anna Chi film called Dim Sum Funeral. In the recent years, he played Henry Kishida in FOX’s Prison Break and other guest roles in TV series including Travelers, The Arrangement, The Romeo Section and Psych.

Curtis is a “bonafide hustler” and a “fighter”, willing to take roles at any capacity to breakthrough an industry where Asian Americans are still a minority. He produced Jaded and Chasing Mood and a short experimental film called Pyramid, which was taken from the award-winning piece Spoken Word written by Andy Garland. He also produced the music video HeadLights featuring Cadence and starring Nalani Weston, breaking boundaries with his talent as he also sang in that song.

Curtis was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. He grew up in the family restaurant business with parents who taught him everything he needed to know about hard work. Curtis remains humble and takes all life as learning experiences, which he can apply to his craft. Curtis is involved with a non-profit community based group called “Help Change My City”. To stay healthy, he keeps up with a regular fitness regimen with boxing, kickboxing or playing basketball and when he needs to get in shape for a role, he relies on his go-to celebrity fitness trainer Anna Wong to whip him into shape.

His world of entertainment doesn’t stop there. Curtis has been hosting club nights and MC parties since he was 16, going by the name of “CuLu”. Along with acting, Curtis is a fashionista, style-setter, a bit of a rogue, rebel, and a trailblazer all at once, turning unconventional ways into his own conventional. Curtis currently resides in Vancouver and splits his time in LA.

Curtis Lum is available for interviews upon request.

For more information and interview requests please contact:
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Meditation Park Trailer

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Actress Jasynda Radanovic to Star in 'Broken Barriers' and 'The Tea Party'

Actress Jasynda Radanovic

Actress Jasynda Radanovic will take on starring roles in the upcoming films “Broken Barriers”and "The Tea Party"

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, September 22, 2017 / — Actress Jasynda Radanovic, who's become a highly sought after actress in both Australia and the UK for a vast range of productions including live shows, theatre, television and film, has been tapped to star in the upcoming films "Broken Barriers" and "The Tea Party."

In “Broken Barriers” Radanovic will take on the starring role of Diane, a dynamic young woman who controls and hosts a social experiment involving six contestants who are placed in a room. With their cell phones placed in a glass box that is within view, but out of reach, and no means of communicating with the outside world, they are challenged to see how they interact when deprived of technology.

"'Broken Barriers' is a cautionary tale of what could happen to our future, and how dependent we are on our phones… they have become a necessity," explains Radanovic. "I am very thrilled about this role. It is great to play a character who is extremely quirky… She has this sweet and friendly tone, then all of the sudden if something doesn't go her way, she snaps."

The film, which is being directed by Brontie Geist, is scheduled to begin shooting in New South Wales, Australia later this year. About choosing Radanovic for the starring role in her upcoming film, director Brontie Geist says, "Jasynda's experience in acting definitely drew our attention. Her showreel allowed us to reflect her comic timing as well as showing her talent for taking on dramatic roles… her physical traits also played a role in casting her as they enhance her ability to convey Diane's personality as I envisioned it."

Radanovic will also star in Beth Toh's upcoming silent film "The Tea Party," which is set in the 1920s and inspired by "Pied Piper of Hamelin" by Robert Browning. Radanovic's skill as both an actress and dancer will be integral to bringing her character to life, as the story mainly revolves around her character becoming enthralled by 1920s ragtime music, which ultimately sets her off into a trance.

The actress says, "I love being a part of period pieces and getting to explore with the costuming, make-up and sets, you just become transported to another world. What's more, being in a project that is all about dance, and watching how movement is captured on film. It is gratifying to go back to the research and recreate the era of this dancing style, and then applying that to my character."

Considering Radanovic's history of dance-filled performances– including live shows such as the Australian Museum's commissioned performance of "Alexander the Great" where she starred as Olympias, "Peter Pan A Musical Adventure" where she played Tinkerbell and "Whistle Down the Wind" where she played Swallow, "The Tea Party" is the perfect film for this uber talented Aussie.

