Lockdowel Screw-less, Glue-less Fastening for Furniture and Cabinets Offers New Evaluation Kit

Lockdowel snap-in fastening makes assembly simple.

Try-out Kit with Sample Cabinet Shows How Simple it is to Switch to Lockdowel Fastening

These kits take all the guess work out of converting to Lockdowel fastening. Now we can show companies unfamiliar with our method how easy it is to implement Lockdowel snap-in assembly.”

— Bryan Koelling, Lockdowel President

FREMONT, CA, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Lockdowel glue-less, screw-less, snap-together fastening announces its NEW Evaluation (try-out) Kit with a Barbed Channel Lock Cabinet. See the kit at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g04aUdH0AVU&t=90s

The Lockdowel Evaluation Kit includes:

1) one Ready-to-Assemble upper cabinet;

2) one Lockdowel T-Slot router bit;

3) 100 barbed channel locks – enough to build seven units;

Also included FREE:

5) one hour of engineering consulting and implementation support;

6) complete design conversion of one construction product to Lockdowel fastening; and

7) how-to videos and documentation.

For the next 30 days the complete package can be purchased for $125 – half of the regular online price. https://lockdowel.odoo.com/shop

“These kits take all the guess work out of converting to Lockdowel fastening,” Lockdowel President Bryan Koelling says. “Our customers tell us that Lockdowel’s strong, snap-in fastening allows cabinets and furniture to assemble many times faster than their previous fastening methods, such as using screws and staples. Now we can show companies unfamiliar with our assembly method how easy it is to achieve these same results.”

About Lockdowel
Lockdowel provides glue-less and screw-less fasteners, drawer slides and hinges for fast and easy assembly of cabinets, furniture and architectural millwork. Patent pending. Lockdowel 41920 Christy Street Fremont, CA 94538, (650)477-711 www.lockdowel.com


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New Lockdowel Try-out Kits for Furniture and Cabinet Fastening — Available Now!

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MovieRanker Sponsors "End of Prohibition Party" at Montalban Theater

A night of celebration in Hollywood with live jazz and featured screening

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — MovieRanker has teamed up with Civilized Worldwide and LA Weekly to be a presenting sponsor of the invite-only “End of Prohibition Party” at the Montalban Theater on Sunday, April 22, 2018, from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm. The evening will feature live jazz music by Lizzy and the Triggermen, and a silent disco themed rooftop screening of the original black and white version of the film “Reefer Madness”.

MovieRanker is a premier social platform for movie enthusiasts all around the world to discover, discuss and engage all things pertaining to film and entertainment. Creating a personal profile on MovieRanker.com allows detailed dashboards for each member to form their own lists of movie favorites, rank them as they wish and share their musings with fellow MovieRankers. Say hello to their representatives who will have a booth featured at the event.

"MovieRanker is building a community around the film & entertainment industry," says Marketing Director, Cynthia Johnson. "As a platform for movie-lovers and filmmakers, Hollywood serves as the perfect foundation for us to reach a truly global audience.”

Interested? Want to learn how to get a FREE ticket? The instructions are simple!


Visit MovieRanker’s Facebook page to learn more about the giveaway.

Additional partners include Canndescent, Organa Brands, Bloom Farms, GreenHouse Herbal Center, CBD Living Water, Manzuri Law and Frontera Law Group.

About Civilized Worldwide Inc.
Founded in 2015, with offices in New Brunswick and California, Civilized is a premium media and lifestyle brand that embraces and highlights modern cannabis culture, reflecting the millions of motivated, productive adults who choose to enjoy cannabis as part of a balanced lifestyle, but don't define themselves by it. Reaching 2+ million unique visitors per month, North America-wide, Civilized produces engaging content for and about people who enjoy cannabis responsibly. For more information, visit: www.civilized.life

About MovieRanker
MovieRanker is a social platform to discover, discuss, and engage with a community of movie enthusiasts around the world. They have a viewership of 100,000+ and have built a loyal group of cinephiles through their website and social media platforms. They have established themselves as a premier hub for all things pertaining to films and entertainment with the continuous creation of original content, interviews with filmmakers and storytellers, as well as elite exposure when collaborating with and attending major film festivals such as SXSW, Tribeca and Cinequest. Visit www.movieranker.com for more information.

