TalentRaters MAGAZINE Leaving Eden Issue 1 Special Edition Releases for Print

First Historic Issue of TalentRaters MAGAZINE Special Edition is Ready

This is a truly historic event for the TalentRaters Corporation. Much work has gone into the magazine's creation and many thanks to the many talented artists that our now featured.”

— Joseph C. Bennett

LINDENWOLD, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — It is with great pleasure that we release the very first TR MAGAZINE Issue 1 Special Edition featuring Leaving Eden on the cover. For those of you that have been featured in Issue 1, this is a great keepsake as well as an added component of your artistic resume. Please also encourage your fans to purchase so they can have your featured pages signed by you at your concerts and events.

TalentRaters has decided to release the printed option now while the digital magazine version is still being finalized. Due to printing and shipping costs, the price per magazine is $14.99 and a minimum of 25 magazines must be ordered in order for us to place an order to our print company. If any of you are interested in purchasing TR MAGAZINE Issue one, please Contact Us y clicking the hyperlink or by using our email address, info@talentraters.com, and let us know that you're interested in purchasing copies of the magazine by typing I'm Interested in TR Issue 1 in the subject line along with the quantity you are interested in purchasing. If we get enough responses and reach the minimum order of 25 magazines, then TalentRaters will place the order. Please check if your name has been listed below for Issue 1, if not, and you were featured in TR MAGAZINE during the same time frame, you have been moved to a future issue as we have to keep the magazine to 40 to 50 pages for now. If we reach the minimum of 25 magazines to place and order then payment can be made by logging into your TR profile and clicking on Send A Gift using your profile dropdown arrow and then enter the amount of your order in the one-time contribution box. Those that are not TR members but would like to order can simply register for now at TalentRaters.com until the full digital TR Magazine version is complete.

Artists Featured in the historic Leaving Eden TR MAGAZINE Issue 1 Special Edition

Frances Jewel Pagobo, Maria Karla Sumagang, Angel Joy and Angel Law Macabuac, Cover Artists -Leaving Eden, Cruel Miracle, Everlasting Blaze, Josh Phillips, Bloodline Theory, Flight of Fire, OneEleven, Venus Mars Project, Emma Bilyou, Kailey Swanson, and Laura Kamhuber

So much work has gone into writing these articles and preparing them for each issue. We truly hope you value and appreciate how special this moment is.

Dare to be Greater with TalentRaters!

Joseph Bennett
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Source: EIN Presswire