About working with Radanovic, director Beth Toh says, "She’s a great talent and we're lucky to have her on set…. She’s bright, cheerful and I’m glad to be able to work with her. Her dancing is also great!"

In addition to "Broken Barriers" and "The Tea Party" Radanovic has also been cast to take on the lead role of Nurse Sandy Granger in the upcoming series "Emergency: LA," which is currently in pre-production and is expected to begin shooting next year. The series revolves around the emergency services based out of the Los Angeles Fire Department's Station 77, LAPD and the emergency hospital treatment center known as Trauma One. The series, which is slated to begin filming later this year, focuses on the day to day to lives of the people who devote their lives to solving crimes, rescuing victims and treating the injured around the city.

Produced by Spectrum Multimedia Hollywood ("The Good Guys Club," "Hard Knocks Fighting"), "Emergency: LA" will be directed by Len Davies ("World Association of Wrestling," "Spirit 7"), Doug Coleman ("In Security," "Lawless") and Amit Medina ("RQW Bites," "Hollywood Makeover").

Actress Jasynda Radanovic, who's been referred to in the land down under as a stunning triple threat, is one of those diversely talented individuals who has managed to establish a strong reputation for herself as a skilled actress, dancer and singer. With starring roles in the upcoming films “The Tea Party” and “Broken Barriers,” as well as the series “Emergency LA” Radanovic is one leading lady we'll be seeing a whole lot more of on the big screen.

Portia Leigh
True Blue PR
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Award-winning documentary coming to a cinema near you

This powerful documentary tells an important story that everyone needs to see.”

— Brigadier- General (Ret.) Carol Ann Fausone

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2017 / —
“Delay, Deny, Hope You Die” will be coming to select cities in the U.S., starting on October 9.

This important documentary tells the story of American soldiers who returned from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan with severe illnesses from chemical war. They are not the victims of ruthless enemy warfare, but of decisions made by their own military commanders.

These soldiers, afflicted with everything from respiratory diseases to rare cancers, were sickened by the smoke and ash swirling out of the “burn pits”, where both the military and private contractors incinerated mountains of trash. According to soldiers who served there, every type of waste was disposed of and burned, including batteries, appliances, vehicles, plastics, dead animals … even human body parts. Today, up to 100,000 soldiers are sick and dying.

The documentary is being distributed on a crowdfunding basis. Tickets MUST BE ORDERED IN ADVANCE to confirm each screening. For a complete list of planned screenings, please go to

Gregory Lovett
Morningstar Media
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Enigma Haunt Ready to Terrify Again this Fall, Presale Tickets on Sale Now

Enigma Haunt is ready to scare, doors open Sept. 30th.

Dates and Prices

A taste of what you are in for at Enigma Haunt

Opening Night Sat., Sept. 30th, Haunt Dates through Tues., Oct. 31 – Halloween Night

This is going to be our most thrilling season yet, our guests will find it both terrifying and entertaining. It’s intense, scary and fun.”

— Billy Groeneveld, owner and co-creator of Enigma Haunt with his wife Karen

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2017 / — September 21, 2017 – Boca Raton, FL – Trapped, feeling what must be cobwebs brush by while moving through another dimly lit narrow corridor, the air filled with disturbing sounds and smells attacking all senses, someone or something moving ahead coming towards you, you are frozen with fear, you are immersed in Enigma Haunt’s reality.

Welcome to the 2017 Enigma Haunt season. Doors open Saturday, September 30th at 7pm with dates through Halloween night, Tuesday, October 31st. Skip the ticket line and purchase online. Presale tickets on sale now. A portion of each online ticket goes to the Don't Be A Monster Anti-Bullying Initiative. October is national Anti-Bullying Month.
Entering its 6th season, Enigma Haunt, 1751 N. Military Trail in Boca Raton, is the most intense indoor haunted attraction in South Florida and voted as the 2016 #1 Top Haunt in Florida and among the Top 31 Haunts in the Nation by The Scare Factor. Open for 15 days this season, including Halloween night, Enigma Haunt pans more than 20,000 sq feet and two floors, featuring three spine tingling attractions under one roof – Pandemic, Into Oblivion and Realms of Terror.