Melissa Lee
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Epic Cinematic Trailer Captivates Worldwide Music Fans

Uyanga, photo credit Ishroy Charles, 2018

Uganga with Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir, Ishroy Charles 2018.

Award Winning Dream Team Directors, Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir have completed making of the cinematic “Voices of the Empire” Trailer, as detailed here.

It was an ideal video because I love fantasy, costumes, sets and re imagining the distant past.”

— Bayou Bennett

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA , USA, April 19, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Visually captivating Dream Team Directors Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir, have directed countless culturally significant, hit music videos, and compelling content for stars including Coldplay and Lindsey Stirling. This week, the industry veterans just completed a collaboration with industry leaders EastWest Sounds, creating the “Voices of the Empire” Trailer.

Conceptualized by EastWest Sounds Marketing Director Blake Rogers, the fascinating, and visually compelling trailer features international vocalist Uyanga Bold of "The Dark Knight" soundtrack, and promotes the new sample library of the premiere award-winning virtual instrument makers EastWest Sounds.

Crystallizing Dream Team Directors stunning cinematic style, the epic music video style trailer memorably portrays the world of ancient Mongolia with sword choreography, authentic Mongolian costumes, and Uyanga’s captivating and mysterious vocals.

“It was an ideal video because I love fantasy, costumes, sets and re imagining the distant past” states Co-Director Bayou Bennett. Directing Uyanga with her exotic beauty and hauntingly powerful voice, made me feel that my visual dreams were coming true. I felt as though I were on the set of one of my favorite Asian films such as the “House of Flying Daggers!”

Uyanga is reportedly indeed a phenomenal talent, who was nominated as “female singer of the year” by Cosmopolitan Magazine Mongolia, as well as praised by Newsweek Mongolia, and Forbes Magazine Romania. Bayou and Daniel state they enjoyed filming the trailer at the legendary EastWest Studios in Hollywood, which Bayou and Daniel state has served as the production location for more Grammy-winning albums than any other studio in the world; from Frank Sinatra and the Rollings Stones, to Michael Jackson, John Legend and Moby, among others.

Co-Director Daniel Lir notes: “When you are in the famous Studio 1 at EastWest Studios, you can sometimes feel the ghost of Frank Sinatra. It isn’t a scary feeling at all. In fact, you feel the greatest, most sophisticated love of creativity!"

The award winning directing duo brought their signature fashion touch to the beautiful Mongolian costuming in video, and drew from their rich aesthetic background. Having created captivating videos for some of the world's greatest fashion designers and stars including; Oscar De La Renta, Carolina Herrera, Betsey Johnson, Marc Jacobs and Bella Hadid among more, the compelling and alluring result of their work on “Voices of the Empire” is nothing short of brilliant.

Visit the Official Dream Team directors website at: http://www.dreamteamdirectors.com/

Call to book the Dream Team Directors at: 917-907-2169

Dream Team Directors Official Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/dreamteamdirectors

Dream Team Directors Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamteamdirectors/

Dream Team Directors Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dreamteamdirectors/

Bruce Edwin
Hollywood Sentinel PR
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Voices of the Empire, Official Trailer by Dream Team Directors Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir

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Hey Mr. Postman Sets World Premiere on June 9 at AMC Classic Solon 16 in Cleveland, Ohio

BerryGood Films present the world premiere for its feature film, “Hey Mr. Postman” on Saturday, June 9, 2018 at AMC Classic Solon 16 formerly Digiplex Solon Cinema 16 to be hosted by Andrew Lloyd, a Cleveland, OH resident and owner of the Ohio Entertainment Awards.

Cleveland, Ohio native Brian Berry, the writer and executive producer for Hey Mr. Postman feature film, hired actors and crew from the Cleveland, Ohio area.

