America's Wild Horses Inspire Byron Metcalf and Jennifer Grais' Epic Percussion and Voice-Driven Album THEY WERE HERE

album art image of They Were Here

They Were Here by shamanic practitioners Byron Metcalf and Jennifer Grais is an epic, sacred and emotionally evocative masterwork celebrating the grace, tenderness, and intense tribal power of America’s wild horses.

image of Byron Metcalf and Jennifer Grais

Shamanic practitioners Byron Metcalf & Jennifer Grais recording THEY WERE HERE, a hypnotic new album capturing the majesty of America’s wild horses.

Picture of wild horses running by documentary filmmaker James Anaquad Kleinert, producer-director of “Disappointment Valley: A Modern Day Western.

Wild horses running in the American West; photo by filmmaker James Anaquad Kleinert, of

New Music from the two Shamanic Practitioners Debuts High on Radio Charts, is called "Phenomenal, Primal" in early reviews, and slated for soundtrack placement.

…a unique shamanic adventure – a freedom ride of soaring potential and along the way they are held gently and safely in the arms of Mother Earth…”

— Frank Saizan Owen

PRESCOTT, AZ, USA, February 16, 2018 / — In what has evolved as a divinely timed collaboration of transcendent musical energies, shamanic practitioners and multi-talented artists Byron Metcalf and Jennifer Grais have joined forces to create They Were Here, an epic, sacred and emotionally evocative masterwork celebrating the grace, tenderness, and intense tribal power of America’s wild horses. They Were Here is set for worldwide release February 16, 2018 on Metcalf’s independent label, Dr. Bam’s Music.

They Were Here debuted this week at #10 on the NACC Charts, and at #6 in Journeyscapes' radio's Top 25 in January; Journeyscapes music reviewer Candice Michelle commented, “Within just the first two minutes of hearing the piece, I can tell that the rest of what lies ahead on this album is going to be phenomenal. Byron lends earthy, polyrhythmic percussion that envelops the listening space, while Jennifer’s invocation-like vocalise feels both transcendent and primal in nature – as if seemingly carried by the wind.”

They Were Here evokes the magic and majesty of our wild horses–and the bonds we share with them on various levels. While paying homage to the eternal spirit and mystical healing abilities of these treasured (but quickly disappearing) icons, the two also use what poet and friend Frank Saizan Owen calls their “unbridled sonic journey” to illuminate and discover the deeper forces behind the fascinating connection horses have with humans.

From the opening bars of the title track incorporating the sound of actual hooves on the ground amidst a hypnotic ambient soundscape through the glorious, healing elegy “Song for Solo” (reflecting on Jennifer’s recently departed white horse), They Were Here weaves a deeply-grounded yet blissfully ethereal world infused with polyrhythmic drumming, didgeridoo and orchestral synth-scapes (co-composed and arranged by 45-year Nashville studio veteran Ron Oates).

Driven by a deep sense of respect for “Horse” as healer and rhythm maker, tempered by sociological and political concerns about the ongoing extinction of mustangs from the American West, the seven-track, hour-long recording is, to quote the eloquent words of Saizan, is “a unique shamanic adventure – a freedom ride of soaring potential and along the way they are held gently and safely in the arms of Mother Earth…(with) riveting, heart-rending vocal pieces that seem, all at once, part of the ancient past of our deep ancestors and our present-day challenges on earth.”

To help facilitate the project, Byron and Jennifer conducted a successful Kickstarter campaign which raised over $17,000 (from pledged $12,000 goal). The five-minute video sharing the origin and thematic content of the project intercuts a discussion by the two artists with snippets of music from the album and beautiful, dramatic footage from documentary filmmaker James Anaquad Kleinert’s upcoming film “Disappointment Valley: A Modern Day Western” which documents the plight of wild horses, public lands and the current conflicts that will affect America’s future generations. The film will, in turn, feature selections from the album.