“This is going to be our most thrilling season yet, our guests will find it both terrifying and entertaining,” said Billy Groeneveld, owner and co-creator of Enigma Haunt with his wife Karen. “We have always put a lot of work and thought into our haunt and we spend our off season traveling the country, visiting cities and other haunted attractions. We have come up with new thrills throughout the attraction and created new surprises to keep the mind guessing. It’s intense, scary and fun.”

Each year, parts of the attraction are knocked down to make room for new areas, creating different themes, characters and scares. Strategically built to provide the ultimate experience with intense details and unbelievable set design, Enigma Haunt also has more than 80 trained actors who know and enjoy various scare techniques, a professional makeup and costume team and integrated state-of-the-art special effects that tease each of the five senses. From their own imagination, to those collective conscious themes found in nightmares, on the big screen and common phobias, Enigma Haunt has created a surreal reality, filled with creatures, both human and not. Come opening night, the entire crew comes together to awaken Enigma Haunt for the season, bringing this extraordinary live horror theatrical attraction to life.

Presale tickets go on sale Friday, Sept. 1st for Realms of Terror or the best deal, the Triple Terror Pack for all three haunts. To skip the line for the attraction, Enigma Haunt offers the R.I.P. Priority Pass for all 3 haunts. Enigma Haunt caters to all ages, but may be too intense for those 12 and under.
Enigma Haunt is an award winning, family owned and operated haunted attraction that began 18 years ago with a simple set-up just on their front patio to entertain trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. Each year, as the kids got older, the home-haunt grew. In 2012, they converted the home-haunt to a professional, entertaining and ultimate haunted attraction. Today, Enigma Haunt has a full professional crew of set designers, actors, makeup and costume artists and scares more than 10,000 guests each season.

Enigma Haunt Dates, open at 7p.m. and close at midnight on Friday and Saturday. Open at 7 and close at 10 on Thursday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday:
Sat. Sept. 30th (Opening Night)
Fri. Oct. 6, 13, 20, 27
Sat. Oct. 7, 14, 21, 28
Sun. Oct.15, 22, 29
Thurs. Oct. 19
Mon. Oct. 30
Tue. Oct. 31 (Halloween)

Tickets on Sale Starting Sept. 1, online at
$25.00 Realms of Terror
$30.00 Triple Terror (all 3 Haunts) –discounted online through September 29th
$45 RIP priority pass

Enigma Haunt is donating a portion of their online ticket sales to Don’t Be A Monster Anti-Bullying Initiative.

For more information:
855-99-HAUNT (855-994-2868)

Ivonne Perez
Enigma Haunt
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Enigma Haunt 2017 – Opens Sept. 30 – Halloween

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Michael Jay Solomon’s to Debut Aaron Wolf’s Original New Series, “Restoring Your Tomorrow”

Michael Jay Solomon, Luciana Solomon and Aaron Wolf attend the premiere of “Restoring Tomorrow”.

Leonard Maltin Interviews Rabbi Steve Leder and Aaron Wolf

“Restoring Tomorrow” – The story of Wilshire Boulevard Temple’s physical and spiritual restoration, and the rediscovery of faith, family and community.

Just in time for the Jewish High Holidays! Wolf to premiere "Restoring Your Tomorrow", the companion series to his acclaimed documentary, "Restoring Tomorrow".

"Across our country, there is a movement going on at the local level that proves America still works. Real-life stories of faith and hope are the heart and soul of the Restoring Your Tomorrow series”.”