The world premiere and red carpet event for “Hey Mr. Postman” is set for June 9 at AMC Classic Solon 16 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Walter Franks is the star of the feature film, “Hey Mr. Postman,” which is based on true events experienced by Writer Brian Berry.

Omar Gooding stars in the comedy feature film, “Hey Mr. Postman,” as Mack. He is also on the soundtrack under his Rapper name, “Big O.”

Producers BerryGood Films, Skip Thomas Productions, and One Shot Films Deliver a Classic Comedy About the Postal Service starring Walter Franks and Omar Gooding

The amazing cast from Walter Franks to Omar Gooding really took my script to another level, which will take the audience on a wild ride of unforgettable characters, belly laughs, twists and turns.”

— Brian Berry the writer and executive producer for Hey Mr. Postman.

CLEVELAND, OH, USA, April 19, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Cleveland-based film production company BerryGood Films, in association with Skip Thomas Productions and One Shot Films sets the world premiere and red carpet event for its feature-length comedic film, "Hey Mr. Postman" on Saturday, June 9, 2018, at AMC Classic Solon 16 formerly Digiplex Solon Cinema 16, 6185 Enterprise Pkwy, Solon, Ohio 44139. The premiere is hosted by Andrew Lloyd, a Cleveland, Ohio resident and owner of the Ohio Entertainment Awards. Red carpet starts at 1:30 p.m. and show time begins promptly at 3 p.m. This is a media friendly event.

"We shot "Hey Mr. Postman" entirely on location in my hometown, Cleveland, Ohio," said "Hey Mr. Postman" Writer and Executive Producer Brian Berry. "The outpouring of support has been overwhelming." Berry has sold out three theaters at the AMC Classic Solon 16. "Fans have already purchased tickets months in advance to attend the highly anticipated official world premiere and red carpet event."

"Hey, Mr. Postman" is based on true events experienced by Berry. "My father retired from the post office after 33 years of service," said Berry. "In 2011, I applied and was hired for a mailman position at the Newburgh Heights Post Office in Cleveland, Ohio. After a year of experiencing unique and wild situations, I was fired."

The film has the feel of the "Friday" movie franchise. The protagonist is Brian Lincoln, a slacker, who refuses to grow up and take real responsibility. When Brian loses his job, he gets a hook up at the post office where he learns just how challenging being the local mailman can be. In addition to all the crazy situations he ends up in, he unwittingly finds himself in the middle of a missing person investigation for which he may be the key to solving it all.

"The amazing cast from Walter Franks to Omar Gooding really took my script to another level, which will take the audience on a wild ride of unforgettable characters, belly laughs, twists and turns," said Berry, a first-time writer. "It's also exciting to have Cleveland native Actress Paula Jai Parker starring in my film." BerryGood Films cast more than thirty local, Northeast Ohio talented actors.

"Our film crew was based out of Ohio. We worked with many other local filmmakers to complete the project," he said. "Some of the one-of-a-kind hip-hop wardrobe was provided by Ohio-based fashion designer Demetrius Brazile of Do You Apparel."

The feature film stars Walter Franks (The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Scream II, Boycott); Liana Mendoza (Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and Notorious BIG, Ray Donovan, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Better Call Saul, American Horror Story, A Haunted House, Zane Sex Chronicles); Paula Jai Parker (Friday, Hustle & Flow, Hollywood Divas, Ray Donovan, Family Time); Omar Gooding (Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and Notorious BIG, Baby Boy, Smart Guy, Family Time); Rodney Perry (Madea’s Big Family, The Mo’Nique Show, Family Time); and Anthony ‘AJ’ Johnson (Friday and Menace II Society).