They Were Here marks a creative reunion that Byron had been longing for since he and Jennifer first recorded and performed with Steve Roach in 2004. The award-winning ambient electronic artist and producer invited the two to be guest performers on his album Fever Dreams II. Roach later asked them to perform with him at that year’s International Transpersonal Conference in Palm Springs. Knocked out by the singer’s achingly beautiful vocalizations, Byron – a world-renowned tribal/trance drummer – often used the track “Opening the Space” in his work as a transpersonal healer.

One of their favorite songs on the album is “Song for Solo,” the breathy, ambient and soulfully-poignant elegy to Jennifer’s longtime horse companion that continues to help her “connect to what’s important in my heart. It reminds me that despite loss, there is still magic in the world, and allows me to connect with the good things in the Universe.” The two balance the gentle grace of that piece with the hypnotic tribal intensity and soaring vocalizations of others like “Opening To Freedom” and “Run,” the expansive 14-minute journey at the core of They Were Here. This track begins with the real-life sounds of galloping horses that Byron ultimately fuses with his explosive drumming and Jennifer’s joyful, heaven sent/heaven bound vocalizations. Another track that captures the ambitious intent of the project is “Soul of Mestengo,” which is Spanish for “Mustang.” Jennifer’s vocal channeling of the ancients, combined with Byron’s deeply meditative drumming, lets our imagination run wild on the plains with these majestic creatures.

“Working closely with Byron on They Were Here was like finding a soul brother who I connect with on very deep levels and who understands my spiritual connection to horses,” Jennifer says. Byron adds, “When Jennifer steps in a studio, she owns it. It was an honor to work on this album with her. It defies categorization, it’s fresh and different and I light up every time I listen to it.”

Later this month, Metcalf is scheduled to present as part of "Power of Shamanism: An Online Summit to Partner with the Spirit World to Accelerate Healing and Transformation" a free summit beginning on February 26 and continuing through March 7, 2018. (

Learn more about the artists and their music at and

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Publicity: Beth Hilton, THE B COMPANY, +1(310) 560-8390,
Radio Promotion: Sherry Finzer, RS Promotions, (602) 903-0348,

Beth Ann Hilton
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THEY WERE HERE – Byron Metcalf & Jennifer Grais – Album Sampler

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How to Stop School Violence in Florida and America–Discussed by Country Singer Michael Shawn Hartman

Image: Michael Shawn Hartman. Photo Credit: Michael Sargent, Mike Hartman Studios.

Michael Shawn Hartman Discusses Florida Shooting, Releases Acclaimed New Single Cruise Night and Cars, and Set to Perform Live Concert at the Circus in New York

Country music makes me happy when I hear it. It makes me feel good. I want to do the same for people. I want to make people happy and feel good with my music!”

— MIchael Shawn Hartman

MALIBU, CALFORNIA, USA, February 15, 2018 / — Of the tragedy in Florida, the singer states, "My heart goes out to the victims, families and loved ones of the victims of this senseless, horrible act. We must find out why people are sick or angry and stop this violence before it happens." The publicist of Michael Shawn Hartman, Bruce Edwin states, "Schools need to wake up, and get metal detectors and a guard at every entrance! Government buildings have them, and our kids are just as important."

Country singer Michael Shawn Hartman has released a great new single; "Cruise Night and Cars." The Hollywood Sentinel states, Michael Shawn Hartman always delivers consistently great songs that are memorable, and great. "Cruise Night and Cars" makes us want to build a campfire and have a tailgate party. Great work." Listen to the new single and more of the highly acclaimed singer and songwriter here below.


Recently named "The Next Johnny Cash," country star Michael Shawn Hartman was heard recently in the media (FOX NEWS), suggesting that America's self-esteem had been damaged by criticizing America, political party members, and our U.S. President, and hopes to help fix that. He stunningly learned to play over 500 songs, and as a "masterful songwriter" ( has written nearly 100 new songs, with several of his newly released tracks, now on his website found below, being called "brilliant" by press. According to a report on ABC news, Michael Shawn Hartman started his organization FAITH, FREEDOM, COUNTRY; to help advance positive messages in country music, and help stop hatred. The singer now even has Official T-shirts, celebrating just that, found at his website below, for fans.

