A new award-winning short film about asexuality and anxiety, now available for online viewing

Undead Burrito Productions presents the award-winning short film, Ace and Anxious, written and directed by Bri Castellini, now available for online viewing.

BROOKLYN, NY, UNITED STATES, July 3, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Undead Burrito Productions
July 3rd, 2017

Brooklyn, NY- Undead Burrito Productions is proud to present the brand new award-winning short film, Ace and Anxious, written and directed by Bri Castellini, which is now available for online viewing thanks to St. Lawrence International Film Festival Online. The film was featured on their June Official Selection page all of June 2017, and is now available here: vimeo.com/215587592

About Ace and Anxious

After a resurgence of her panic attacks, Emma (played by Dana Shiree), an asexual graphic designer, panics, because her mental health care costs are already so high. When a condom company hires her to make an infographic on the benefits of sex, however, she discovers that one of those benefits is decreased anxiety and stress. She shares this discovery with her therapist, Jenny (played by Rachel Casparian), and announces her intention to try out this unconventional treatment option. With her roommate Kevin (played by Colin Hinckley) as a bouncer, she sets up a series of interviews via a Craigslist ad to test her hypothesis that sex will cure her panic attacks.

The screenplay won “Best Short Screenplay” at the New York Short Film and Screenplay Competition in 2016 and the London Indie Fest in 2017, and was an official selection in the screenplay category at the Silver Screen Film Fest, 2017, the Freedom Film Fest, 2016, and Paris Art and Movie Awards, 2016.

The film won “Best Comedy” at the Women’s Only Entertainment Film Festival and is an official selection at both the St. Lawrence International Film Festival and the Howling Wolf International Short Film Festival.

About the Director

Bri Castellini has an MFA in Writing and Producing for Television and a BA in Creative Writing, studying in New York and Oregon, respectively. She currently resides in Brooklyn with her partner and works as the Community Liaison for Stareable.com. Outside of Ace and Anxious, she is the creator, writer, producer, and star (among other things) of the award-winning comedic zombie web series Brains, the executive producer (among other things) for the web series Relativity, the producer and assistant director for the web series Stray, and the associate producer for the web series History.


Bri Castellini, writer, director, executive producer

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