The soundtrack for the film includes original music. The title song, "Hey Mr.Postman," is performed by Artist Fly Tye. Other tracks includes:"I DiIP," by Edawg features Sir Mix_A_Lot and Money B from Digital Underground;"For The Night," by Alphy Nics Featuring Omar Gooding aka "Big O," rap artist Doe Boy, and Rych Twyns' "Ain't Real," from Oakland, California. Cleveland's popular DJ Meel is the music supervisor for the film. He is known as the personal DJ for NBA Star LeBron James.

Cleveland's own award-winning Director Mike Berry, who is not related to Brian Berry, is best known for productions such as "Banger, If You Knew Better," and "3rd Floor West." Producers include Skip Thomas Productions, Tina Hobbs who is also the casting director, Curtis Elerson best known for "Paper in My Pockets," "My Life Over The Top" and "Seed of Hip Hop," and Jillian Holt of Langston Tributes.

The journey from concept to script and production wasn't quick or easy. "I met Brian four years ago," said Elerson who manages Gooding. "I read the script and shot a sizzle reel to help raise the money to shoot the full feature."

When Berry, the writer, funded the film, he called Elerson. "I made a few calls to some of my great acting friends and we brought Hollywood to Cleveland," said Elerson, the CEO of One Shot Films.

“Think the image; see the image; write the image; then make a movie,” says Writer Berry who is also the CEO of BerryGood Films.

“Filmmaking is in my blood,” says Director Berry. “It was my pleasure to work on a film that will appeal to just about every audience while at the same time adding to Cleveland’s thriving art and entertainment culture. We’re building a Hollywood Midwest environment and I’m looking forward to being a big part of that movement.”

Follow Hey Mr. Postman on several social media platforms:


For tickets, contact Brian Berry at 216-200-0704 or Brianberry513@gmail.com.

For media credentials, interviews with the producing partners and cast, sponsorships, please contact Publicist Marie Lemelle at info@platinumstarpr.com or 213-276-7827.


BerryGood Films is a new film company based in Cleveland, Ohio. "Hey Mr. Postman" is the first film to launch from the company. Writer/Producer Jillian Holt and Eugene Dillard round out the film company.


Brian Berry is the founder and CEO of BerryGood Films. Growing up in the Cleveland and Warrensville areas, becoming a writer and producer was a dream he worked hard on to make come true. Brian Berry is the creator, writer, and executive producer of "Hey Mr. Postman." As a former mail carrier, delivering mail in Cleveland and metro areas, he witnessed several hilarious incidents, which inspired him to write his first screenplay. He continues to write screenplays to produce in the future. Brian has been a sponsor of St. Jude's for many years.

Marie Lemelle
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Hey Mr. Postman Official Trailer

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Seats for May 2 (6:30 pm) Screening Must Be Reserved in Advance
Online at us.demand.film

We want the audience to feel the emotional connection to these characters and to truly understand the commitment and sacrifice they make to realize their dream.”

— ALL FOR ONE director Dan Jones

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — New York, April 18, 2018 – The new feature-length documentary ALL FOR ONE will screen at more than 300 cinemas throughout the U.S. for one night only on Wednesday, May 2 (6:30 pm). Tickets must be reserved in advance, online at ALL FOR ONE Tickets.

ALL FOR ONE chronicles the first five years of the GreenEDGE Cycling team journey, and a celebration of the first-ever men’s and women’s Australian cycling team to make the World Tour and compete at cycling’s top level of racing. Well-known throughout professional cycling for their YouTube Channel’s “Backstage Pass” series (BACKSTAGE PASS) which connected the team with fans all over the world via 535 episodes (more than 16 million views), ALL FOR ONE takes viewers on the road, overseas and across continents, in their pursuit of victory at what has often been called the most grueling and unforgiving competitive sport.

Director Dan Jones, who has chronicled daily life with the team for more than five years, says “this isn’t a film about cycling only, we wanted to share the human story. We want the audience to feel the emotional connection to these characters and to truly understand the commitment and sacrifice they make to realize their dream”

Beginning with the formation of GreenEDGE in 2010, Jones was brought onboard to engage fans through “Backstage Pass,” and for the next five years he did just that, sharing stories of daily life on the road, early morning training, races, disappointments, celebrations, injuries – everything that goes into the making of a team. ALL FOR ONE is a feature-length documentary of that five-year journey.