While other classmates were busy collecting bugs and baseball cards, a young Michael Shawn was busy jamming. The singer, songwriter, and guitarist, who Hollywood Sentinel hails as “The next Johnny Cash,” began playing guitar at the young age of nine years old.

A second generation guitar player, music and a guitar was literally handed down to the young, future performer, growing up with his mother – also a singer and songwriter – performing on stage. With a guitar always in the corner, his older brother, who also played guitar, would tell him to pick up the instrument, and teach him how to play. “You’ll know you get it right,” his older brother told him, “When all of your fingers are bleeding!”
Having learned how to play five-hundred songs in the band “Step In Country,” Michael was later invited to play a benefit concert back in 2010, and by this time had written sixty-five songs of his own. He later called up his old bass player, and the rest is history. Living just an hour drive from Niagara Falls, Michael Shawn was raised in the country – and raised on country. Citing greats including; Elvis, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, George Strait, Dolly Parton, and Merle Haggard among some of his favorite singers and influences, Michael Shawn’s roots go deep, and one can hear his genuine soul and power in each song.

When asked what his life philosophy is, Michael admits, “My philosophy is don’t take advantage of people, and be comfortable with everything around me. I try be the fairest I can to everybody.” He adds, “Country music makes me happy when I hear it. It makes me feel good. I want to do the same for people. I want to make people happy and feel good with my music!”

Michael Shawn Hartman will be performing at the Keenan Center in Lockport, New York, for the Circus there on February 23th and 24th. Visit: for further information.

Press, Media, and Booking of Michael Shawn Hartman, contact: 310-226-7176.

Bruce Edwin
Hollywood Sentinel Public Relations
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Postproduction Innovators Collaborate in Race for Greater Efficiencies

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, February 14, 2018 / — Technology innovators are moving quickly to take advantage of the global production boom created by tech giants such as Netflix and Amazon.

Responding to forecasts of explosive demand for localized media content, Kiwa Digital, developers of VoiceQ post-production software, announced today a collaboration with The Cargo Cult, developer of the audio post-production tool Conformalizer.

VoiceQ is a systemised software solution that automates dialog replacement in the post-production stage of film and television production. It has a global reputation for the precision of its synching process and the quality performance achieved.

Conformalizer is an audio post-production tool that allows sound editors to automatically conform and rebalance audio data to match a changed picture cut. It works by comparing picture EDLs, XML, cutlists or change notes and creating a new "change EDL" which reflects the difference between two versions of the picture. Conformalizer can then automatically conform Pro Tools sessions, databases and mix automation to match the new version of the cut.

The new VoiceQ release out today integrates Conformalizer into the VoiceQ workflow, allowing studio engineers to quickly make large script and media changes, a common requirement in post.

The move is part of VoiceQ’s strategy to integrate multiple workflow and collaboration tools within VoiceQ in partnership with other “best in breed” tools.

“The industry is calling for global collaboration and efficiencies and this can only be achieved by integrating “best in breed” studio and cloud tools,” says Steven Renata CEO of VoiceQ. “Our focus with this latest development has been on taking the best that technology can offer, while still retaining the precision of studio based audio post-production.”

Other efficiency tools in the new VoiceQ release include global search tools, and drag and drop video and script. New collaboration features include the ability to use import and export to share language projects with multiple users.

“The global production boom is creating demand for quality dubbing and ADR that can only be met by digital solutions. We are excited to be at the forefront of this change” says Renata.

The new VoiceQ release was launched to global post-production and media companies today and is available through

Developed by New Zealand based software developer Kiwa Digital Ltd, VoiceQ software speeds up the dialog creation and replacement process in the post-production stage of film, video and television production. See

Developed by New Zealand based software developer The Cargo Cult, Conformalizer is an audio post production tool that allows sound editors to automatically conform and rebalance audio data to match a changed picture cut. See

Steven Renata
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64 9 925 5035

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Independent Label Is Making Waves In Country Music

Copper 1 Music Is set to release the new CD of Hit Country Songwriter Lonny Ray in March.