— Aaron Wolf

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2017 / — Industry pioneer Michael Jay Solomon, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Truli Media Group, Inc. and Aaron Wolf, co-Founder of Howling Wolf Productions, announced their plans to debut Wolf’s new original series Restoring Your Tomorrow on, Solomon’s OTT platform that distributes faith and family friendly content to a global audience. Restoring Your Tomorrow is the companion series to Wolf’s feature documentary, Restoring Tomorrow, which is distributed by Seventh Art and currently on a city-by-city tour of the US.

Michael Jay Solomon and Aaron Wolf (grandson of Rabbi Alfred Wolf, of Wilshire Boulevard Temple), have close ties to the history and legacy represented by Restoring Tomorrow. The film tells the extraordinary story of filmmaker Aaron Wolf as he rediscovers his faith, family and roots as his childhood temple fights for survival in this universal story of hope. Built in 1929, the restoration of this treasured Hollywood landmark, spearheaded by Senior Rabbi Steve Leder, was a massive undertaking spanning six years and costing $150 million dollars. The revitalization project was also reflected in the surrounding neighborhoods, as many nearby communities benefit from the social and community outreach services provided by Wilshire Boulevard Temple. The film has received extensive coverage in publications such as The Los Angeles Times, Variety, Tablet Magazine, Guideposts and The Times of Israel.

The story continues with Restoring Your Tomorrow as Aaron Wolf documents his travels to communities around the US that are falling apart and demonstrates that Americans can still come together across generational, religious, racial and social lines. As the Jewish high holidays approach, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and now, this new series, Restoring Your Tomorrow, we encourage audiences to look beyond their immediate present and reflect on their community’s future and the future of all communities around them. Wolf shared, “During the release of Restoring Tomorrow, I have traveled around the country and discovered there are similar dramatic stories unfolding in communities large and small, much like my own, with so many people in need of their own personal "restoration". Across our country, there is a movement going on at the local level that proves America still works. Going on these adventures with these real-life stories of potential demise and hopeful rebirth is the heart and soul of the Restoring Your Tomorrow series”.

Mr. Solomon congratulates Aaron and his team on the resounding success of the feature documentary, Restoring Tomorrow. He states, “I am very pleased to collaborate with Aaron on this new inspirational project.” “Restoring Your Tomorrow is not just the story of Wilshire Boulevard Temple, it is potentially the story of all communities of faith, and one that should inspire them to renew the spiritual and social impact they have in their own neighborhoods. Additionally, this project is very special to me as Wilshire is not only my personal place of worship, but I also have the great honor of calling Rabbi Steve Leder my dear friend. Recognizing his accomplishments, leadership, and vision, is my great pleasure”.

About Truli Media and Michael Jay Solomon:
Truli ( offers a unique online entertainment experience for families that are guided by positive family values. No other content platform presents such a variety of safe choices in one location. Membership privileges are free and include exclusive access to a wide range of on-demand programming, award-winning on-demand movies, streaming TV, family entertainment and inspirational videos for the whole family.

About Aaron Wolf & Howling Wolf Productions:
Aaron Wolf is a director, actor, writer and co-founder of Howling Wolf Productions. His credits include the award-winning films Guest House, starring Michael Gross and Heather Lind, and The Walk, starring Oscar and Emmy nominee Peter Riegert, as well as Wolf. Wolf has also directed and starred in pilots for Warner Brothers and co-hosted a sports show for Cox TV. Currently, Wolf is in post-production on the thriller Tar, about an ancient creature that lurks beneath the world-famous La Brea Tar Pits. Academy Award® nominees Timothy Bottoms and Graham Greene star, along with Wolf and Max Perlich. Wolf is in pre-production on the comedy LD University and its companion documentary (We Are All) disAbled, drawing from his personal experiences to tackle the urgent topic of learning disabilities and education. An NYU Tisch graduate, Wolf also studied at the Groundlings and is currently featured in a national campaign on education reform.