As rider Esteban Chaves says, “Before we are riders, we are humans, and this team is really human.”

ALL FOR ONE is presented in the U.S. by Demand Film, MAMIL is presented in the U.S. by Demand Film, through special arrangements with leading theater chains. Seats must be reserved in advance. For a complete list of theaters and to reserve seats for the one-night-only event screening, go to ALL FOR ONE Tickets.

Paul Gendreau
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8-Year-Old Recycling Entrepreneur Speaks to Thousands at WE Day, Alongside Selena Gomez and Alicia Keys

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — On April 19, CNN's "Young Wonder," Ryan Hickman, will stand alongside world-renowned speakers and A-list performers at WE Day California, to encourage 16,000 students and educators to create sustainable change in their communities.

Hickman's speech will be filmed at The Forum, for a one-hour ABC television special airing on August 17, 2018 at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT. Fellow speakers and presenters include Jennifer Aniston, The Chainsmokers, Morgan Freeman, and Nicole Richie, and hosted by award-winning singers and activists Selena Gomez and Alicia Keys.

Hickman, who has been featured on the Ellen Show and ABC World News, will speak about the success of "Ryan's Recycling Challenge," his campaign to empower others to join him in recycling 300,000 cans and bottles, by May 1, 2018. Any funds raised through the campaign will be donated to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, in support of rescuing and rehabilitating seals and sea lions.

"Ryan's Recycling Challenge" is hosted by Be A Doer, a free social activism platform that allow campaign hosts to run challenges that directly benefit a charity of their choice.


"Ryan's enthusiasm is electric. His challenge has inspired grandmas and grade schoolers to commit to recycling nearly 100,000 bottles and cans," said John Negron, CEO of Be A Doer.

At the age of three, Hickman started Ryan's Recycling Company, with the goal of keeping cans and bottles from reaching the ocean. "Recycling helps the Earth, people, plants, animals and other living things, it's very easy to recycle. You just have to grab a bottle, toss it in the correct bin. Boom! I need your help to spread the word and help make the world a better place. Together we can commit to recycling cans and bottles and raise money to make the biggest impact possible," said Hickman.

Pledges and inspiring stories from across the nation can be seen on Hickman's Be A Doer campaign page. Melissa Mathes, who committed to recycling 50 cans and bottles, wrote, "We fill up our recycle bin every week, more so than our garbage can. Although we don't consume too many things in plastic bottles, we do use cans of sparkling water and some milk and oj bottles. Lots of cardboard too. I think what you are doing is great and bringing awareness to many people who need to be aware!!! And helping others who are aware to do more! Thanks Ryan!"

About "Be A Doer"

Be A Doer is a modern social platform that adds the heart of philanthropy to campaigns of every size and severity. Be A Doer believes anyone can become an activist by promoting causes that matter to them most. All campaigns will directly benefit a charity of choice, and may be backed by a corporate sponsor who will match donations.
Be A Doer was created as a tool to encourage the hopeless and stand with the determined. It is for the everyday man and woman who understands that awareness is powerful, and change starts with us.

Related Links:

WE Day California Homepage: https://www.we.org/we-day/we-day-events/california/
Ryan's Recycling Homepage: http://ryansrecycling.com/
A Message from Ryan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0OzUC3idrI&feature=youtu.be
Be A Doer Homepage: www.beadoer.io
Be A Doer Instagram Page: @beadoerio
Be A Doer Facebook Page: @beadoerio

Rebecca Wong
Be A Doer
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A Message from Ryan

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China's "home of martial arts", Henan province, is a new frontier in the "Belt and Road" strategy

Monks in Henan’s Shaolin Temple

Modern landscape of Hanan province

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, THE UNITED STATES, April 17, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — China's most populous province boasts the Shaolin temple and is widely recognized as the home of Chinese martial arts. Henan is also an important cradle of the Chinese civilization. With the nation's tremendous development over the past four decades of opening and reform, Henan's position in both China's economy and society has become increasingly important and now looks to become a key logistics centre in China's "Belt and One Road" strategy.