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, USA, February 13, 2018 / — Copper 1 Music from Detroit Michigan is arriving on the country music scene with one of its biggest stars. Lonny Ray is set to release his long awaited album to the world in March of this year. March 6th is the date of the pre-release on Itunes with a scheduled release date of March 20th 2018. This hit country songwriter is no stranger to the country music field. He has had songs on the popular television show NCIS as well as a featured song in the 2014 movie 50 to 1. He has scored several placements on television and movies throughout his career and is very excited to release this story of his life through songs. The album is titled Lonny Ray, Livin, Lovin, Life and features the first hit song I'm Right Here. This song is a genius creation of his home town of Detroit Michigan and the country roots of Nashville. Motown Meets Nashville in this Motown Country Music Groove. I'm Right Here features the strong bass line of Barry Schigelone, a well known Bass player from the Detroit area. Lonny Ray will be doing a live interview on March 6th, 2018 with WYCD's Frank Williams Jr. at Hockeytown Cafe in Detroit to promote his new CD. He will be a featured songwriter at the famous Bitter End Club in New York City in September with the New York Songwriters Circle.

Lonny Ray
Copper 1 Music
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They're BAAAAAACK: The Amazing Read travel books are home

Nina in Amsterdam as part of The Amazing Read – I love you send money

Craig at Adirondack High Peak Region Lake Placid NY

Equine Pathways UK – Jackie’s team 28 – takes travel book with football team

But they won't stay long – Charity Auction ends 18 February

Wow…This was a great, fun and powerful read…Jordan has an easy style and great use of humour and observation to keep you glued to see what happens next. Highly recommended A+++”

— Jos's book review, Dean's "Island Time" team

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND, February 13, 2018 / — This time last year, Ruby MacAndrew reported how fifty copies of, I Love You, Send Money, were scattered across the world as part of The Amazing Read, brain-child of Wellington author, Jordan Alexander ( )

Part-funded through Kickstarter, the 'race' objective was to create "a global community of bookworms and travellers."

Mission accomplished!

Most winning books are back home and #8, #35, #32 and #28 are up for auction on Trade – Proceeds benefit these charities:
Blind Foundation in New Zealand
– Equine Pathways UK (
– SPCA in British Columbia, Canada (
– Joanne's House, Durham Region, Ontario (
– The Cancer Council in Australia (

"I think it's great the winning teams ended up supporting charities from different countries," says Alexander who rewarded racers with limited edition copies of her book.

"Unfortunately, not all books made it home." Craig's team, racing for Joanne's House, a Durham Region emergency shelter and support for homeless youth, was one. "Craig's from my home town in Oshawa. He'd send photos mountain climbing in the Adirondacks, jumping off waterfalls in Mexico, deep in snow at Lake Placid – that book had an amazing journey!" Alexander will donate a limited first edition book for Craig's charity auction.

The website contains photos sent from readers around the globe: Paris, Hunter Valley, London, Toronto, Maritimes, San Diego, Oregon, Wellington, Bermuda, Scotland, Amsterdam and more.

Alexander's "race recap" video summarises results, including the 'farthest' travelled, Dean's Arrowhead Consulting at 140,000km – that's once around the globe! Jackie, driver for Equine Pathways UK, personally collected her team's book in London.

"I'm over the moon about the race and results," says Alexander whose Amazing Read travel books reached a combined distance over 385,000km (to the moon).

She's hoping race fever continues with the charity auction of winning books on (

The auction closes on 18th February 16:50 NZ time.


Jordan Alexander
Pangaea Press
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The Amazing Read Winners – I love you send money travel book race results

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The Ideal Gift for Valentine’s Day!!

The Truth About Oral Sex, Intimacy and Passion


Oralicious Logo

Share the gift that keeps on giving:

The joys, rewards and pleasures of intimacy and oral sex
Guided by passion and our 5 senses!

We are all born sexual creatures, thank God, but it's a pity so many people
despise and crush this natural gift.”