About Wilshire Boulevard Temple and Rabbi Steve Leder:
Rabbi Steve Leder has served Wilshire Boulevard Temple for 30 years. The congregation is Southern California’s oldest synagogue, founded in 1862. It currently comprises three campuses and is the only synagogue in the world with two sleep-away camps and a conference center, two early childhood centers, and two elementary schools. The 2,400 families that call the Temple their spiritual home are under the leadership of Rabbi Steve Leder, a gifted teacher, writer, visionary and pastor who is synonymous with the tradition and innovation that Wilshire Boulevard Temple represents. His new book More Beautiful Than Before; How Suffering Transforms Us, will be available on November 7th, 2017 and is expected to become an important guide to those from all faiths who suffer and seek a path to healing and growth.

Media Contacts:

Bailey Garno, Business Manager
Howling Wolf Productions

Maureen Brichetto, Director of Development and Marketing
Truli Media Group
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Restoring Tomorrow (2017) Official Theatrical Trailer

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Power Producer Arthur Sarkissian talks about his new film THE FOREIGNER starring Jackie Chan & Pierce Brosnan

THE FOREGINER producer Arthur Sarkissian

Power Producer Arthur Sarkissian re-teams with Jackie Chan for THE FOREIGNER out Oct 13th

Re-teaming with Jackie Chan was a real joy, I have worked with him for over
20 Years; I find Jackie to be a real pro who is one of the most prepared and committed actors
with real charisma.

— Producer Arthur Sarkissian

Sarkissian talks about working with Jackie Chan for 20 years and his first time
working with Peirce Brosnan and longtime friend director Martin Campbell.

Beverly Hills, CA – Power Producer Arthur Sarkissian, the mastermind behind the RUSH HOUR film franchise, is in preparations to make RUSH HOUR 4, and is also getting ready for his latest release THE FOREIGNER starring Jackie Chan and Peirce Brosnan. Which hits theatres October 13th in the U.S.
The Foreigner, A humble business man with a buried past seeks justice when his daughter is
killed in an act of terrorism. A cat-and-mouse conflict ensues with a government official, whose
past may hold clues to the killer’s identity.
Sarkissian was the producer behind the film While you were sleeping which starred
Sandra Bullock, and the MEGA hit film franchise RUSH HOUR 1 , 2 and 3. For his new film
THE FOREIGNER, the studio wanted Jackie Chan, Arthur got the call, Arthur brought in A-list
Director Martin Campbell and Jackie Chan signed on, a great example of how a movie can get
made in Hollywood, calling in power producer ARTHUR SARKISSIAN.
The China Premiere of this film will be September 24th, 2017.
Arthur Sarkissian will be in China for the premier. Sarkissian says “I look forward to
going back to China for the premiere next week, I have made many friends in China
and love doing movie business there; working with STX studios is great, they leave you alone
to do what you need to do and are extremely supportive of filmmakers.”
Sarkissian states “The role that Jackie plays is a straight dramatic role, which was a tough one to
play and Jackie pulls it off beautifully.
Sarkissian says “Re-teaming with Jackie Chan was a real joy, I have worked with him for over
20 Years; I find Jackie to be a real pro who is one of the most prepared and committed actors
with real charisma. The Foreigner is so different from anything Jackie has done to date, the
depth with which Jackie plays this role will surprise movie goers as he is simply amazing. Fans do not realize how much Jackie pushes himself, and though at this point he’s amassed an enormous amount of success and popularity worldwide, he still seeks roles that is unlike anything he’s done before.”
This is the first time Sarkissian has worked with Pierce Brosnan. Arthur loved working with
Pierce, and mentioned that he is one of the nicest people he has ever met, and alongside
Sean Connery, is the best James Bond ever.
Martin Campbell is the film’s director, best known for directing Bond movies Goldeneye and
Casino Royale. He also directed Edge of Darkness , The Mask of Zorro and The Legend of Zorro .
Campbell is a A-List film director, Sarkissian says, “He’s one of the most professional directors
out there. He’s also a great director for a producer to work with because he’s very collaborative,
and he doesn’t have an arrogant bone in his body.”
Arthur Sarkissian is giving selected interviews in advance of this film’s release