With the theme of "China in the New Era: Wonderful Henan, Global Partnership" the 12th promotional event to present Chinese provinces hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was held at the ministry's Lanting Forum on April 13. More than 500 envoys from 150 countries, representatives of international organizations in China and representatives of the business community, Chinese and foreign experts and scholars as well as media reporters attended the event to share their understanding of the culture and development of Henan Province.

Pakistan reporter from Dawn, Aitizazh Hassan: We are to get cooperation of Henan, we are just visited the province of Henan, and we visited the different places of Henan. We observed the villages. So we were fascinated by many things, and we are heard the economic development of China. We are heard about the globalization of China.

China's first airport-port integrated economic experiment zone, the Zhengzhou Airport Comprehensive Economic Zone was responsible for nearly 300 million smart phone shipments, accounting for more than one-seventh of the world's smart phone users. The experimental zone has become a top destination for registered companies and investment capital. A cross-border, e-commerce comprehensive experimental zone, it has maintained a leading position in the nation with a total import and export volume, with its six special customs supervision areas and nine functional ports, ranking first in the country. Henan has thus become the province with the largest number of designated ports and the most complete functions in China's inland provinces.

Benin Ambassador in China, Simon Adoverland: Benin has great potential for development, especially in the development of basic industries in the past few years. We also know that Henan's industrial development is very good and we hope to develop in-depth cooperation with Henan. Benin also understands the "Belt and Road Initiative" policy and will fully support the "One Belt and One Road" policy. We also hope to strengthen cooperation with Henan. We are very optimistic.

In January, Henan's total value of imports and exports to and from countries along the "Belt and Road" reached 10.62 billion yuan, an increase of 38.1% from the same period last year, and now accounting for 19.8% of the total value of all foreign trade in Henan during the same period, these results highlight Henan's deep integration into the Belt and Road Initiative.

Along with its assimilation of the Belt and Road initiative, Henan province is also active in innovation. Three new "Silk Roads" of "air, land, and online" are being built here. This is driving Henan to the very forefront of opening and reform, bringing more development opportunities for cooperating countries. China's newest region of win-win cooperation is emerging.

Xu Song
BON Cloud
(+86 10) 52270888
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New Book Released – Sleepy Time for Captain Eris

Sleepy Time for Captain Eris Cover

Sleepy Time for Captain Eris Cover

Double Dragon Publishing just released Margret Treiber's "Sleepy Time for Captain Eris". It is an irreverent comic book style story set in the near future.

FORT MYERS, FL, USA, April 17, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Just released, Margret Treiber's "Sleepy Time for Captain Eris". This is Margret's second novel by Double Dragon Publishing. It is a face-paced and fun read, certain to entertain those who like comic books and superhero movies. This is not a book for children.

Sleepy Time for Captain Eris is an action-packed story of superheroes, artificial intelligence, and terrible real estate deals. The attitudes are bad and the language is worse.

Captain Eris, AKA Death Engine, former military DNA tweak and mercenary is unexpectedly pulled out of her retirement in Champion Acres and dragged back into the shit by an idiot in a mech suit.

Feeling pissed off and miserable about losing her retirement lifestyle and subsequently, her chances of dying of old age; she searches for the reasons why she was reactivated. With the help of her old friend Al, an incognito artificial intelligence; and Om, a twenty-something emo tweak-girl, she discovers a plot that goes a lot deeper than losing her death. And in doing so, she finds a reason to survive.

Purchase link:

Author's Website:

Margret Treiber
Margret Treiber
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daytime Emmy best supporting actress nominee Kira Reed Lorsch


I am thrilled to be nominated for a daytime Emmy for my acting”





Hollywood CA – Kira Reed Lorsch, who stars as JO CONNORS on THE BAY THE SERIES, has just received her first acting Emmy nod. She has previously won Two Daytime Emmy Awards as a Producer on the hit Amazon Prime drama series. The Nominations were announced today for the 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. Lorsch was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Digital Daytime Series.