— Marilyn Monroe

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 12, 2018 / — Tatiana Carrera has always been fascinated by how one achieves an orgasm, and she learned early on that women are not as lucky as men in this area. Longing to unlock the mystery and shed a bright light on the joys, pleasures and rewards of performing oral sex on your partner, Tatiana became a student of the sexual Pleasure Journey.

Motivated by what she learned reading books, watching ’80s porn, and enthusiastically living life, Tatiana’s passion is to help ignite yours where it counts: in the bedroom. By highlighting the importance of kissing, sensual foreplay, exploration of our erogenous zones, and an open mind, Tatiana wants the Pleasure Journey to be exciting for both you and your partner. There’s no better gift than passion, and a set of His and Hers guaranteed orgasms will go with any outfit—preferably before and after any Valentine Day celebrations you’ve got planned!

If you know what gift you want, and the gift you want to give, pick up a copy of Tatiana’s Oralicious—not just for you, but for your partner as well! And you can spend Valentine’s Day exploring the truth about oral sex, intimacy and passion over and over and over again.

Oralicious Podcast Show to Launch

Visit: Barnes & Nobles online, Amazon or Balboa Press to secure your copy of Oralicious.

Author: Tatiana Carrera
Author Blog:
Publisher Page:

Ingrid Prescott
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Tatiana Carrera, LLC

Oral Satisfaction…Enjoy the journey

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Black and 25 in America, Chosen for Kennedy Center's American College Theater Festival (4), Debuts in L.A. This Week

Live Show Poster Black & 25 in America

Fresh from his guest performance at The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, Jeremy Gillett presents his one-man show Black and 25 in America at The Atwater Village Theatre this Thursday thru Saturday, Feb 15-17th. Recommended for ages 16+, tix $15.

jeremy gillett head shot

Irene Ryan Acting Award-winner Jeremy Gillett presents his one-man show this week at Atwater Village Theater, followed by a Talk-Back with the playwright and actor.

kc website image

Jeremy Gillett performed his play Black and 25 in America on Thursday February 8, 2018 at the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (Region 4)

Big Man, Joshua Thomas Northington III, Darron, and Marcy; in his one-man show, Jeremy Gillett explores race, class, gender and identity through their stories.

An extraordinary actor and playwright…performs with theatrical precision and riveting subtlety.”

— The Dramatist

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, February 10, 2018 / — How can we understand those we do not see? That is the question one theater patron asked of Irene Ryan Award-winning actor-playwright Jeremy Gillett in the Talk-Back session following his one-man show, Black and 25 in America, which explores the issues of race, class, gender and identity through the life stories of four unforgettable characters out of Gillett's childhood growing up on the Southside of Chicago. While the characters – Big Man, Joshua Thomas Northington III, Darron, and Marcy – loom large in Gillett's memory, too few in America "see them" or imagine the diversity of their experiences as African-Americans in our society. Gillett is staging the show this Thursday to Saturday at The Atwater Village Theater in Los Angeles. Tickets are $15 at the door, or in advance via

"These are important stories and it is my hope that these characters will help shed light on the challenges faced by young African-Americans in all walks of life", says the L.A.-based actor, speaking by phone from Georgia where he is a Featured Artist in Residence at The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (Region 4), after performing the show on Thursday. Gillett is the recipient of the organization's coveted Irene Ryan Acting award.

While Black & 25 in America was developed as part of an independent study course at the University of Kentucky while Gillett was an undergraduate, it is more timely than ever; he continued to develop the show while earning his MFA from Arizona State University, and is regularly invited to stage Black and 25 in America at theaters, universities and colleges from Oklahoma to New York City. The actor hopes this week's run at The Atwater Village Theatre will lead to additional stagings at cultural centers and colleges throughout the LA region in the future.

Following a performance in New York City, The Dramatist reviewed the play, noting that Gillett is "An extraordinary actor and playwright…performs with theatrical precision and riveting subtlety."

Black and 25 in America is a searing one-man play that explores the issues of race, class, gender and identity through the life stories of unforgettable characters such as Big Man, Joshua Thomas Northington III, Darron, and Marcy. The sensitive subject matter of this bold work broadens audiences understanding and leaves audience members forever changed. Gillett gives his audience insight on what it is to be a young, Black adult in America today. Through a series of vignettes, the play reveals how each character feels invisible and without voice. A talk-back discussion with the playwright follows each thought-provoking show.