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Award winning author Linda S. Churchwell Sir Winston's LOOPHOLE…Leaps & Hounds novel a hit

Author Linda S. Churchwell's new book is a hit among women readers

“Sir Winston’s LOOPHOLE … Leaps & Hounds
Hollywood, CA – “Sir Winston’s, LOOPHOLE…Leaps & Hounds” by Linda S. Churchwell has just launched the first in her series of romantic suspense fantasy novel’s Sir Winston’s LOOPHOLE… Leaps & Hounds.
Two dynamic women, the two driven men they love, a formidable pact – AND A DOG – which God uses to turn their lives…indeed the world…upside down!
Texas’ small-town natural beauty, Millicent E. Graves, spellbindingly depicts how what a conned world often terms weak is – in truth – valiant. It all begins when “Millie’s” long prayed for, Christmas time, adoption of puppy, Winston, dog, Windsor, and kitty, Precious, insanely ignites into a terrifying abduction involving them as well as the Dustin City Animal Shelter’s mysteriously handsome Director, Michael Archer, III. But are our beloved Millie – and crew – victims of happenstance, or is a grandiose divine destiny in play? The latter masterfully unfolds as this scene proves itself only the dawn of unimagined, edge-of-seat, events which panoramically catapults “LOOPHOLE’S” bevy of endearing, heart-tugging, characters into divine call, true love, organized crime, and angelic visitations which sets them each – human, hound, and feline – on the spiritual journey of a lifetime. Hold tight to Linda S. Churchwell’s beautifully written epic, via its unforeseen twists and turns, to experience a life changing whirlwind of God’s abiding love and faithfulness. In “LOOPHOLE’S” astounding feel-good ending, which leaves the reader hungry for its sequel, villains receive their comeuppances – mercifully wrapped within offers of redemption – while faith-leaps transport our beloved heroes from small town Loveland, and big city Dustin, all the way to Buckingham Palace – yes indeed, to the Queen – to receive royalty’s unfathomable reward!
This book was given the Las Vegas FAME award earlier this year.

Books are available online at: Barnes and Noble &
Linda Churchwell is available for interviews

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SENE Media and JungoTV Join Forces to Create Russian Entertainment Platform

New network aimed at 80 million Russian language speakers in US, Canada, UK and Germany

I have always respected the remarkable quality of Russian scripted programs and am proud that JungoTV will be able to share this valuable material with viewers around the world.”

— Dr. Mehmet Oz

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 20, 2017 / — Los Angeles: September 20th, 2017) JungoTV announced their partnership today with top Russian media company SENE Media, to include their premium Russian programming across global markets on platforms to include Amazon Channels—a streaming service that gives Prime members the ability to watch over 100 on-demand channels—no cable required, cancel anytime, and no additional apps to download.

The JungoTV and SENE Media partnership offers subscribers Russian television that can be accessible across all multiple devices including Smart TVs. Blu-ray players, Set-top boxes, Streaming Sticks, Game consoles, Android and iOS devices.

“I have always respected the remarkable quality of Russian scripted programs and am proud that JungoTV will be able to share this valuable material with viewers around the world.” said Dr. Mehmet Oz, M.D., world renowned cardio-thoracic surgeon, Emmy award winning talk show host, best-selling author and co-founder of JungoTV.

“We are happy to show Russian content to the world. And the idea of the best shows and films being seen by millions of Amazon subscribers is unbelievable. Our mission is to provide the access to the greatest viewing material and partnering with JungoTV made it possible.” said Evgeny Kaluzhny, CEO of Sene Media.