Lorsch says: “ I am thrilled to be nominated for an Emmy for acting! I’m incredibly fortunate to be part of the wonderful show that is THE BAY. Thanks to Gregori J. Martin for creating my savvy, sexy, vixen character JO
CONNERS, legendary producer Wendy Riche and her incredible writing team, and all of the talented actors I get to work with on the series”

Kira is available for interview

Media Contact: ROGER NEAL @ NEAL PR 323-366-2796 or prstarus2000@yahoo.com


Kira Reed Lorsch is an actress, television host, writer, and producer. After graduating from the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television, Lorsch enjoyed a prolific on-camera career, including a 10-year stint for Playboy TV.  Lorsch currently stars on THE BAY as “Jo Connors” and “The Madame” on FEMALE FRIENDLY. Kira spends her time giving back to numerous charitable organizations including The Thalians: Hollywood For Mental Health, where she serves as president, raising funds for programs for the wounded military men and women and their families thru UCLA Operation Mend.  See more about Kira at KiraReedLorsch.com. @KiraReedLorsch on Instagram.

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Alexis Whelan Stars as Ava in Danishka Esterhazy's Female-Fuelled Feature Film "Level 16"

Talent, Armstrong Acting, Lewis Baumander, Premiere, Toronto Film School, Talent INC, Talent INC Canada, John Stevens, Doug Sloan,


Talent INC Canada, Danishka Esterhazy, Level 16, John Stevens, Doug Sloan, Talent INC, TalentINC, The Meg,

Alexis Whelan

Danishka Esterhazy's female driven characters ignite the screen with Talent INC Canada's Alexis Whelan as Ava in the upcoming feature film thriller,'Level 16'.

The best part about working on this film was that it was female-dominant and the female characters had such power and strength… even in adversity”

— Alexis Whelan

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, April 17, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Talent INC Canada's longtime client, Alexis Whelan stars as Ava in the upcoming feature film, 'Level 16' directed by Danishka Esterhazy.

John Stevens, her mentor for many years, recalls meeting her when she was just 9 years old.

She walked up to me after she had gone on tape for me and shook my hand and looked me in the eye, and said, "Thank you. It's been a pleasure doing business with you"!

"I remember thinking, who the heck does this kid think she is?" said Stevens.

It comes as no surprise to local business owners, Doug Sloan and John Stevens that she has made it this far.

"There was never a question as to whether or not Alexis would make it in the entertainment industry. The only question for us….was when" says Doug Sloan.

We caught up with Alexis, a Richmond Hill native to ask her, "How did you prepare for the audition?"

Alexis smiled and said, "The private coachings I had with John Stevens prior to auditioning really gave me a leg up. I don't believe I would have landed this role without his guidance. Also, there was something unique about this script. I felt connected to the characters immediately. As an actor, you try to not get to get too connected because you don’t want to set yourself up for failure. But there was just something about this project that spoke to me on many levels (pardon the pun!)."

We asked Alexis how she would describe her character, Ava. She told us, "Ava is strong-spirited and assertive. She's not afraid to speak her mind. She likes to be at the top of the social hierarchy for sure. But she also has a softer side, and that contrast is what really makes her character so real. She wears many masks and knows how to meld into any situation."

This is Alexis's feature film debut so we asked her about her experience.

"The best part about working on this film was that it was female-dominant and the female characters had such power and strength… even in adversity," replied the young debutante.

Level 16 has been in development for 10 years. Alexis credits Danishka for creating something so well thought out and brilliantly crafted.

Alexis's mother, Sahar says, "We won't go anywhere else for private coaching, the reason she booked this role was because of her training at Talent INC Canada".

Level 16 is set to premiere at select theatres across Canada later this year.

John Stevens
Talent INC Canada (Ltd)
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