Comfortable on both stage and screen, Gillett has also been cast in commercials and feature films such as the festival-favorite Hitting the Cycle, Car Dogs, and in the forthcoming film Raptors, by writer/director Kevin W. Brooks, executive produced by Martin Lawrence. He also serves his community as a Youth Leader in Studio City.

Tickets to see Black and 25 in America at this intimate venue are limited; to ensure prime seating, please reserve a ticket online in advance. Tickets will also be sold at the door. $15, general seating.

Black and 25 in America is recommended for individuals ages 16 and over.

Twitter: @JeremyJGillett
Show Contact:

Beth Hilton
The B Company
email us here

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Los Angeles Premiere of Highly Anticipated Movie ““Bomb City”” to be Hosted by Punk Icon CJ Ramone

I’m excited to finally share…This is where we start the movement against intolerance…”

— Jameson Brooks

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, February 9, 2018 / — The Los Angeles premiere of the highly anticipated movie, ”Bomb City”, will be hosted by punk icon CJ Ramone on February 9th, 2018. Ramone, vocals/bassist of The Ramones, will host a live Q&A with the cast and crew of the film during the premiere event.

Set in 1997, ”Bomb City” depicts the true story behind a controversial hate crime that divided the nation. In the film, director Jameson Brooks deconstructs two parallel worlds of the punks and the preps of Amarillo, Texas. “I’m excited to finally share” Bomb City with LA,” Brooks says. “This is where we start the movement against intolerance…Where we spread the message of unity…Where we celebrate the main character, Brian Denekes’, legacy with the world.”

Throughout the film, the radical appearances of the punks stir social intolerance within the community, particularly with a group of high school football jocks known as “white-hatters.” After losing a football game, the white-hatters have an altercation with several punks, igniting a series of hostile encounters between the two groups. One evening, these encounters climax with a horrific, violent street fight that would soon become notorious for being one of the most controversial hate crimes in modern American culture.

Winner of the Audience Award at the Nashville Film Festival and 2017 Dallas International Film Festival, ”Bomb City” has struck a chord with many viewers across the country. “Brian’s story has touched me since day one,” says actor and producer Major Dodge. “Now we get to share it with the world! I know it will do the same for anyone who watches the film.” UFC Champion “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler was moved by the script and accepted a role in the movie.

Gravitas Ventures’ Manager of Acquisitions, Zach Hamby, echoes Dodge’s statement. “Watching Bomb City, you’ll find yourself on a roller coaster of emotions, ultimately questioning the very morality of America’s justice system,” Hamby continues. “Jameson Brooks’ feature film debut is as powerful as they get.”

The Los Angeles Premiere is taking place on February 9th, with an all-star lineup coming to attend and see the movie. "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler (UFC Champion), Shawn Smash & Miguel Conflict with band Total Chaos, Henry Melton (Pro Bowler for the Chicago Bears), Lamarr Houston (Linebacker for Chicago Bears) and many more are moved by these young filmmakers passion for getting this story told and the hard work they put into the film.

“Bomb City” stars Dave Davis (The Walking Dead), Glenn Morshower (24, Transformers) Logan Huffman(V, The Preppie Connection), Mae Mae Renfrow (Hunter Street on Nickelodean,) and Major Dodge (Murder Made Me Famous: John Gotti). The film is directed by Jameson Brooks, written by Brooks and Sheldon Chick, and produced by Chick and Major Dodge.

The deal for “Bomb City” was negotiated by Zach Hamby on behalf of Gravitas and by Michael Weiss of Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson, LLP, on behalf of the filmmakers.