Russian providers include Peretz International, Domashny, CTC, TVCI – TVC International , World Fashion Channel, Russian Travel Guide Group, and CTV – Central Television Worldwide along with hit dramas such as:

Ranetki: starring Natalia Melnichenko, Evgeny Ogurzova, Elena Tretiakova, Anna Rudneeva, Valeria Kozlova and others. Created by Vyacheslav Murugov Ranetk is a popular TV show about the life of a girl band with the same name. The show is about love, music and the lives of 16 years old girls.

Daddy’s Daughter: starring Andrei Leonov, Nonna Grishayeva , Miroslava Karpovich, Anastasia Sivayeva , Darya Melnikova , Elizaveta Arzamasova ,Ekaterina Starshova. Directed by Alexander Zhigalkin and Sergei Aldonithe. The show is about the life of a family who lives in Moscow, working or studying at school or university. Seemingly average they can surprise you. A psychotherapist, father of five daughters was left alone to raise his daughters when his wife chose another man. The sisters help each other;. They love, have fun, get into trouble, date and even get married. You just cannot stop watching how their lives change every day.

Moy geroy: is an interview show with Tatiana Ustinova. whose guests tell the stories of their lives as she delves into their secrets and even childhood fears. By the end of a show you see a Russian celebrity from a completely new side.

Londongrad: starring Nikita Efremov and Ingrid Olerinskaya is about a story of a young man, Michail Kulikov, who is a dropout from Oxford. who started an agency called “Londongrad.” He decided to solve problems of many Russian tourists in London and after awhile finds a partner, Alice Zagorskaya.

About JungoTV
JungoTV is a global OTT and distribution company providing in-language television content to the more than 100 million foreign language speakers around the world living outside of their homeland who access content on multiple devices. Founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz, the renowned cardio-thoracic surgeon and Emmy Award winning host of the Dr. Oz Show, along with Nasser J. Kazeminy, entrepreneur, business leader, philanthropist and Chairman of NJK Holdings, Sandy Climan, CEO of Entertainment Media Ventures and longtime Hollywood dealmaker, and George Chung, international content expert and entrepreneur, who serves as Chief Executive Officer."

About SENE media
SENE Media – distributor of linear Russian TV and SVOD that is delivering licensing programming solution for global broadcasting platforms

More information is available at

Media Contact:

Natalie Rouse
+1 925-207-0178

Natalie Rouse
+1 925-207-0178
email us here

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Kaalia Modelling Agency Hires International Models for their upcoming projects

International Female Model

International Female Model

Kaalia Modelling Agency Hires International Models for their upcoming projects.

MUMBAI, MAHARASTRA, INDIA, September 20, 2017 / — Kaalia Modelling agency gives its equal importance to hire International Models irrespective of any age, caste and religion.

Kaalia Modelling Agency representing Asian and International models as well as fresh local faces.

Now Modelling Management is committed to discover, nurture and build their modelling careers in this region and beyond.

Be it high-fashion editorials, runways or campaigns, NOW Kaalia Talent Management has right model for the job. In addition, NOW Model Management runs a Fitness Model division to provide models for fitness and health editorials and commercial assignments.

Models from countries like Serbia, USA, France, Russia, Iran, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka have worked with them.

Seema Sharma
Kaalia Modeling Agency
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Kaalia International Modeling Agency

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Kaalia Productions is looking for Actors for its next short film in Bangalore

Actors wanted for short film

Actors wanted for short film

Kaalia Productions is looking for Actors for its next short film in Bangalore

BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, September 20, 2017 / — Kaalia Productions is now looking to start its production work on its second short film in India. They are looking for New Aspiring talents in the field of Film to join hands with Kaalia Productions.
They are looking for the following talents:
Female Actor Lead
Male Actor Lead

Supporting Female Actor
Supporting Male Actors
Foreign Female Actor

Vfx and Video Editor
Music Director
Those interested can contact by emailing

Kaalia Productions has already completed a short film by name "Trance".

Yatish Jain
GroomX Knowledge Works Pvt Ltd
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