“Bomb City” is to be released on February 9th, 2018 for a limited time in select theaters and On Demand nationwide. For more information about Bomb City, and to view the official trailer, please visit And follow them on Facebook

Nadine Christine
Innovative Souls PR
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“Crunge” Music Founder Megs McLean Featured by Artist Spotlight – Speaks About Emerging as a Seattle Artist

Megs McLean Crunge

Megs McLean Crunge

Megs McLean London Bridge

Megs McLean London Bridge

Megs McLean Kickin It

Megs McLean Kickin It

Megs McLean Stare

Megs McLean Stare

Megs McLean Logo

Megs McLean Logo

During Charlie Lennan's Artist Spotlight, Megs McLean reveals insights about Heart drummer Ben Smith, Bling Melon's Brad Smith, and superstar Macklemore.

I’m so grateful for the amazing team supporting us. We are a very diverse band with different backgrounds from various parts of the world.”

— Megs McLean

SEATTLE, WA, USA, February 9, 2018 / — During an interview on the Artist Spotlight with Charlie Lennan, Megs McLean revealed writing inspirations, inside information about studio sessions with drummer Ben Smith of Heart, recording artist Brad Smith of Blind Melon, along with a unique commonality with current superstar Macklemore. A video slide show of the interview can be viewed at
Megs continues to reveal the mystery behind the new genera “Crunge” (Country Rock Grunge) which was created while recording at legendary studio London Brirdge where Megs became immortalized in the Seattle Music scene as the first artist to have her likeness etched into the infamous vintage Neve 8048 recording console at London Bridge Studio that was built in 1973. Megs also joined notable acts such as Pearl Jam, Blind Melon, Alice and Chains, Melissa Etheridge, Macklemore, Candle Box, Mother Love Bone, and other standouts as having recorded through this piece of Seattle music history.
Megs in studio experience and the infamous Neve can be seen in the documentary “Making Megs Mclean “It’s My Truck”” which can be viewed at

Megs Mclean stated: “I’m so grateful for the amazing team supporting us. We are a very diverse band with different backgrounds from various parts of the world. But no doubt, we are having a ton of fun making music we all love.”

About Megs:
Megs McLean is a full time professional singer/songwriter and performer who has opened for Lorrie Morgan and Pam Tillis, played for Taylor Swift and Kenny Chesney audiences and headlined numerous festivals and events, including the Hard Rock Café, Cabela’s, casino’s and bars and private parties throughout the northwest. She has been featured on MTV Live, Pure Country, VH1 Classic and radio stations throughout the nation. Megs and her band deliver an energetic mix of guitar-driven “Crunge” Country Rock Grunge originals.
Megs is a true vocalist and songwriter from the Northwest whose fan base continues to grow nationwide. She has assembled a first-rate band that is proven to entertain and delight crowds of any size. Her First single “It’s My Truck” gained Megs recognition as one of the top 10 “Next Women of Country” on Spotify as well as “Country Pick of the Week”. Recorded at the world-famous London Bridge Studios in Shoreline, WA, with Ben Smith of "Heart" on the drums, Brad Smith from Blind Melon on Bass, and Shohei Ogami on guitar.
EP available on Spotify, ITunes, Amazon and other music venders. YouTube link:

Megs McLean
Megs McLean, Inc.
email us here

Megs McLean Artist Spotlight

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KISS THE QUIET: A Concert for Love & Lovers by Michael Whalen on Valentine's Weekend in NYC

Michael Whalen Concert Poster for February 16th in New York

Michael Whalen to perform a rare concert on Friday, February 16th at Greenwich House Music’s Renee Weiler Concert Hall, featuring new music from Kiss The Quiet: meditations on life and love

cover Art for Kiss The Quiet: meditations on life and love

The romantic, melodic new music on Kiss The Quiet: meditations on life and love, from renowned composer Michael Whalen, is perfect for Valentine’s Day and year-round relaxation.

The Emmy Award-Winning Composer Transforms a Period of Heartbreak and Healing Into Music; He is Performing at Greenwich Music House on February 16th.

…the piano has given me a place to put what I’m feeling…and when the music is all done, and you release it…that’s peace.””

— Michael Whalen

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, February 8, 2018 / — Spending any amount of time with Michael Whalen leads to the realization that “Renaissance Men” are still a reality, living, breathing and creating among us. While one may find Whalen speaking at an inspirational conference, or discover his name on an article about wellness, it's in listening to his music that you’ll get to know his heart. As an invitation to New York City's most romantic Valentines, the Emmy-winning composer is performing songs from his latest original album, Kiss The Quiet: meditations on live and love, in a rare concert on Valentines' weekend at the Greenwich House Music at 46 Barrow St., NY, NY 10014 from 7:30 -9:00 p.m.; tickets are $15 at the door.

The new album, Kiss The Quiet, is Michael at his most beautifully, romantically and melodically gorgeous best. Every track is filled with passion and feeling as Michael uses a combination of his ambient piano, synthesizers and electronics on his most satisfying recording yet. In this album, Michael transforms a period of heartbreak and healing into music, and in doing so, solidifies his role as one of the foremost ambient/new age composers and artists of the last 20 years. While his original album, My Secret Heart, set the bar high, Michael raises it even higher with this album.

Commenting in the positive, music critic Dick Metcalf of Contemporary Fusion Reviews says “If what your ears are thirsting for is music that has both mystical and majestic qualities, you’ll definitely find “Almost Touching Heaven” to bring you closer to whatever you define as Nirvana. Michael’s ‘pacing’ on this composition is better than so many other players, and his weave of strident piano with strings will help your spirit rise higher and higher…”

Two videos accompany the album, "Heart So Full of Joy" and "Full Moon Dance" shot in the Greenwich House Music School where Whalen will perform. The video opens with a humorous nod to the challenges of composing quiet music amidst the siren-blaring firetrucks of New York City. It is this type of insider humor, paired with honesty, that endears Whalen to his fans.

“Someone asked me how I write my music,” Whalen shares “and I only do it when I’m heartbroken…when I’m trying to work out something, when I don’t have the answers. Since I was four years old and climbed up on the bench, the piano has given me a place to put what I’m feeling…it doesn’t explain my feelings, but it gives them a place to go, to release them into the universe. And when the music is all done, and you release it…that’s peace.”

The poignancy and sensitivity in Whalen’s music echoes throughout his prolific essays, in which he repeatedly expresses a commitment to forgiveness, and often bares his soul as a modern-day seeker. Album titles preceding Kiss The Quiet confirm as much, including My Secret Heart, Dream Cycle, You Are My Home, Sea of Tranquility, and more in the 30-plus solo and soundtrack recordings to his credit. Access to his latest essays, music videos and updates are readily found on his Facebook page.

Whalen composed, performed, produced and recorded Kiss The Quiet in its entirety; it was mastered by Tom Eaton at Universal Noise Storage, Newburyport, MA.

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Track List for Kiss The Quiet:
1. “Kiss The Quiet” (6:07)
2. “Heart So Full of Joy” (4:30)
3. “Full Moon Dance” (4:31)
4. “Almost Touching Heaven” (6:30)
5. “The Prayer Box” (5:17)
6. “No More Secrets” (6:08)
7. “Window To the Soul” (5:37)
8. “My Obsequious Tear” (4:36)
9. “Hush The Night” (5:26)
10. “Ever Closer Ever Nearer Ever Sooner” (4:26)

About Michael Whalen
Two-time Emmy® award-winner, BMI award winner and Emmy® nominated composer and music supervisor, Michael Whalen, is a veteran of over 700 TV and film scores, thousands of commercials and numerous TV themes and video games. Michael is also a prolific internationally-renowned recording artist and producer with 30 solo and soundtrack recordings to his credit. His song “I Have Loved You For A Thousand Lifetimes” has over 30,000,000 streams on Spotify and millions of views on YouTube. Known for his beautiful melodies and gorgeous textures, Michael has fused his expertise with sound design and his love of soaring cinematic melodies into a unique sound that has been loved since his first commercially released music on Narada (Universal) in 1993. Michael is an expert on music copyrights, music monetization and is seen frequently on panels and online talking about the future of the music business. Michael has been an adjunct professor at the Berklee College of Music, The City College of New York and NYU. He is published by Warner/Chappell Music.

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“Full Moon Dance” (official video) [extended version]

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